Switch words, the Mantras in English

Discussed on 16th of July, during the workshop by Naran

BE a gene-CHANGER and re-write your karma as well as your life during the process

Regain your lost LOVE and achieve harmony in family

When there is no solution to a problem, how to CONCEDE and find the path to your solution CLEAR by going to the CENTRE of the problem

Improve your POINT of vision and solve eye-related problems

REACH your destination/ goals in HALF the time

Gain things you have never enjoyed, regain those you have enjoyed in the past and FIND a way to them

Attract people to you like black-HOLE and find your Mr. Right

Switch words to get 1) First Rank in studies 2) Job Promotion 3) MOVE from a world of Impossible to a World of Possibility

Getting co-operation from your colleagues by working TOGETHER towards a common goal

FIND a (DIVINE) ORDER in a situation that you are not able to handle by gaining confidence and capability to handle them

BE in optimal health

HOLD onto your values as well as make your children and spouse stick to them

Switch words for 1) Travel Mantra 2) Anti-Depressant 3) Lucky Charm 4) Work-Life Balancer 5) Child-bearing

Combine Switch words with Tapping (EFT), Bach Flower Remedies, Animal spirit guides

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  3. what significance is a person falls down and fractures one of the bones in the foot, on the sole? Is there any mind body relationship? what are the bach flower remedies or switch words for this

  4. 0. Rajalashmi.V
    you are flouting your own rule or principle. What is the mental fall? “Dont deviate from love even if the other person is totally 100% unjustified or wrong in his action.” This is the message of the body.

  5. Thank you sir for the message revealed. Can any switch words be used or flower remedies for this condition as it is for my friend

  6. i trust myself and all totally.

  7. respected sir, My long time desire is to start a business & become a successful business man but i am not able to start a correct business which is suited for me.. so please tell me switch words which will help me to start a new business Thank you


  9. can u pls tell me angel number/swith word for business/sales to happen

  10. Sir
    What is remedy for continuos fear & afraid of doing new things for me .this is making me avoid opportunities as i am scared all the time about past maistakes & future .unable to live in the present.
    Thanks sir

  11. alamelu iyengar
    chant or take the remedies GENTIAN LARCH RESCUE REMEDY

  12. can u please tell me switch word for stopptng loose motion

  13. godha
    chant whitechestnut cherryplum

  14. please let me know abt : switch words to regain lost love .. and marry the same person … and be happy .. ??

  15. love

  16. sir,i have high cortisol,my left adrenal has been rremoved.is there any switch word/angel number remedy for lowering my cortisol?

  17. . godha
    There is one powder available at the centre. you have to buy from the centre

  18. pls tell me swith word/angel number for slip disc

  19. Naran Sir , I have got a job in a very big MNC I want to perform to my best level and its a 6 months job , I wish to make it permanent with my best performance and my boss remains happy with my work.
    What should I chant ?? please help as I am going to join from 18 march

  20. Zephy
    WHAT IS THE NATURE OF JOB? Based on that I can give you specific words.

    In the meantime chant WALNUT(to break the old pattern) and LARCH (For success)

  21. Dear Sir,
    What swich words would you suggest to use to gain a great big clientele for my skincare business?I love what i do and want to be of good service to many people.And to have a fantastic income and be happy with it..
    Thanks and all the best.

  22. Naran Sir, I am working as a packg. dept as a technologist, I wish to do a great job so that it becomes permanent also salary hike . 🙂
    Please guide ?

    and what to chant for somebody else to get a good job fast !

    please help in both the above … thankss .. your SWITCH words always work for me !

    Please provide me with Switch Words …. for the above 🙂

  23. hi naran,
    please give a powerful switchwords for my son.

    he is facing a little difficulty to have job in perth.
    thank you very much for your support.

    happy evenings robert

  24. robert

  25. Sir
    I m paresh bhatt i m looking for a job. I havent got it yet what is the cause of it I m not able to find out. Can u give me any mantra or bach remedy for it. I really require financial abundance.
    Thanks and regards

  26. paresh bhatt

    sir can u give me bach flowers and sw remedy for lock jaw. and to improve my speech and communication skills

    thanks and regards
    Paresh bhatt

  27. pareshbhatt,
    take two pills of whitechestnut scleranthus larch

  28. gnanatharisini.g

    good service.god bless you and your team.

  29. lost my love two years ago, is it still possible to win her back and marry her?
    Thank you and God bless You!

  30. Hello Sir,

    You are doing a noble job!!
    My husband is looking for a job as he is not satisfied with the current salary. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. Please advice..

  31. Abbie,
    chant walnut oak chicory willow beech 100 times over a glass of water and give him that water

  32. Dear Naran Sir,
    I need your help, please advice.

    I am looking for a job change for my career growth in terms of seniority and financial growth. I have been working for 10+ years but did not achieve good career success in terms of position and financial conditions. Twice I had to settle for lower salary because I had no option during those job changes.
    Presently I am working outside India and wish to find a job in India to finally get settled and buy my own home, and in this process I am looking for a job change. However personally feel low on confidence that I can get a good job with a salary of my expectations to fulfill my dreams. Thus kindly suggest me a switch word which I can use to get a job with a good salary.

    Secondly I need help for a switch word that helps me to meditate. I have been doing meditation for 2 years + but could not go much far with noted changes. So please suggest me some switch word that helps me to mediate deeply and achieve mental peace and happiness.

    Thirdly I want to reduce my weight, thus please help with this also.

    I don’t know but, there may be some blockage within me to be removed and I am familiar that lot of people have benefited from your generous and kind advice, thus I request you to kindly help me also, with your grace.

