Plenty of Money

Chanting for Family Members

Why should we heal when divine is the doer?

Chain snatching

Switch onto Radio

Two sides of the same coin

Money Chakra

Constipation, Sleeplessness and Itching packed together

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi Sir, It’s pleasure to have gift of mantras from you for us, will be fruitful. My name is srikanth, DOB: 21st Sept 1979, a divorcee and am struggling to get re-married past one year unable to get matches, my patience counts everyday, my younger brother Pradeep also has huge debts, he assumes that luck favours some day and stopped believing in god, my mom has hopes that we will recover our debts, she prays behalf of him all d time. Please assist. Thanks

  2. I normally take help of wolf when travelling and general work this time I did it for something specific and am amazed at how quick and fast help was! I had a gift voucher to redeem and only after I left home and almost close to reaching I realised that last day was one day past. I was wondering what to do then thought to ask wolf for help so though it is technically invalid and I cannot expect it, at least my effort of travel mayl not go waste if they agree to take it. I mentally sent wolf in advance to talk to the person in the place. Lo! when I asked at counter if they’d accept, the person first was hesitant and then said let me chk and then said ok. Not only I got what I went for but unexpectedly got offered a steaming cuppa! And it rained only when i was almost reaching home back. What an amazing exp. as i almost didn’t make the trip too. I was very doubtful knowing the place and being weekend rush.

    God bless all who help. students,admin, others who tell and guide abt this site. I am so grateful to wolf spirit, naran sir, shobana mam for all the gifts of grace and their selfless work for all.

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