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  1. Respected Naran ji,
    I have gone through your blog,its very interesting,informative and very helpful.
    I could see lot of people turning back happy when they follow your advice.

    I am writing this with a very great hope,sir my mother is suffering with CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE for about 6yrs and she is on dialysis now. she has to undergo dialysis twice in a week.Its very painful and expensive. Pls suggest me anything which improves her health better. I will do that on her behalf as she cant do it. pls tel me a simple remedy sir whether it is chanting or animal giude or angel number. i wil follow that.

    Grateful to you,

    • rakesh,
      i am happy that you are ready to do for your mother. Unfortunately, physical ailments have to be handled by physical means.
      I can suggest anything that can improve your mental state

  2. My husband is suffering from backpain and inspite of doing treatment this seems to continue. Can you advice a mantra plz. Thank you

  3. Sir,

    By nature I am very candid and not diplomatic. Also I am very open to negative feedback too, when someone is giving me a feedback – at home or at work.

    However at home (mine is a joint family), everyone dislikes me since I am very frank althought I am very efficient with house work and do not compromise on my duties.

    One of my boss (I have 2 bosses) was very good to me and appreciated my work etc, until a while ago when I was frank in expressing some work related issue. Now one boss is still ok, since he knows that I am good at work and I am very frank – that is my nature. Another boss is all angry with me and at every meeting makes sure that he puts me down or talks negatively when it comes to my work.

    Can I chant something please, especially that both my husband and my boss should start appreciating me?

    • SD,
      if you want to maintain your candidness, you can get these only. Do not point out the mistake only point out the good points also. If you want to point the mistake do it with love.

  4. Dear Sir,

    This is regarding my career growth.

    I have worked in various multi-national companies. I am working as a Secretary to an individual. My term expires in a couple of months as my boss does not have projects.

    1. Please suggest how to get my boss more projects. For this on behalf of him what should I do.

    2. How to search for new career path with more salary? If I get good paid job, they feel very happy (parents, spouse, boss, friends etc.,)

    I am chanting VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EKA DANTHAM. I got a call from a Multi-national company. I have completed telephonic round. After that there was no communication. I want to lead good life.

    I think your divine suggestions are enough to achieve success. As per your advice I have been chanting Chicory Centaury Aspen. But no improvement as such. I don’t know what should I do?

  5. Dear Sir,
    Have been looking for a solution to my problem since some time. Am happy that atleast now I found a way. Me and my husband are wanting to buy a property either a land/house for our living but not able to find one; the rates are very high than what we can afford or we are not finding one in our required area. We have also been thinking of having a kid but just postponing until we settle on house. This is really bothering me a lot… neither of the things is falling in place for me.. its always been like this to me.. everything will be delayed.. for example I got my job after 2 years, I got married late at 31yrs.. now at 33 yrs… am still without a kid.
    I have added mental worries about my parents they too are not having a house.. this is all killing me a lot. Kindly help me what I should do.
    Waiting for your earliest reply.

    • ps,
      worrying feeling desperate will further increase the problem state.
      chant ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW as many times as possible

  6. Basaveshwar Oname

    Revered Naran Sir.Pranam.
    Since last 15+ yrs till date I am not able to save money for future needs of my family, I have managed whenever need arises by credit card / bank loans and also faced lot of trouble in the past for non payment of EMI. Somehow I came out of the trouble..Still I have debts, more than 50% income goes in repayment & remaining income is insufficient and cycle repeats . I want to get rid of debts asap- but I don’t know how ? No helping hand is foreseen . Sir, can I ask your favour to suggest remedy in the form Mantra/Switch Words/Mudra, etc. to get rid from financial worry please. Thanks
    I have placed order for ur remedy book & CD ( Abundance/.Divine Together), this is for ur information please.
    b oname

  7. Dear Sir,
    My name is Srikanth f from Bangalore, I am 37 years old. I have 15 years of exp. In the month of April 2012 I lost job. From that time I have attended more than 20 company interviews but unable to succeed. Still searching for job. I also had a plan of starting my own as consultancy firm, which is also not materialized.
    In the month of June-11 I purchased new flat in Bangalore, due to job loss I am unable to pay my EMI’s regularly. All my savings including my PF money, gold jewelry is spent. Also I have barrowed lot of money from friends & family members to survive to pay EMI as much as possible. I have sold my car also to pay my home loan EMI & to save my house, but still my HL outstanding is huge.
    Instead allowing bank to sell my property now I have decides to sell the house and close the loan. By this I can make some money out of real estate appreciation. I don’t like bank people coming to my house every day asking me to pay EMI. But till today no buyer has responded to my advertisement in net.
    One of Vastu consultant told me house is not good, hence I am facing all these problems. Request you to help me in this regard.
    Thank you,
    Srikanth J S

    • srikanth,

      • Sir,
        As advised by you, I chanted RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND DIVINE BUYER GIVE COUNT NOW DONE. The resistance what I had to sell the house is gone.
        After 6 months still my house is not sold. I have to sell this in few days, else bank will auction it, then I will be in huge financial loss.
        Now every one who has lend me money are asking me to return, as they have commitments. I want to give them back what I have borrowed. For this I need to sell my house.
        I read in your blog and started chanting TOGETHER FIND DIVINE HELP GIVE HOUSE COUNT NOW DONE. I am not getting the help from Real Estate agent as I expected. Please suggest some this very fast. In critical condition.

        Thanks and regards,

  8. Respected Guruji,

    I do not want to have complaints against me with FICAC, with the Chief Registrar of High Court, with the Prime Minister’s Office and any other Court. I also do not want any Summons or Summons of Witness issued against me. I want to run my business in a peaceful way, DO.

    • DO

      • I take instructions for legal work, give it to my business partners and they do the work. Other people and other lawyers are trying to catch me. Many clients have faith and trust in me. I do not want any complaints, queries of summons or summons to witness to be issued against me.DO

        • Respected Guruji, I do not want any complaints against me. I do not want any lawyers to lodge complaints against me with Registrar of Court or take out any summons or notices against me. DO

  9. Dear Sir, As per your remedy i am chanting ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW for marriage, but after that nothing is happening always things getting delayed. No progress in my life at all struggling.
    Sir Please reply me, i have to get married within this 2 month, its very urgent please sir .. recommend me something by which his parents will ready for our marriage and we will get married with the blessings of all

  10. sir m hopeless fr everything also i ve obstacles…so shud i chant 520 & 58 also….plz suggest solution for my problem sir……

  11. After long time a good proposal had come to my sister. Is there any mantra for me so that this marriage should be fixed?

  12. hemanth
    CHANT together divine

  13. I met a guy 2 years, we became friends and slowly2 we started hanging out together and we fallen in love. My family is well settled in delhi and he is based out of other city. He doesn’t have house in delhi but my mother wants me to marry a guy who have house. Suddenly six months back my parents started looking out a guy for me because of that I became very insecure and asked him change his job and look for another job that pays well so that we will buy house(Even I was going through the crisis that time in my job, but now I have changed my job) He doesn’t want to leave his current organization. Since then misunderstandings arise, we are not talking to each other. I’m very helpless and don’t know what to do. I know he is also in pain. These days we are not talking to each other please advise what do to I can’t live without him, I’m seriously looking forward for our marriage to happen this year. I don’t want any house but I want to be him. Please help…..

  14. Naran sir i also have 2 typical problems,it sounds really silly but i dont know how to get rid of it…pls help me with your remedies.i will follow your advice.

    1. I am gaining a lot weight im 86kg nw.Very low self confidence.

    2. I am scared of everything i.e when speaking to someone,while driving,while speaking to my own siblings and parents.Kind of insecurity and not enough courage to face any fights even wen there is no mistake at my end.

    pls help to get rid of my problems,is there anything to chant,angel no or anyother.

    Thanks & regards,

  15. I would like to know the switch words to attract more clients to my wife’s business…
    also to attain my life’s goal

  16. Sir,
    Financially though i am secure but due to my dear ones health problem I am always always negative and worried.please guide me to attract positive in life for me as we’ll as for family members.

  17. i have been benefited by your yellow safire it works really well in my relationship with my hus ..thank you for the magic my daughter is suffering from nose block it is not relieved even after so many medicines what should i give her .
    pls reply

  18. Basaveshwar Oname

    Revered Naran Sir, Pranam.
    Ours is a co. op. housing society ( @ 27 yr. old bldg.)having 17 flat holders. We have finalised a redevelopment deal with reputed builder in pune. All are ready except one member who stays in mumbai. Can you suggest any remedy to to get the clearance & speed up the matterplease. Thanks

  19. P N Venkataraman

    Sir, I happened to go through this site just now. I am having drooping eyelid problem for the last one year. I read Lalitha mantram from your answers on eye health, Can I also chant the mantra and how many times a day I should do it, Now I am chanting Aditya hridayam, Surya mantrams daily, Pl guide me

  20. Naran Sir
    i am asking this question on behalf of my family friend who treated me like younger sister.
    He is constructing his own house but do not know why it is not being completed.some hindrances are coming e.g if electrician has to come ,he did not came or if some work started it was not completed yet then labour did not showed up for next couple of days.
    he wants to complete his house as soon as possible without any hindrance and without me so that he can chant or even if i want to chant for him can i chant the same as you will guide.

    second also guide me after moving to that house he and his family can live in peace and prosperity.

  21. Dear sir,
    My father is dealing with 2 unwanted court cases. it’s a mistake of complainer ….though is totally innocent…somehow he is indirectly involved….what mantra he has to chant so that he becomes free from these court case ,hearing etc…he chants srinivasa arvindhalochana this okay?

  22. In 2006 i married my husband. ours is arranged marriage. After marriage my husband’s sister(she is elder one & got married in 1997) came and stayed in our house. She will always cried that my life is like this. Because of her my in laws are not having a piece of mind, they show the angry towards us. problem begins, they asked to get out of the house. we came out without getting any single rupee from them. my husband is the only son for them. how to get any share from their parents? Because financially we are facing a lot of problem. please help me.

    • priya
      do the forgiving exercise for them. find the forgiving statement from one of the pages of this site.
      do not expect them to give your share. and Forgive and Forget. They will give.

  23. dear sir.. me and my husband run business…. how can we keep our employees motivated ,happy creative and productive in office so that they can earn incentives.. ..and we can also increase our output…….

  24. Rajitha Rajmohan

    Respected Naran ji,
    I have been following your blog and I find it very informative and helpful.
    I would like to seek your advice for some of my problems. I am a married lady and have a son who is 13 yrs. I have been married for 14 years. My husband is practicing as an advocate from past 4 yrs.Before this he was working in few private firms. He always wanted to become an advocate and that is why he quit his job and completed his law and now he has become an advocate. I am working in a mnc firm earning quite well, but my husband who is very hardworking does not have a decent salary. Now iam scared that I will have to work all my life to support my family. I do not get any support from my husband financially. He is otherwise a good person. My son who is in 7th std is little lazy to study, his interest is cricket and always spends time in watching TV or playing cricket, he doesn’t sit and study on his own. I have now started chanting the Ambika mantra and writing 398 in a piece of paper and keeping it under his pillow. Now he is a little better. I am staying with my parents, the house which iam staying belongs to my dad. I take care of my parents. I have a brother who has an irresponsible attitude towards my parents. He wants the property of my parents but does not help them financially. He has his own business, but spends money lavishly and has got in to all the bad habits. My sister in law also is not very supportive
    I would wish to seek your advice for improving my overall financial condition as I have few debts to be repaid. Please advice some mantra to improve my husband’s career so that he earns a good salary and will be able to support me. Also tell me some mantra to help my parents and my brother in changing his behavior
    Waiting for your earliest reply


    • Ranjitha,
      Take the flower remedies pink tourmaline rescue remedy Mimulus
      for your son bach flower remedies will help
      contact the centre

  25. dear sir,
    How to get rid of mosquitos?

  26. Sir
    I was going through all the questions asked by different people, I wasnt able to understand the mantras you gave. I have a problem today when I woke up in the morning I suddenly got a severe Backache with my left leg paining where I am finding it very difficult to sit or stand or bend, please suggest me what has to be said.



  27. My friend is a miser. I spend for his expenses and he never pays back. He keeps delaying and giving excuses. Please let me know the remedy as at that moment I cant refuse to spend for him but then I cant recover my money.

  28. i am 23 yrs old girl,suffering from cervical spondilosis for 1 yr…pls help me..totaly i have no dreams…pls suggest me a mantra..and guide me….

  29. Hi Sir,

    Is there a mantra that will increase love and devotion towards parents.