    Look forward for your grace.
    Thanks a lot,

    • bluepoint,
      before doing meditation, chant WHITECHESTNUT AGRIMONY QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water in small sips. Then sit for meditation.
      Meditation will not bring you anything. Meditation means cultivation. Take one evolving emotions for a week and buil d up that energy within you so that it becomes your part to become easily accessible.
      e.g. Take LOVE. how do you cultivate this in your mind?
      Think of your parents, mentally say ” i love you” Thank them.
      Thanking and smiling at all your organs is cultivating love.
      Thank all the places where you resided, stayed. thank the Mother Earth for providing you with food manifesting your desires. Give her all your love intending”let my love for you cleanse the pollution.
      Think of all the rivers thank them. Think of good qualities of all the people in your life and say “I love you”
      This is meditation on Love. Cultivate(meditate) love in you Become love itself when you meditate. you will attract good people and even people who dislike you or people whom you dont like will turn good.
      similarly take one quality a week. peace, joy, surrender, co-existence, reverence, harmony beauty Wisdom humility and meditate on them and clutivate these qualities in you like a farmer growing the seeds.
      You can download pictures for these qualities and think about them. Wisdom means you can think of enlightened people and bring them to your mind picture.
      These qualities if properly cultivated will evolve you above your survival instinct. Life is not competition; it is co-existence. it is giving and not getting. It is an exercise to accept and surrender

  33. How to make my ex to show true love and concern for me? Thanks so much and god bless

    • MIMI,
      CHANT FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER BE DIVINE 100 times over a galss of water and drink this water. do it three times a day.

  34. sir, iam having problem with my subordinates at my office,sinnce i am younger boss to them.what to do?pls help me

    • godha,
      write in a piece of paper WATERVIOLET HOLLY HORNBEAM and keep it in your pocket.
      chant TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible

  35. Sir,
    My father-in-law is harrasing me and -my parents, my brothers and sisters by saying ill words for the last 22 years. Now i can not tolerate him. I am spending my life in fear. Every time he tortures me for not doing household work. He says that I am the king of the house you are all nothing. You are all theives and so on. He orders for food whether it is ready or not. when it is not ready he started saying ill words. He also tortured my mother-in-law. She is not more now.
    Sir, Please help me to come out of this situation. Twenty two years is long period for anybody suffering. I am the victim in spite of fulfilling my responsibility.

  36. anita vij,
    chant WATERVIOLET HOLLY MIMULUS VINE 100 times over a glass of water and drink this water. keep a portion of this water and add to his drinking water.

  37. sir namaste
    my husband is having a job problem.his boss has asked him to look for the job somewhere else.beause bussiness is not happening.if the bussiness has to happen he has to give bribe in lakhs which we do not have.his nakshatram is shatabhisham,and his gotram is koushikam ,his DOBis 17-2-69.what o do guruji? we r in great trouble.we do not have assets or even own a house.hope u understand and help us.

  38. godha,
    chant SANKARAN KANAGASABE’SAN as many times as possible over a glass of water and drink that water.

  39. I have recently received a denial for the Immigration residency in the US and I have been bothered because I finished medical school and want to get a Residency position in a teaching hosptial. What can i chant to get them aligned.

    • raych,
      when is the next chance?

      • Sir, I am not sure about the immigration, I was hoping to get a program that can apply for a visa for me like a J-1 the application for a job would be Sept 15th starting, some programs stop interviews in January.

  40. raych
    chant GORSE

  41. Dear Sir could you please give me direction for using Rescue remedies.What are the issues ,situations for which all the rescue remedies are used.How many types of Rescue remedies are there and for what purpose?Right way of using it .Thanks

  42. snm,
    there is only one rescue remedy. It is an emergency remedy.

  43. Most respected Naran sir,I’m writing this for the benefit of all who follow or about to enter the world of switch words….
    Me and my husband had a bad argument just yesterday and we parted ways with ego,none wanting to say sorry or accept faults.it wAs bitter and hurtful,I’m sure for him as well!Soon after he left home,I simply started chanting Together Divine for my peace of mind,nothing else occurred to me at that point of time…..By afternoon,I just picked up my phone,called up hubbyand pleaded sorry and suggested to make up….divinity has it’s ways,we both apologised to each other and made up.
    It was totally not expected bcos our fight and arguments were severe…it amazes me how chanting Tgether Divine changed my mind n his too!!!I still cant believethat this could happen within hours of chanting.We had a wonderful evening hence…
    It’s amazing how powerful these words can be…….!!!!
    What made me call my hubby up despite ego,what changed or directed my mind towards my highest good……it’s magical….TOGETHER DIVINE…..

    • Rushrush,
      There is always a conflict between the separated self (our ego self)and the evolving self(original self).
      This original self always wants to give love to evolve. For the evolving self, there are only two states – forgiveness to love, and gratitude.
      For the ego self, its own survival is important. In other words the ego can survive if only it projects anger vengence and what not.That is why it will not allow the evolving self to operate.
      Switch words bypass the ego self and activate the evolving self.
      Why does it not happen always. Because of the resistance of the concerned person to accept everyone as he is.

  44. Revered Naranji,

    I am working in a PSU for 4 years. After 2.5 years of posting outside my hometown, i got transferred to my hometown and working here for 1.5 years. Now rumours are like i may get transferred. I am having a toddler and currently cant move out nor quit my job . I would like to continue in current place of posting with promotions atleast for another ten years.

    Please help.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Thanks a lot for your divine service.


  45. SWATHI,
    chant star of bethlehem find divine order

  46. Revered Naranji,

    This is for my Husband,

    He had lost his job 1.5 years back and started his own business an year ago( Currently he is into financial product sales on commission basis ).

    He has taken a loan of 3 lakhs and nearly half of my salary is pumped into his business maintenance.He makes no profit. He is unable to suceed in his business. Most of his work progess stops abruptly for miniscule reasons.

    He is into depression and his mind is full of negative thoughts as none of his attempts works out.

    I want to bring him out of this negative thoughts and wish he makes good fortune out of his business . If possible i wish he gets proper guidance in his current business/ or other opportunities.

    Kindly give me any remedy that i could do on his behalf .

    Your guidance would be of great help to me.

    Thanks in advance.

    • swathi,
      chant BLUE SAPPHIRE. call wolf and pray to it for proper guidance

      • Thanks a lot. I will start chanting the same for my husband and pray to wolf.

        • Revered Naranji,

          With much happiness am posting this, I am chanting blue sapphire and praying to wolf for guiding my husband.

          Couple of business deals which slipped out of his hands have come back. But he is not able to close the deals and parties concerned are not coming into terms.

          Now am calling wolf to help him close the deal successfully.

