The Next Dimension of Bach Flower Remedies- Session- I

Workshop by Naran S Balakumar

Date:  Saturday 23-June-2012, 10 AM to 2 PM

Learn Different Aspects of Bach Flower Remedies

We know WALNUT is a link breaker – breaking unwanted habits and relationships. But, do you know it can be used to break tumor cells, and break our internal resistance to achieve our goals?

Speaking about struggle, OAK can help us to manage any struggles. You don’t need to put up with the struggle any more, but break from it, using WALNUT.

CHEERY PLUM is given when something is unbearable. However, it can be given to those who want to bear a child – get pregnant.

We know a stingy person needs chicory. For retention of urine, CHICORY can be given.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM heals shocks as well as rectifies any Vastu defects at your place of residence.

ROCK ROSE can be our protection against any black magic and evil spirits attacking us.

Like the above, more than one hundred tips will be discussed in the class. You will also able to understand how the remedies are selected to heal the situations.

Workshop Details

Venue:  Bach Flower Study Centre, New No.28, Sivaji Street, T. Nagar, Chennai – 17, Near T. Nagar Bus Terminus (no parking place)

Date:  Saturday 23-June-2012, 10 AM to 2 PM (including Lunch and Snacks)

Fee:  Rs. 800/-

Contact: Shobana – 9884301634.

Confirm your attendance by calling up Shobana or send an email to

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Guruji,
    I am in a big dilema.We are staying in a foreign country..My husband wants to go to usa but i want to come back to india. Now what do i pray for ,which option is good for having peace.Is there any Switchword to find the correct direction.I am totally confused.
    thanking you.

    • avani,
      chant over a glass of water and drink it. give it to your husband also.

  2. Sir!
    You said cherryplum can be given for something unbearable-is it pain/situation?

    • ALAMELU,

      • Sir!
        Thanks a lot for patient answering.I want to ask one more help.I find youngsters really losing cool -especialy in heavy traffic .Is there any switch word for not flaring up in traffic jams and for smooth passage.
        Thanks again sir

  3. My husband is not responding to my mails,calls.My mil is doing black magic to separate us.I am daily doing my prayers to various gods but no response from my husband.What magic should i do so that he calls me or write me mail and loving calls me back from my parents house to his house.Daily i am getting frustrated and don;t know what holds for me in future as regards to our relationship.
    thank you in advance.


  4. Naran Guruji please give me a solution.

  5. Sir,
    My cousin stays in delhi after her marriage.She is very shy,introvert and unsociable in nature.she never goes out with her husband to any social gathering because she find herself uncomfortable.Now this nature of my cousin creates differences with her husband.She is also poor in communication with others.Please suggest any remedy for her problem.
    Thanks in advance….

    • yasoshree,
      give her bach flower remedies, LARCH MIMULUS PINE CRAB APPLE 2 pills of each to be taken for two times daily for one month. Ask her to take them one by one.
      The pills should not be touched by hand

  6. waiting for ur divine reply sir

  7. Respected Naranji,
    For the benefit of all those who cannot attend your enriching workshop toady, i would request you to please publish the remedies that you taught in the workshop on your Blogs.
    It will help to spread your noble deed and help millions of others.

    Hoping to be favored.

    Thanking You,

  8. sir waiting for ur reply

  9. alamelu
    question No. 5

  10. please suggest bach flower remedy with switchwords for marriage

  11. suresh,
    please write your mental state

  12. Dear Respected Sir Naranji a girl who is love with a boy of other caste is engaged .They are seeing each other from seven years.The boy is very poseesive he does not want The Girl to Go anywhere without his permission..he fights he makes her cry…Her parents are fedup with this situation they make girl understood the nature of boy is not fit for her..sometimes Girl also thinks she should not see the boy now..but when after fight with boy she comes home crying ..and saying to her mother father THIS IS IT i cant take any more…but after some times boy calls her and says i am sorry then she becomes soft and talks with boy this is happening every now and then..Parents have now decided that This Boy will give trouble her in future after marrigae also…they want thier Daughter to take right step for her future….as He is Not earning much yet wants to get marry….LOOKing at the scienero Parents donot want their daughter to get in touch with him NOW but they are unable to say anything to Boy and his parents. I request you sir to give some remedies so that she DECIDE BETTER FOR HER LIFE in such a way she donot get hurt her self by deciding not to marry the boy because This is The open book that boy will not make her happy in future also.Girl is very sensitive by nature….Kindly suggest some effective remedies,switchwords,energy circle,bachflower,animal wisdom , Can help her her and her Parents to make right decision …Because mother’s health condition is getting down as she is afraid of this condition of her daughter’s future.
    Help please Sir.THANKS

  13. snm,
    give her the flower remedies CHICORY HOLLY CENTAURY SCLERANTHUS WALNUT. each two pills separately one after the other for three times

  14. Dear Sir What will be the result after taking CHICORY HOLLY CENTAURY SCLERANTHUS WALNUT. will she be able to stand her foot down Or she would love more to Boy? Kindly advise.Thanks

  15. And Sir I forgot to ask you what is the time limit for taking each medicine .? how many days one has to take Bach flower essence whenever you suggest.DIVINE-THANKS

  16. snm,
    ask her to take two pills of each separately one after the other for two times.
    Let her take for one month.

    Ask her to exprience the flower remedies

  17. most respected Naran sir,how can one use Star of Bethelehem to correct the vastu of the house….?pls guide us…….many thanks…

    • Rushrush,
      Star of bethlehem is the flower, the petals of which are six in number. The six petals contain all the shapes of sacred geometry including star of david. All constructions are based on geometry. The star of bethlehem represents perfect geometry giving the energy order and balance anywhere. Star of David represents balance of forces and wherever star of bethlehem flower is projected harmony and balance will be there.

  18. And sir(continuation of the above post),is there any remedial mantra for improving memory above 74 yrs of age…thank you..

  19. Naran sir…..awaiting your revert…….

  20. Thank you for the revert sir,pls also suggest how to use the star of bethelehem..I purchased the liquid form few days back out of curiosity,along with walnut n rescue remedy incase I require SOS…..thanks very much….

  21. Rushrush
    put 2 dops drops in 200 ml water and have to 6 to 7 small sips in a day.

  22. Sir,

    Will you be kind to help me. I have bought my significant other shoes for his birthday. I’ve heard that giving shoes as a gift is bad luck and they would walk away from you. I didn’t believe in that at first but after giving him this gift I felt that he has been distant with me and we are having problem. please sir help me. Is there anything I can do to improve our relationship once again. Please I need you’re help. I care for him so much. Thank you

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