  30. guruji,
    I am looking for good promotion in job. how do i get it.
    Please let me know if have any mantra i can chant

  31. Dear sir,

    its been 2 years of our marriage.He was very loving and caring in the beginning.Now he says he is not attracted to me.And he want divorce.But i think he loves me deep inside,but he did not show it in front of his parents and my parents.Now i am staying in my parents home.He don’t talk to me now,I use to call him ,but he don’t talk to me nicely.I don’t know what happened to him now.I want to save our marriage as i love him very much.Is it possible,that he will call me back.In next month they are saying to file divorce petition.As i don’t want this.I had gone through your website,i am chanting emerald,I have kept jelly fish in my laptop too,i am chanting gum ganapathaye namah,and uma maheshwari sthotram, what else i should do to save my relationship,as i love him.Please advice me sir

  32. Naran sir,

    My father got registered a site in 1970’s from one of his friend and he was his client.
    my father passed away 12 years back and the person who got us site registered is too old now. From 4 years there is a litigation in the court with the neighbour site owner regarding the measurement of the site. my brother and my mother are fighting in the court.The neighbour site owner is politically influencially person.
    now the court has ordered for the resurveying of the land on this friday 29.3.2012.

    guruji please suggest some thing so that every thing goes well in favour of my brother and mother.

  33. Vanakam naranji
    i want to get promotion in my work and get posted to the place i want..what shall i do?
    Thank you

  34. basaveshwar oname

    Revered Naran Sir, Pranam
    1)Is there any barrier for listening of CD with subliminal sounds
    2)You have suggested me remedy as -take the flower remedies Mimulus pink tourmaline gentian larch which I may be receiving today from ur center –Tease are to be taken individually or mixed in water please
    3)I am chanting names of these remedy , can I add SW Together Divine

  35. I am 27 yrs old girl, in a relationship from last 09 yrs, I am looking forward to marry him but his parents are not convinced with this relation and wants him to stay with them. My parents support me in my decision. Please let me know a solution, so that his parents are convinced and accept the situation happlily.

    • kettyd20
      take the flower remedies chicory walnut rockwater 2pills each three times a day.

  36. Dear Sir, My son is appearing for Engg Entrance Exams. Request you to please advise a mantra so that he is able to perform better. I came to know about your site today only! Shall be grateful for a reply!Thanks and Regards

  37. Hi Naran Sir,

    Please help my husband to get a job with good package. We are really in a need of a good job for him. He is doing rescue remedy and chanting waterviolet larch gentian wildrose find count divine job as advised by you earlier since more than two months, but no improvement.

    He is trying to get into a company, but due to some minor reasons he does not fit in to their selection criteria. Please give some chanting, so when he goes walkin for an interview he gets selected.

    Thanks a lot.

  38. hello sir, i would like to ask for you guidance. i have been having this infatuation with my coworker. i wanted not to feel what im feeling now for this person and stay as friends only. he has no feelings for me its only me for him. i know its not correct to expect anything from anyone. please give me direction on this matter he is always on my mind and if only the feeling is mutual it would be perfect but its not mutual so im suffering regarding this . so i would like to help myself about thisdelution, insanity or infatuation towards him. please suggest anything from the devine. thanks so much

  39. chant Together divine.

  40. hello Naran Sir

    hope u r well.
    what canI chant to get a job I like?
    im chanting scleranthus wildoat walnut waterviolet for a steady mind as I keep thinking one day all is fine but next day get very disappointed.
    i chant the following:
    together divine find divine job now.
    wildoat walnut hornbeam together find divine job now on
    iam sorry please forgive me love thanks divine job now.
    wateviolet larch find divine job now.
    i keep chanting all the time whatever comes to mind and keep asking wolf about this too.
    what else can I do to get a job I like and be happy Naran?
    I also chant walnut oak mustard hornbeam to pick up things quickly but still cant come up with ideas or attract attention and make myself very important in the office.
    i want to really well and get lots of money but at the minute im like a general dog’s body making tea and coffee for all ;-(
    please help sir. my self esteem is too low becoz of this and i worry too much. i chant mimulus whenever i get fear. chant almost everything u say but still waiting for a result. i add release resistance too when things are not quick but still no joy.
    what can I do? please help/? I shall be grateful for your help and guidance.
    also please tel me a chant to get good friends? i write waterviolet at the minute but have not got any friend whatsoever. what can i do?
    plz help sir.
    many thanks.

    • helpless
      don’t take up too many chantings;
      prioritise your needs. do accordingly.

      you are highly impatient to achieve results. impatience will make you hurry up and increase the tension.

  41. Sir Naran,
    Please can you tell me what to chant for my daughter to improve her Math,, she is 15yrs old. I want her also to be confident in all aspect of her life because she is a bit timid..

    • mel
      to improve maths: give flower remedies mustard oak two pills four times a day.
      to make her overcome timidity give Mimulus

  42. Sir Naran,

    I have old scars on my legs, atleast 30yrs old. I want them disappear because they are really bothering me every time i look at my legs. I cant wear dress because im conscious about it. Dermatologist said that I have atrophic type of scars. Please please please help me.

    Thank you so much.

  43. Namastee naran sir, can you tell me if there is any mantra to get visa for Europe trip without any difficulty,we are going forvisa stamping on5th April ,I will be very thankful if give reply to me before 3rd April as we are going to Hyderabad for visa ,and I won’t have net facility to see your reply thank you sir, Kalpana

  44. my daughter is architecture student,she wants to pass in 2nd year without any ATKT. Which switchwords,flower remedies, angel nos will help her?

  45. Dear Naranji
    Can you please give me switchword(s)to attract a specific person?
    Somehow things aren’t going the way we want but we know we are right for eachother.
    Thank you very much.

  46. Dear Sir, I joined with my boss 1 1/2 years back as a Secretary. As he promised, he will recommend my name to other companies and he will show me the job. But last 2 days, I do not know what happened he has been shouting at me like anything. He said I will not recommend your name to anybody. You have to search for another job. How to get good appreciation and recommendation from him and get good job with best salary. He has been telling about me to others. As I have to settle loan and my family is depending on me, you as a divine please help me.

  47. Namaste Guruji,
    I have elder sister who is married and got divorced bcoz of various problems. We are planning for her second marriage but which is not getting fixed. Kindly provide me the solution on this. Or any wording that can be chanted. So that she get some good alliance with good family.

  48. Hello Guruji,

    I am a Team Lead handling a team of 25 members. The quality and production of the team is always low. Kindly suggest me the chanting words so that the team achieves good quality and production in the team. And always the team stands on topper.

  49. Sir we are 5 members Iam 41 yrs my sister is 34 years and one more sisters 31 years still we are not getting marriage and my eleder and second siste got married and both of the them are divoresed and staying alone. my parents are getting older making my family upset and down please help me sir to solve the problem to get marriage for me and my sisters early we are searching for allaince we are not as correct please help me sir.

  50. Hello naran Sir,

    I need money for buying a house and for that i want to sell my plot but we r not getting any customerwho will pay the right amount for my plot. Sometime i feel the intermediate person is responsible for it.
    I am not getting money for my plot whereas the rate of my selected properties are rising day by day.

    Please suggest me something so that a buyer will come and pay good price for my plot asap.


  51. Dear sir,I wanted to know ,are electronics items/gadgets are affected by the mental state of the owner.I gifted new mobile to my husband.. he said it is wonderful..but within1-2 months.. he is saying it is so slow,hangs too much.,voice is not clear etc.He bought new laptop…he said same thing ,it’s a wonderful laptop.. but after sometime….same thing happens to it’s speed is slow,hangs etc.His car always got 2 or 3 scratches /damages in a year..though not major damages….

    Any remedy to heal his gadgets and automobiles…sir.Thank you sir.

  52. hello sir

    please can i have a SW to get a job i like that keeps me busy and gets me good name and promotions quickly.I want to enjoy what i do and get people that are good mates at the office- at the minute i have a job but do not like it and get bored easily. i want the boss to take me seriously and give me jobs that i can complete with good results.
    im chanting wildoat walnut hornbeam oak find divine job count now done.
    is this right?
    i also chant mustard oak hornbeam to grasp things quikly at the office.
    many thanks kind regards.

  53. Sir, I would like to obtain a good annual increment (salary hike). Please advice what should I chant?

  54. sir Naran,

    can I chant the flower remedy for my daughter? while im waiting to order online I havent told her yet about this remedy and sw. I wrote 398 on small piece of paper and sneaked in to her jeans that she wears to go school. She is doing summer class for her math as she is advised to take it and she needs to pass it this summer. Thank you a million times.

  55. Sir

    My daughter who is 15 yrs old always falls into some problems due to her friends is there any remedy.

  56. sir, i could not concentrate my studies and i also feel sleepy eventhough my exam is around the corner.please help me to do something. i need to catch up my studies soon. pls help me to avoid sleepy n make me 2 concentrate in my studies…

  57. vja
    take the flower remedies gentian hornbem clematis scleranthus

  58. Respected Sir,
    My daughter has written 10th exam ICSE, i want to pray god for good marks, good percentage and ahead in gaining the percentile as well. Request your guidance.

  59. im vja, can i haf mantra to chant….

  60. Respected Sir,

    Wit lots of regret I have to confess that I have been quarelling with my mother and scolded her badly. I feel very bad and sad very much that why I did this. I am repenting too much on this.
    I want to regret this. Don’t understand what to do.
    Also please help me that I sould never repeat this in my whole life.

  61. Sir, I forgot to mention. I have said about my love to my mom. but my mom is not agreeing. I have not yet said to my dad. I am afraid to say… I said about this to my love and he has asked me to forget him and listen to my parents. Sir, if we think practically he is right. But, for me I cannot . Because if i marry any other guy other than my love I am spoiling 3 lifes. Mine, my loves and that guys life. Not only that my parents will suffer if i spoil my life. I feel to die if i cannot get married to my love. we belong to different caste so there is a problem. If he was same caste then my parents would have agreed. I love my parents a lot. Because of that I am not ready to marry the guy of their choise and spoil 3 lifes. I want my parents and my loves parents to accept our love and we get married. Please say me if there is a solution that my love say me that he will marry me and i get married to my love by taking my parents and my loves parents permissions? Also, if there is a solution is it ok that just i chant and both my parents and my loves parents agree ? I want my parents to be happy during my marriage with my love…

    • sahana
      Take the flower remedies agrimony sweetchestnut walnut rockwater chestnutbud each 2 pills one after the other for three times a day.
      Buy from any homeopathy shop

  62. Namaste naranji,

    I had a word with you over the phone. I need remedies for the following:

    My daughter is appearing for IAS in May, this is her second attempt and this time she needs sucess badly for her overall confidence and her career otherwise she will be highly depressed. She is already depressed because of her previous failure and current health(she is facing some or other problem)

  63. my husband’s grandmother is in her eighties .. and she has frequent urine infection problem…moreover she has also piles and knee pain for which she is taking homeopathy treatment.. there is some relief.Becoz of frequent urine infection she is taking less food.. and becomes week..also many times she cant control urine…Sir pls suggest remedy for her.

  64. sir how to have good relationship with in -laws and make them happy

  65. sorry sir for posting the above question again.

    I got my retirement last november but i need a job not only for my family expenses but for me to keep myself busy also. Please tell me something to get a good job of my choice in my hometown.


  66. sir, i could not concentrate my studies and i also feel sleepy eventhough my exam is around the corner.please help me to do something. i need to catch up my studies soon. pls help me to avoid sleepy n make me 2 concentrate in my studies…can i haf mantra to chant….

  67. Dear Naran
    In big tensions remembered you for solution.Right now I am looking for apartment in chicago in the same building I have been living for the past the building manager says no rooms available.
    I go every summer and it is very hard to live out of this building as my stuff is also there.Please help me with chant words for a miracle so that I get one studio apartment in the same building .Desperately waiting for your answer.
    Thanks a zillion Naran.Please reply soon.

    • saraswathi
      call wolf to do this.
      chant gorse

      • Thanks Naran
        You bring so much relief to our lives.A blessing in disguise.How many times do i chant Gorse .I trust wolf will help me.
        Sincere thanks with lots of gratitude.

        • What a surprise I chanted and asked wolf for help and it worked out.Thanks so much Naran Sir for making our life less stress free.

  68. Dear Sir,

    I saw OWL in my dream 2-3 times. That was golden Owl. I remember last year, at evening around 6:45pm , one actual Golden Owl had come into our flat’s Balcony. I saw him, call my parents to see it, till they come , it flown away . And I saw it 2-3 times in dreams recently. and now whenever I browse on net, I’m seeing Owls pics frequently ? what can be the meaning ? In your spirit guide list, there is no owl listed. Will you please help.

