SAVE Uttarakhand


What we can chant to avoid natural calamities and for world peace?


To avoid natural calamities like earth quake and tsunami chant, “OM HOWM VAM JOOM SAHA”.

This can be chanted daily in the night.  This mantra heals infection also.

What is happening In Uttarakhand is the clear proof that most of the natural disasters are man-made.

Rampant felling of forests everywhere, un-planned urbanization of hill areas, and uncared rivers – all these have been the cause of heat of the universe, which is increasing every year.

A rise in temperature will always lead to unpredictable, unmanageable monsoon, leaving some areas always under water and some areas without water even to drink it.

We are facing both.

How to avoid save the world, at least India from this?

A number of people who come to this site can chant 108 TIMES (minimum) individually or collectively the following mantras given by the sage GAUTAMA.

Where the energy of this mantra fills up, it becomes a place of affluence and people would live there happily. The mantra goes like this:






It is good for any drought-like life situations. Today, in Tamil Nadu and in most of the states are suffering from lack of rains and crop failure. Even for this situation, this mantra can be chanted.

This is the Mantra not only for India but for the whole world.

Tuesdays can be selected for this and a group of people can chant at the same time.

Forward this to your friends.

Thank you!

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear sir,

    Even my company where i am working my bosses is in huge loss we re not getting any project can you tel me any measure so that even i can pray for my company to grow & get projects. Our company was running nicely but from past 3 years it is under loss.

    Please help me sir

  2. Dear Sir,
    I attended your SWITCH WORDS workshop last month. You had given this mantra for water scarcity. Sir for the past few days, there was water scarcity in my area as the flow of corporation water had become negligible. We thought we may have to buy water . For the past 2 days, I was chanting this mantra as many times as possible for a miracle to happen. Yesterday evening there was a downpour. Believe it or not, our sump became full and we could switch on the motor today morning and filled up our tank. Thanks to you Sir…

  3. Respected sir, In our group chanting of Narayaneeyam we were praying for Uttarkand and as told by you in some earlier classes we projected violet umbrella over uttarkand and violet wall along the river bank so that water do not overflow and prayed that nature brings that excess rain and water to drought area. To reduce over heat we chanted Om Hreem Taha Mantra for some time and immediately every one of us experienced some sudden chillness
    in that area and we chanted Pranava Roopini also Sir for some time. This happened on
    22nd and we decided to chant and all are chanting individually in the night for some time.
    Now continuously in Chennai for the past 3 days there is rain for at least 1/2 an Hour in some of the areas. Thank you very much for your Divine Service to the mankind and world.Sir.
    I pray this service to go a long way in future also in all the fields so that all are happy.
    Love Thanks Divine Sir, -B

  4. It is very sad to watch the natural disaster happened in Uttarakhand India eventhough i am not from here i too will chant Pranava Roopini.
    Even recently there was earthquake in Aceh Indonesia, my prayers for them.

  5. Respected Sir, Greetings. I want to share a experience which happened on 27th July (sat). There are lot of pigeons in our square, which stay near the ventilators, but don’t come inside the house. But on Saturday, A pigeon suddenly came into our house in the morning through the ventilator and struck against the ceiling fan. one of its wing broke from the side of its neck and it bled. My husband applied rescue remedy on its broken wing, the blood stopped at once, then my husband and my son took it to the birds hospital which was 11 kms away. There the doctor declared it as brought dead. It had died on the way on my son’s lap. Is there any message for us? Since then my son is very upset. please guide us.

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