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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,
    With due respect to you sir,i am very happy to come across your website on bachflower remedies and switch words.
    I am independently using some of the switch words and they have really worked wonders for me.Recently i was in need of finance quite a large sum but i did not know from which source i will get them .I just started to chant every now and then the switch words “count divine find now ” and miraculously i got the required money within 2 days.So my big big thnks to you Sir.I have no words to convey my gratitude.
    Please continue to help people like us.I pray the almighty always grants you happiness and good health.

    Now i need one help – my husband is trying to go abroad specifically to USA.We are already staying abroad in an asian country.But my husband is very keen to go to west specifically US of A.This is creating a lot of tensions in our married life there is no peace.I as wife i am doing all the prayers but nothing is working out.He is also under the influence od Sade-Satti(7 1/2 yr Sani).
    Sir, is there any switch word or any mantra or remedy i can chant or do which will help my husband get a job in US of A.Please suggest .

    Mrs.Sushma Pandey


  3. Thanks a ton Sir, Your help means a lot for me and my family.
    I will do as you say and revert back soon on a positive note.

    One question i would like to ask with no offence meant.Please clear my query.
    If a person’s horoscope deny oneself abroad chance will the switch word chanting help such a person to go abroad.
    One of my cousin has been told he can never go abroad as his stars/planet don’t favour him .But he is very inclined to go abroad and make some income for himself and his two younger sisters.Will the switch words change his destiny and he too could go abroad.
    Need your help in this regard.

    Mrs.Sushma Pandey

    • Sushma Pandey
      to make some income for himself and his two younger sisters, ask him to chant SWITCH WORDS. Everybody has a horoscope.Every life is destined. There is no doubt about it. But the future is not fixed. There are 7 different future holograms. Of the seven, as per the present decision, one will happen. Healing is a way of surrendering. Surrender and do the healing. Everything will happen, if the Divine decides. You dont come to a conclusion. let the divine decide what to give.

  4. Sir,
    I want to purchase land or house.But i not finding the right house or land and finding difficulty in purchasing in that particular area.Please help me to buy house in that particular area for my budget.Please suggest me.


  5. Sir, thank you very much for your reply.
    I will forward this message to my cousin , it is very meaningful and thoughtful .I did also think about predictions on the same lines but only i was a bit confused .Now your reply showed me the correct path – that i or anybody must not take predictions for granted but try to work on them to change our destiny.
    Hoping to receive many more valuable guidance from you in the future.

    • SUSHMA.
      Stop not trying. When you think Icannot have this, or I cannot have that”, you stangnate. Stagnation makes one rot. Movement is the Divine order. What is movement for us human beings? Doing. Doing is Karma. Karmic is the result of Karma. when you fully concentrate on the work on hand, not eyeing on the result, that productivity is a Joy to expereince. That joy only is Divine. Dont eye on what is going to happen. Our duty is to do. The result is Reward. If your mind is fully on what you do, instead of the result, every result (the effect of karma or doing) is a REWARD.

      • thanku sir. spirit of wolf helpd me in get seat in flight. thanku v much.ur like god. cn u plz tel me hw to get work frm a perticular company or get cal from a perticular owner that he wants to hire me and perticular salary.thanku v much in advance

  6. thanku sir. spirit of wolf helpd me in get seat in flight. thanku v much.ur like god. cn u plz tel me hw to get work frm a perticular company or get cal from a perticular owner that he wants to hire me and perticular salary.thanku v much in advance

  7. Dear Sir
    I really aspire studying abroad but finance is putting constraints on my aspirations. I am very perplexed about my future. Please Help me with a Switch Word.

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