Thanks! We Are Moving!!

A decade back I was taking classes in a house adjacent to my residence. There were fewer facilities, but the house and the owner of the house had bigger hearts. Many thanks to them…!

The students didn’t mind sitting on the floors and neither interruptions from noisy children living in the neighborhood. Thanks to them too…!!

Later, I started taking classes in my students’ places – especially at Usha Ragunathan’s place at Besant Nagar – where I had done several workshops, Guru Mangala and Madhu Jhaver.

Thanks to them, thanks to other organizers and thanks to all those places where I had done the workshops.

I started using the conference halls at Sun Plaza as we needed a bigger place at centre of the city. Thanks to Sun Plaza for hosting all the workshops.

Then we moved to the current office, from where I started conducting all my workshops.

It also served as Yoga Centre organized by Shobana.

The students’ strength grew, the website was launched and our ventures in alternative therapies were extended further in the form of machines procured from Singapore.

Thanks to this office for bringing in us, more strength and energy. Thanks to the owner of the place, living next to us, for his co-operation during the workshop days.

In addition, during the last two years, I had been taking workshops outside Chennai – in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kancheepuram, Madurai, New Delhi and Singapore.

Thanks to all those places and thanks to the students who organized those workshops.

Now we are shifting to Honey Naturopathy hospital, which has got treatment facilities in Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Pranic healing. In addition, they are into marketing various herbal products.

We will be joining them from May 1st. Thanks to the Honey Naturopathy hospital in advance.

Last but not least to my thanks to all the students following me all these years in all my healing ventures. To name some of them here – S. S. Ravi, Seer Vendan, Lakshmi Sriram Panchu, Govind, Bhagirathi, Sagari, Maheshwari Divya, Harish, Siva, Narayanan, and Raghavan.

My special thanks to them and for others whom I couldn’t name it here due to lack of space.

See you all in the new place.

May all your hearts be filled with love and grace of the Divine Mother!!!


Naran S Balakumar, Shobana (Event Manager), R Mohan (Editor, Website Admin) and Kanchana (Admin help)

A word of caution

As we are shifting and we need some time to settle down, there will be some delayed response from me in answering your queries. Please bear with me until then.

The address of the new office is:

Honey Naturopathy Hospitals India Private Limited,

1st Floor, New no 3, Melony Road,

T-Nagar, Chennai – 600 017


Next to Aachi shooting building,

Near Hindi Prachara Sabha

Contact: Shobana– 9884301634 or email: for directions

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About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Congratz and Good luck in ur new ventures! May all get best of everything, May the new place bring lotza happiness, success, abundance, love, joy n divine grace. Together Divine

  2. Hearty congratulations sir..we all pray that more more people would be blessed with your divine messages, classes and healing..Thanks a lot for the love, affection you shower on your disciples helping to heal them..thank the bach centre(old and new) for giving us a chance to learn the divine subjects from you sir…Thank you shobana maam, mohan sir and Kanchana..Thank divine grace

  3. Dear respected Sir Naranji and Dear Madam Shobanaji and all Helpers of healing Group I wish you all Happiness and success for your new abode venture.May you All get success and Divine help in your Divine healings which had given us all a positive Thoughts and has helped us to understand divine powers of Nature. God bless you on your Success.
    Wishing only Well..WOW
    Pranam !

  4. Hearty congratulations to naran sir,shobana akka,mohan sir,Mrs.kanchana and all the support group.A special thanks Naran sir, Shobana akka and others who take so much time of their lives for bettering our lives with so much compassion and love.You all are showing us the way how to lead a life with peace and tranquility.Hope there would be many many more people around the world get the benefits of divine through your blessings.LOVE THANKS DIVINE.

  5. Congrats Sir to you and your team….Even i will love to be your student… but I m in another state…Is there any way…?

  6. Respected Sir,
    Congrats !!! Let there many more people get blessed by your heaing

  7. Dear Guruji
    Hearty congratulations to you and your entire team. All the good wishes are with you. Its amazing to read your blog everytime and I am sure people who have atended may have an unique experience. I am eagerly awaiting to attend your workshop Guruji.
    Love Divine Thanks

  8. Good luck and God bless you 🙂

  9. Naran Sir,
    Congratulations to you and Team members.
    I hope I will be able to attend the workshops conducted by you soon.


  10. Dear Mr Naranji congrats convey my Best Wishes to other members of your team meet you in your new place.

  11. Good luck sir!!
    Congratulations sir to all of you.
    We all are with you sir.

  12. Krishna Prakash

    Dear Sri. Naran & team
    Thanks for informing and congrats on the new move.
    Am glad to inform you that switch words are doing wonders in the lives of students who come to study from various parts of the globe to attend 21 day Yoga course with us.
    Love thanks divine.
    Krishna & Smrithi

  13. Many congratulations to all of you sir!!!may the new place bring in more success in helping lots more people in more possible ways under your guidance…….God bless you……

  14. Congratulations dear Naran! May your new space be blessed and a blessing!

  15. Congrats Sir! Lots of blessings and abundance always! May God bless each of you with light, love, success, happiness and selflessness in your new venture. May God spread your glory to one and all. Lots of love n best wishes. Sal

  16. Inexplicable joy

    The address is new,
    Not familiar to few
    All things change
    Yet none is strange
    if you are in trouble
    Or stress or distress,
    Look no further
    for you are blessed,
    the road to heal,
    the path of love
    remains unchanged,
    follow the call of love and grace
    You’ll find your way
    to the new place.

    Best wishes in the new location too.

  17. Congratulations Naran Sir,
    Mother is always with you to guide and you are always with us for guidance !
    Sir, side by side we want to hear your personal experiences about batch flower, animal spirit, reiki, gem theraphy etc.and it may be helpful for all.
    Divinely yours,

  18. All the best sir for all the new workshops, thank you for all the healing help in all my problems and misery.

  19. radha narayanan

    Best wishes to you sir!! As always may the creed of selfless individuals like yourself increase and help us and guide us !!!!

  20. Best wishes Sir…….

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