    • abhishek
      what are the problems you expect in old age people.
      is it for their spiritual advancement or health?

      • Dear Sir,

        I don’t understand your question sir.
        and in all old age people or my grandparents only ?

        Health should be more important for old age people.

  69. Hari Om,

    I have thyroid problem. my TSH goes up if i do not take medicine. what flower remedy can i use to make my thyroid function normal

    • tejal
      take thyroidinum 30 . 5 pills two times a day.
      take b56 drops
      buy these from a homeopathy shop.
      Give Reiki to your third eye throat and hara chakras.

  70. baba is there any solution for me to get married to the person whom I love by taking my parents and his parents blessings? Since my parents are against love marriage he is saying me to forget him. Please baba say me if there is any solution so that he will say me that he will marry me and I get married to him by taking my parents and his parents blessings. Please baba…

  71. what is the mantra to get married..

  72. my husband’s grandmother is in hospital.. she has acute urinary infection.. her oxygen level is low ..she is on saline.. and weak…. what i can chant for her for quick recovery… i m in another city..sir pls help

    • sir, my husband’s granny is now shifted to icu.,she has acute urinary infection… and her infection is spreading… i m chanting.. hare rama hare krishna and sweetchestnut rescure remedy, redchestnut….pls advise sir..

      • sir my husband’s granny is shifted to icu ,she has acute urinary tract infection,and she is on ventilatior (life support.)though she is stable.. what we can chant for her speedy recovery..


          • granny,in mid eighties is no more sir.. she was in the hospital for 3 days,in which 2 days in icu on that time we chanted sweetchesnut,rescue remedy ,redchestnut and the mantra hare rama hare krishna…and om howm vum joom saha… it’s been 3 days she is no more.. what we can chant for her and ourself now..

  73. Arjuna de Silva

    Naran Ji, where to your CD of “Om Howm Vum Joom Saha” online? where can i listen to a sample of it please?
    Thank you.

  74. Revered Naran ji,
    Sir astrologically i am passing through the JUPITER MAHADASHA(16 yrs),and it is debilitated(neecha) for my lagna(tula).Though i travelled to other countries its not fruitful,got higher studies(M.S). I feel always tensed and unsatisfatory at my work.
    I have been to many astrologers and numerologists paid huge amounts everybody is saying its due to JUPITER MAHADASHA and it is the 3rd and 6th lord which is debilitated so public relations will get worse and frequent fights will take place and they true.
    My life is going through some toughest phase. Pls suggest me any remedy for planet JUPITER as its period will be lasting for 9 yrs more,i am already 29 n single.

    Kindly suggest me any remedy to nullify its bad effects and gain success in all aspects of life(job,finance,relationships and marriage).


    • pray to guru.
      chant quiet mind open heart relax as many times as possible.
      Take the flower remedy Agrimony 3 pills three times a day

  75. hello sir,

    How are you? I came to this page thinking that I will ask you to give me some light on my marriage

    There are so many souls here with their problems.. makes me feel guilty for even asking for anything..

    well.. then : ) I really wish all of their problems get solved .. of course you will help them out!

    In case you EVER come to Mumbai.. I would surely like to see you in person


  76. Respected sir,
    I am a cricketer. When I was young I had opportunity to play at state level(in U-14s), but because of my studies i had to leave the game. Now I have rejoined the game (after 6-7 years)… and I want to play at the state level. So, plz. help me sir. How can it be possible?
    Thank You…

  77. Respected sir,
    I am married woman. one guy is talking with me in wrong motive. how change his thoughts and make him as my good friend

  78. Dear Naran,

    My father’s last wish was to see his only daughter get married to the man I love for over 5 years now. We have been friends for over a decade, and have always had mutual admiartion, respect and fondness for each other. But the boy has not made up his mind, and told me that he does not love me. We have gone our ways for the past two -three months. My father wanted to speak to the boys father, but could not, as he suddenly passed away. can there be a miracle that can grace me and bring us together – I have deep faith in God. Help me with a switch word to make things work for us, where the divine graces us. Ameen

    • lavanya
      take the flower remedies sweetchestnut gorse larch, each 2 pills three times a day
      listen to the cd welcome change.

  79. Dear Naran,

    You have kindly answered lot of our prayers, and we as a family would like to thank you for your help. We are going thorough this problem with a builder regarding our flats, which after a long travails that we faced, finally came to settling for an agreement, where in we have agreed to accept a meager amount.

    But now the builder is creating a lot of problems in signing this agreement. It seems like the builder and his co-workers are playing some mind games, and it seems the builder is having some internal dealing with the registrar to avoid registration.

    Please help us to find out what they are doing to us, and if we can get to to know their inside work, and get the agreement registered. Please suggest a mantra for the same.


    • Dear Naran sir,

      Please reply to my question sir.


    • Dear Naran,

      You have been very kind in answering our questions. This is regarding the sale of our property. As it currently stands, both the parties, i.e, the builder and we had come to an agreement of sale. The registration for the sale of property was to be done today, but the sub-registrar at the Registration Office, is creating a problem in registering the sale.

      We believe that the builder and the registrar are colluded in this together. And there is a possibility that the builder has approached the registrar and bribed him as well for not letting the registration go through. For the registration to go through both parties should be ready to sign the agreement document. But somehow we were influenced in signing the document, and the builder did not sign the document.

      We do not know who is creating a problem, or if there is someone stopping this registration form going through.

      Please suggest us a mantra so that this registration happens smoothly. The next meeting to be held would be on Wednesday. Our lawyer had suggested that we should go to case against the registrar. But we do not want to go through this route. Please let us know a mantra so that this would come to a peaceful end.

  80. Akash chandra Gope

    Sir, Please reply me soon. I am in very bad condition. I am not getting government job. From last year I am try to get it. I am a married guy. I want to settle down in my life. Sorry for second posting of same question once again. Because of not having job I am facing lot of family problems. Please help me sir, please help me….

    • Akash chandra Gope
      chant together find divine job count now done.
      write gentian larch in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  81. Sir, we don’t know when we will get angry on anybody….so I want switchwords/mantra so that i can behave calmly even if that person is saying against me ….. .as after reacting I always felt bad.,

  82. Dear naran
    I have small store I sell cookies and prtzel.i want to sell store with around $150.000 or more asap.pls suggest me animals spirits guide. I been asking help from wolf

  83. gud mrg sir im sangeetha im 30 yrs old not getting marriage pls help me

  84. sir my sister is having mba exms in may she is working and not preparing for exams properly pls give me switch words thanks you

  85. sir im working as accountant and gaining weight sir now my weight is 62 not married im 30 yrs old pls give me switch words to put down my weight

  86. Dear Sir,

    In your Mudra Blog, I read about a Mudra. You mentioned there that when ‘Safe & Secure Mudra’ doesn’t work, that variation of the same mudra will work.

    I’m also doing that Wish fulfillment exercise with 3 Mudras (Acceptance+Space+Movement) .

    My doubt is : is it ok to do Movement mudra and that variation of Safe & Secure Mudra ? I mean, in safe & secure mudra’s variation you mentioned that, it’s because , it keeps index finger’s Air element under control. And in movement mudra we are touching index & middle fingers. So is it OK or is it contrast ?

    I get good vibrations when I do mudras along with swithcwords, That’s why I’m asking. (I do this new variation while listening to abundance CD.)

    Please clear my doubt. Should I continue that 3 mudra wish fulfillment exercise with movement mudra or should only continue with that new variation of safe & secure mudra to solve my money problems.


  87. Sir, I am due for a promotion next month. There are various parameters, all of which have to be cleared for me to get promoted. They are (1) My boss’s approval (2) My boss’s boss approval (3) Approval from HR Head, (4) My performance last two years (5) New projects/responsibility available to suit my new designation. Seeking your advice as to what can I chant to clear all the parameters without any difficulty.

  88. r what we can chant for our kids so that they are protected physically and mentally all hearing news usually all mothers get freightened.

  89. Hello Sir,

    I am 25F, am suffering from Psoriasis. Pls suggest some switch mantras to get rid of the disease.Pls help am badly suffering…

  90. Dear naran,
    I send a msg regard to increase sales of daily business plus I want to sell this business. You gave me a switchword on Apr 6. Together find divine buyer give count now but nothing is happening .I even call animal spirit .pls heip me if I am doing any mistakes. I have to sell this business asap with prices I have it mind

  91. Dear Naran Sir
    My two girls in bad company giving harsh back answers not studying orl istening.
    kindly suggest remedies for making them avoid bad company and focus on studies and be calm and obedient and listen to me.
    Very very worried.
    thanks much

  92. Baba its yashaswini.. you had asked me to chant AGRIMONY WALNUT REDCHESTNUT HORNBEAM TOGETHER DIVINE.. baba now when i am chanting that I feel afraid.. What shall I do ?

    • Yashaswini
      what is the fear?

      • Fear is that i have said that i am in love to my mom and she is saying no…Then, she asked to say to my dad. I am feeling afraid to inform him. I am feeling afraid what if he says no..I want to get married to my love my taking my parents and his parents blessings and permission? I feel afraid if it possible or not.

        • Yashaswini
          muster all your courage and tell him. Take the flower remedies centaury walnut, agrimony two pills each three times a day for about 10 days and tell him.

  93. Dear Sir, My parents spectacles have been sent it by courier one month ago. But we have not yet received so far. We have been asking courier personnel. They are saying spectacles have been misplaced and they do not know where it was. Please suggest any mantra or switchword on behalf of my parents to get their spectacles at the earliest.

  94. Naran sir
    Me and my wife love your march end my wife posted a question under ASK NARAN but somehow I could not find it again so posting again
    We are looking for a project manager who can take responsibility of making home on our plot on our behalf by taking his fee.we are living away in another city.
    We would like to chant so that a honest responsible person can be there for us and by giving nominal fee we can make house without any loss financial as well as we also want security of labour working there.please help us to find that divine builder

  95. damanjit

  96. Guruji Ko Pranam,

    My Name is Venkatesh, I am married and have 2 kids.
    I am planning to Buy house for the past couple of years However things doesn’t seems to work out.
    Deals come closer suddenly goes away.Due to heavy rise in Real estate , now i am not sure what to do.
    Could you please suggest any Mantra where in i can buy a nice Home for my family.


  97. dear guru ji
    i am 46.worried because of delayed periods more than one month. it can be symptom of menopause but not sure.advise me to chant so that i can have periods

  98. ruby,
    have the flower remedies scleranthus walnut 2 pills each three times daily

  99. Sry sir…bt i wanted to help him..dats y i askd
    Ve also seen mny posts
    Ppl doesnt alwayz cntct u fr there own sufferings. Dey ask fr others did i bt m sryy

  100. my ques no is 113 .

  101. my ques is 277 pls help me sir

  102. Dear Sir Naranji
    Kindly Pray for betterment of Yastika Gaur who is a 6yr old child having brain tumor, now shes sinking. dr have said its the last stage now. shes in Mumbai. Please help dear Sir Naranji….Can a Miracle happen in such cases?
    Send your DIVINE HEALING POWER TO Yastika Gaur !God bless You.

  103. I dont like myself.. I cannot accept the way I look.. I used to look better when I was smaller.. now my skin is turned a darker tone..I have this inferiority complex when there are prettier girls around.. I just lose all the my body is really small.. in front of others ..I look so tiny.. I am hating it : (


    • Also now things on the matrimonial front has worsened..none of the guys I see like me it seems.. I don’t know where I am going wrong.. I am really tired of this process.. Vallabham Gajanan mantra isnt working either.. I chant Hanuman Chalisa too.. doesnt work.. I meditate.. doesnt work.. I AM REALLY TIRED.

      Yesterday my mother just remarked that I musn’t be talking right I am being blamed for not being ‘liked’ by somebody.. its frustrating.. this process of seeking a man to be my partner.. I feel like some commodity..


    • Radhika
      take the flower remedies CRAB APPLE PINE LARCH. Put 5 pills in 200 ml water and have small sips every two hours throughout the day.
      Do it for 3 months

  104. sir, yesterday I called my boyfriend but someone else received the call and said it’s his number. I don’t know if he is trying to avoid me or he is in any danger because it’s impossible. I talked 2 him the previous night. U helped me a lot regarding my relationship. Now I want him to be hale and hearty and communicate with him as soon as possible because i don’t want to lose him at any cost..

