Let Happiness be Your Goal

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Mullah was sad one day…a Story about Happiness and of course about Unhappiness too…


Enhancing the Happiness Factor!!!


Achieve Financial Happiness…


Establish harmony and happiness in your family…


Mudra Walk


Find Love Divine Order!

About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. v. Rajalakshmi

    Respected Sir,
    we were made to sign power of attorney forcibly for our property .they have refused to communicate . How to cancel this amicably and settle things. This is our own ancestral property

  2. chant NAMASHIVAYAM 1000 times.
    write in a notebook rockwater vine chestnutbud holly chicory

  3. Dear Sir,
    pranams and thanking you for your divine guidance.

  4. Sir,
    I want to employ a good, clean, vegetarian cook. Please let me know what I should chant for that. thanks.


    • Res. Sir,

      Waterviolet and Cerato should be chanted when we need a good cook only or the same should be applied when we need a good servant, helper, mechanic or a good tailor also?
      Thanking you in advance,


      • the same should be applied when we need a good servant, helper, mechanic or a good tailor also?
        CERATO means SEARCH. When you are searching for something or someone, cerato will help.
        We always search with the intention whether a particular person suits our needs. This mentality is WATERVIOLET. and waterviolet will zero in to the person we need.

  6. Thank-you, Sir!

  7. Sir, wil mudras work when kept in one hand(while doin some other work wid the other)?
    Which finger to use while tappin on tappin sheet.

  8. anyfinger you can use for tapping. mudra should not be done with one hand

  9. Dear Sir,
    Subscribed to your news letter, yet to get it. And could you please suggest something to command respect from coleagues in the work spot. how to prevent exploitation and cheating just becos one is quite and confined to one s own work. .

  10. Thank u SIR .

  11. dear naran ji,

    below are the problems which i am facing in my life for which i really need your help.

    i am sahiba anand.my age is 22. i am looking for the job since an year and have not got into an company till now. i have been getting many offers from many companies but all have rejected me. i am really tensed as i want to get a best job as soon as possible. kindly help me in this issue.

    my mother and father are not talking to each other since last 6 months as my dad wants to get the property from my mum brother and doesnot want to give any share to their family. he wants to get the whole amount from thar property due to which my dad always insult my mother and her family all the time and doesnto talk to her with respect. kindly help me so that everybody gets their share peacefully and my mother and father gets reunited again and love each other unlimited. kindly help me .

    i am in love with a person who is my jiju’s cousin brother. we both want to get married. in my family love marriage is not at all acceptable as my parents rejected my sister boyfriend and created an 1 year long issue.. i just want that bot the families agree to our relation peacefully and nobody creates any hurdle in between our marriage. i have 1.5 years with me to get married as i am the younger sister among the three sisters. i want that the offer for marriage should come from the male side and my family accept it happily without making anybody cry and sad. please help me naran ji..

    i have written all my problems. and i am looking forward for your reply. kindly while telling the solution do mention how to do, how many times i have to do and also refer for which problem you are referring this solution.. and i can chant these mantra everyday . means all the 3 or 4 mantras which you will give me can be chanted by me eveyday?

    thanks in anticipation
    i will wait for your reply.

  12. chant NAMASHIVAYAM 1000 times a day.
    write SWEETCHESTNUT 51 times in a notebook

  13. thanks sir.
    from tomorrow morning i will start doing this.
    i hope this the best remedy for my above 3 problems. thanks sir.

  14. Dear SIr, what should be done to gain respect and affection and cooperation from colleagues a t work place

  15. keep a horse picture. call horse ask “please be in my energy field so that i get cooperation from my colleagues.”
    daily chant waterviolet while going to the office.
    write waterviolet in a piece of paper and keep it with you

  16. Dear Sir,
    Thank you sir. Wish you and every one who are with you in this divine work A VERY HAPPY DIWALI.

  17. Naran Sir, do we need to dissolve bach flower pills in water before taking them? Can we instead just put the pill in our mouth, let it dissolve and drink water on top of it? Reason I am asking is if we can put the pill in our mouth from the bottle, its way easier to take when we are traveling or at work, instead of dissolving in a glass of water. Thanks. Divine.

  18. you can do so.

  19. Sir,
    I want to marry a girl outside my community.I am facing lots of resistance in this regard from my family.Both of us want to be together.Can u help us by suggesting some remedy?
    Pls help us…

  20. Taske Centaury Rockwater Sweetchestnut and walnut- flower remedies – three pills three times a day.

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