Workshops in Bangalore, April 2012

By Naran S. Balakumar
Bach Flower Therapy

The course covers:

Basics of Bach Flower Remedies, When do we use them, and How to use them?

How to use special combinations of remedies for various life situations: marriage, attending interviews, emergencies like accidents and surgeries, harmony, preparing for exams, skin problems etc.

Learn how to: use pictures of Bach Flower Remedies, circle technique, chanting and other such special techniques.

Date:                     28.04.2012,         Time:                     10.00 AM to 1 PM

Naran’s Multi-dimensional Healing Practices

This course is conducted for the first time, in the city of Bangalore. It covers the entire spectrum of Naran’s healing practices. The emphasis will be more on simple techniques and tools to handle your day-to-day problems and issues. The course covers:

  •          Healing Mantras
  •          Switch Words
  •          Mudras
  •          Gem Remedies
  •          Animal Spirit Guides
  •          Guided Meditation

Date:                     29.04.2012,         Time:                     10.00 AM to 1 PM

Workshop Details

Fees: Rs 2000/- for the two-day course

Contact: Anitha – 9845846849 (Bangalore),   Shobana – 9884301634 (Chennai),  Ravi – 9916813601 (Bangalore)

 Venue:  TSK School of Music, Shastry Sabhangana, 895/1 SKANDA,  14th Cross, Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore – 560 086

Please note that Products of Naran will be available during the workshops

CDs and Books of Naran

Pills of Bach Flower Remedies, Gem Remedies

Pictures – Bach Flower Remedies, Gem Remedies, The Mother’s Flowers and Animal Spirit Guides

Love Thanks Divine

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I have sent you a message on your yahoo email quite a few days ago, but no reply, please could you help me.

    . My son is 15 years old, and is a very stubborn child. He refuses to listen to advice I give him, and for the last few years is addicted to video games and will not study. He is coming close to a time in his life when he has to become more responsible. I dont know whether this is just addictive behaviour or also escapist behaviour. He gets very angry and irritable with me when I tell him what to do, and says that he knows how to live his life. His marks are getting worse and he has no motivation at all to help himself and make a good life for himself.

    He has an excellent memory, and good powers of reasoning but he will not use them, instead he wastes his God given talents and gifts on all these wasteful activties. Years and years of trying to teach him to change his ways have not had any effect. I am turning to you in hope that you can help me. I have put Divine order on a paper under his pillow for last 4-5 days.

    Also for the last 3 years I have not had any work, I used to have a small counselling practise, and my savings have been reduced very severely. Have many health issues, skin problems, digestion, immunity and finances are reducing fast. Also marriage is affected. Since I have only learned about switch words from your site and there was no reply from you, I was trying whatever I could find on here. The one I am doing is Willow release resistance, together find count Divine now done for 4 – 6 days, but no change in situation.

    Since 2 days I am also doing Guru Guhan Kodi Kodi Lavanyan

    With my sincere thanks.

  2. P.s I do not live in India, so I cannot come to see you.

  3. Dear Naran SIr,
    pls keep a class in Mumbai also. i want to learn all your courses. Do u hv n e faciity of learning via internet webcast?

  4. I would also like to know more about a webcast of your classes.

  5. Sir!
    What remedy to be taken for repeated throat infection.I dont want antibiotic its weakening me and i get frequent cold & coughs.

    • curie
      describe your symptoms.
      repeatedly are you getting angry and shouting at others?
      you feel restrained?Are you in a situation where you are not express your opinions?

      • Sir!
        Yes i feel suffocated i can’t express my opinions especially with my husband and hence get angry all the time on others.

  6. radha narayanan

    What is the last date to register for your class in bangalore?

  7. curie

  8. Hi Sir,i have skin itching problem..,i need to take tablet every other day to comeout of itching…its allergy kind of itching, rashes will come and go many times per day..if i take tablet i am feeling sleepy and weak.i am very depressed with this skin problem..please suggest some chanting to comeout of itching problem.

  9. hanykm,
    need to see me in person.

  10. sir!
    My husband is becoming very short tempered now-a days.Small things light up his fuse.I am trying to keep calm,but he has started to shout without any reason.He tells me work pressure has become lots.also we are under severe stress for lack of child.Please suggest remedy for him to maitain calm.

  11. curie
    Give him the flower remedies CHERRYPLUM, IMPATIENS 2 pilss three times daily.

  12. This is a nice and simple . Thanks for sharing….Reiki Healing

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