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Say good-bye to lover of your past


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About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran Sir, my friend and her husband are unhappy in their marriage, they fight a lot and are thinking of separating. Please suggest remedies for harmony and love between husband and wife.

    • Sandhya,
      Read the sentence – The husband should do in the following manner- as the husband also should do in the same manner as his wife.

  2. Who wants peace- husband or wife?. If wife means, she can purchase harmony pack from the centre, and put 10 pills daily in common drinking water.
    Both can analyse the situation in two ways: Wife should take a paper and write :What do i expect from my husband? What my husband expects from me?As far as possible ask her to fulfill what her husband expects of her. The husband should do in the following manner. Divorcing or separation is her choice. But she has release all her anger and dislike and animosity against him before marrying anybody else in the futrue. If she does not do so, she will another person with the traits of previous one.

  3. Thank-you, Naran Sir. My friend’s husband wants the separation. My friend (the wife) wants the marriage to continue.


    Dear Sir, In India which company manufactures good quality Bach Flowers essences.Thank you.

  5. yes Dr. Gopakumar


    Dear Sir,
    Suppose I take a bottle of ethyl alcohol/dispensing alcohol and label it with any of the bach remedy,will it have any action ? Thank you

    yes defenitely. Go for absolute alcohol 99% purified.
    For 450 ml add 15 drops of the original essence and shake well. and keep it. Would work well.


      Dear Sir,
      1. Only sticking a label with the name of a remedy,can it convert absolute alcohol into medicine.
      2. From where can I purchase original essence.
      Thank you

  8. yes you can do it. but you have to call the remedy by name pray to it to be active in every molecule of this liquid.(hold the bottle in the hand) After this, you have to chant the name of the remed arund 100 times, by holding the bottle.
    From england or usa.or even Australia

  9. Dear Sir, I have got a job in a company. The conducted a few tests(on the computer) at the Office. I have scored above 90 percentage in the first two. I did the 3rd test which was also easy.
    But I am shocked that they have given me 65. I double checked the answers before submitting. My Team lead(TL) says that the team in New York has graded it and the chances for recheck is less.
    I have a copy of the question paper, I worked it out again, when in leisure, and I have found that I have given the exact same answers.(right ones)

    Kindly suggest me a way to get my original score.. as I feel hurt that I was not placed the Top list.. (as my overall %age got affected)

    With Thanks in advance…



  10. Aasish
    chant WATERVIOLET ROCKWATER GORSE CHANGE DIVINE ORDER. You can write 51 times daily. write it in a piece of paper and keep it under your pillow when you sleep.

  11. Dear Sir,

    I had the driving test today, 2nd time i was failed,
    As I did silly mistakes even though I was perfect in the driving accoridng to my teacher ,

    Kindly advise me to avoid these silly mistakes in my 3rd test,


  12. Dear Sir,
    The TL has finally given my test score, it is less than 90. In one of the tests(for vocabulary), I was told by him(a week back) that I scored a 100, and am the 1st person in the company to get that score. Today I enquired, he said that it is only 92 and denying that I got that score. I am very sure that the superiors are playing bad in the tests. Some of my colleagues tell me not to bother with tests and its results.

    Thanks, anyway..

  13. chant GORSE WILDROSE

  14. Thank you, Sir, I’m chanting it..

  15. I’m currently working in the evening shift (4.30 pm to 1.30 am). (The team where I’ve been placed has moved to evening shift for 1 month). I have no option left but to bear it out for a month..

    My usual sleep time is around 11.30 pm everyday. I find it extremely difficult to stay awake and alert after 11.00/11.30 pm.
    Can you give me any method that will help me to stay awake and alert till 2.00 am.. (ie., when I reach home).

    I hope not to bother you with my issues, but I find your advice as invaluable.

    Thank you..

  16. Aasish
    Put Chin Mudra (thumb touching index finger on both the hands) and chant HORNBEAM OAK ON

  17. Thank you very much, sir. –)

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