          Wolf is also favouring me to have a comfortable journey daily (to and fro to office.. approximately 5 hours up and down)

          Thanks a ton

  47. hi Naran, greetings from California. I am a real estate agent, due to low rates & low home sales prices, many homebuyers are making high offers, market is very competitive and it takes many offer attempts before my clients offer is accepted, please kindly what to chant for my first time homebuyers HOME OFERS TO BE ACCEPTED successfully by seller and how many times to chant. thank you thank you. sincerely. Lupe

    • LUpe soto,

      • Namaste narayan sir,

        I am hitesh 30 years old now.born janauary 8 /1985.my moon sign is cancer and nakshatra is pushya. Since now I been finding difficulty to settle down in one job. My career is totally mixed up. First I did supervisor job then account assistant, team leader then store keeper and now ended up as an cashier. Sir I dont get it why my profile is getting changed every time.in between I was jobless for couple of months now and now also m in same situation. I do work hard in let any field it may be. M in Bombay now.I want to settle down in my home town with a good job and with a good pay. But I fear as I lack experience in one particular field. So I request u sir to give me such mantra which will lead me and guide me to my destiny at last.I want to fulfill my parents wish. And also in every part of job or field I have enemies who are jealous of me even if I dont thik about them in such a way. I have noticed it every time some just comes in my way every time.so please sir help me out.today only I came across to know about this swithword and by reading so many positive reviews I finally decided why not I too write.and this would be first time I ever wrote something in my life.

        Thanking you,

  48. Naranji,
    Is It ok when I chant Ambika Mantra with a jug of water for 108 times and give that water to my three children? Will it be effective like that?
    Thank you for your help

  49. sashi,
    it is ok

  50. hi Naran, greetings! from CA I have a doggy she is almost 1 year, she barks so much, very annoying, we love her. we giver her walks, we luv her if there is any mantra, to chant to her over a glass of water to reduce her barking , it will be greatly appreciated. thank you so much.

  51. lupe salsera,

    • dear Naran, thank you for WALNUT IMPATIENTS for our doggy puppy, i added “lovely flower essences Walnut & Impatients DIVINE Milly (name of our doggy) STOP BARKING RELAX NOW! ” today day 1, I recited it over her water to drink, gave her some dog treats which i add it a drop or two of chanted water, i looked at her eyes and chanted as needed, it is important to get her attention and chant when our doggy is looking at me, she is responding and more relax, when she wants to bark, i look at her and chant again, i send her a fly kiss and say, “relax Divine Milly” thank u Naran so much. a happy doggy mom Lupe

  52. Dear Mr. Naran,

    May I know what SWITCHWORDS phrase which I can use to re-connect with long lost friend (someone which I really love) which we broke up due to some miscommunication on my part? I would like to see her again…

    Thanks & Regards… Lee

    • LKY,
      do the forgiving exercise.

      • Dear Mr. Naran,

        I’ve chanted the forgiveness line (I (name) forgive you (name). You please forgive me and release me) 200 times daily for the past week or so.

        May I know if there’s anything thing (e.g. switchwords, OM, affirmations) which I can use to enhance the effects and clear any obstacles which may hinder this connection? Or do I need to wait a few more weeks for the results?

        Thanks… LKY

  53. Hi Mr. Naran,

    I need your advice on how to clear my aura and emotional bodies from being negatively affected by the speech and action of my parents. Do I use CENTAURY TOGETHER DIVINE?

    Also, I have a small business selling soapnuts, but due to some reasons, business has been slow and not many customers (possibly due to negative energies or influences by parents). I’ve tried your suggested SWITCHWORD phrase which you gave to someone else: CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE CLIENTS COUNT NOW ON EVERYDAY. Would this be sufficient to clear whatever the obstacles which are blocking the smooth sale of my products?

    Thank you.

  54. MYL,
    the switch words are enough.
    Thinking about your parents chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE daily around 500 times. However they are, you can never succeed in your life if you think ill of your parents.

  55. Dear Sir what is harmony PAck and how to used it..?i want to know how to cleanse home with bach flowers spray if Any ?and what flowers are used to cleanse home Aura,negetivity if Any…Kindly reply.

  56. SNM,
    learn bach flower remedies.
    harmony pack contains five remedies:BEECH WILLOW AGRIMONY WALNUT CHERRYPLUM

  57. Dear Sir,
    Please help me..I have rea your advice to the needy regularly.so that i hope you will help me.
    My friend got money from me and my known circle as loan(around. 10 laks) for her needs and her business.but after some time she. rrfuse to pay even interest for those loan.
    So i have to pay that money to the people. Who had given her.but i lost my job in this situation,in the mean time i have lost my precious baby ( which is conceived after 11
    year and died her 35’th week in womb).

  58. I am not having a.good relationship with my husband.he is abusing worfs every possible.times.
    So kindly suggest me for my hubbys love and affections to me.
    Helo me to get a good paying job very soon.
    Guide me to get back money from my friend to pay herown debts.
    Help me to get wealth again.

    Thanks in advance naranji.
    Please help me soon.i am totally fedup.

  59. sanggetha,

    • Naranji,
      Kindly help me to overcome my heavy financial aswellas my family(fighting between me and my hasband)problem.
      Kindly suggest me the wards which can help me for all my problem.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Naranji,
      Kindly guide me any wards for living happly with my husband and getting my money from my friend and free from my debts,getting money and get a good job.
      My request may seems tengthy but i facing tough time unable to live with this debts around 10 lac.
      Without a job i am unable to pay even for my basic needs also.
      Because of this problem,i have lost my baby at my 36’th week.
      So kindly help me and save my life.

      Thanks in advance.


    DOWNLOAD A PICTURE OF BLUE SAPPHIRE and keep it with you always. meditate on that. and keep it under the pillow.

  61. Dear naranji,
    please clarify my doubts and help me to overcome this tough situations,

    thanks in advance,

    • Sangeetha,
      Do everything as given. i checked all questions. you have to do everything given.
      When a reply is given, one should start doing it. doubts will carry us nowhere.

  62. Dear Naran sir,
    Im posting u many times but not getting reply sir pls tell me sw for settleing in job and to get good salary now im working as accountent but paying very less pls sir help im finished my m.com purshing mba sir

  63. harini
    chant 69 together change divine now

  64. Hi Sir,

    I am working in an IT industry from past 2.3 years.
    Please suggest me to get a promotion and onsite opportunity as soon as possible.

    I wish to earn more so that it is helpful for my father to pay the debts and settle with our own house soon.

    Kindly help as to how i should chant? whether to write it down or chant over a glass of water and then drink it.

    Eagerly waiting for your response. Thanks a Lot!!!

    • nandini,
      chanting means you can do anything. i just give you the words. it is your choice to do in any manner.