    • sir, i called him this morning. I know it was him but he didn’t talk to me! He is doing it intentionally but i don’t know why! Plz sir, help me! I want to communicate with him and get be with him..

  105. Hi Naran ji

    I have a 21 month old baby, she is not walking or crawling yet. Can you please give me a mantra that will improve her health and give her strength to be up and going, also that will give her knowledge, so she can understand us and start to communicate. Thank you.

    • Neelam
      pray to sungod, to give neceesary healing.

      • Thank you sir, I really appreciate your help. I have also started chanting Hare Krishna mantra that you have mentioned in your blogs and also written it down on paper and put in under her pillow. Seeing amazing results already..thank you for the work you do.

  106. pl sir ……. a request i wish we all could have a chant to heal the countrty smooth for politcal issues and…. surrounding the borders is all enemies we all indians pray for quick solution pl help……………….thanks

    • VINI
      WRITE THE PLACE WHERE YOU WANT PEACE, do the circle method. chant Agrimony by holding the paper on hand daily for 10 minutes.
      or you can download a picture of Agrimony flower and paste it on the paper, written with the name of the place.
      Agrimony is peacemaker.
      pray daily let India and Indians be open to the love beauty and grace of the Divine peace.

      • I will also do this…in first circle we have to write india then in another circle we have to write agrimony this right way?….do i have to paste agrimony on circles or near the circles… is this can be use to stop voilence n terrorism also?

  107. Guru ji
    I am going through menopause symptom.age 46. I feel very depress,sometime too much angry,want to cry loudly on some old issues of family feel lonely and think that life useless.
    Help in German.

    • Lavanya
      Take Mustard scleranthus when you are depressed;
      When you are angry, take Holly willow.
      daily take walnut Gentian hornbeam

  108. Dear Guruji,
    Please tell me Mantra For Money Matters , Some Business Money Has stuck with 1 lady.and she is not ready to Given.

  109. Basaveshwar Oname

    Revered Naran Sir, Namaste
    U said in one of ur CD that keep attention on space/gap between words. How & what please. Thanks

    • Basaveshwar Oname
      thank you for listening.
      When your attention is on the space, you subsconscious mind is ready to be healed by the flowers.

  110. Hi Naran,

    I am very new in Switch Words. But I give it a go today. I had a toothache and I chant CHANGE. 2 hours later, the ache is gone. Now, I would like to ask you, what is the right switch words for attracting my husband back to me ? I have a lot of doubts about this matter but after what happen today with my teeth, I believe Switch words could do a charm on our relationship.

    looking forward for your repy.

    Thank you

  111. eKA

  112. dear sir
    I am 27yrs F, please advice some mantra to chant to conceive a baby,I had an abortion 6months back(had undergone IVF treatment),we r trying to have a baby from 6years. Please suugest some mantras to chant and to have a fruitful result

    Thank you

  113. Dear Sir
    My brother is going to have appraiser for next permotion.He is hardworking and deserving and his per motion is already overdue because of office politics.
    He should get permotion.
    I want to chant for him.will wait for divine guidance.

  114. Respected Naran ji,
    Sir i am in a big trouble,My cousin borrowed 50,000 rs from me 1 yr ago and he is not giving my money back.I am in a desperate need of money to pay some of my old debts. Kindly guide me to get my money back in a very short time.Looking for Switch words/mantra/bach flowers…

    Thank you,

  115. Dear Naran

    How to make someone who refuses to talk to you because they are angry with you, to come back and talk to you? How to win back their love, affection and trust? Is it possible to win back a person in a far off land who I cannot see or talk to? We were supposed to be married but he left me suddenly and refuses to even pick up calls. I read somewhere about emerald for opening communication. How should I use it? Please help me Naran.


  116. dear sir, my husband will be visiting chennai twice or thrice in a month to chennai on his project work. AS i wanted to visit ur center i have asked him to take me also with him, he gives one or other reason…please suggest me some switcg words so that he will change his mind & takes me along with him so that i can visit your center at chennai.

    • jaya

      • Dear sir,
        I have started chanting,but this time my husband has booked the tickets for him without telling me that he is going to chennai. yesterday night he came to chennai. I am very confused nothing is happening according to my wishes .
        please sir help.

  117. i know eating every 2-3 hour is good..but I dnt eat fruits or other healthy food ..If there is biscuits,sweets..rice..I will eat that..
    even in night when i eat something….at 2-3 a.m…how to stop this habit..and start eating healthy mid meal..not attracted towards junk food..even if it is in fridge…i m overweight too..trying to reduce weight.. lost t but i gained again..

    • m
      Take the flower remedies whitechestnut walnut cherryplum to stop this.

      • Dear Sir,
        Still I m eating Whatever in my fridge and kitchen….sweets etc..I dnt know its real hunger or what..or I feel bore so I eat..Pls help to stop this ..and so that I eat healthy food..And can do some exercise..

  118. Dear Guruji..

    I am constantly in Debts .. Most of my Life in the Last 20 Years , I am paying the EMIs to the Banks .. I need to get out of this & be financially independent.. Pls suggest a Remedy for this..



    • Surendra Lakshminarayana

      Write daily 100 times ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE NOW COUNT GIVE.

  119. Dear Sir,
    Two months ago my husband revealed that he has fallen in love with his female guru and has been having an affair for 2 years. He had been preparing mentally to leave me up to the point he told me. We have children. It is a cult and he is besotted by her. His guru has told him to do sadhana to release his family. However, he is now finding it hard to leave us or leave her and wants to know if I will accept an open relationship, which I can’t. I am very depressed, and experience pain, anxiety and panic every day. Please help me gain courage and strength and if there is any prayer that will help him to see that she is not a true guru for him and leave her and come back to us in harmony. I support his spiritual path but not this physical relationship with this guru.
    I also need something for my 10 yr old son. He doesn’t listen to me, is addicted to the computer, and gets angry very easily.

  120. Naranji,

    Am Radhi from Bangalore.I have been silent reader of this blog for the past few months.
    Currently am facing probs with in laws.We are staying away from in laws due to my husbands work.

    Me and me my husband having been quarelling for past 1 1/2 months due to inlaws.Now a days he is saying like he will call his parents for open talk and my inlaws will be coming soon.
    Am ready to talk but the thing is his parents totally change their words whatever they said and act infront of his son.Again I will become scapegoat for all these issues and this creates more misunderstanding between me and my husband.
    My husband is not at all favour to me for even small things also.

    My inlaws visit has been worrying and creating fear in my mind.
    could you suggest switch words to stop the discussion with in laws and make them realise their mistakes and everything should be go in a amicable way during my in laws stay at my home.

  121. Dear Naran,

    Since February my husband left me, i cant contact him until today because he closed every communication. He also told me that this is over and never going to reconcile. Could u let me know what is the right mantra/switchwords so he could come back to us? And how many times should I chant in one day ? Thank you.

  122. Dear Naran Sir,

    My annual increment period is in the month of July, the discussion for this would have already started. I would like to get a good hike in my salary this year.Please advice what should I chant?


  123. Dear Naran Ji

    Can you please suggest a mantra for my husband. He had a job interview with a company and they really like him. He has gone through recruitment and the agent said the company wants to employ him, this was 3 weeks ago, nothing yet has been confirmed, there’s been delays after delays, can you please give us a mantra so it speeds up the process and he definitely gets the job please. Thank you

    • Neelam

      • Thank you sir for the mantra, however just after 30mins of chanting this mantra, we got a phone call from the recruitment agent, saying that my husband didn’t get the job. The company liked him a lot but now they have decided to sell the business so they can’t commit to him. So much of my husbands time got wasted. He is very saddened by this. It was a perfect job and salary package. He is a very good human being, father and there another mantra that we can chant so his dream job and salary come his way please. He always wanted to do his business in his medical filed also but nothing seems to happen for him..please help..we are desperate..thank you..

  124. thanks for ur reply sir , pls telme me switch words in my office madam are playing games not increase my salary pls telme switch words so dat they increase my salary thank you sir

  125. sangeetha

  126. dear naran sir,
    i am 27yrs/f having tonsils infection ,throat pain on and off .when i take antibiotics pain and swelling subsides but.after some weeks throat pain comes again.can u suggest some mantra /switch word to get relieved of the problem.

  127. Dear Sir

    I always have financial problems, its like i earn 1 rupee and spend 10 rupees, always owing lots of people to pay back, being a single parent makes things more worst for me, please help.

  128. sir, my boyfriend leads a very desperate life because of his work (business). He has to go any time any where but the present condition of my country (bangladesh) is terrible and dangerous. He is a biker and rides bike to any corner of the country. Plz suggest me some divine words I can chant for his all round protection… I believe, U r the only hope for his being hale and hearty.. Plz help me sir…

  129. Dear Sir,

    My husband works with a small US based MNC for past 4.5 years. He’s doing good and is one of the key members in his organization but there’s nothing much happening in terms of career growth. He has some 13 years of experience now and is looking for a new job with some top level designation for past few months. Nothing good is really coming his way.

    Could i please request you to suggest me some mantras or switch words so that he gets calls for interviews and also crack them. Also, he has always been working in smaller set ups. He wants to get employed in some good brand in IT/Telecom. We are staying in Noida. It would be great if he gets a new job in noida itself.

    Also, is it possible that i chant on his behalf? If so, please advise how.

    Thank-you alot

  130. namaste sir
    actually i am not fluent in speaking english… i decided to study well ……….. but now i lost all my concentration to study……..and also some fear ………..
    sir please suggest me some switch word to write……
    its my dream to be fluent in english……plse help me soon

  131. Hello Naran sir,
    my sons (7 and 5 year olds) have both short sight and astigmatism. is there any mantra or remedies to help have sharp vision?

    Thanks in advance

  132. Hello Naran Sir,

    I came to know your blog accidentally few days back.Its really wonderful service to mankind who are in troubles and really happy that lots of people benefitted by your remedies.
    I have problem with my in laws.My mother-in-law is silent killer and My father-in-law is authoritative person and now he is not talking with me.He wants me to be slave and bow my head to him.He himself thinking he is very great person and he acts like reserved person but he comments on my back.He doesnt address me with my name.If I share with my husband he gives hype about his father and doesnt believe me and also he says he knows about his parents very well and we start shouting each other.
    I have been longing for my husband support.Could you suggest me some switchword to make my husband to trust me.

  133. Hi Naran Ji

    My husband has had an affair for more than 15 years. He has a 7 year old son with the other women. We have 3 grown up children from my marriage with him. He has come back to me for the last year, but again he has started going to the other lady. I have been told she uses jadoo tona to control him. I believe in god but I am feeling hopeless now..please suggest a mantra or remedy so he comes back to me for good..I live in NZ, s don’t have access to Bach flower. Please I am me save our marriage..

  134. s. vijayalakshmi

    sir,Iam in Andhra with my family.He should get promotion transfer now.he is 100% eligible for that.we want to get promotion to Chennai.By this time he should have got but it’s getting delayed.we are in doubt whether will get it or not.we are very eagerly waiting for it as our native place is chennai and our only daughter who is in 10th now will have a good education there.please help us that we should get chennai through his promotion and also a well suited branch for him and a good school for my daughter.Thankyou

  135. Dear Naran Sir

    Can you help me with something to curb my temper? I get angry very quickly and speak sharply. Sometimes I also raise my hand in anger and hit on the arm of the person. I went through a very difficult period in the past wherein I was financially drained by my parents and brothers and I was left with nothing. Now I am rebuilding my finances. I am always insecure about my finances and give the impression to people that I am stingy and not generous, though in the past I was quiet the opposite. I am also always afraid someone is going to trick me and I am impatient at work also. How can I increase my patience, tolerance and generosity without feeling insecure or fearful? Also, how to increase my financial strength so that my future is prosperous despite my fundamental generous nature? Help me get successful at work and real estate ventures. Please help me Naran.


  136. Dear Naranji,
    I have a 17 year old daughter who is extremely rebellious and thinks of me as her enemy. While she is a very smart girl, she does not work very hard. She always gives excuses for her bad grade. She has to meet with her friends even during her final exams. Could you please suggest some mantra to bring about changes in her behavior. Because of her there is absolutely no peace in the house.

    • suba
      give her flower remedies agrimony holly vine cherryplum.
      you take cherryplum impatiens willow.
      write together hold divine in a paper and keep it under her pillow

  137. Dear Sir, I am looking for a new job as my project is going to complete within 2 months. I have been chanting Gorse Chicory Centaury Aspen. Is there any mantra/switch word to get the job quickly with salary. You are my hope. Regards Subbu

  138. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for always replying to my questions. You have been my guru right from March 23rd, and all the remedies you have given me have been of great help for me. I am sorry for replying late.

