Votes and Thanks!

(From the Welcome Address, Multi-Dimensional Healing Workshop, Raj Bhavan, Chennai, April 10th, 2010)

Mrs. Elizabeth Simkin, Wife of USA Consul General, Chennai

I read the book ‘Forgiveness’. I understand that we need to forgive for the sake of ourselves. We avoid cancer by forgiving others. Various techniques are available that help us to forgive, which will benefit us all.

The idea is, first to start with us. This improves your immunities. In the end, it benefits us, in many ways.

Miss Ayesha Sandhu Barnala

I know the switch word ‘OFF’ works, for us to sleep well. Though, do not use OFF now, as otherwise, you will sleep. Better you use ‘ON’. I can also assure you that Harmony Pack works wonders.

Naran S. Balakumar

We are planning this programme for the last three months. Even then, they were in a very busy schedule. They just came from a conference organized in Chandigarh. They have attended this programme in the midst of that conference.

I am touched by their hospitality.

Usha Dudani asked me to invite Amrit and Ayesha for this workshop. Instead, they came and invited me.

Elizabeth Simkin, the moment I saw her, I found her bubbling with energy. Her heart centre is very good. My heartfelt thanks her.

Usha wanted somebody to receive the CD for Abundance. I selected Aravamootham, who taught me NLP. It would be best on my part to give him my CD, to express my gratitude. Thank you very much Aravamootham.

Thanks to the Social Responsibility, Exnora, to conduct this function and arrange the workshop. Kamal is an exuberant person. The way she organized workshop, really I thank her very much. Conducting a workshop is very easy, while arranging one is very difficult.

Inviting celebrities’ is a difficult job. Usha is behind all this. She had very little time. Usha thank you very much, for organizing this function in a wonderful manner. Your mother’s blessing is with you. She wears a smile in spite of all problems she has. Hats of to you, Usha!

Thank you, Hema Nathan for keeping the invitation mistake free. There has to be at least one mistake in my work. Finally, I won! He accepted the mistakes and letting us print the invitation, without making his corrections. Thank you for your cooperation and for the fine arrangements.

Thanks to the electricians.

I thank all of my students or my colleagues for attending this function and giving an overwhelming response. Even though I am conducting the same stuff many times over, they do not loose interest and going on. ON is the switch word for moving on in life.

I thank those who are not able to attend the function.

Usha Dudani, President, Social Responsibility, Exnora  

Thank you, Balakumar for your kind words.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir Naranji
    Kindly suggest sw ,bachflowers for getting fast and early front row number for regular helth check ups.Too big a line makes it difficult for asthematic person to stand for long time in Queue.Person has due to go to health check up.Kindly advise so that he goes soon and do not keep it pending to go later.Thanks DIVINE ORDER

  2. fltrrs
    chant HALWAY DIVINE ask wolf to help

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