      • Thanks a lot sir :):) Just by seeing the reply only, there is so much of positive energy flowing into me.
        Thanks again sir:)

  65. Sir,
    Can you give me mantra for correcting my teeth and gum problems. My tooth pain and bleeding of gums occurs frequently. Please help me Sir, I can not concentrate on house hold work and keep shouting at my little daugher because I am having this pain. I want to get rid of this problem. I do not know what is bach flower remedy. Is it words to be chated or a medicine to be taken.


  66. Dear Guruji,

    Thank you for all your blessings, i would like to take this opportunity to thank you and tell the wonder what happened with us.
    My cousin met with an accident and was taken to hospital , there in the X-ray report the jaws showed fracture, even Dr said Fracture and has to be operated and fixed, the next day after the accident i came to know about this accident and immediately i request all my cousins and peddamma to say Hare rama Hare krishna mantra and we also said rescue remedy to water and gave that water to him , after 4 days we took him to dentist and the dentist declared no fracture and no need of operation…
    Thankyou sir . Sir please support us and help us with switchwords and mantras to help our self and our dear once.

  67. naranji,
    my husband is working in an IT industry from past 12 years.he is in midlevel segment,neither got any promotion(manager position) nor got any onsite opportunity.his salary is very less compared to othrs in the same level.we are facing many obstacles in our life.
    Please suggest me to get a promotion and onsite opportunity as soon as possible.

    we wish to earn more so that it is helpful for us to pay the debts and settle with our own house soon

  68. Dear naranji
    I am having vvvv serious problemi think no one will suffer to this extent
    My brother s in laws requested help for 3weeks n swore on their daughter used god n took away everything of mine
    They registered my property in their name n put in bank n since they haven’t paid interest my property is going on auction
    They also emptied all my bank balance
    I am fighting really hard but this couple r vv shrewd n evil n only say Tom tom n now they are absconding
    Please please help me get my property bck
    I was a fool to trust them so much rather help them to this extent
    Please guide me
    Also my entire family is against me esp the brother for whom I had given my life for whose sake I went to this extent of emptying myself my tears are non stop

    This brother has turned all my family n friends against me it is a shame

  69. Dear Naran Sir,

    My husband is working for a pharmaceutical company and we want to move to USA. We need an opportunity and a job to move there.
    Kindly help us.


  70. apurva,
    Ask him to be in the following mudra and chant find divine job usa

    leaving out the little finger, let the thumbs of both hands touch the tips of the rest of the fingers,

  71. Hi Naran Sir,

    My husband is in a software company and he wants to move out of it. He leaves home by 7:30AM and comes back only midnight after 12 daily !!!
    As he is having more than 20 years of s/w experience, he is finding it difficult to get a job elsewhere.
    Please suggest a solution for him to find a better job. He is born on 9 April 1967.

  72. ksree,

  73. Biswasri Datta

    I am working a residential school as an LDC since 2002. Till date I have not got any promotion to UDC. But I am a very sincere hard worker and I deserve for the promotion. My bosses also aware regarding my working efficiency.I am always facing financial scarcity because I am getting a very low salary.

    Please advise me how could I get promotion very soon and I can earn sufficient money to fulfill my dreams as well as my children future.

  74. Biswasri Datta
    chant chicory gentian willow hornbeam 100 times over a glass of water and drink it

  75. I am working in IT industry past 6 years. I am looking for job change with good package and Promotion.
    Due to past failures and mistake. I am scared to attend a interview and learning new things. Kindly, Please suggest some switch words to get a job and Confident to clear a interview .

    My husband is having 10 years working experience and past 6 years working in the same company and his salary is not upto mark of his experience . He is looking some onsite opportunity to settle down in Australia or USA. Please suggest some switch words for him to get the visa and JOB there.

  76. I am a stock broker and am struggling to make money. I tried Switch Words MUSTARD COUNT DIVINE. But though I am getting money, it is not enough to really meet my expenses. I am also not getting enough clients.


  78. Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your suggestion. As per your suggestion after started to chanting a Water violet Gentian larch, H1b visa is processed for me.

    My husband have to get visa from his company. He is not getting time to listen or chant. I want to chant switch mantra for him .Could you please suggest me a procedure and switch mantra for my husband to get H1b visa from his company . .

  79. subha,
    think about the issue and chant

  80. Naran pls give me a help how to seek animals spirits guide to increase sales in my store.
    I want to sell that business too.

  81. Naranji,
    My husband hs been suffering from evening fevers for past 2 months with some rashes and extreme fatigue. All reports are normal. i am trying to find a good Dr. in chennai who will diagonise it properly and treat it. Can you give me some switchwordds i can use to find the specified Dr. who can help me. all Drs. have asked to see a specialist.

  82. sashi,
    chant cerato waterviolet

  83. dear Sir ,
    1) I am looking for switch words for my husband to get a job transfer from India to US as me and my kids are transfered to the US and he is still in India and working on a transfer to this place
    and things are getting delayed or we are not seeing any hopes of his transfer and still awaiting.

  84. sir,
    What should I chant for perseverance.
    I am lacking in it.

  85. Dear naran sir ,
    I have small cookie,pretzelstore in canada … my sales drop to 40 percent compared to last year pls give some remedy to increase sales imidatly.

  86. Dear Naran Sir,
    I am working in an Educational Institute providing Career Course & Job opportunity as a marketing Executive. I want more students to join the Institute. Please give some switch-words or flower remedies to achieve my target (60 per month). thank you so much.

  87. Sir,
    My husband’s right knee got hurt.. no serious injury.. but pain is there ..he takes some medicine .. do some exercises as told by doctor..but still he is not fully recovered….though there is relief.Pain is not so much..and it mainly occurs in evening…

    • m
      ask him to thank his father. If he thinks that in life, he was not able to do certain things because of father,ask him to do the forgiving exercise also.

  88. Dear Mr Naran,

    May i have some switchwords for:

    Find huge amounts of money
    For objects to be returned to me
    To find a job in the legal sector
    To meet a companion for marriage quick

    I would like you to know that Mustard and 398 are working wonders. This is the first time that I sat for more than five hours non stop to study without interruption.

    I thank you so much sir


  89. Naranji,
    My husband has a new opening in his office and he has applied for it. Our astrologer has said that it is good for him to apply for the job, but he has to be very careful when dealing with others as for the next 13 months the time is slightly bad for us. Is there any switchwords / mantra I can use so that he does not have any problems in his new office and can maintain a calm attitude ( He is slightly short tempered).

