To Surrender is to Win the Battle of Life

“O Lord! Fill All with Your Light and Love!!!” –The Mother.  Let us start the new-year with the prayer of the mother. Wishing you a happy and a harmonious year 2012!

Benefits of the Switch Word CONCEDE

CONCEDE is a Latin word. It is in use since 1630. The meanings for CONCEDE are to obey and confirm to. This means, “Obey my order” or “Obey my instructions”.

CONCEDE may be used to make the other person to be friendly with you. When there is separation between husband and wife, CONCEDE is the word. That means it will work to make the two persons to join.

To get the clients – “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND COUNT DIVINE Clients Everyday”. You can do tapping (EFT) while chanting these words too. You will get better results.

For physical problems – keep the problem and name of the person on the left hand, and chant CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE CANCEL DIVINE BE NOW DONE. BE is for physical health.

To get wisdom – “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE Wisdom”. Wisdom is an abstract word (not a switch word).

When there is property disputes chant CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE.

CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE will work wonderfully. You can always chant them. At night, before going to bed, chant it. It solves many problems automatically. Your subconscious will know how to prioritize the problems, and then it solves problems. You will get good sleep also if you chant this.


Naran S Balakumar

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About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir, I wish u “Happy 2012”


  2. Dear Sir and shobana madam
    Wishing u a very happy new year.

  3. Sir,
    Wish You a happy year, Thanks you for all the wonderful things that you share with us and for guidind many people.


  4. Dear sir,
    my beloved met with a very mild accident. he was waiting in signal, when another bike came with over speed and lost control and hit his bike. my beloved fell down along with bike by going a few feet in front. I dont want him to have even any small physical problems because of this accident.Please suggest me what i need to chant.


  5. . appu
    chant sweetchestnut star of bethlehem AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE

  6. To solve misunderstanding between husband and wife arising from 3rd person interference and to have peace and harmony between husband and wife what should i as wife chant.

    Happy 2012 Sir, to you and your family.

  7. Sharitha

    • Thank you Sir for the recommendation.

      One more question i have to chant this how many times and is it that i have to take bath and then chant.

      Waiting for your reply.


  8. Dear Naran, greetings from Venezuela in South America.

    I find the way you go about healing delightful.

    Are you a devotee of Sweet Mother ( Pondicherry)? I am sure she will like your methods.

    Do you think one can work with flowers as you suggest but using teh flowers with meanings Mother gave them? Use Mother´s word as switch word and her symbol for Reiki?

    If you can , please answer me to

    Many thanks and namaste

  9. Alicia Torres
    I am a devotee of Sweet Mother ( Pondicherry)?
    i will try to use Thank you

  10. Naran,

    A very very Happy New Year – 2012.
    God bless you a long life
    As you live

    With lots n lots of LUV n PRAYERS FOR


  11. Great, Naran. Tell me how it goes with Mother

    I am following your advise in Animal Spirits and since I am worried about money started Calling Squirrel. I have a couple living in my garden, so I guess there is some extra connection.

    Will let you know if I get results


  12. sir, one of my relative has two sons and both are suffering with MS(nervous system breaking down) both hospitalized for years now. can you recommend some chanting sw or mantras they can chant for their sons.or those patients can chant themselves.please help sir……thanks

  13. arun

    • thanks you sir i will surely tell them to chant this mantra.sir is there any time limit like how long they should chant in a day. thanks in advance for your divine help.

  14. no time limit. minimum 15 minutes

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