Colour Therapy With Reiki on July 17th 2010

In the last Reiki Colour Therapy class multiple ideas were discussed. For those who attended the session, you will get your copy of the transcript in two weeks.

For those who didn’t attend do not worry. One more class is scheduled on 17th. FYI the following were discussed in the last class:

1.      How to create Reiki Colour Energy and transfer it to water, oils, crystal and pills for current and future use.

2.      How to program Reiki Colour Energy so that it will be sustained in the energy field of the patient.

3.      How to apply Reiki Colour Energy to yourself and others – both in person, using photographs and distance.

4.      How Reiki Colour Therapy can be used for: to be youthful, reduce weight, improve eyesight, hair growth and texture, be happy, energetic, managing guests, develop communication, and abundance.

5.      How Reiki Colour Therapy can be used for diseases like: infection, fever, allergic reactions, ENT problems, Asthma, Acidic, Constipation, Kidney failures, Bone related problems, Cancer, Blood clot, Parkinson, Paralysis, Fibroid, Pain management, Epilepsy, Thyroid issues, Irregular Menses, Hormonal problems, Menopause, memory loss, Diabetes, Vertigo, Uterus relapse, water retention in the body, Psoriasis, Mentally retarded, ADH, and arthritis.

6.      How to use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol for self-healing – especially chronic diseases, and transmute contamination while healing others.

7.      Reiki symbols – both traditional and Karuna Reiki symbols, explanation about them, and their Chakra/Organ affinities.

Workshop Details

Date:              17th July

Time:              2 to 5 PM

Venue:            Bach Flower Study Centre,

New no: 28, Sivaji street,

T. Nagar, Chennai – 600 017

Fees:               Rs. 300/-

Contact:            Shobana – 9884301634

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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