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True Spirit of Reiki Part II: Tackling Problems using Reiki

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Good Evening Naran,
    So grateful to the Almighty, that happenned to read through your blog on the right time.

    Have the following problems:
    1) House construction is getting delayed, which is on for the past 1.5 years but stillnot completed. One or the other obstacle is coming on the way.

    2) My hubby has got addicted to alcohol for the past 4 yrs, which is creating nuisance in my family life after 8p.m. in the eving. Ihave a little son, aged about 8yrs. I am finding it very difficult to bring up my kid in a good n safe environment. Am a working mother from morning 8-30a.m. to evening 8-00p.m.

    3) Recently, lost rs.25000/- hard cash from my handbag. Am not sure if i will be able to find it. My sister-in-law was with me at that moment. Hence, I got into financial crisis.

    4) Want my son to concentrate on his studies. He should get the best education.

    Can you please help me out.


  2. chant OM GAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA, daily 500 times

  3. Dear Sir,
    At work place i always been pressurized for all the time, in spite of my hard work and sincerity , I always found that I paid less as well as I am doing 4 people Job,
    Because of this my health some time gets upset, However I conveyed this to my reporting Boss, he says he will be distributing my responsibilities but whenever the problem comes they will question me only
    As my reporting Boss doesn’t have any business process hence it’s all happening,
    I really do not want to go and complain against any of my managers with my CEO, as no use of this , even My CEO insist and forces me to do all the major tasks in the company as he thinks I can do everything, so over all I am lost in the ocean, but I have decided to thank this company and move to better position and better organization for the good,
    Kindly advise me Switch words / Mantra’s to get better position & better salary with good company.

    Thanks & Regards,

  4. Nayana
    write in a notebook CENTAURY WILLOW PINE. 51 times.
    Thank all your staff and ceo and boss daily from the heart. Combine it with the forgiving exercise.

  5. while receiving payment Rs. 1.5 lac was found less. How to get it by using reiki

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