Increase your healing powers through Chinese Mantras

Workshop by Naran S. Balakumar

Learn about subtle energy healing techniques based on:

– Tao and Qigong

– Six Healing Sounds for Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs and Kidneys to make them Healthy, Strong and Energetic

– Bija mantras to strengthen our Chakras

– To solve life problems using Chakra Healing techniques

Venue:            Bach Flower Study Centre, New No.28, Sivaji Street, T. Nagar,

                           Chennai – 17 (near T. Nagar Bus Terminus – no parking available)

Date:               Saturday 09-04-2011, 2 to 5 PM

Fee:                 Rs. 300/-

Contact:          Shobana – 9884301634


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. How to do self healing through chakra sir

  2. Nandana iyer
    come in person and learn it

  3. hello Sir,
    kindly help me. me n my husband have been trying hard to build our house since last year but because of insufficient money we are unable to complete the house til now. my husband works very hard and has to work many night and days consecutively.. please suggest some remedy mantras or switch words.
    thanking you

  4. Naran balakumar

    take the flower remedies Mustard oak hornbeam – 3 doses of 6 pills each.
    have a picture of coral in the pocket.

    • hello sir
      thank you for your reply. can you specify if you mean coral in the sea or coral flowers? and if it is coral in the sea-which coral it is (because there are lots type of coral)?
      thanking you a lot

  5. v. Rajalakshmi

    Dear Sir,

    Tamizh puthandu vazhtukkal to you and Shobana madam

  6. K sir.thk you.will cme there n learn.i dint get my husbands call for a long time.i am taking coral and emerald and water violet pills and chanting rum yum hum ,hum yum rum.but i dint get any results.plz help me sir.i dnt have anyone to help me.

  7. Nandana iyer
    from whom you bought the emerald and coral pills?
    did i prescribe these remedies to you?

  8. relative is staying in my hme for past 20 days.he is nt leaving my hme.already i am in problems.plz suggest me a remedy .

  9. chant CHANGE DIVINE ORDER. write in a piece of paper his name. Draw a circle. draw one more concentric circle around the first one. in the gap wirte OM RAM NAMAHA and keep the paper somewhere.

  10. Thank you sir.

  11. I dint get calls frm my husband for a long time.till nw.we r nw seperate.i want to talk to him .kindly tell a remedy sir

  12. Neeraja
    chant chicory beech reach ___________(name of your husband) Divine Together

  13. Thk u sir very kind of you.

  14. Is there any remedy to make my husbnd cme n take me hme sir.i am in deep worry day n nite sir.plz help

  15. Neeraja
    do what i asked you to do. As long as you are in a state of worry, it will not happen.
    release all your worries. how to do it.
    As soon as any worrying thought comes to you, Say within yourself, This is thought only. I accept it. why not i release it?
    release like this as and when any thought comes to you.
    Then fill up your husband with lots of loves energy. The sun represents unconditional love. Intend,”sun god, please send solar rays of love and compassion to my husband.. Visualise your husband immersed in the rays of love and compassion.
    Say, LOVE THANKS DIVINE……..(say your husband’s name). go on repeating this till you sleep.

  16. Thk u sir.will do d same.

  17. Whenever i take My 9 mnths baby out she is gets affected by dosham n evil eye n she cries a lot.she wnt sleep well,eat,etc.kindly tell me a remedy to get rid of her getting dosham,evil eye sir.

  18. hello sir,
    i am very scared of darkness and ghosts. this is affecting me a lot as i get lots of negative thoughts about ghosts.. please suggest something?

    • neeya,
      There is one flower remedy called Aspen. Buy the pills in any homeopathy shop. Put 10 pills in a glass of water and have 6 to 7 sips from morning to evening and one or two sips in the night before sleep.

  19. Namaskaram sir,i am new to ur site.its really amazing.thks to god

  20. sir,
    i live in mauritius and i have not find flower remedy pills here..can you suggest alternate remedies please?
    thanks a lot for repliying to my query..and also am very thankful that you are helping all those people who are in need and far from you.

  21. neeya,
    hold a tumbler of water. chant Aspen 100 times. Take the water before going to sleep. keep the remaining water in the room.

  22. hello sir
    thank you a million times for your reply. i will do it and report my experience..

  23. Respected sir,wats d remedy for getting rid of a bad person forever.

  24. Asujareetha,
    chant CENTAURY ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD. or wirte these names of the flowers in a piece of paper and keep it with you.

  25. Thk u sir.sir can we write name of dat person alng wid dat flower names

  26. Naran sir,can you suggest a bach flower remedy for getting love frm a particular person immediately as soon as we take dat remedy dat is instant miracle

  27. Sir m sufring from navel displacement
    I try every thng yoga etc
    But no result
    My left side near navel become hard as compair
    To right side as result week digestion acidity gas
    Sir plz sugst me something to cure it

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