  139. Grateful Mother

    Pranam Guru Naran ji,

    I thank the almighty for stumbling across your blog last year while I was going through some tension in my life regarding my son.As suggested by you I chanted the mantras and by gods grace he seems to be going in the right direction.I need your help again Naran ji

    My son just gave his his final exams for engineering and he didn’t do one exam well.
    Can you please give me some mantra so that he gets good marks and passes the subjects .Daily I am chanting Ambika mantra and 398 (101 times).

    What else can I chant or do to make sure that he passes all the subjects with flying colors.For once he is focused and sincere in his efforts .As a mother I just need him to succeed coz he has put in the hard work.

    Thank you Naran ji,
    Grateful Mother

  140. Respected Naran ji,

    We have been trying to sell an inherited land for past 7 years .We got only one offer in these 7 years and that to is not going through coz of negotiations which happened last week. The buyer and my husband are stuck on their numbers and nobody is ready to budge.Its just a variance of 2.5% of the cost.

    All these years I had ill feelings toward the land and cursing it that it is not being sold and its such a headache to safeguard it as we live abroad and the land is in India.

    However last night I came across that house/lands have soul too.It was like a revelation for me I immediately changed my thinking and instead of cursing the land I asked forgiveness and permission to sell the land.

    I have been thanking the land and chanting “Star of Bethlehem find divine buyer count now done” and”Release resistance”101times

    Please sir kindly suggest if what I am chanting is ok or can you suggest some mantra that this deal is finalized as the buyer might still be interested as the land is very suitable for his needs.

    Thank you Naranji,

    • mn
      what you do is right. continue. Thank that it has to be sold. dont think about the buyer.

      • Dear Sir ,
        ITS A MIRACLE.!!!! I have been thanking the land and chanting “Star of Bethlehem find divine buyer count now done” and “Release resistance”101times.
        Within 2 days my husband and the buyer settled upon an amount verbally .No written agreement has been made yet. They are still going back and forth about the payments . As mentioned earlier this is the first offer we got in 7 years and the party seems to be genuinely interested .
        Please Naran ji kindly suggest a Mantra to seal the deal with no further delay and both my husband and the party come to a mutual amicable agreement .Praise be to the Almighty for introducing you into my life. Million thanks for the service you are doing to mankind. God Bless .

  141. My father Is taking star of bethleham,white chestnut and agrimony as presribed by you.. for continuous pain.(he had surgery for very very slow growth tumour called TURBT). he has some relief.He has some numbness and pain in veins (In his left leg ,hip joint and upto midback)….He Has daibeties.. but It’s under control..his medicine has reduced for sugar.Pls help him for his numbness . pain in veins which usually occur after waking up in the morning.. during walking…after standing..

    • the pain extends from the lower back all the way through the back of the thigh and down through the leg….

    • m
      give him blue sapphire and nine gem pills.
      There is one Cardorium plus – a heart tonic which increases the peripheral circulation to heal one from numbness. It is a well documented product
      mail she will give the details where to purchase.

  142. Dear Naran,
    Visited your website by google search for mudra healing for sinus problem, then stuck to it. Really impressed by your knowledge. Please guide me regarding removing my sinus problem suffering since last 6 months. Most of the times right nostril is blocked n sometimes left one. but one of them is always blocked. Taking a gulp of anything inside makes a water sound in my ear. Please suggest.

    Warm Regards,
    Smriti Singhal

  143. Dear Naran sir

    hope u r well.
    please can you let me know what I should chant or write to find some good reliable friends on the same frequency as me who will be there for me life long. I would be happy even with a couple of good people. Kindly give me the SW and mudras if any.I have no friends at all and am longing to get out and make friends.I talk to everyone but have no friends as such.
    Please help me.
    ever so grateful for your kind help as always.
    kindest regards

  144. Basaveshwar Oname

    Revered Sir, Pranam.
    As per ur advise I am taking flower remedies Mimulus pink tourmaline gentian larch @ months but no changes please. Should I continue or any change in remedy (bach flower/SW?mudra)please. Thanks

  145. Dear Naran Sir,
    Thanks for always replying to my questions.
    As you have suggested i started chanting TOGETHER DIVINE as many times a day and i am chanting 1000 times in morning and 1000 evening (sorry but not actually on regular basis as I am very giddy at a times) and a result not able to see expected changes in him. When I was doing it on regular basis he had called me up twice which was unexpected for me to ask me to came back home at that time i was at my mom’s place.
    please let me know what to do now.
    Thanking You,
    Anita Parab

  146. Dear Mr. Naran,
    I have a simple query. Could you please outline the difference between intentions and affirmations? If I place intentions in a Reiki box, I have to write them as if they have already happened. But affirmations are in the present continuous – I am loving and I am becoming a confident person, etc. It’d be great if you give me some clarity. Thanks so much.

    • Renuka mani
      dont bother about writing what you want.
      you can also write i am loving and confident. While giving Reiki, you can visualise becoming confident.

  147. Dear Sir,
    My mother in law says she is afraid and has fear after the death of her mother in law(my husband’s granny).My mother in law was there at that time ..even in the hospital.My MIL is also afraid whenever she is alone..She says many times she sees her MIL face,while telling this she was crying.
    How can I help her sir,pls suggest some bach flower remedy/ mantra or anything that you feel right.

    • Along with this fear(written above) mother in law also has high B.P.she feels uncomfortable or nervous by the sound of cooler ,sound of water etc..pls help sir..

      • m
        givew her the flower remedy aspen clematis walnut. put 5 pills each in 200 ml water. and let her have 5 or 6 sips from that water.

        • Now my mother in law is feeling much better she is chanting Laltham mantra taking bach flower remedy….

  148. sir.. i want my ex bf back…there is no contact between me nd him last 4 mnth…plz give me sw so he contact me.

  149. Dear Naran Sir,
    This is with reference to my question I have visited 2-3 astrologers and very scared about their predictions as all of them told me that there are 100% chances of separation/divorce in my marriage with in next few days/months.
    My situation is actually worst I am chanting TOGETHER DIVINE but not seeing any changes in my situation and now after visiting astrologers I am very depressed as I just wanted to live my life happily without any such drastic changes. Though my husband is not at all talking to me, not taking care and not at all showing any interest in me from day 1 of our marriage I still love him very much and wanted to live my life with him only.
    Naranji, Kindly suggest something.

    • aNITA PARAB,
      CONTINUE THIS. buy the switch words and symbols for various situations after the workshop on 25th is over.
      There is one symbol to unite the broken relationship

  150. Hi Naran Ji

    My baby is sick. She has had a bad flu for the last 3 weeks, coughing, sneezing and very bad runny nose. Has had a temp a few times also reaching 40 degrees, we have had to rush her off to the clinic twice this week. She doesn’t eat or sleep properly. Is there any mantras I can do for her so her flu goes. Pleae help.

  151. Dear Naran Sir,
    My husband’s CT scan was on 14th May(lung cancer) to see how he is progressing.Pls give me switch words so we can see good results and be less anxious.I would be grateful if you pray on our behalf.
    Thank u.

  152. Dear Naran sir,

    My son is going to 8th std ICSE. His school starts next week. Iam worried about his studies because he will not study on his own. moreover the syllabus is tough. He would require some one’s help to teach him . I cannot dedicate more time to his studies because iam a working lady and my husband comes home from work only in the night. I am trying to find some good tutions for him.
    Could you please suggest some mantra to help me find a good tutor and also to improve my son’s concentration and dedication towards studies

    Thanks a ton Naran sir for your guidance

    • rajitha
      give him the flower remedies Mustard oak chestnutbud. Put 5 pils, each, in 200ml water. ask him to take 3 or 4 times in a day.

  153. Dear sir
    I am been a silent follower of your immense help for people in trouble. My husband used to be an IT contractor until 2013 march. For past 3 months he is out of job. Since he is the bread winner, we all are very worried and scared. Please can you suggest me some Switch Word that would helps us. Thank you

  154. dear naran im married in big joint family for 14 years with 3 kids from the day one of my marriage evrything is going wrong nd against me , love health wealth self respect nothing is left in me iam totally fed up of my life hurt , ivr tried my best to adjust but its impossible to satiesfy all above all my hubby is youngest nd doesnt listen to me nor support me evrybody becomes one blame me torture me with taunts plzzzzzzzzzzzzz im fed up want peace of mind love, respect ,health wealth , nd my own home wat to do help me

  155. Hello Naran Sir

    My Mother underwent Brain tumor surgery and had lot of complications with brain swelling and stroke and now she is not responding well.. Doctors are saying we need to wait for brain swelling to reduce and only then they can do something.. Its been 4 + weeks. Please help me with any mantra for reducing brain swelling and also recover from stroke..

  156. smitha
    write star of bethlehem in a paper and keep it under her pillow.
    chant sweetchestnut redchestnut together divine

  157. Dear sir,
    I am having continous pain in my right side of seems to be some one is injecting some thing in my head.please help me sir.

  158. sir i have lots of money problems. My husband is unemployed. What can do plz suggest me soon

  159. Mr Naran Sir,

    my daughter is 8yrs old she is no obeying and not listening me.having lack of concentration also.i want her to lisen my words and concentration in her studies.pls suggest me some mantra to change her.pls help me

  160. Dear sir
    I was busy with renovation at home,suddenly came a lack of money and I could not finish the renovation.Can you please help me with some switch words?
    Thank you very much.


  161. sir I m taking oak rockwater crab apple for weight loss from last 3-4 days..
    sir fat thoughts(e.g weight is more,i m looking overweight, dresses are tight etc) keep coming in mind…how to control this….
    is there any mantra/switchword to fasten the results..
    Thank you

    • there is one more thought keeps coming in my mind….. that after loosing weight, it will not maintain.. and will gain the lost pounds again.. ..

    • m
      add whitechetnut to the combination.

  162. Dear Naran Sir,
    I lost about 18 lacs in finance. I put my house for mortgage. I have debts. My salary is going for EMIs. All expenses are not worthwhile to spend. Whatever I put forward to overcome my problems, I find more obstacles and I have a big war in my mind. Which one I should follow? I used to chant Gayathiri Mantra and Find Divine Order as many times during my working and leisure hours.; But nothing yield positive results. Pl. help me sir

  163. Dear Naran Sir,
    My name is shraddha and really fed up with many issues in job and personal. In job though working hard I am not able to get promotion nor monetory gains. The people who are not intelligent than me are going higher and I am on the same place. This thing worries me. I dont know whats going wrong. At home too there are many issue. My husband is very nice, very supportive. But my mother in law is too cunning. i dont like her. She doesnt help me a bit still I keep a smile on face whenver she comes in front of me, but she still shows me attitude, i dont know for what. I have come from a small town duw to which I think I am facing this issues – personal and professional front. People are under estimating me. I want to change both my inner and outer appearance. Please help. Also I want to talk to you. Please let me know how.

  164. Sir ,I m planing to learn Reiki…what should I chant so that I will get right appropriate teacher for me..

  165. manjindarjit kaur

    I am very troubled with my son. He finds it very difficult to get up in the morning and go for lectures. he has a company of bad friends. How can I instill the importance of going for lectures and classes. he is a university student. I would be extremely grateful if you could reply on my personal email too. I would like to buy ur mantra cds too. My email…

      chant slow care together hold divine over a glass of water and give him daily

  166. I’m a student of class twelve awaiting my result.I want to join a college which is in Singapore. In order to join this college board marks are highly essential.i would be fulfilled if i’m able to clear the requirements for entering into this college and most importantly i’m seeking for a scholarship which is based on my board marks. kindly suggest me a solution.

  167. hello Naran,

    first of all thank you so much for these useful mudra lessons.

    well, my friend is underweight and he’s epileptic, can he practice prithvi mudra to gain weight? and will you please specify when and how long he can do it?

    and im overweight, i want to practice agni mudra, can i do it after bath while my hair is wet? and can any mudras be practiced for few mintues before starting cardio-vascular exercise or aerobics? and does shunya mudra help in losing weight?

    I’m very sorry to ask you so many questions at once but I found this is the only reliable blog on net to clarify my doubts on mudras.

    thank you in advance.

  168. Hello sir,
    I am having problems with my husband and in laws.they were mentally and physically touturing me from last 1 year.
    before 3 months hey ask me to leave thr home now iam living with my parents.
    i want my husband back as he is not calling me or not keeping any contact with me…I want he should come to me behave with me normally.please help.