  90. guruji, i am vocabulary in engish is not so good, i want to improve, because i am lecturer, students laugh at me some time, and colleagues degrade me because i am good in english, please tell me what to do. fluency is nill.

  91. Good morning sir,
    I thank you for your reply. I did not explain the reasons for my need for money through a good job or other auspicious occasions. It is to satisfy my bill payments mounting and the objects I wanted returned are very dear to me. But I thank for sincerely letting me know, so I am at peace. Thank you

  92. Dear Sir
    I know Reiki . Can I also learn Acu Reiki . How Acu Reiki is different . Pl guide me how can I get maximum result from Reiki

    AK Dhir

  93. Dear sir, I am in need of a job, I have did a software testing course, cleared testing examination but I don’t get any job offers,please help me sir

  94. Dear Sir,

    Please give some remedies for my sister’s problem and very thankful to you sir

    My parents are trying to do marriage to my sister as early as possible, because now she is 29 years old, due to some personal problems engagement got canceled, after 2years now my parents searching for good proposal for her.

    Please let me know some remedies for my sister to get marry with good person soon.

    Thank you very much naran sir.

  95. Dear Naran sir,
    i am struggling to get job in bank for the past 7 years. but still now i didn’t get any job. i wrote rbi asst exam waiting for written exam result, only 8 post in my state pls kindly tell me switchword to get this job. this is my last chance due to age limit. pls kindly help me to attend interview well and to get job in this bank. pls reply as soon as possible.

  96. Naranji,
    My daughter has completed her MBA finance and is looking for a job. but all campus interviews are for only sales and marketing. She has wirtten a few exams and is still going for her interviews, but nothing seems satisfactory to her since she wants to get into finance. Can you let me know some switchwords which will help her to get her dreams job as soon as possible?

  97. Hi Naran ji

    My mum is a breast cancer survivor. She was hit by cancer twice due to early detection it has been removed twice now. My mother went back or a checkup today and they found something. They have done a biopsy and we are waiting for the result. Can you please suggest mantra/remedy to ensure she does not get cancer again please. We will be forever grateful. Thank you.

    • neelam
      1)for cancer, chant “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE CANCEL OLD Undead Cells FIND New Cells”. This has to be chanted daily many number times. By this you are giving the command to your own body.

      CANCEL means to delete, to destroy, and to put an end. CANCEL is a very important word for destroying the tumor and cancer cells.

      2)She can also chant ” Sree Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram”

      It can prevent the growth of cancer cells. This would be a sound treatment for cancer patients.

      Preparing Mantra Charged Water

      Chant this mantra by holding plastic bottle with water and give it to the patient. You go on chanting this mantra for more than 100 times. The water will absorb the power of mantra then. Water is the only medium that can receive, store and transmit the energy (of mantra) to others. Give the mantra charged water to tumour and cancer patients.

  98. Sir
    How to chant for parents to get their money back from relatives

  99. sir,
    The Ambika mantra is it ” ambika Anaadhi Nithana ashwarooda aparaajitha OR ambika nithanaa ashwaroodaa aparajitha??? What is the meaning of this mantra??
    Thanks for your urgente reply..


  101. hello naran ji,

    thank you for all your help. few months back i asked help for my marriage and to find out lost things. with your help of switch words and by god’s grace my marriage is finalised and have found all lost things.

    i want your help again for below problems.

    1. the house where my fiance lives is very small to accommodate all family members. they have been searching new house but either the price is too high or they have to go out of city. kindly give switch word so that we can purchase new bigger house of our desire within the city (specially in the same area where we live now) in our budget.

    2. my fiance is lawyer. he has his own profession of legal laws advisor to companies. he wishes to start his new office and take his profession to large scale. kindly give switch word with which he gets good name, fame, money in his profession and his client increases.

    3. i had very long beautiful hairs. but since 15 days i have sever hairfall, so much so that my hairs strength has become half. moreover i have weight issues. kindly help me with switch words for hairfall, hari growth and long beautiful hairs and switch words to shed weight.

    you are doing noble work of helping us all. your given switch words have worked wonderful and i thank you for all your help.

  102. Dear naran sir,
    I will explain you my situation to give you a clear idea of my problem.
    My name is chaithanya , I have a most loving husband, from 2 years I had involved in a business for which I borrowed money as a debt, and I had to close my business due to loss.
    To pay the interests for debt ,I started borrowing from others and pay due to which my debts grew so high. I hid all my debts from my husband , scared he would fall sick. Recently due to heavy pressures from the financiers I disclosed the secret to my husband.
    My husband became so wild, and literally left me in my mothers house. My husband is a very nice person, but unable to bear that I hid this heavy amounts from him which even he can not pay. My financiers are haunting my husband, ,inlaws ,and my parents. I am severely depressed now. I have no body to help. I didn’t debt people to cheat them, but due to mishandling the money I could not meet my debts.
    I lost all my name in the society, among relations. I have even committed suicide twice but survived, now I want to live for my 10 year old son, I want to lead a happy simple life with my husband.
    I have read all your posts and I gained lots of hope through your switch words. Sir please help me with switch words to overcome all the issues mentioned. I would be so greatful to you.

  103. Respected Naran sir, last week i attended competitive exam(prelims) by chanting (chanted 3 weeks) with the help of “AMBIKA” mantram. please suggest me to qualify this PRELIMS exam and next i want to attend MAINS exam and INTERVIEW for final selection. please sir kindly give me switchword to chant or/and to write. I’m eagerly waiting for your reply…..

    Thank you in Advance sir,

    • Respected Naran sir please kindly reply me………. i’m waiting eagerly pls………. thanks in advance……….

      • i losed this exam too…… pls atleast Mr.m or Mr.mohan i want to get job in banking sector….. please reply me……..

        • Chant the Ambika mantra as much as possible.

          For any interview and while waiting for the result, chant “Water Violet Larch Gentian Wild Rose”

          Daily in a notebook 101 times for next 42 days, “Release Resistance Together Find Divine Order Count Now Done”

  104. Respected Guruji,

    Thank you for all previous remedies. I need a mantra for my brother to get his Work Visa to New Zealand processed positively. The whole family is desperate. Thanking you once again

  105. Thank you sir for the reply
    You advised me to go through this link


    I want to ask if I am making the circle….I should right my parents and the borrower name and draw 5 circle nd right the bach flower remedy..nd read it daily
    Is that what I shoul do?Thanks in advance

  106. Dear Naran Sir,

    Kindly reply to my post and help me.

