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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. k.n.shrinatth

    sir,my dad passed away on 29th of april 2009,just before one week he asked me to write,the number 520,form the angel devine numbers,which ur master has given,just today,whn i was searching for some papers,i found out the usage of the number,for 520 the meaning given (is miracles whill happen,rapidly transforming situations),and that has happened to me in just the right way,in one day,my life changed,leaving me and my mom dependent on my uncle,the number 520 changed my life,so dont u ever call it angel or devine number because,it is demon number,i wrote this mail not to make u feel bad,i dont want nay one else to suffer like me,dont mistake me

    long live evrey one

  2. naranbalakumar

    ANGEL NUMBERS ONLY – Naran balakumar

    My condolences to you Mr.shrinath No consolation can soothe the traumatic mind. When the parent dies, nobody can bear it and an emotional vacuum will set in, and one will burst in anger blaming everything and every possible situation . This is the blaming tendency of the mind – sometimes one blames god even. Is God demon or angel? When god fulfills our desires, he is an angel. When something happens beyond our control inspite of our prayer to god, he is also blamed and he becomes a Demon. Had you not read the meaning at all, or had you not come to know the meaning at all, who would you blame. Death of anybody is not in our hands.
    Whether the numbers are demon or angel?
    Last year, one of my friends died suddenly, leaving his wife and the only daughter. Shall I tell you how did he die?
    On that day, in the morning, he sat on the breakfast table. As per his desire, his wife prepared Rava dosai (He used to have idlies, Dosas, chappatis, fruits and salads for his breakfast. That was his routine.).He had one slice of the Rava dosa , and he was not alive to take the second slice. If his wife or daughter would go round and say, “Friends, don’t take rava dosa. It will kill a person; we are orphaned because my father took rava dosa.” Do you believe this?

    Unfortunately, we forget that the present mental state creates our future. Come out of the mental state. (willow and Beech are two remedies you have to take for your blaming and labeling tendency, chicory for the love pangs and Star of Bethlehem for the trauma. Take the remedies for about fifteen days 3 doses per day.) If you don’t heal this blaming tendency, anger and resentment, it is difficult to move ahead in life.
    Come out of the blaming nature. A single tree cannot be a garden. What happened to you is not universal truth. Go ahead. Think about your future. Draw plans to come out as a successful man. Come out with flying colors as your father wished. Take care of your mother. You are not dependent on anybody. Everyone is dependent on God and God only. Shower love to your uncle. Think that god has come in the form of your uncle. Thank him and change your life into a life of love.
    What is the meaning of Transformation: Change your nature totally, so that you become a new man. Your father gave it rightly. He wanted a transformation(a total change) of character in you, which you failed to notice. That is why he gave this number.
    520 wants you to transform. If you transform yourself, miracles will happen.
    Affirm, “I allow love and life to fill up my life.”

    • k.n.shrinatth

      sir,i am happy that u have replied,can i know on wht bases u have used this numbers,an numerologist did not approve to me these numbers whn i showed thm these,she said eg(44)cannot be given beacuse of its combination,i am an amature in numerology and angeldevine numbers,so i dont know,i wnt to know how has he combined those numbers on what bases coz my dad has given thse number to many of my relatives,i know my dad will feel bad for arguing with you,coz he loved balakumar sir to the core,even i have great respect on him,it is not that i am aginst him or somthing like that,coz even befor my dads death the last medicin he took was rescue remedie,i belive for sure that it will help my dad to reach his final destination safley,thank you for suggesting more medicines for me,once again sorry if i have asked anything wrong coz balakumar sir and shobanaa madam know me well,they have come to my house,plzz clarify my doubt i want to know on what bases he has found those number,thank u for blessing me,i am so young in age not even a major,and i need all your blessings to full fill my dads dreams,my dad gave me the number 520 not for a change in my character but for a change in my results,coz i hve written my boards,he felt 520 will change things,sorry i think i am making things more compicated my writng this,and my mom is unaware of this,i know for suremse is going to get angry whn i tell her this,i have a doubt and i felt it is my right to clarify.{love,thanks,devine}

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