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Tree of Wisdom

Mantra Cd for anti-cancer, hysteric patients,reiki,pranic healers

1. Anti-cancer mantra (The Mp3 Audio is available at

Listening to this chanting cd

or drinking the mantra charged water will kill every type of cancer cell from the body and also useful for any type of cancer test/screening. (mammogram, cancer antigen test or any type of cancer screening test).

2. For hysteric patients, and for pranic healers


Switch Words for morality

To make a person moral, chant “CONCEDE HOLD DIVINE CORAL”.

CORAL (gem stone) means morality. CORAL can be used as a switch word.

If we use this word CORAL, the person will become 100% moral. No doubt about it.

Alternatively, you may get the pills from the Centre/Admin and give 3 pills, thrice a day.

Or put 10 pills in a bottle of water and make the person drink.

Stop complaining

Whenever you feel like complaining or feel you are overthinking about another person or a situation. Stop.



Immense power of SAVITRI lines

An Experience shared by a Student

I would also like to share that the universe does respond to sincere prayers, if one has complete faith. I had, in this group, sought a solution for bringing rain to particular district in TN, which has been drought affected for the last three years.

I chanted regularly, the mantra from SAVITRI given by Naran Sir…. “Rained from the all powerful mystery Above” whenever I was there.

And you would be surprised to know, that a tank which was not filled in 20 years got filled up, there was abundant rain, and as I thanked the divine for answering the prayers, it immediately rained. I felt so connected with the divine source. The mantras do have immense power. Thanks to the supreme divine.

The new charm brings back the extreme delight

I want to narrate my experience with the weekly chant given by Naran Sir. Weekly chant was The new charm brings back the extreme delight. I went to Lotus App to check for the meaning given by Naran Sir. I was so happy and surprised to know this was the chant for the challenges I was facing.

I began to chant it many times in my mind.

Believe me! when I chanted, I became calm and confident that all my issues will be solved. I got lot of hope. I got a slight increment in my salary. My brother gave me half of expenses for taking care of our mother. He promised to give more if required. I started writing a book which I never thought I would do.

Thanks to Mother. I now want to visit the Ashram in Pondicherry. Thanks to Naran Sir. I am glad to share my experience here so that others can inspire to do the chanting sincerely.

Anti-depressant Mudra

Our anxiety during traffic jams

Getting cold during cold weather



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Elated to the limits of sky

A useful mantra

Self-protection is essential


Protection eye:

My husband has changed his behavior:

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