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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. dear naran sir,
    sir how do we protect our girls from unwanted male attention especially when you get stalked on roads or get constant calls and sms and they will not stop even when warned.Is there any mantra or chant that will protect especially when you are constantly worried about the safety of your children .

  2. tilotama,
    write in a piece of paper CENTAURY ROCKWATER MIMULUS WALNUT AGRIMONY and ask your daughters to keep with them.

  3. I have sent message to ask for clarification on books to, but no reply even after a week.

  4. Dear sir ,
    I worked as a software engineer for several years . The job was always very hectic and my performance was also not good but earned a respectable good salary. Since last 6 years due to childbirth and kids i left my job and became a home maker .

    Now i want to take up a job again .but im very confused . I dont know what type of job is more suitable for me that will give me a good salary as i was earning and also get job satisfaction by good performance .
    Pls guide me with the right remedies so that i have the right type of job.

  5. diya

  6. Sir,
    Want an explanation for the bach flowers here:
    1) write in a piece of paper CENTAURY ROCKWATER MIMULUS WALNUT AGRIMONY and ask your daughters to keep with them.

  7. Sir,

    I am in desperat need for help!! I have some big expenses cooming towards me in the next couple of weeks, and I do not have the money to meet this expenses. So I urge you for help very fast. I need help to get money into my life fast. Can you help?

    I am aware that you have lot to do, but I really need your help as soon as possible!!


  8. lumene
    chant waterviolet chicory gorse find count divine now give

  9. Hi Naran Sir

    I am working for a multinational company in the HR Dept. Recently within HR dept a new vacancy/position was advertised within the company and i applied for the position. It is a higher role than what i am currently handling but surely it is pertaining to my earlier work experience. The interview went really well and the interviewer were also impressed. However. there is a girl in my dept who also applied who is senior to me in the company. Now there is a tie happening between her and myself for the job. I really want to be selected and work in the new position. Please can you provide me with the switch word/process that i need to follow to be successful and achieve the position.

    You are my hope and i look forward in receiving a quick reply from your end as i do not have much time in hand.

    Please help me

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