    • yes,write your parents and borrower name..then draw a circle(first circle).
      Draw five concentric circles around the first circle. Write the name of the flower remedies in the gap between two circles, one name per gap.

      • sir namaskaram.i hv high bp and high sugarad doctors hv suggested to remove my adrenal glands one left adrenal is already removedand they are going fofmy rt too,which i dont want to get operated, what to do sir.my name is godhalakshmi and pushaymi nakshatram.regards godha Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 05:04:12 +0000 To: godhags_1@hotmail.com

  107. Dear Sir ,

    I have a very average physique and this depresses me .
    Is there any switchphrase that i acn use to get more muscular and also increase my height ?

    If you can help me i would be very thankfull.

    Thank you

  108. Sir,
    I got news that there wud be transfer in locations in my work..that is my workplace will shift city, someone else wud be replacing me in my current city..this is a normal procedure. But because of my very young child, household commitments and hours to be spent in travelling…i wish to remain in my current workplace. Is it possible?

  109. Dear Sir,

    I am married for 8 years and trying to conceive. Even though medically we both are fine but still not able to conceive. I had two early m/c. Please advise!

  110. Sir,

    Have a family problem, even though my sister-in-law is married she hardly stays at her in-laws place and is always looking at an opportunity to come and stay with us (i am staying with my in-laws), as she find life more comfortable here (as she does nothing here , no household work) but this is affecting our life (me & my husband’s, we are not able to think about our family), she always tries to project that her in-laws are very bad, her husband doesn’t care for her, whereas when ever we see two of them together they always look happy. Please tell as to how she will go back to her husband’s house and stop interfering in our life?

  111. Dear Sir,

    on Thursday, I have 2nd round of interview(video conferencing) in the same Office where I am currently working now. My colleagues are not happy with my getting selected for that particular post. Please give me a solution for : Keeping such people away , and for performing well in the interview.

    Also, I could not go to Office for a week as I suffered from piles. I’m somewhat better now, plz can I have a switchword that will put me in the good books of my superiors? Thanks in advance.

  112. DEAR NARAN SIR ,I have a problem at office,I have 6 colleagues,who aiways make complains to my higher officer without my knowledge when .iam outside they tease ,gossip,and laugh among themselves.iam very hardworker for that they are very jealousy of me.pls give me a solution sir.i shall be thankful to u,. , ,

  113. Thanks a lot sir

  114. Dear Sir, I wish to become a successful actress get good roles. Get loads of fame n become famous. What is the switchword you suggest for the same…thanks

  115. Dear Naran Sir,

    Please suggest a switch word for my fibroids and heavy bleeding problem also to reduce my unwanted fat around belly n waist. I do have an habit of eating raw rice [pachi arisi ] like mad . My tooth also aches and often have to visit dentist for fillings ,root canals and caps . Please suggest switch words or remedies for all the three problems. Overall I have so many health problems ,thyroid ,is another.

    Thanks for your help ,God bless you.

  116. Dear Naran Sir, I have been working in the IT industry from past 12years and until now not got any onsite opportunity. Please give me a solution. Thank you.

  117. Dear Naran Sir,

    I am having problems finding a job that suits my qualifications. I have master degree but after sending numerous CVs to various places I never get called up for even an interview. Right now I am living from hand to mouth, begging relatives for money to be able to sustain myself. Please give me switch words that I can use to get a job that pays well and that suits my qualifications.

    Secondly, I have problems being in a relationship. I always find myself single. 3 months ago someone asked me to be his girlfriend and since then I have never met with him. Every time we agree to meet he never pick up his phone. It’s like every time I enter a new relationship with someone something happens to them and all a of a Sudden they are not interested anymore.

    Please help me with switch words for my situations.

    Thanks in advance.

  118. Tell me the way and what things i have follow

  119. http://reachnaran.com/tried-many-but-nothing-worked

    Now reading your new web site and finding it very useful. Thanks love divine.

    • How many times should i chant mantra and tell me the full procedure plz. Beacause my son exams start on this monday 10-3-14

      • Dear sir on moday 10-314 to 21-3-14 friday he has exams. He is slow in writting and forget things. Please tell me something. I read many things about you . So wish u will tell something for my son too.plz sir help me.

  120. Dear Sir

    I feel like a slave infront of my mother in law. i Need my family responsibilities in my hand. I want to be the head of the home. I want to make a home decisions. Please give any switch word to chant to be the head of my total family members.

  121. Dear Sir,

    Please give a switch word to bring new own house with in 6 months.

  122. Hi Naran Ji,

    Right now am very curious stag of life.I had attended the interview but still now no response from the company please suggest me to get the job positive and get offer letter.please suggest me to get a interview result positive and get offer letter.
    any switch words to get immediate response.

    thanks in advance.

  123. Hi Naran Ji,

    Right now am very curious stag of life.I had attended the interview but still now no response from the company please suggest me to get the job positive and get offer letter.please suggest me to get a interview result positive and get offer letter.
    any switch words to get immediate response and mail from company.

    thanks in advance.

    • HI Naren Ji,

      Right now am pegging for the money and others so am very very curious stag of life. i had attended the interview and i did well.still now no offer letter from the company.so please suggest me get the offer letter with positive as immediately.please reply am waiting for mantra to get offer letter soon with positive from the company.

  124. Hi Naren Ji,

    Im living in the US for the past 7 years and I have been desperately looking for a job for the last few years but have been very unsuccessful. I have 2 Masters degrees but no jobs. I was chanting Find Divine Order Count Now Done and landed a few interviews but got rejected. Now Im not even getting interview calls. What can I say and how many times to say it? I have a lot of student loan debt that I need to pay off or they will seize my home(used as collateral to get loan) so I am desperate for a job. Please please help me !!

  125. Please advice what can I chant to get the desired increment in office. While I am valued and recognized by my managers, somehow I never get a high increment.

  126. Can You give me switch word for making a person fall in love with me

  127. Sir I’m still unable to save enough money to pay my postgraduation fee which is due end of may. kindly give me some switchwords to recite so that I can obtain money miraculously.
    thanks in advance

  128. Sir, My brother is M.tech in embedded system. As per his qualification he is earning very less. He is not getting any proper job offer. so, instead of sitting at home he has picked up something. evevn if he is getting one due to some or other reason he is missing the chance. all his friend are well setelled and married. Please help him. Thanks and Regards.

