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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. very helpful post

  2. i am in dire need of your help.My husband is not listening to me and only listening to my mother-in-law.If i say something he gets angry.Is there anything that as a wife i can do to keep my husband under my control and bring happiness in my married life.I am married for 10yrs and there is no improvement in my relationship with my husband only fights and arguments.Please help me sir.

  3. Please Sir help me.I don’t want to harm my mil but i want my husband to listen to me also.I am treated like a door mat no respect nothing.What should i do to avoid fights in my house and to keep my husband under my control.

  4. vanishree,
    Take the flower remedies HOLLY, WALNUT, AGRIMONY,HEATHER,MIMULUS each 2 pills one after the other for two times in a day.

  5. Again a big thanks to you Sir for helping me.
    I will do as directed.

    A kind request Sir : Please cover this topic of how to maintain peace and harmony and love and affection between married couples in detail on your blog.It will be helpful to many people who are constantly facing this problem of marital issues in their daily life.

  6. Dear Sir

    I have a close friend of mine for the past 20 years, which my husband is also aware of . My friend stays abroad and we are only in touch thru email.He visits our place whenever he comes to India. Of late he has started doubting our relationship and is thinking that I am having an affair with this friend (guy) for so many years. I am trying to explain and convince him that we are just good friends but he is not able to understand and we are regularly having fights because of which our daughter is also getting mentally disturbed and i am also going thru lot of stress and tension because of this. How can i remove this doubt from my husbands mind. Pls help me

  7. sunaina
    When there is a problem why do you want to retain your firendhsip?
    Tell him(your friend) plainly that it is better to stay off.This is not the time for you to justify and convince. Take the flower remedies AGRIMONY, CHICORY WILLOW HOLLY HEATHER 2pills of each one after the other for two times. Dont mix the combintion.
    On sundays, take WALNUT only. 2 pills three times.This will save you much of the problem.

  8. How long or how many days should i take the pills you suggested
    HOLLY, WALNUT, AGRIMONY,HEATHER,MIMULUS each 2 pills one after the other.


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