  169. dear sir,
    i found my husband mobile with sex messages with his office friends. even they replied the same way. when i asked him, he is maintaining silence. i suspect whether he would hav crossed his limits physcally. he is not willing to talk about this matter but i am fully confused and betrayed. i want him to tell the truth and change his bad attitude.

    • nr,
      take the flower remedies agrimony crab apple holly chicory rescue remedy.
      give him also

  170. My husband got driving License here in UAE. Thanks to SW gentian & larch. Now, we intend to buy second hand car. Any SW to get good car within budget. Thank u

  171. sorry about that. you asked me to chant “together count divine”.I also wrote it on a paper and kept under his pillow. Next day itself he received an offer to work in diff company for 2 weeks but after 3 days itself going there he received an offer from his previous company itself for a month. we are so happy and hope his contract extends after a month. regarding my second issue it sounds very silly but its absolutely bothering me. There are couple of so called friends whom i cannot cut the relationship but couldnt enjoy their relationship aswell. Please help me. Everyone asks me to ignore and forget as if i dont do it or enjoy doing it. Its not working nomatter how much ever i try to self motivate my self. I have a very strong feeling that my inner self is very weak and hence low confidence and depressed.Please help me

  172. overweight girl

    hello Naran sir

    hope you are well.
    I urgently need SW that will help me decide what job to go. there are two coming up and I do not know which one to go.I don’t like either of them but have not got a choice.what words can I chant to make sure I choose the right one and be happy? im very confused and chanting find divine order like mad but still unable to decide.
    please can you help? i have got 4 days to decide.
    thanks a bunch.

    • overweightgirl
      write scleranthus slow care together divine in a notebook daily for 51 times

  173. Dear Guruji,

    Namasthe. I want to change my current residence. because i am facing plenty of problems in the current house. please suggest remedy so that i get a house immediately within my budjet.

  174. Dear Naranji,
    My daughter gave her few exams last week. She is not sure how well she wrote them. Could you please suggest some switch word or numbers to ensure she gets very good results. I am very stressed about it.
    Many thanks

  175. KARTIK

  176. trupti.
    Add B-56 drops and continue thyrodinum for another month

  177. Dear Naran sir,
    Today morning i was on my way to office,suddenly a peacock or peahen crossed my way from left to right and flew away. Does it giving any message?? As i am getting married and a match is in hold. Does it giving any message regarding that match??
    Pls guide me sir.

    Thanking you,

  178. Dear Naran Sir,
    I have resigned from my job and 31st May is my last day of job but this is my first and last job and me and one of my colleague are only 2 who are old in this company.
    i stared noticing that my boss is very criticizing about my work though i do all my work sincerely and he started appreciating all our new staff with salary hike, good remarks etc. telling bad things about me to them and it is very difficult to survive in this company for these reasons only i have given my resignation. But i am very attached with my boss as well as my company and don’t want to leave also and wanted good salary hike with appreciation of my work. my all rest staff is not so qualified whatever they do they take my assistance and i suggests and ask them to do so the things in right way and all credit goes to them only.. nobody even notice me and my efforts.. this is only happening with me since so many days.
    Kindly suggest something that i can hold my position in this company with good reputation and salary.
    Awaiting for your reply.

    • anita parab,
      chant chicory gorse clematis.
      write BHARATHA in a notebook daily for 21 times

  179. sairam
    dear sir, my husband is very tensed because of office tension,he signed a paper without checking it and because of that he may get transfer to some other place .sir belive me we always pray god and i really does not know how to come out with this problem .my husband is also says that because of higher offcer pressure he did without checking.kindly give me some mantra to come out of this problem.

  180. Namaste Naran ji,
    I feel very negative. Nothing is going my way. I’ve just completed graduation (B.E) but I’m not getting any job. I’ve appeared in many competitive exams but haven’t cleared any. I am having a lot of fight with my girl-friend with whom I had been for the past 4 long years. Since then I’ve been very depressed. We occasionally do talk on phone but hurts me too much to know that she isn’t taking any actions for the betterment of our relation but is only busy with her own stuff. I am unable to concentrate on my studies. My relation with my mom and dad is also deteriorating as I’m loosing my temper on the pettiest of the issues. I feel very lonely. I’ve realized that in the recent times I’ve lost my sense of humor and I’m always in tension. Please direct me I am in need of your guidance.

    • Mohit
      Nobody is responsible for your mental state. Take the flower remedies, Agrimony willow Rescue remedy.

  181. Dear Naran
    I have been reading your blog and can I chant Reach Top score Divine for my daughter to get good results in all her exams. Looking forward to your reply. Can I chant anything else in addition to this?


  182. A very good score.

  183. I ‘ve been chanting the ambika mantra. She is giving her final exams and also giving her SAT tests.
    Could you please suggest chants so that she gets good results in all her exams.

  184. krihna
    continue to chant ambika mantras.
    write 398 in a paper and keep it under her bed

  185. namastee naran sir
    i am padma my son is in U.S.A. he want to buy a apartment in visakhapatnam A.P we had seen 3 apartments but we couldnt buy them we missed it so please give a mantra so that we can chant for buying a new apartment.waiting for your reply sir.
    thanking you

  186. overweight girl

    dear naran

    thank you for the SW.
    i have a problem and am desperate for some help.
    my dad is causing so much trouble. he is going to be 80 and is so moody that he drives us insane. he does not talk or laugh or do anything useful. he is always moody and sleeps and does not talk to my mother. my mom is fun loving and is suffering in silence. he wont talk to me and has never liked me. im desperate for him to change and have fun for the few years that he has left. he is fit and well but keeps thinking he is ill and cant do anything. when we see him he acts as though he is so ill whereas when we dont see him he is fit and does everything on his own. he is very well educated but behaves like mental. is there anything that i could chant for him? he wont do anything but im ready to do anything that will give my mum happiness for sometime. we need him to be happy and talk to us and laugh and joke that is all. can you help please?
    many thanks and please help me asap.
    together divine thanks love divine help please now be.

  187. overweigh gir,

  188. sir i have written my mba exam waiting for results pls telme a switch words and a mantra to clear my all subjects

  189. Naran Sir,my daughter took her exams but she said her chemistry, history were very hard. Is there any switch word that I can chant for her so that her results are very good.
    Thank You

  190. Sir after one month I have decided to tell my love matter to my parents.. I want them to agree and get me married to my love.. I wanted to know if there is any switch words for that ?

  191. Naran sir, I love a guy and even he likes me..i want him to propose me to marriage within few days is it possible with any switch words ?

  192. SWEETY

  193. Sir can i say mine and his name along with that switch words?

  194. Sir i am in a relationship since last five years…..i really like him very much with many ups and downs and many adverse conditions i have been his constant supporter ….he too loves me but we are not able to bring frwrd this realationship into marriage as he is stucked in his divorce case …he his married since last eight years and his wife left him as she does not want to get married and was forced by parents..he is fighting for divorce but now she want a large amount of money to gv divorce …..and due to all ths things he gets demotivated and he thinks my life is being spoiled he step bcks at times…sir i am really tired of this behaviour and i feel bad when he steps back….sir please help me with some switch word or mantra so that we both get together and our problems get sorted out…….coz we both love each other but circumstances are not in our favour…..

  195. Lupe en California

    Hi Naran, thanks again for all your support QUESTION FOR CANCER patients. I am going to see my Mom in Peru for 2 weeks and I am taking with me MP3 I bought from your store: mp3 solar energy to energize her chakras and mantras for organs, the vision for her glaucoma and I will do water charging with Lalitham mantras, her cancer is BONE or MYELOMA CANCER, please kindly suggest any symbols and where to get them so that she can sleep with them or anything else you recommend. thank you so much for all you do. i trully appreciated. Lupe en California 6/4/13

  196. Is it guru guhan kodi kodi lavanayam or guru gugan kodi kodi lavanayam…..Which is right one?how to pronounce” di “in kodi …is “d” as in drum or “d” as in didi

  197. m
    Thank you. a good guide line for pronounciation.
    guru gugan
    Kodi “d” as in drum. Kodi is one crore in tamil. My guru Gugan is kodi kodi lavanyam.- gugan’s beauty is beyond words, His face is shining like thousands and thousands of rays of divine light

  198. Thank you sir for wonderful clarification …
    Today there was heavy rain in our city for few mins..In that time a tree fell down very very close to our building,few vehicles are damaged..people are bit shocked.,but all are and little daughter are also shocked.Though our car is safe ,I feel like it’s miracle.What Can I chant for safety of our building ,people..our city..

  199. m
    chant divine guard

  200. sir, i need an urgent favour. Plz suggest me some divine words to avoid pregnancy. I missed taking pills and now i am afraid of being pregnant but i am not ready to be a mother right now. Eagerly awaiting ur reply sir..

  201. Dear naran sir is there any remedy for high cholestrol

    • jayanthi
      There is one CARDORIUM PLUS herbal liquid available at the centre. you can buy

  202. sir, me and my husband need urgent immigration to USA. But we don’t have any connection. Plz suggest us some divine words so that we may find the right path, medium or opportunity to shift to the place of our choice as soon as possible. By born we are bangladeshi and living in bangladesh.

  203. Naran sir,
    I have started chanting Adjust Together Change Divine Order.
    She is giving her Math exam today. She usually does not get very good grades in Math.
    Can I chant the same switch word for good results in Math exam as well.

  204. Naran sir,
    I live in the US and I have a son. He plays foot ball and he is on the B team. He is having try outs tomorrow and really wants to get selected to play for the A team. Could you kindly suggest some chant or switch words so that he gets selected to the A team.
    Thank You

  205. KRISHNA

  206. Dear sir,

    Warm greetings! Many thanks to you, as I got the Bach flower remedies from your center for my daughter who is 15 months and had a slow weight gain.

    Today, I want some guidance for me, I quit my job so that I could raise my daughter well till she goes to preschool. I plan to presume my job next year. Meanwhile am at home all day and think of doing so many stuff. I know am at good at, like painting, writing, learning baking, being regular with my gym and swimming. But am very lethargic and laid back. I plan to do so much, always put deadlines to what I think of doing on a particular day, but keep procrastinating. I either spend my time sleeping or surfing online. In the end I feel so guilty about the lost time. I am trying to find work from home options as well but nothing is coming my way…I also want to enhance my project management skills by doing a PMP course, I am planning to enroll in the same. But there is something in me, call it laziness that does not let me achieve my goals. I know I have the potential to achieve this all,but doesn’t know where does all my drive goes. Please help.

    Also I keep getting dreams that I’m about to reach somewhere and my vehicle runs out of petrol, I’m writing a paper and as soon as I am about to finish, it tears off.. Am getting ready to go somewhere but are not able to find my clothes to be worn. Once I dreamt I am going to get married but am not able to reach at the venue and get stranded. Like this many such instances where I’m about to reach/do something but have hurdles all through.. What Does this indicate?


    • Dear sir,
      I posted my question on June 5, please see above, however I am still waiting for your reply. Please do the needful.

      • MOMMY
        Take the flower remedies scleranthus walnut cherryplum pine each 2 pills one after the other for three times in a day.

  207. for last 2 days I had a dream..that i m giving exams..studying..any special meaning here for this dream

    • m
      be like a child in learning. you are very fast mentally. chant SLOW CARE

      • thank u sir… Yes I m very fast mentally,I can do many work in a little time.. can finish book in a day..Do I need to slow down..

  208. Dear Sir
    I am taking mixture of 7 bach remedies for blood pressure and now my blood pressure is in control , but I still feel uneasiness/anxiety after every one or two day
    Kindly help
    AK Dhir

    • AK DHIR

      when you feel anxious understand and instruct the mind that it is time for calmness and peace.chant TEAPOT WHISTLE at that time

  209. Dear Sir,
    I am aged 35 and still un married
    kindly suggest me remedies
    Gaurav Kochhar

  210. gurav
    write these words 18 times in the right hand and 3 times in the left hand.