  129. respected sir
    please suggest me mantra for son and daughter to get success in life and get perfect partner in life my son is not having good company of boys and girls they miss use him. make them sense able.

  130. Hi sir

    i am getting numbness in my right leg can you suggest something to chant to get rid of this problem.


  131. hi naran,

    found your site very helpful. please help me work out making my trucking business come true. i have asked help from 3 diff people and at first they are helpful. but it always won’t manifest. what.is the switchword that i will use so my trucking business will come into being.

  132. Hi Naran jigna son ji told me for ur guidance.my throat chakra is weak I can not express .which mudra meditation or sw I can practice.

  133. Sir,
    I am starting a new educational class at home..I want many students to join and want to run it successfully. .what switch words can i chant to get many students.

    Thank you

  134. Written ias prelims waiting for d result . Sir pls help me to get through….I m a very hard working girl

  135. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Naran answers your questions there

  136. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website reachnaran.com. He will not reply your questions here. Naran answers your questions on REACHNARAN.COM

  137. sir please tell me the angel number for bodypain

  138. sir please tell me how to find angel number/ switch word/ mudra/ chant mantra/ flower remedy /animal for my lower back pain since 4 years i have the problem. my age is 37/male, have two small kids, cont play with them as energetically and flexibly , cont lift them also. feeling bad

  139. i recently gave an exam though it was good but I think I made few mistakes I have to get really good score it’s very imp what switch words should i Chant the result is after 4-5 days ! Please help !

  140. hello sir..i want to put braces in my teeth..i want to have straight teeth but it is costing too much..i cannot afford..can you please suggest me with the right switchwors to get the opportunity to put braces..please sir..

  141. Respected Naran sir,
    I am a tarot card reader and a numerologists. Most of the time my clients don’t come up after calling me. I really don’t know for what reason. Pls help me with switch words to get more clients, big deals and to be a part of big events and do well in this field.

  142. dear, sir.
    my father name is nagaraju. date of birth is 7/8/1970. my father is a civil engineer. he is working in cuttack. but we are in andhra pradesh. even they won’t give leaves for coming to our place. in office also there are showing partiality. there is no work running. always it is headache to my father. we want a transfer from that place to near place . what mantra should we chant? please give us reply fastly

  143. Dear Sir,

    I am in love with a guy and he loves me too. We are family friends. We are scared to tell at home as this should not hamper our parent’s friendship because of this he is not ready to give me any commitment and is in wandering mind.

    Please suggest me mantra to give him the courage to take decision to take our relationship to next level and to lead to our marriage without any problem.

  144. sarita bijalwan

    namaskar Mai apke sabhi mantra follow karti hu jo ki bahut beneficial h

  145. dear sir .. namaste.. i had written to you earlier had asked me to chant walnut chande divine order for my visa processing.. today i got an email telling me that it has not been approved because i needed 6 bands in each module in ielts even though my overall score is 7… i m reappealing fr my visa… please tell me what to chant ..can i cal upon wolf… and also sir thanks i fell in love with a guy who is younger to me but i cnt talk to my family cos he is not having pr yet and my family is looking at other matches.. we both want to be together..please also tell me what to chant for this ..thankyou so much sir

  146. Visit http://www.reachnaran.com and post this question under ASK NARAN. I inform you all who come here that the Naran admin is not able to access these pages

    • Iam not able post in ask Naran. Pls help me.My husband is having trouble in getting projects finalized. he puts all his effort in his work but is not getting it done. He is not getting proper salary or any increase in salary. We also have a loan of 40 lakhs. Please help us .. We need to clear off the debt and start saving.. We have started a small business related to education. We need that to prosper for steady flow of income. I am also working but not in my field.please help me to get a good job in my creative field so that I can support my husband. Please help us..

  147. Sir, We bought a flat two years before. Earlier the flat was rented. At that time only stamp paper agreement done. We managed money somehow and paid the full amount to the owner. He told that after few time he did registry. But till now he did not do registry. Because of the validity period of the stamp paper we have to file a court case against him. He is powerful and rich person. In between he also offered to return money because he found a rich buyer for the flat, who offered him much more amount. But we do not leave the house. please suggest me some switchwords or other thing so that the flat owner do registry in our name without any controversy and delay.

  148. Please delete the query, bj, march 19, 2015

  149. I need a switchword to travel and settle in UK or Canada with my husband.please help

  150. hy naran

  151. Dear Naran,

    I want to get more money to buy a car soon, as car has become a requirement. Please advice a suitable switch word.

  152. Dear Sir,

    I am 47 years, I have been advised to leave job and look for new job. my last day is April 30, pls advise

  153. Hi,
    Am not satisfied with my current job.in this company i spent almost 9yrs.i had given my heart and sole to this but never got a chance to go abroad or never got highest performance award.my credit is beib taken by someone else. Now i want to switch for a new job where i will get abroad opportunities,excellent hike in package and where my talent would be recognised truly.please share switch mantra for the same.

  154. my mother is in ccu a strugling with heart and breathing problems sir please advice us anysw

  155. Naran ji,

    i just move from my native place to a new place follow my husband But unfortunately my husband lost his job. and i also not able to find a prefect job with god salary. currently, me and my husband are staying with my sister in law and family. Please help me. what should i do to get a good job for me and my husband. and settle down in life.

  156. Sir I have a lot of knee pain. Can u help me. Thank u amrita

  157. i have given m.sc 1st year exam and want to get top marks without being fail in first tym .plz give me switch word to get top marks in m.sc.

  158. please give me sw to get my furry angels adopted to a nice loving home…thanks

  159. Hi Naran,
    Please suggest me an switch words for achieving my targets in my company , I have tried my best but the problem are with my clients and things are preponed and its getting delayed from completing my target
    Please do help me …..

  160. my daughter is in class 12th Science and having boards this year.
    she even doesn’t listen to us.
    please provide me some mantra which can be done by me.

