Typical Indian Mentality!!


Denying Pleasures


Others will criticize me


I want to die before you…!!!


I will save you at any cost


Art of Reading Divine Messages


Events at New Delhi

  1. Multi-Dimensional Healing, Date: 30-03-2013
  2. Reiki for Beginners, Level I and II, Date: 31-03-2013

To know more details please check out: http://naransevents.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/multi-dimensional-healing-workshop-at-new-delhi-march-2013/

To communicate with Naran S. Balakumar please send your emails to:  balakumar49@yahoo.com and to have an appointment with him, call Shobana: 9884301634

Find Divine Order 2013

About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Biswasri Datta

    Dear Sir,
    I am in very pathetic condition because my boss is trying to remove me from my existing quarter illeagly and unlawfully and trying to accommodate me low grade quarter that I will be fall in very big trouble. This condtion not only me other employees also. He is trying to impose his ditetorship without any rules and regulation. All employees are very unhappy. Pl suggest me how this Principal will tranfer very soon and stop his such type of unethical activities. Pl. help me.

  2. Biswasri Datta

  3. Naran sir,
    I am part of project where 2 are highly competetive and hogging the limelight, when in a paper made by me i put my name as first even my group head asked me to put my name after them. What to do sir?
    Thanks sir,

  4. Sir, pls. suggest what to do to overcome my habit of collecting/retaining trash that I think is pretty and ‘useful’. I keep all stuff with the plans of doing recycling,craft, someone will use, might be used, can use in garden, diy creative stuff, etc so much that my family calls me Wall-e. but it is creating a clutter issue as I don;t act on my ideas. I want to change so pls. suggest some sw or flower remedy by which I will “just do it.” i.e either make the articles or throw without any anxiety pangs or regrets.

  5. sir, pigeons are trying to make nest in our ..house.. what can we do.. even these pigeons have made nests in some flats of our building…
    i just close all my windows to avoid them..what else can i do..

  6. ad,
    do thanks and do the forgiving exercise

  7. sir i did the forgiving exercise for pigeons.i m sorry pls forgive me love thanks divine. everytime when they sit on my windows,or try to come in….
    and it is working sir..i can see the difference .
    thank u sir..

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