Interesting case of an overweight person

Protection Eye for Curses and Evil Eye

Heal the SEED of Your Birth

A Brief on Bach Flower Remedies Part I

My reactions affect my dear ones

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About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. All your posts are very helpful…..i have used a couple of mantras n angel numbers….n got amazing results…..thank you thank you
    so much……keep posting…..

  2. Dear Naran,
    During pregnancy I put on little weight, but after delivery I put on tremendous weight. And it is uneven. My tummy has grown big, my face has become fluffy. I find it very odd because I was never fat.
    Please give me a remedy by which I can reduce my weight.

  3. Shouting and fights stresses me a lot even if it is in neigbors house. In the neighbours house a young couple who have moved in new on rent were having a big fight and the mother in law and there were shouting and beating. Prev someyears back, on below floor, another woman would scream and beat her very small daughter often for minor stuff. After some time they have shifted and she got better too later but i wonder what it may have done to the sweet baby. Such things stress me a lot and i thought I will ask what to chant or do in such a situation so that I am not so sensitive and maybe to bring peace in their heart and home too, i.e. in neighborhood. When i remembered later i said quiet mind open heart relax and vallabam and felt better but I don’t want to get upset/anxious at all if possible.

  4. RD
    chant Agrimony quiet mind open heart relax

  5. Hi Naran
    I am suffering from running nose and snnezing since last 6 years, I took cetrizine earlier and now i am on steroid nasal sprays. Recently I have started having white chest nut and walnut, do u think it will help me get off the steroid spray?
    Kavi raj

  6. kavi,
    you can take thuthulai legyam daily in the night with milk. what is your age?
    Take whitechestnut in the night.
    Walnut yellow sapphire crab apple will help you.

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