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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran:
    I feel very worried and stressed,I sold all the books to the stds of the school where I’m working,I worked in vacations without an extra payment,just for help the principal she’s always helping me.I thought it was a good way of being grateful with her,but today we returned the material that we didn’t sell and were missing a lot of books. It’s very much money..I’ve been crying all the day because I don’t want to pay for something that I didn’t steal..my boss was angry with me and she told me that it was my responsabilty please give some swithwords I asked some months ago,but you didn’t receive any answer we were with a similar case,but we asked to the spirit guide wolf and that person found the object that was looking for..I asked Wolf for his help..Please help me I’m the person who works for supporting my sons and I don’t want to pay for those books I didn’t steal the books please help me I’m so desesperated..I got a cold in hours..

  2. Excuse me dear Gurú I’m very nervous and I write some mistakes.. I wrote you didn’t receive answer it was we didn’t receive answer from you so we asked help to Wolf and the person found the value object…thanks

  3. Excuse me sir Do I need to say all the words and how many times? Thanks for your help I’m so worried I can’t stop crying..I have many debts and now this last weekend I was saying concede clear centre find divine order with the hopeful of being better and now this…Thanks dear Naran by your website is like a brotherhood..God bless everybody who reads and helps to others I love you all..namasté

  4. I want to thank for the help I received I did the switchwords and also asked Wolf Spirite Guide this morning I found the books all the material complete thank you very much R Mohan Idon’t know if you are part of Naran group? Or if you are part of the people like me who takes learning from Naran’s knowledge..just I want to thank you GOD BLESS YOU !!

  5. Dear R:
    Yes,effectively I feel love and grateful for spirit wolf and for this web place thnk you, thanks Naran, for me is like abrotherhood of help and hope..my spirit is full of love when I received an e-mail from you,we asked to spirit wolf everyday to be with us specially when we are outside we feel secure with him I always asked him don’t separate from my sons,and to cover them,to make them invisible to the eye of the murder,the thief and the bad people in general..I recomend this petition of protection to all the mothers for your sons..namasté..

  6. Dear Sir
    I have been reading your blog and I am hoping you can help me. I left my job after working for 13 years to start my own business. My problem at the moment is that I become overwhelmed with all the challenges that I face, I feel unable to cope and I try to complete all things at once which in turn leaves many incomplete tasks. The other issue I face, is that it I am constantly tired and lethargic. If I do not sleep during the day my abilities to concentrate is severely impacted. I feel guilty about this as I feel that I am just being lazy and should concentrate on the task at hand. It however gets so bad, that I cannot function at all. I would like to be productive and accomplish tasks without having to nap during the day. I am also studying towards a degree and am finding it difficult to find the time to study, given that I have my family responsibilities as well. Any assistance would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you

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