One Million Hits! Many Million Thanks!!

Yes, thanks to you, overall Naran’s WordPress Blogs have achieved One Million hits so far.

All the individual blogs hits have increased by more than 100% (from year 2011). While some blogs on Mantra, Switch words, Bach Flower remedies etc has registered more than 200% growth.

Every year so far the overall growth has increased by more than 200% from the previous year.

It is all because of your Support. Millions of THANKS to you!!!

It all started back in March 29th, 2009

Naran was staying in his daughter place, in Singapore. He posted the first blog “The 21st Century Magic Pill”, a blog on the Bach Flower Remedy Walnut:

Soon after, we did send out a newsletter to 300 of Naran’s students to inform about this blog. From then, we are continuing to send newsletters to them as well as to some other students of Naran.

 Beyond that we had not done any advertising so far. We are not planning to do any, as we have wonderful ambassadors in you, who have and who will, promote this site.

The site is growing stronger and stronger

So far, we have posted 700 blogs and you have posted from your side 8000 comments (this includes Naran’s comments too).

Overall, thus the site has reached the 1 millionth hits and this year itself it has more than half-a-million hits.

A gift for you to express our thanks

To express our thanks we are planning to give an e-book titled, “WOLF, A Friend for LIFE” to you.

You just have to do one thing.

Just send a word document to saying how you had been benefited by Naran’s Blogs. Let that narration of the experience doesn’t exceed more than one A4 page, spell-checked in Micro-soft Word, and using simple English (please avoid SMS based English).

 You can send more than one email to us. The best of these emails – about 100 of them, will be picked by Naran himself and they will get a free e-book on Wolf. Please send your email before Dec 15th, 2012.

Once again, we want to thank you for the support given. Hopefully, you will continue to do so.

Together Love Thanks Be Divine

About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir Naranji
    Congratulation for your successfull on making Your Blogs a HAPPY-DIVINEORDER for All People…And MAke MAny More Successfull .WISHING ONLY WELL.

  2. Wow..amazing…i am truly greatful for the web admin because you led me to Naran sir blogs and only then i could get in touch with the divine messages and blessings of Naran sir and shobana maam.Naran’s WordPress Blogs have become part of my daily routine..Thank you divine Thank u Naran sir Thank you shobana Maam and Thank you all the bloggers who share their experiences..

  3. amazing sir, Congratulations to you……….
    you are a ray of hope for all the peoples. the divine remedies suggested by you are nice & doable for everyone in day to day life. its really amazing.

  4. My wife is suffering by parkinson please help.

  5. Naran Sir,
    This is Awesome News. Congratulations Sir. Thankyou very much for helping me always with helpful advice.
    It is very nice that this blog came into our life giving us light like Lord Surya giving us sunshine. I am very much Thankful to blog administration people who made this blog and helped so many people.

    Thanking You

  6. Congrats Naran Sir 🙂

  7. Dear Naran Sir,
    Congratulations on your success.

    This is truly an interesting and helpful blog
    I have had many positive experiences using your suggestions.

    We hope you can come to Singapore to conduct your wonderful workshops soon, yeah 😀

  8. Congratulations Sir! May God bless you for the great love and light you shine for all of us. May you continually be blessed and prospered always.



  10. Congratulations Sir…..for such a vast success ….
    You have changed the impossible circumstances of our lives….& gave us beautiful life with full of love, trust & courage

  11. Wow..congratulations sir..
    what an amazing feat..
    it is a epitome of all the love you have given us..
    Thank you

  12. Dear Sir Naranji Thank you For Giving Me Book Of WOLF.God Bless You..I thought i wrote you earliar THANKING.Sorry for Delay.WISDOM OF WOLF IS GENIOUS.

  13. Naran sir, congratulations . You deserve more than this.
    Wolf is really a major rescue force in my life, thank you so much. May you grow bigger and bigger and make chores of people heal with your remedies.

  14. Congratulations Sir!! We feel blessed reading your blogs…Thanks for this noble cause!

  15. thanks to divine for giving us the opportunity to meet Naran sir,Shobana akka,Mohan sir and their team who are constantly working every second of their lives in helping people to find a way out for all the people around the world by their invaluable teachings and healings.I wish more and more people get benefited by these blogs,classes,C.D’s,Books,Reiki healings..Thank you Naran sir from our hearts for being there for us and guiding us… Together Divine

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