Make them pay my money

Ultimate Anti-Debt Mantra

Harassed for not paying the loan

Debts! Many thanks to you!!

Angel to handle your debts

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. re. the theme i see no perceptible difference in using chrome or ie. is there something specific to watch out for.

  2. We had purchased a plot in chennao from a lady. She kept it in a bank and she paid 7 lacks to bank so she asked us to pay that amout to her balance to bank she said we too did the same. After 6 months bank peoples asked for money. We told her she said no prob. I lltake care. Why bank fellows are troubling know she did not pay for a long time thats why. After that we stayed there for one yr only bank fellows came with court order and asked us to vacate the house and put seal. From that day onwards we asking that amount still she is asking some excuse since 2 yrs over. Kindly help me to get back our money. Pls sir. Give me some sw, colour therapy every thing I m ready to chant and do. Pls .

  3. M

  4. Thankyou ji thanks a lot.

  5. Respected Naranji this is bj and AVN v have written my problems in ur archive blot and send it to u. Now only v saw that blog is full. Pls ji pls give me remedy for our probs pls. V r expecting ur sw pls. AVN is my friend. V are egarly waiting for ur reply.
    Pls ji.

  6. Sir still v r expecting ur sw pls.

  7. Pranam sir

    I m into big debt issue. Less income . I want to take PR visa also . plz suggest me for rid of financial troubles. I m continuous chanting #58.

    Plz reply.

  8. I am running a business and currently I don’t see more improvement or clients added to it. Due to this credit were claimed and increasing pressure.
    Also the dues from clients taking too much time and some are not paying it.
    Please suggest me on how to increase the clients and recover the unrecoverable dues.
    thanks and awaiting your replies..
    warm regards

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