  211. Hello Naran Ji,

    My son is 7 yrs old very good at studies and some other skills like music..etc. he is very intelligent and smart….. The problem is that, he doesn’t listen to his teachers & parents, but he completes all his work at home and school and he doesn’t tell anythings that happen outside the home. He has no respect to his parents and teachers…He has trouble in communicating things that happen in his day to-day activities. He ignores social gathering….he knows what is good and bad but still, doesn’t respect, listen, hurts and dominates others… he lies a lot. and justifies himself even after doing mistakes… he repeats the mistakes again and again… for eg. if he hurts others and was told not to repeat, he does that again and again.. Please advise to get him on the right path as soon as possible…

    • RT
      give him the flower remedies WATERVIOLET VINE CHESTNUTBUD 3 pills each one after the other for 4 times a day.
      Buy these flower remdies from any homeopathy shop

  212. sir , pls telme a switch words for my new job im 32 years working as an accountant

  213. sir , pls reply me im working as a accountant for my and mba trying in defence sir pls give me a switch words to get job in defence

  214. Sir,
    My little 6 daughter school is opening in few days.. she is good in academics,still she is saying that she is scared… what will happen.. school is going to start…what remedy can be given to her/

  215. Naran

    My grandmother left me some money in her will to be given by my uncle from the money she had lent him. However,my uncle and aunt are evasive and my parents are not keen on legal uncle is not known for integrity,he has cheated some people wrt a land sale as well
    I want to know if I can chant something to get back what is due to me.

    Thank you.

  216. baishnavi
    leave it

  217. Sir
    As advised I am chanting ‘TEAPOT WHISTLE’ . Can you sir send me distance healing , to supplement . one day I am alright and another day I feel depressed , don’t feel like eating or doing any thing .

    AK Dhir

    • Ak dhir,
      then you take scleranthus willow – bach flower remedies

    • Dear Sir
      I was having high blood pressure 90-150 and cholesterol 217 in Jan 2013 , which was under control with homeopathy medicines Passiflora Q + Rauwal Q + Cratag Q and was 80-120 and 172 resp . But a few days earlier , I was not feeling well & got my BP checked it was again 100-150 . And now today i had to take allopathy medicine .Kindly suggest me some way out for the following symptoms .
      1. Mild pain in head
      2. Mild pain at back of chest upper portion
      3. Mucus in throat / Nausea
      4. Debility
      5. Always wants to lie down
      6. Do not want to do anything , even watching TV
      7. No thirst
      8. Don’t feel like eating
      9. Morning sickness/Nausea from morning till evening
      10. Disturb sleep , wakes up at 2-3 am in night and takes time to sleep again
      11. Sadness
      12. All gone feeling in stomach
      13. Thinking of disease increases disease
      14. Always in a hurry & worry
      15. Hardworking/Intelligent/thinker
      16. Less physical work
      17. Dandruff in hair since many years and now eczema in hairy parts and back of ear
      18. Was having high blood pressure & high Cholesterol six months back , now OK
      19. Whenever there is no depression , itching starts in head and nose starts flowing

      1. Always in a hurry
      2. Debility
      3. Sadness for no reason
      4. Dandruff/eczema in hairy part and back of ear
      5. Fear of disease
      6. Sleeplessness / disturbed sleep
      7. Overcare for others , wants and love to work for all family members & others
      8. Hadworking & intelligent/thinker
      9. Always want company
      10. Avoid confrontation/ fight
      11. Depression / anxiety

      • May be you can try Heart mudra 2 times a day for 20-30 mins
        Index finger base at the thumb, while the middle and ring fingers on both hands touches the tip of the thumb.There is CD for high BP that you can order by contacting Shobhna.My suggestion is to listen that CD.
        Thank You

  218. hello Naran sir

    I have been writing holly heather together divine 51 times daily for a month to get some friends.
    I have also been writing find divine job count now done 21 times daily for the past month to get a job.
    no joy on either front. i was so depressed yesterday that i wanted to kill myself.
    is there any thing else i could chant to get out of this mind.
    i feel that only if i work im useful or else im useless and cannot get out or go to a movie as i feel useless without a job. what can i do to get out of this feeling?
    please can you help me. i shall be ever so grateful for any change in my situation.
    thanks a ton sir.
    deep gratitude.

    • Helpplease

      How can a person be helped who has believed that job only can give happiness.
      The event is 10% only. we build up 90% of the event, with our thoughts and emotions by being judgmental and conclusion. When you conclude after the event, it becomes your belief and you allow this belief to rule your life. A belief is like a chain and you cannot move beyond that.

      If you are dissatisfied with what is happening, you should have the determination to change.
      Understand that your own judgment, thoughts and emotions are keeping you in the same rut preventing you from getting what you want.Constant complaining about the situation, in which you are in, is a waste of your time and energy.

      chant ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE NOW as many times as possible for the next one month.
      The chanting of the above, will help you change, inspite of your resistance.

  219. Pranam, my son is only 1 month old and he has been diagnosed with Down syndrome which has no cure..please help me

  220. Hi Naran Ji

    Please can you help us with some mantras that will help my husband and I get a bank loan from the bank. We have a 2 bdroom aparment that we own but is getting too small with our child growing up, we have seen another apartment in our complex but a 3 bdroom, I have spoken to the bank for a loan for the 3bdroom and we want to put our 2 bdroom place on rent. Please if you can suggest a mantra that will approve our loan and we get the new place and have no problems putting our home right now on rent. Will really appreciate your hlep. Thank you 🙂

    • Neelam

      • Thank you Naran Ji, much appreciate your help. Can you please suggest a mantra also so the vendor agrees on a good price for the apartment please nothing sky rocket high. Thank you 🙂

        • nEELAM
          THIS WILL DO

          • Thank you Sir. We heard back from the bank today, they have only given us pre-approval for a loan for a lower amount, it is not enough for the property we wanted,. It is like a blessing in disguise though, after looking at the property again, we think there’s leakages etc, so we not interested in it now anyway. Thank you for your help. My sis and I are in the same situation we both want to buy a house in the area we are currently living in but we cant find the right one and the one’s we like are very dear, can you please suggest a mantra both my sis and I can chant so we can both find a nice house for a good price in the area we like. Thanking you in advance 🙂

  221. Dear Naranji,
    My family and I live in a rented place and we are very happy in this home. But lately the landlord increased the rent by 30 per cent and we are lost as to what to do as we cannot afford the hike. We would like to continue living in this home as long as we are living in this country as it is very convenient for us in every way. Please suggest a mantra that we could stay on here until my husband gets a transfer to another country. Thanks and best wishes.

  222. Dear Naran Sir,
    As you have suggested I am writing BHARATHA 21 times daily and chanting CHICORY GORSE CLEMATIS since 28th may. Though I have continued in same company only but my boss and I are not talking to each other actually we are very attached with each other (officially and personally both) and some new joined employees created misunderstanding between us. And on that basis he is very angry on me. He is not even trying to hear anything from me.
    I want him to talk to me and clear all misunderstanding between us but not able to see any changes in him. Kindly help me. This is 1st time he is taking me so wrong that he even held my salary review also which was due in the month of April’13.
    Kindly help me sir for both problems.
    Anita Parab

    • anita parab
      what did you do incite his anger? I want to know the other side story

      • Dear Naran Sir,

        As I am one of the old employee of this company whatever I feel I directly use to tell my boss whatever it may be, even if he is wrong somewhere or about work or about salary increment everything.

        I am very straight forward to him and I never hide anything from him this is my nature. Even if I do something wrong I go and tell him. And now a days I can see other peoples even if they are right and my boss says something they keep quiet and afterwards they talk behind his back which I can’t do that. In work we are doing lot of mistakes but I can clearly see that everybody else are very expert in hiding their mistakes except me, I just can’t do that I tell him everything and that is what he started thinking that I am a mistake machine which is not true. Lots of customers and peoples admire my work but he is only looking at my mistakes and mistakes and it’s very hard for me to prove or justify it even if I am right at many of them which he is taking as my mistakes.

        One of my big weakness is I get hyper easily and can’t handle the situation and clarify my point of views which peoples take me in wrong way.

        Kindly suggest me something sir.

        Anita Parab

        • anita prab
          take the flower remedies beech willow walnut cherryplum impatiens

            • Thank you Naran Sir.
              Anita Parab

              • Dear Naran Sir,
                Finally after so many days of silence yesterday i spoke to my boss and we both mutually agreed that i should leave this job. And now i am leaving this job though i just don’t want to leave this job but i have to. Kindly tell me some switch word so that i can get better new job with better prospects as soon as possible as i cant stay at home due to some financial problems.

                It will be very difficult for me to forget everything as this is my 1st job since i stared working but i know i have to start with new .

                Thank you Naran sir for always answering and helping me in my all problems.
                Awaiting for your reply.
                Anita Parab

                • Anita Parab
                  continue the remedies for another month.DO the forgiving exercise for the boss.

                  • Dear Naran Sir,

                    I am really sorry that every alternate day i am changing my answers. I am really sorry for this. Saturday i spoke to my boss before leaving the office, i just wanted to clear all misunderstandings between both of us and i prayed cuckoo and blue whale for the same and miracle just happened he actually stared listening and understating me. I told him whatever is going on behind his back and what i was up to while we had fight.. he literally started crying which i really felt guilty for that.. After some hours he asked me to not leave this job and asked me to continue here only.. i accepted his request and today i came and joined my office again.

                    All I came to know that some new joined employees had told him something bad about me and he also believed them which he says sorry for same.

                    Naran Sir,
                    This is every time story that whoever new comes and join our office they always try their level best to separate or create misunderstanding between me and my boss and try to take my place instead. In my 8 years of career I faced such things at least 7-8 times but don’t know why this is happening.

                    I never tried to be favorite of my boss I just do my work honestly and without caring about anything or taking anybody’s burden.

                    Every time I came out of that easily because trust me sir I always do my job honestly and as if this is my company only. With God grace I never misused my powers or my authorities and my boss also trust me with full of his heart. He always wanted me to do all his work and always gives me 1st preference for any kind of his job/work.

                    Only one request sir I just wanted to be here with my full credibility and dignity as I have grown up here and this is the only place where I can see my entire future and building myself as strong persona.

                    Kindly suggest me something for my daily chanting which can lead me more bright and peaceful life.

                    One more thing sir, As you have suggested for my personal life I am chanting TOGETHER DIVINE daily and with God and your grace my married life is coming on track slowly..

                    Thank you Very very much sir.

                    Anita Parab

                    Again sorry for such a long letter.

                    • anita parab
                      Why do you feel sorry for the happy event? you are understood well. You believed in healing and you are helped.Thank cuckoo and blue whale.continue the remedies.
                      along with TOGETHER DIVINE,add ADJUST BOW CONCEDE TINY and continue.This will work for both office and home.
                      BEST OF LUCK

  223. V. Ramakrishnan

    Thanks once again for guiding me to sell my property and guiding my son for his vision improvement.
    Just wanted to get my balance cash on my property sale as the buyer has only given a minimal amout. He says he is in a cash crunch. As i need the balance cash for pay off my debts, I want the buyer to be ready with cash by 20th of June so that i can pay off the loan by 30th. Just as a note, I had posted during the month of Feb on this and you had guided me to chant “Release resistence, find divine buyer, give count now, done” after which I found the buyer in a week’s time.

    Many thanks and Regards

  224. dear sir, i and my husband live some what well in our house along with our daughter and his parents please give mantras to both of us ( to me and my husband) to strenghten the harmony between us

  225. Dear Sir,
    My elder brother is very always worried for small small a days he is having headache problem and sleeping problem.For headache he got worried.. and done all test..all tests are normal.He is like.. even for minor sickness.. he will get worried and have wild what disease may He has,is it big disease or what.Also he will frequently washes his 2 kid’s hands .. thinking.. if his kids catch gems.. and have fever so on..
    He shares all problems with our father….

  226. Dear Naran,

    It’s my bad then. I thought its a month past by ever since i wrote here. He left me because misunderstanding, we quarreled a lot and he left. Please suggest me what to do and let me know for how long should i do it. thank you.

  227. My aunt’s 2 sons are getting married in few months.My Aunt is bit orthodox…she wants certain things in her own ways only.. speacially in case of daughter in law…She wants her(to be daughter in law).. do all stuffs.. in her own ways..mentally she is not ready to accept her daughter in laws….she is so much insecure.,she complains a lot abt them.. pls help her to cope with this change(marriage)

  228. Dear Naran JI,
    I am facing a problem related with money and want to start my business but not getting right direction also please suggest

  229. good morning sir , sir i have completed my and MBA (first year) presently working as a accountant earning 7000 sir , sir pls telme me a switch words to get settle in job because no body is there for me sir i want to settle in job pls sir thanks you

  230. Respected Naran ji,
    I am writing to you with deep heart about the deteriorating relation between my husband and father My father has only daughters and my husband has been like a son to them for so many years .But for past couple of years there has been a lot of friction between the two. My husband has lot of anger and gets angry at the slightest pretext .He picks up fights and arguments at the smallest reasons .Due to his anger he has cut all relations with his parents and siblings. He is unhappy becoz of his own personal life and always is unhappy and angry around people who love him and care for him. But in his anger he does not see who is in front of him and yells .Earlier it was not as bad but lately his speech has become very loose and he doesn’t see the that my father is an elder person and cannot be yelled at .I am living in a constant hurt mode .I feel very bad for my parents that I have never disrespected them but they have to bear all these insults becoz of me.
    As suggested by you in your blog I forgive and thank and try not to divulge in the past , but it’s not helping . Please suggest some mantra or remedy so that the things are happy and peaceful l as they were before .I love both the men in my life but this turmoil is killing me .My husband’s misery is wrecking all the relations around us. Please sir HELP ME!!!.my parents are old and I want them to have a peaceful life in their golden years.
    Yours truly,

    • Ambika
      chant i release my bond and i allow others to go through thier experience
      get HARMONY remedies from the center and both of you take.
      listen to daily durga durgama cd.

