Divine Consent


Eyes are Crystal CLEAR


Positive Calmness


Reaching for Love


Umbrella of Hope and Protection


A pleasant wedding day


It is His Responsibility


No pains No sorrows


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. guruji iam very sorry to ask u about this problem,kindly solve , keeping servent permently with out any disturbances,if they stop my helth is getting effect with heigh acidity .please give me a chant to keep them permently with good pay for them

    • past a picture of blue sapphire in the room of your room,you can chant also.
      Call wolf to send good servants.
      when anybody comes to your as servants thank them prior to their coming every day. When they go back home thank them. make this as a routine.

  2. ganapathi.kavi

    guruji,my son failed his engginering,i will be chanting ambica,please give me another chant for his consentration and for fear for further exams and dedication,he cannot sit for hours togerther for studying,iam addicted to all your chants unbelivelable chants they r.thanku.

    • You can Continue Ambika mantra
      A combination of Chestnut bud (to increase the level of concentration and to learn fast) WATER VIOLET and OAK will make the child study well with “focus”.

      Write 398 slow care in a paper and keep it under his pillow.

      any fear of exam- MIMULUS

  3. Dear m:
    I’m not playing I really need help please don’t ignore me..my second son needs an operation of his nose,but he has a little afection in his heart please I just want to know wich switchwords can I use?and wich flowers because I’m very nervous that I’m loosing alot of hair..please I’m really serious..thanks a lot

  4. What remedy Naran sir had Prescribed for your first son.
    To have a successful surgery chant ” Ruby Coral”
    You can take redchesnut
    Two days before the surgery,your son can start taking “Rescue Remedy and mimulus”
    You can write your son’s name and then make a circle over it,then write rescure remedy sweet chestnut ,again draw a circle.

    After surgery your son take “star of bethleham”
    Hope this helps

  5. Guruji, wat mantras,sw, to heal benign vitreous floaters? I use Iclenz drops my back body have carbuncles. Plez help me coz it is a long time illness in my eye that was 1997 until now 2013 I hav dis.

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