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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. My friend is very disturbed by the fact that her 2 daughters one aged 34 and the other aged 32 are drifting apart. The elder one has a daughter 4 years old, and the younger has twins (daughters), who are 5years old.
    All efforts by the elder daughter to win over her younger sister are dispelled by the younger one as she just does not want to have anything to do with the elder one. My friend, their mother, is desperate that her daughters become friends and also that her 3 grandchildren can mingle with each other, because the children hardly ever meet.

    • khushuma

      • Sir,
        As suggested by you, the mother has been chanting together divine continously daily,since February 25th.

        But there is no change in the behaviour of the younger daughters behaviour towards the elder one…she refuses to be anywhere where the elder one is,even at. There mothers house or party or even my house if I call them….If she comes to know that the elder one is coming…..she and her husband and twin daughters will not come.
        Sir it is very sad as I saw them grow together but today things have changed.I even offered to talk to them both over lunch,outside and check what’s really upsetting the younger one, but she refuses and says nothing is possible
        Sir I could be wrong but I think she feels that her mother likes the elderone better….but that’s not really true…mother loves them both equally and is really and truly upset about this all…all that the mother and father wants is to see the sisters together and happy and also the grandchildren. To grow together.
        Sir please please help,with your divine switch words,
        I have full faith. In your divine switch words.
        Thank you


  2. I was married for 16 yrs and got 3 girls. Ours is a middle class family and mine was a love marriage in same caste. Initially everything was very well and he take good care of me and family but for the past 6 yrs there’s a lot of change in his attitude and behavior.

    He yelled at me and kids in front of everyone treating us very badly. Last month he brought one lady home and told us that he’s going to marry her. Girls and parents launched a police complaint and with the help of the officer that marriage was stopped.

    He did not want to divorce but want to lead a new life with that lady. I said will not agree for that. After this he stopped coming home and eating from home… He will come as and when he wished but will not eat anything.

    He gave money for the home expenses… I want to lead a happy married life with him. I want him to be genuine and truthful to our family. Recently he started hatred towards me.

    Pls change this pls help me with the switch words to lead a happy life.

  3. bagyalakshmi,
    take the flower remedies chicory holly, Aspen. Put each 5 pills in a glass of water and have small sips from that water every one or two hours from morning to evening.
    In the night, take the flower remedies whitechestnut walnut before going to sleep. 5 each.

  4. Naranji,

    Although I live in Canada but very much in love with my motherland India. In the last two months so much crime in the form of rape is happening in our society. It is really painful to see that even 4 yrs old, 5 yrs old young girl child are being the target of this sick mentality animals with a body of human are in our society. today I do not want to ask about me and my problems but is there any Magic Chant that we all could Chant together to prevent such animals to commit these heinous crime. I know if we chant, pray or meditate together then any problem can be solved and we can save more girls to fall prey to this heinous crime. Any words or meditation will be good to keep our kids, daughters and sisters from another mother safe in today’s society.

    • deeya,
      write these names in a paper and every child can keep. or
      Rock water
      Rock Rose
      you can use the circles method

      • Thanks so much Naranji, it will help lot of women especially mothers who spend their days and night in fear all the time…

  5. Sir, since May 2012 , I have been doing mantras and positive affirmations to heal my financial situation, but there has been no relief at all. For some months now Ihave been chanting om lum namaha as suggested by you, but no change at all.
    For the last 4-5 years I had no clients despite being well qualified. My saving have come down a lot as I had to live on them. My son is going to start college in a few months and I need to help him with fees and clothes and books. I really need a regular and healthy monthly income to support myself and my son. Please could you advise me on what I can do to change this situation of mine.
    Thank you in advance.

  6. help,
    chant mimulus pink tourmaline over a glass of water and drink that water daily

  7. Naranji,
    I’m posting this as the other pages in the blog is full. I’m repeating my problem over here. I wish this works for me at least this time. If nothing works I’m willing to quit and stay back home, but doesn’t know if that would worsen my present condition. Still I will get more depressed when I see someone being posted instead of me. I believe the reason why I’m not considered and called for a vacancy is that I’ve given a complaint against the previous principal for humiliating me, which would have made the superintendent give an instruction to the current principal not to accept me. I believe this could be the reason, because whatever I was eligible for was not given to me. I’m residing abroad, and I’m working with American nationals.
    I have been working as a substitute in a school for a long time. But every time a vacancy arise it would be given to someone who doesn’t have experience and qualification. I have been waiting since the past 7 years. I’m so sad to see that I’m never getting considered and this is now leading me to depression. Now there is a vacancy but I’m sure I’ll still be looking up while someone who is not eligible would take up the position and make me feel sad. I stopped going to school because of this. How can I get this position and how can I get this job. Can you help me please…..I’m going into depression….

  8. manasa,
    how will i get out of this anger and resentment? Ask this question to yourself.
    As long as you think somebody less capable is getting instead of you, you will never get anything in life.
    Thank your principal for considering you. Thank all the previous employers. Thank the money you got over these years.
    do the forgiving exercise for all with whom you are angry and resentful.

  9. Dear Naranji,

    Could you please give me a remedy for Arthiritis of the hand. it feels like that I am going to get it as I am having this feeling of frozen fingers as I am on the computer most of the time and starting to have pain in the joints of my hands. It is at the early stage so I want to heal it as soon as possible.


  10. Wp
    contact the center
    it may be because of over work of the hand and fingers

  11. I am married and want to improve my body. I have heard other woman have made their breasts bigger by using switchwords and visualization. Which switchwords would be beneficial for this kind of work? I have tried Add, but it just doesn’t seem to be the right word.

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