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Posted on Oct 21st, 2012

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran
    I would like to ask you an effective mantra and aflower remedy
    To my bit son who is going to be operated next month of his nose
    And chin.we’re very worried about him and de want to have the
    remedy for eliminate pain,anxiety and fear and ask for a soon recuperation please we will wait for tour soon help..God bless you thanks

  2. Sorry by the mistakes my cellphone is working bad…

  3. angie glara,
    chant MIMULUS GORSE RESCUE REMEDY for the sake of son.
    you chant Redchestnut whenever you feel worried about his pain or operation.

  4. Dear Naran. Im Angelica’s son. First of all thank you for answering our petition i only have one more i have to chant the first mantra? Or wich is the mantra that i have to chant? Thank you for your help and god bless you and your family so you can continue helping more people. Sincerely Iván

    T, the
    ti be

  5. Dear Naran Sir,

    I really need your help and guidance for my personal problem. I have sent you a mail about my problem please the situation is going bad day by day i have no other option other than msgng here …I am commited to a married man since 7 yrs …every body knows about it his wife is creating problem now saying i wont leave him will give complaint to police…She knew about our relation from 7 yrs we dnt had any problem …. The reason i entered his life is coz they both are not happily married and we both run a business together we both share a good relation and we both are committed since 7 yrs ..which even his parents and my parents know about it but now recently some of her relative approached him and he said i am commited to her since 7 yrs i dont want any problem to be created by her as she is first wife …etc…We had no problem till now but now she and her brother are harassing very badly saying to leave me or will give complaint to police wen we ask what wre you doing all these years knowing about our relation they dont have answer but they want trouble us …. Here in India any settlement in the court takes long years by the time half of our life ends and i dont want anybody to suffer i have a single parent she cant undergo any pressure….please help me so that she will also be happy and my relation with him will never have problem by her or her brother …dont know what to msg going through very tough time please reply sir
    We are totally blank please sir i need your positive reply at the earliest before anything goes wrong. I also know the fact that first wife stands strong if she gives any wrong complaint . Let me make it clear we dont want to harm anyone either she or her brothers want a happy ending.. please please reply for this sir …Thanks in advance…

    • Mega,
      write WHITECHESTNUT in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  6. Dear Naran :
    We need your help please give us a special mantra for helping him (he’s 14) and he doesn’t control his angry he had some problems during this week at school. And He was suspended one day from his school,because his angry and bad conduct with a female teacher. And yesterday he fought during a football game where he was playing the final game,nobody can control him,some men help me to take him,but they used a lot of power to held him,the trainer hit his face to control him,I saw him totally in discontrol. I bought urgently some remedies of Flores of Bach, and then I gave him. He took rescue and other called m-7,the purpose of it is to help in cases of angry,stress,immaturity and bad behaivior typical in childhood and teenagers, Im totally worried and depressed about him…please Can you give me an answer? Am I doing right With him?? the remedy has agave centaury,prunus amygdalus,symphytum,junglans regia,calotropis procera and carica papaya…? I’ll give him dice drops three times a week..he is woorried,because he understood the bit problem that he started and the harm that has his team,thanks for your help and God bless you..

  7. Sir Naran:
    I’m talking and ask you help to my Little son I wrote you and I didn’t mentioned that he is my youngest child he’s only 14 thanks…

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