Two Day Healing Workshop At Hyderabad – PREPONED

By Naran S. Balakumar

Date: 22 & 23 Sept, 2012


A.P.S.E.B.E.A. Building, Opposite (Punjagutta) NIMS Hospital


D-NO: 6-3-663, Jafar Hali Bagh, Somajiguda, Hyderabad

(Take Lane between Croma Electronics (Showroom) & China Bazar – Near Red Rose Cafe)

DAY 1: Bach Flower Therapy

The course covers:

  • Basics of Bach Flower Remedies, When do we use them and How to use them?
  • How to use special combinations of remedies for various life situations: marriage, attending interviews, emergencies like accidents and surgeries, harmony, preparing for exams, skin problems etc.
  • Learn how to: use pictures of Bach Flower Remedies, circle technique, chanting and other such special techniques.

Date:  22-9-2012 Time:  10.00 AM to 1.30PM (Lunch Follows)

DAY 2: Naran’s Multi-dimensional Healing Practices

This course is conducted for the first time in the city of Hyderabad It covers the most of Naran’s healing practices. The emphasis will be more on simple techniques and tools to handle your day-to-day problems and issues. The course covers:

  • Healing Mantras
  • Switch Words
  • Mudras
  • Gem Remedies
  • Animal Spirit Guides
  • Guided Meditation

Date: 23-9-2012 Time: 10.00 AM to 1.30 PM (Lunch Follows)

Workshop Details

FeesRs 1500/- for the two-day course

Please note that Products of Naran will be available during the workshops

CDs and Books of Naran

Pills of Bach Flower Remedies, Gem Remedies

Pictures – Bach Flower Remedies, Gem Remedies, The Mother’s Flowers and Animal Spirit Guides

Love Thanks Divine

 For Registrations contact:

Ms. Shobana (Chennai): 9884301634 or

Call Hyderabad: 8978145094


Mr. Naran S Balakumar is a Reiki Master, Bach Flower Practitioner who uses various techniques such as Flower remedies, Switch words, Mudras, Gem therapy, EFT etc, to heal various emotional problems people normally undergo in their day-to-day lives and help people achieve Emotional freedom. He is the only person in India preparing brain wave audio-cassettes and CD’s using alpha, beta and delta brain waves. His CD’s are used for meditation, concentration, relaxation, sleeplessness, migraine & pain management, self-confidence, physical healing & chakra tuning.

About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am trying to buy a plot because I don’t have support from anybody to buy house. If I buy plot, I can afford some amount. 1. Please help me to get the money to buy the plot 2. I want that plot very cheaper because he is expecting more from that plot. 3. I am in dilemma whether I am buying right place or from right builder. 4. I want money. Please suggest. Which mantra or which remedy will overcome.

  2. please arrange a workshop in bangalore soon…please please…there are lot of ppl interested here in attending it

  3. ok. how many are there? can anybody arrange?

  4. Can it be arranged in malleswaram area in bangalore.

  5. Dear Sir NAranji
    Which flower essence is used for the house aura cleaing.For negetivityto make house free from all type of negetivity..
    If anything which is effecting health and mind.What should one do .?What remedy is used to clear negetive energy from house.?
    Kindly reply.

  6. FTTRS,

  7. Dear Sir by stating negetive energy i mean to say there is always fight with in family members,money coming and going immediatly.Kids not behaving properly. There seems to something not ok.Hence i asked.
    this is for someone close to me relative.

    • FTRRS,
      why should we blame the house when there is always fight within family members. If any house is to be cleared, for the fight going on among the parents every house in india needs it.
      correct the family members by giving harmony pack of flower remedies,which can be put in common drinking water.
      Something is not ok with people and not with the house.
      Every house is giving us shelter and it should be thanked

  8. Sir,
    My sister has been married for around 10 years.Her relation with her husband is still going through tough phase.They fight with each other,blames with each other and consider their marriage a blunder.Yet they are not responsible about their daughter.They never cooperate with each other in any work.My parents are very worried about the future of my sister.
    Please suggest some remedy so that they love, trust, cooperate, responsible and have mutual understanding with each other and lead a happy and peaceful married life

  9. yasoshree
    get harmony remedies from the centre and give to your sister

  10. Sir jee..Any more life and soul healing workshops at hyderabad, before the end of 2013

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