The Next Dimension of Bach Flower Remedies Session II

Workshop by Naran S Balakumar

The Next Dimension of Bach Flower Remedies – Session – II

  • Instead of mental states, learn how to use flower remedies for life situations.
  • New Aspects of Bach flower remedies.
  • In the last class, healing aspects of four remedies were discussed. In this workshop, some other remedies and tips will be discussed.

You needn’t have attended the previous class to attend this workshop.

Have different horoscopes for different life situations

Zodiac signs with planets are nothing but switch words in picture form.

Some of things that can be done using the techniques discussed in the workshop are:

  • Close the hole in your purse and reduce your expenditure.
  • Attract customers.
  • Have a great professional career.
  • You can make your child listen to you. May be your spouse too.
  • How to get the resources from stars?

Resources from Stars

Just attend the workshop and find out how it is possible to do the above.

Workshop Details

Venue:  Bach Flower Study Centre, New No.28, Sivaji Street, T. Nagar, Chennai – 17, Near T. Nagar Bus Terminus (no parking place)

Date:  Saturday 3rd-November-2012, 10 AM to 4 PM (including Lunch and Snacks)

Fee:  Rs. 1200/-

Contact: Shobana – 9884301634.

Confirm your attendance by calling up Shobana or send an email to:

About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran,
    1. I have done my reiki level 2. I am planning to do pranic healing in the near future. I don’t practice reiki daily, but when i do I do the full body. I find that I don’t have the confidence to do reiki to others. Not only that, when doing meditation before that, I get very restless. I have tried alpha meditation, but after a few min, I get very restless/uneasy. Similarly when doing reiki also after some time, I get restless ( not always, but 60% of the time) and I stop. What can be the reason for this? How do I get out of becoming this?. I am very interesed in becoming a healer but this attitude will not help me to become one? Can you help?
    2.Is there any solution for addiction and lack of will power? I am too much addicted to rice. Every hour or two,I take it in a katori, mix curry/curd and have. It has become a sort of snack addiction. Because of this, my weight is also high. i have an exercycle and Elliptical machine at home, but don’t feel like doing it. I feel lazy to do all this. I start it but leave off after 5 min. I always start a diet but because of these habits, it does not seem to work. Right now I am on herbalife diet and I did lose 6 kg, but again I lost interest in following it and have put on weight. what do I do to be more energetic and have the will power to continue what I start? What switchwords/ bach flower names can I use for this?Everytime I start something, after a while I lose interest in

    • sashi,
      take the flower remedies SCELRANTHUS HORNBEAM WALNUT three pills each four times a day for 3 months, to overcome your reistance.

  2. Dear Sir,
    there is an animal(dog) in a bad shape near the place where I currently work. It is not able to eat anything. I wish to hand it over to the Blue Cross;Kindly suggest me any switchwords/methods that I can use to make the Blue Cross come, take it and take care of it. Also, is there anything that I can chant for its wellbeing?

    I will do my best to follow its status at the Blue Cross.


  3. aasish,
    chant change divine order. hand over to blue cross. chant REACH to get blue cross

  4. I want to leave smoking, any mudra can help me to quit the habit.

  5. Dear respected sir Naranji

    What switchwords and flower remedies to be taken for taking to come to final and right dicision .?
    Kindly reply how to take remedies dosages if any.

  6. Dear Sir Naranji please reply my msg….#7.

    • hi sir, my brother and bhabi has a love marriage. both are generally doing well but sometimes they fight to extreme level.there is horoscope miss match.Please please I just beg you to tell me any mantra to chant for their happy and peaceful married life. please I will be really thankful to you.please

  7. vaRUN,

  8. hi sir,
    I’ve never had luck with friends. so i was wondering are there any switchwords that could help me find a good group of friends?
    thank you sir

  9. Hello Sir,

    Here is a Missing case:
    12 year old boy left the house , coz hisfather shouted at him on 30th Oct’12. Till date no news about him.

    I am sending reiki, shielding him from any kind of miscreants attacking him. Also praying to the divine to change his mind and return home.

    I am doing the following:
    Change divine order
    Sweetchestnut, RockRose

    Is this ok sir, Please confirm.

  10. do you plan to come out with a book and blog on the zodiac signs and planets and stars

  11. ravi,
    i dont plan anything. As and when healing methods unfold i say that.

  12. Dear sir,

    My daughter frequently gets dreams at dog biting her in sleep and she gets up and cries. when we tell her dog has left and we hit it, then she will go back to sleep . kindly let us know whats happening with her and why dogs of different colors are biting her in sleep .Is it good or bad?

  13. Sreelu
    Give her flower remedy Aspen before sleep.

  14. Sir, Pls explain in details pls about malefic effects of planet especially Mars & Saturn. Thanks Salima

  15. If you are astudent of Naran Balakumar and have attended any workshops there is a group on facebook where discussions and questions on naran heal methods can be shared. Request to join at

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