  161. Lost the love of my life 2 months back. How can i get her back and make her realize true love and concern for me ?

  162. Dear Naran sir,
    My friend accidentally injured his right hand with a knife.he wen thru surgery as it was a deep wound.he is now going thru physio but his hand pains and he cant move it as well nor does he have so much power in that hand, he isa musician and is out if work as he cant play yet.is there any EC or switchword i can write or chant for his painless soeedy recovery

  163. How to switch words for excellence in studies

  164. My husband is having trouble in getting projects finalized. he puts all his effort in his work but is not getting it done. He is not getting proper salary or any increase in salary. We also have a loan of 40 lakhs. Please help us .. We need to clear off the debt and start saving.. We have started a small business related to education. We need that to prosper for steady flow of income. I am also working but not in my field.please help me to get a good job in my creative field so that I can support my husband. Please help us..

  165. My name is nandini. My husband is having trouble in getting projects finalized. he puts all his effort in his work but is not getting it done. He is not getting proper salary or any increase in salary. We also have a loan of 40 lakhs. Please help us .. We need to clear off the debt and start saving.. We have started a small business related to education. We need that to prosper for steady flow of income. I am also working but not in my field.please help me to get a good job in my creative field so that I can support my husband. Please help us..

  166. Dear Sir.
    I am a contractual worker in maharatna company of India. But the administration / management of the company are so corrupt that i am not getting proper salary or deserved salarry specially facilities which Govt. of India had established many years ago. facility like medical, housing, electricity , water supply and all other to uplifting living standard of worker. But local area management violates rules actguidelines to benefits themselves and pays irregular payment. management provide illegal document like fake ID cards for rejecting us from benefits. kindly advise switchwords that on behalf of us for lawful way. so that we will be in peace and harmony.

  167. hello sir,
    iam chanting SUN FORCE DIVINE CHANGE GO CLEAR as told by you for clearing cyst from brain for 3 yr old kid. please let me know how many times i should chant this. and one more thing sir, can i chant other switch word also along with this for a different problem.

  168. Hello naran sir myself and my husband both are working outside our hometown since last four years in a same company but different branches. Now my husband opt for pramotion for heigher cadre is there any switch word or angel no for both of us to get transfer to our native with pramotion to my husband
    i will be very thankful to you if my wish come true as soon as possible. Thank you sir.awaiting for your reply.

  169. Hello sir
    I am in a long distance relationship since 10 years now my bf have two ladies in life who is creating massive trouble to him and my relation how do I disconnect those two from my love my boyfriend

    • And how do I connect my boyfriend and make him fall in love with me once again pls help Me in this matter and I am new to switch words so in a detailed to follow that
      Thank you

  170. Pranam,
    I want to get married in a city where I am living with the choice of my boy who can fill my life with happineas , what should I chant.
    As well as want job in my city only.Plz suggest me.

  171. I am B.tech fresher.I worked hard for 9 months on software training. Still I am not getting my desired job. Unable to crack interviews. Could you please suggest me switch words.

  172. Respected sir,
    My husband is into huge debt not able to face the financiers I don’t know where its going to end and I’m very much worried pls give magic words to solve my problems I didn’t clear fees of my kids finding very much difficult to arrange please help me

  173. Respected sir,

    My son aged 5, has developmental delays still got speech problems his words are not clear and doesn’t seem to understand what I am trying to say, just blindly repeats whatever is told to him.

    Kindly help us

  174. I am C.Jyotsna a B.tech graduate. I took software training for 9 months worked really hard. Still unable to get desired job. I attended few interviews but could not clear it. Now a days I am not getting interview calls also.I am in urgent need of a job. Please I request you to suggest switch words for interview calls as well as clearing interviews. Also how to use them.

  175. My daughter aged 18, Ruchi Arora is writing her medical entrance exams of AP, TS second time. She has secured 94% in her 12 th from State syllabus of TS. pl guide me some switch words which I can do for her selection in TS as her entrance exam is on 2 may 2016 only. Ill be very very thankful to u. I know there is very less time but plzzzz help me out.

  176. Hello sir ,
    Pls let me know the events and workshops conducted by u in Mumbai .wild love to join .
    My email address is .hiralmerchant@Hotmail. Com

  177. Sir,I am 48 years. I am unable to get success in job. Inspite of my performance, I will not get appreciation, instead I get fired. My colleagues become success and get benefit due to me. Colleagues and BOSS always find mistake. Now I have been demoted and transferred alone. pls suggest me :1. to get daily sales. 2. To achieve monthly sales target.3. To get protection from politics 4. To get good job and high pay.5. to get back my performance bonus all these years.6. To get back my dues, who have taken from. 7. To settle in stable job and be with my family. 8. help my daughter to study well and settle in her life. my mail id:sundaresh67@hotmail.com

  178. unityspelltemple

    How i got my Ex husband back when he was Cheating on me and left me with two kids. I’m Candace Clifton, a US citizen, 26 years Old. I reside here in Denton, TX, United States. My husband and I have been married for about 14 yrs now. We were happily married with two kids, a boy and a girl. 3 months ago, I started to notice some strange behavior from him and a few weeks later I found out that my husband is seeing someone else. He started coming home late from work, he hardly care about me or the kids anymore, Sometimes he goes out and doesn’t even come back home for about 2-3 days. I did all I could to rectify this problem but all to no avail. I became very worried and needed help. As I was browsing through the internet one day, I came across a website that suggested that Dr.Unity can help solve marital problems, restore broken relationships and so on. So, I felt I should give him a try. I contacted him and told him my problems and he told me what to do and i did it and he did a spell for me. 28 hours later, my husband came to me and apologized for the wrongs he did and promise never to do it again. Ever since then, everything has returned back to normal. I and my family are living together happily again. Dr.Unity is the Best online spell caster that is powerful and genuine. If you have any problem contact him and i guarantee you that he will help you. Email him at: ( Unityspelltemple@gmail.com ) you can also call or Add him on Whats-app: +2348071622464·…

  179. Dear Sir Naranji,

    Me and my husband are trying very hard to get job opportunities abroad (Singapore, Canada, Australia, Dubai etc). He has emailed his CV to many abroad companies and sites mainly in Singapore, Dubai etc. but still we have not received any calls / email from any companies.

    As and when I get time I chant for my husband switch words like “walnut” with thumb touching ring and index finger also chant few more as searched from your blog/site like


    Still we are not getting any positive response.

    Request your support, help to guide us to what switch words to chant to get us job opportunities for abroad and get through the other formalities which will help us to achieve our dream.

    Thanks in advance for your help and support.

    Best regards,

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