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Up-coming Naran’s Workshops

  1. Reiki for Beginners, Level I and II, Date: 09-02-2013, Chennai
  2. RULE Your Mind Rule Your KARMA, Date:  23-02-2013, Chennai

To know more details please check out:

Events in Madurai and New Delhi

  1. Multi-Dimensional Healing, Date: 03-03-2013, Madurai
  2. Multi-Dimensional Healing, Date: 30-03-2013, New Delhi
  3. Reiki for Beginners, Level I and II, Date: 31-03-2013, New Delhi

For New Delhi Event contact Kamlu: and Mobile: 99999-98944

For Madurai Event Contact: G. Gnanatharisini – 959-772-7790

To communicate with Naran S. Balakumar please send your emails to: and to have an appointment with him, call Shobana: 9884301634

Find Divine Order 2013

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. by brother is facing problems from three years.. my brother is not with me . and i cant contact him. please suggest me what should i do to solve his problems. and what should i do so that he quikly comes home .plzz help me

  2. muskan,
    what is the problem? why has absconded from the house ?

  3. hello ji
    how to make the bad dreams or confused dreams inactive (without
    making it active in our real life) can this be healed by reiki symbols, or any switch words,,please help me ,thanks in advance

  4. thank u but can you courier the bach flowers to our place .am at baroda.. can you please tell me details regarding this,

  5. hello ji
    am not able to find a suitable partner for my life. whenever any alliance comes or if i chant any mantra for marriage ,some other problem pops up like some one in the house fall sick especially the one who comes to help me will fall sick or they will be in to some problem. this makes me lose interest in marriage but situation says that i have to get married but not able to get good partner. i have tried all the horoscope methods and pooja but no remedy can you please help me… i follow some methods which you have given your blogs some switch words, some mantras but i dont find solution can you please help me ..

  6. Hi Sir,
    My mother is undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma. She is in lot of pain. Unable to sit or eat and in great agony. Please help. Is there any way that can reduce her pain.

  7. Respected sir,

    whenever i have time i go through ur blog,they r wonderful.
    I started to look for a job 2 weeks back,i use to chant find divine job count now done.i read it in one of your blogs,and it worked,i was not sure weather i will get job as i have 3 years gap,but i got a job will be joining next week,they are yet to send me the offer letter.but their are few problems,this job is very far,need to change 2 buses and walk also,salary is also not that great and i have targets which i should finish to stay in this job.sir,i want a job which will be near to my house and in a good company with good salary,what should i chant for the same.also some times i feel confused that should i start working or not,i really want to work as i want to keep my self busy ,also my in laws work my sis in law works and i dont have any respect as iam not working or earning good salary.

    i want a company job,that too near my house with good salary,so i can take care of my house also.

    if don’t get any other job,i want this company to give good salary,and i want to complete my targets without getting pressurized.

    also my previous employer is not giving me any proof of the increased ctc.i tried thrice,she says she is bussy,i dont know what to do.
    please help


  8. Sir
    We would like you to please give us a remedy for the scar on the left side of my brother in laws brain which was caused by the brain hammorage that he had suffered in 2009. Becsuse that is the main cause for all his health and nerve problems.
    The scar has to heal because latet it could lead to him suffering from epilepsy


  9. sir,
    i m in problem sir u hv any mantra for get husband attention to me.i dont know he love me or nt but i really love him alot i want his love.

  10. manisha,
    chant together divine

  11. Hello sir,

    On last friday out of anger i threw a handset gifted by my friend which was very expensive. We tried to locate the handset at the same place where i threw it. Also now me n my friend our not in talking terms as we also used fowl language for each other. I need help to get the handset from the person who has found it and also dont want to loose such a gud friend. And want him to forgive me an forget what hapnned in anger n we should be good friends again.

  12. ammu
    chant slow care together reach divine

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