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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hello sir,
    please advise me something for years long constipation. i dont feel any bowel movement.
    second i cant sleep without sleeping pills.
    third i feel anxiety. fear and sadness. and always fear about money because of my insufficiant income.
    please reply thanks.

  2. arun
    COME IN PERSON AND MEET ME after fixing up the appointment time.

    • sir, i live out side of india so it may not be possible to meet you please help me that i can do to heal my self…..thanks

    • take Rescue Remedy daily. hornbeam in the morning. consult some naturopath in your city and change your diet accordingly.

      • thanks sir, i appreciate your help. i will surely do.
        sir i have one thing to share. the central heating in my house stopped working which i repaired last year. i spend one hour to fix it but all in vain. then i decided, i will call mechanic in the morning. i was upset about unexpected expensive repair while going for sleep. At bed i just visualize the problem on my left hand and start chanting “find divine order” while chanting i went to sleep. Suddenly i wake-up around 3 a.m. for washroom and find the central heating was working fine.
        for jaws pain, chanting “blue sapphire” which you told me also working 90% pain gone. I only feel pain some times.
        sir i dont know something is forcing me to share this one too.when i send you a message about i cant sleep without sleeping pill,i went through your other blog about accept yourself. and what i did.” even though i cant sleep without sleeping pills i totally accept myself” three times while tapping only on my karate chopp and start chanting “concede clear centre find divine order” its been four days i am sleeping (not a sound sleep but i hope i will get there) without pills.
        I humbly thanks for your help.

  3. Dear Sir,

    My family is suffering with one problem, kindly help us. my father has one friend Mr. xyz, he was doing real estate, he asked money to my father for help, my father gave some round 10 lakhs, which was kept for my marriage. my marriage was fixed when my father ask for money mr,xyz didnt give our money and he is saying he lost that money in business. when are struggling with him from past 2 years, whenever we ask he will tell, he will arrange in 1 month but nonthing is happening.

    Please advise if an mantra is there to get back our money.

  4. jaya

  5. sir
    I need your jewellery is missing from my in laws place,i had given all to my mother in law.however she has misplaced some of it.kindly advice what can I do.i dont know if it has been stolen or requesting her to search for it.kindly help,and I cant ask her to chant or follow any remedy…

  6. tamanna

  7. sir,
    I have purchased a land, (2400 sq ft) in the year 1999, the promotor said, there is problem to register your land, so wait for some more time, after 9 years that in the year 2010, he register for only 1200 sq feet. later he will finish the balance. Now he is informed that it not possible. I will return back the money that is the amount wht he received in the year 1999. But the value of the ground is increased to some lakhs. Kindly help me what to do for the balance land to reigster. any chant is help me to do so.please sir, kinsly help me


    • Thank U Sir, U very kind of u

      • Dear Sri, I have one problem, i.e in the daily life when I am thinking something suddenly in my mind the thoughts will come, what if any of my near & dear ones die ? How to servive without them ? Like this I will get thoughts. Kindly help me sir .

        Please ignore my previous request ……

  9. radha narayanan

    I want to share a few experiences.Every day i chant Find Divine order when i travel by my scooter and whatever traffic is there i smoothly can reach my place on time.yesterday my vehicle got
    punctured & i had to get a auto.i chanted Wolf as autos overcharge near my place & got a auto who charged meter and also reached on time.Also i kept chanting find divine order & by evening i could get a mechanic to repair my vehicle at home yoitseslf .Also at work whenever i am in confusion i start chanting find divine order in mind furiously,i find all tensions dissolve and i am calmer after that.Thanks for your help always.

  10. JAYA,
    what if any of my near & dear ones die ? How to servive without them ? For these thoughts take the flower remedies REDCHESTNUT RESCUE REMEDY daily two pills each three times a day. You will get over this problem. Instead you wish them good. This fear will go off.

  11. Very Good Moring Sir,
    One of my friend got married 2 years ago, still date he not having a child, healthwise he is ok, But for his spouse, Egg is not developing she is in treatment, after treatment she got negative report for 2 times. again she is still in treatment. Kindly help her to chant to get success in treatment and a child. awaiting for your kind reply.

    • karthik
      Ask her to chant SWEET CHESTNUT WALNUT GENTIAN daily 200 times.
      She can hang a picture of Rabbit in her bedroom and Pigeon in the kitchen

      • Hi sir,

        All your remedies are really Woking. My brother marriage is fixed, we are very happy my mother offered coconut to godess, but unfortunately it is spoiled. She usually go to temple on tuersday and Friday. When she offer coconut on Tuesday it was spoiled and Friday she offered i.e today offered coconut also spoiled, she is very much worried and she bought another 2 coconut and offered those are good. But inside we are worried. Kindly advise if there is any chant for this ? Thanks. After a logtime my brother’s marriage fixed. Pls help us sir.

  12. Jaya

  13. Hi Sir
    We have given 8 lakhs rupees to an agent for a better job for my brother.But he neither give job and nor returns money. Plz tell me the remedy in detail to get back the money.

  14. Hello sir, four months back i doubt somebody in my office has stolen my mangalsutra & other gold ornaments worth Rs. 1,50000 from my purse.Plz suggest some remedy to get my mangalsutra back.can I get back my ornaments.

  15. Pranaam Respected Sir,

    1) Severe burning in leg from Hip to legs, burning in waist, burning in urinary region since May 2015. Also burning in left region where I was operated for hernia in 2012.
    2) IBS problem since 2014 with frequent indigestion. Acidity since 2008 and burning in anal region.
    3) Pain in Hip since Nov 2014.
    4) No Job . No Money for last couple of years. Undergoing Going depression .

    Sir please please solve my problems . Give me some remedy..

    Thank You.


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