New Year 2013 Message from Naran

Positive Acceptance Vs Meek Acceptance

Positive Acceptance

What is acceptance?

What is surrendering?

Surrendering is accepting to try again with a different attitude.

It is looking at the event from a different and a higher angle.

It is not inaction.

It is not meek submission.

It is getting out of the repetitive behaviour to MOVE ON and ACT.

Meek Acceptance

It is resistance to accept what is offered by way of:

Getting angry…

Becoming fearful…

Getting worried…

It is inaction.

It is submitting to fate.

What is healing?

Mental outlook is changed by way of healing.

Then one is prepared to try again.

Healing is an attempt to RELEASE you from the known mental states.

It leads you through the path of surrender.

Basic steps to healing

When you have got what you desired, then PRAY for others – who are denied and/or whose desires were unfulfilled.

When you have not got what you desired, THANK the DIVINE for giving to someone, who needed most.

Meek Surrendering

When there is a failure, either you’re grieving or getting angry.

It makes you to submit to the fate.

It is meek surrendering.

Positive Surrendering

Instead, your thanking will make you surrender to the Divine.

Your thanking heals your mind.

Your thanking will motivate you to further action.

Surrendering is action, while submitting to fate is inaction.

A New Year Wish to all of you – my divine blog readers…!!!

OPEN UP yourself to the LOVE, BEAUTY and GRACE of the DIVINE by being THANKFUL always.

Find Divine Order 2013


Naran S. Balakumar

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hi sir wish you a happy happy new year. i pray to god to give you good health,prosperity abundance. more people has to see ur blog so that if every one changes ,then our nation will be peaceful.on this new year i’m so grateful for you and for your wonderful works thank you so much sir.

  2. Happy New Year to you.
    I consider myself lucky that I got chance to know new way of healing in 2012, that I was totally clueless of.
    May many more people get benefitted and healed.

  3. A very very very Happy New Year to Naran Sir.
    This good wish is made possible by your Divine Help…I am able to say …Happy new year…. just because of you Sir.
    I got Love, Peace & Harmony in my life with your Divine Help
    May God Bless You & Your Family

  4. Respected Sir,

    Wishing you and your family very happy and prosperous New Year. I always wonder you have such vast knowledge to sort out the problems of everyone and make them satisfied. How could we become like you.

    God Bless you with good health, strength and long life.



  5. Dr Pavan mahatma

    thank you sir,wish you also a very happy healthy new year.Thanking exercise has bought a lot of change in my thinking process.I thank you for that whole heatedly.

  6. J.L.B.Haripriya

    Thank you sir for the divine message..i thank divine for the year 2012 which brought me to this healing world, got associated with the divine people and gave me opportunity to learn divine subjects from you sir..i pray this journey continues in 2013 with the divine blessings..

  7. I have found a new friend in you Naran Sir.. so the year of 2012 was well after finding and reading your blogs… and find a new meaning to this new life just because of reading your hopeful blogs..
    want to give millions of thanks for your efforts to this mankind…

  8. Naran sir,
    wish you a happy new year. sir yesterday i have asked you for mantra or switch words for getting back my husbands property from my inlaws as we desperatly need it .sir please help, they have transfered by husbands hard earrned property in to their names illegaly.
    waiting for yours reply.

  9. mayank,my son name

    namasta guruji,wishing u happy new year, bless us for new year,i was chanting om lam namaha for delay of my husband transfer,only because of my sons bad health condition,yesterday there were some trasfers were there,iam very happy my husband s name were not there in it,bless my son he is suffering with multiple fractures,and there is no hungry for him he eats very little. thanking u guruji kavitha

  10. Thank you naran sir for the 2013 message. wishing you and loved ones and other readers a very happy, peaceful,healthy 2013 too.

    Whenever I am upset 🙂 I come here and find something here and there, that throws light on a dark corner. I don’t do it to do any self-healing or research though I keep thinking what a big gift it is to heal others, for that and for my life issues I have separately written to you and am trying my best to follow the prescribed things- here it is like taking a walk in the garden and listening to the Guru. Yest I chanced upon two things that came to mind first thing when i woke up today. One about honouring mother and father, so I kept their picture up even though I have some very negative memories and thoughts and the other, that is still making me smile is there is no soul mate, only mind mate. Reading your posts is soothing and enlightening and healing in itself. I pray that many people will benefit from your guidance this year. Thank you for all the healing you are doing.

    • Dp,
      Very nice of you to put up the picture of parents. When you think of parents, for get the physical form; they represent parent Aspect – parent principle. In other words they represent divine. They create your body.Flesh is father and blood is mother. whether we like them or not, they are part and parcel of yourself.
      Honour the divine principle veiled behind the figures. Honour the creative principle veild behind their figures.
      When you thank the parents you are thanking the divine. When you are loving your parents you are expressing your love for the divine.
      When you have gratitude for anything and everything in life, you thinking becomes divine.
      What is divine principle? Divine is Dharma. Divine is Satyam.
      It is Dharma and Satyam rule the world

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