      • Respected Naran ji,
        As suggested by you I am chanting “I release my bond and I allow others to go through their experience”. My husband and dad will be meeting each other in a week. I will buy the CDS but that will take time.
        In the meantime.. Please …please…please sir give me a SW or a mantra so that I can chant on both their behalf so that they can forget the past and start a fresh relations ship. I am worried sick as my dad is very angry too.

        KIND SIR PLEASE HELP !!! .I should be happy that I will be seeing my parents but fearing the meeting between the two .


  231. guruji,
    Life become very boring, feel life stopped no changes in life is peace of mind for anything.. no proper money earnings.. feel mind is blank to do anything..
    please help me to come out of this… please help me guruji..

  232. hi i need amantra to cure my cousin brother who suffers from cancer. he is just 12 years old and he is serious..pls

  233. Naran Sir:

    My husabnd had an affair with another lady. He left me and my kids for 2 years. He now came back and feels sorry for what he did. He promised me it will never again repeat. I accepted him back very happy. But as time passes by (its been 2 months he is back with us) I am unable to forgive him. I get very depressed thinking about what all he did with the lady. This spoils my present. Please help me Naran Sir. God has given me this chance of bringing back my husband. I want to be fine with him and erase all the 2 year thoughts. Help me sir, Please!!

    • DH SAI
      Take the flower remedies HOLLY WHITECHESTNUT WALNUT CRAB APPLE regularly for a month.

      • Thanks Sir. I ordered fpr the remedies. Will start as soon as I receive them and will get back to you on the result.
        One more Sir, my daughter who is 12 years old took 2 exams. She failed one. She will be reciving the results of the other In August. If she does not pass that she will have to repeat the year. Please suggest what I should do Sir!!

  234. Hi Naran, have been running a business since last 9yrs, have seen ups and downs. now at the brink of growth, but its all delayed, clients have also stopped since 4 months, please suggest bach flower and should i chant find divine count.

    • T

      • Hello Sir,

        My clinet’s have begun coming in thank you very much. I am still going through Financial challenge’s, and not being able to take the business to make profit. I still have issues with corporate clients not converting for sponsorships, and have difficulty raising funds to hire a team and office. Please advise

  235. Dear Naranji,
    I had requested a mantra to help us with the rent hike and thank you so much as the mantra w you gave is working miracles. Our landlord visited us and promised to do the needful and not to burden us with the hike in rent for a year. Thank you so much and God bless. I now need your help with a mantra to help my husband get a transfer to Canada, which will help us in every way. Thank you very much. With best regards

    • Dear Naranji,
      Please help me with a mantra for my husband to get a transfer to Canada. His problem is that he is not getting a replacement for him in his present post and the company is not willing to let him go. We very much want to move to Canada and settle there. Thank you dear Naranji for your time. With best wishes. Cynthia

      • cynthia

        • Dear Naranji,
          Thank you for your help. I chanted as mentioned above and my husbands boss invited him for dinner and told him he wants to give him a better post in the US and that he even found a replacement for him, but now my husband is reluctant to move to the US, probably ‘cos I think he feels insecure about this post. What can I chant for him to accept this offer so that we can move on to the US. I feel that Divine Power is giving us a better opportunity than Canada. Please help. Thank you and blessings for your kindness.

  236. Respected Naranji,
    Firstly, we are thankful to you for the great service that you are doing for us all.
    Sir, my husband Shrinivasan is doing his own business of interiors, constructions, etc in a small way without much investment. He gets very good name from customers who themselves recommend him for future orders. The issue is, payments never flow in on time and always delayed, hence our family running into debts. Please help us Sir.
    Thanks & regards,
    Padma Priya

  237. Dear Naran Sir,

    My family and I have been wanting to move to Canada for the past 15 years and always something or the other seems to block our move. I had written to you last week but did not see my post here, so I’m reposting it. Please help me.Thanks.

  238. Dear Naran , I have asked you a question before but you haven’t reply me yet. My question is about what should I chant so my husband come back to me. But now I wanna ask another question, what should I chant if I want to sell my watch. I have tried to sell it but noone wants it. I hope to hear from you soon. thank you

  239. Hi,

    My husband left me on February, I was the one who told him that i am done, but I am saying that because I feel taken for granted by him. I finally realize that I was just saying that outta emotions and I want to fix this relationship back. He is mad at me and told me to never contact him again. We have lost contact from March until today. Can you tell me what switch words that i can chant so he come back to me ? Thank you.

  240. Hi sir, can you please suggest a mantra for helping my baby to fall asleep easier, she wastes about 3 -4 hours trying to fall matter how much I try to rock her to sleep on my lap, it hardly ever works and when we put her in her cot she will stay awake crying than getting frustrated for hours, somedays she will fall asleep well but most days it is so hard.. My husband and I are exhausted…please help with a mantra o help her to sleep faster and peacefully..thanking you in advance..

  241. Dear Naran
    Sir, With due respect I would like to ask you, what is the proper SW OR anything that will pospond one of my relatives visit to our place this time.Just to mention she always tries to create trouble here when she visits.Kindly please suggest us something that will cancel her visit to our place.Many thanks for everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. Dear sir,
    Last year my daughter participaters in her all activities of school , but she couldn’t get any prize,she was quite closer to prize, and even her efforts were noticed.Again she is participating in activities, quite excited and happy also,what can I chant for her to get success and prize.Can I chant REACH prize divine

  243. Dear Sir
    You have mastered so many fields like Reiki , Acu Reiki , Bach flower etc . Can you sir name all the different fields in which you work . Which of the field is best in your opinion
    AK Dhir

  244. My cousin has hemorrhoid.. and he has experiencing pain.. some dr has advised to operate it.. now he is following healthy food habits.. what can he do else to cure this..thank you.

  245. Dear Sir,
    could you please suggest switchwords and Bach flowers to improve my dauther back (suffering from scoliosis)?
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    All the Best.

    • Giuliana
      scoliosis is the spinal curvature. tell me whether it is congenital. you have not mentiond the age.
      chant 33 over a glass of water and give her that water and rub that water over the spine.
      Give CENTAURY RUBY (GEM REMEDY) PILLS TO her regularly.
      If you have deposited or given any money to get more interest, stop that.

  246. Naran Sir,

    Am silent reader of your blog for morethan 6 months.Its a wonderful service to mankind who are in troubles.I got married one year back.Currently am facing issues at home due to my husband and in laws
    He doesnt share with me anythings and also doesnt supportive to me.He doesnt talk to my parents and my brother and he never called to my parents and spoke so far.

    And onemore problem is my father is having type-2 diabetes and doctors said its due to stress and moreover he is worrying about me and my husbands behaviour. so his glucose level suddenly raises oftenly and he doesnt sleep well at nights.He has some health problem one after another.

    The above problems are worrying much during my pregnancy period.

    Would you suggest some switch words to make my husband to share and support me and also unite him with my parents and also provide remedy for my fathers health.

    Thank You


    • pAVI
      Paste the symbol 47 on the names of your husband and your parents or do as directed in the page

  247. Dear Sir
    I am interested to learn bach remedies . I am reading two books and through internet wants to learn . I read some material at your site and it is totally different and exhaustive . pl tell me how to go about to start with
    AK Dhir

  248. Hi sir

    My baby is teething, she is almost 2.. She is in real pain.. Has a temp..has lost her appetite and just crying.. Can you please suggest a mantra to help her please.. Thank you in advance…

  249. Dear Naran Sir,

    First of all Thanks for all you have done for me by answering my questions and guiding me always.

    As you have suggested me to chant TOGETHER DIVINE by adding ADJUST BOW CONCEDE TINY and I am doing the same every day.

    I am realizing that whenever I use to talk with anybody and they gets angry or react negatively to my questions (either official or in personal) I talk to them in such a way automatically that they just calm down and again starts talking to me in normal tone and conversation becomes positive and in my favor with good feedback. This I notice twice since last 7-8 days as it was actually my ignorance but was handled very calmly and positively. After this I just recollect the conversation and wondered in normal situation I could have reacted double the worse than that person but I spoke to them so nicely that they just starting appreciating me and resolved the issue amicably.

    Previously it was difficult for me to handle situation, to low my voice, hide my anger and every time conversation becomes bitter and ending up with frustration and my bad mood. This was happening with everybody whoever was coming in contact with me on phone or in person.

    So is it that switch words given by you are really helping and affecting my life to improve the same and they are started showing their magic in my life. Just for my knowledge kindly reply.

    Anita Parab
    Your reply ref.: Naran | June 17, 2013 at 7:51 am

  250. the new widget on home page is such a wonderful addition, like a small touch of blessings of divine grace!!! Thank you very much, naran sir for all the healing and blessings you bring into our hearts and lives. namashivayam.

  251. Dear Naran Sir,
    Why Wolf is not helping me? Previously i tried 2-3 time and he helped me in the same but now he is not..
    I pray him then i tell him whatever i am going through but still not able to get the help for that.
    Am I doing anything wrong?
    E.g. yesterday my husband had 24 hrs. duty and it was my 1st time Vat Savirti (a very important festival in Maharashtrians family and same as Karva Chauth) after our marriage and i prayed wolf that i wanted my husband to be at home at least for some time so that i can give him prasad and we both can have pooja together but same was not happened.
    Please suggest.
    Anita Parab

  252. Dear Sir,
    I was reading some article..My right hand wrist and also near the wrist start paining…whgat could be the reason.what can I do. thank you sir.

    • I searched blog for right wrist pain…Got the mantra “GHAM”…chanted for few mins..and the pain is almost gone…thank you

  253. Super! Thanks for sharing it!!

  254. Dear Sir,

    I am trying to change job for better challenging role and better financial support. I have gone through your blogs and got confused which switch words to use. Is it a reason the job offers are not getting finalized? Could you please suggest me mudras/switch words to overcome the situation and get a better job?

    Thanks a lot in advance

  255. Dear Sir,
    I want to control my anger that I throw at my children whenever they disobey me or dont study. After coming back from office, i too am tired but dont want my children to be scolded by me for silly things. I even think that when I can tolerate people with different attitudes , why I am not able to control myself. My father takes care of my children until I am back. With him also, I start grumbling for small things. I want some change to happen in me and also need help in making my children follow a systematic way of life in studies and doing their work indpendently.They are ages 6 and 10. Kind regards,

  256. NP
    put 6 to 7 pills each in a water bottle and sip that water from morning to evening.

  257. Dear naran sir
    I am not getting sales.please help.i have lots of stock since years .iwant to get rid of them for reasonable price.
    Please suggest switch words for selling all my old tick n find buyers.they come to my table like but mostly say come back n never come back
    Thanks for helping us change our lives

  258. Dear naran sir,

    i have sevear sloder pain both sides. now i read that posts, i found “GHAM’ mantra just few minutes, pain is gone really . thank you very much sir.


  259. namaste naranji,

    doctor told to my brother that there is a stone which is 13mm inside the kidney which is very big. please tell me is there any Switch word that can get cure with out operation and laser treatment.
    please guruji help,


  260. hello Sir,

    How to do so as not to judge other people??

  261. Dear Sir,
    I want to sell one of my old house of my father in law and to buy a new house. I and my husband are trying to sell the since long but we not getting any right person and right price too. I request you to guide me in this regard, please tell me what to chant to sell the house at good price and to buy a new house without any problem….Thanks in advance.. I will be highly obliged for your valuable suggestion in this regard.


    • To sell a property, first find out the reason why it is not being sold, if it is not getting the required price.

      You have to chant the switch words, “RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND DIVINE Rupees Fifty Lakhs GIVE HOUSE”. You can also chant this by rotating the Basic Chakra, at an optimal speed and clock wise (just make an intention to do so).

      If you want to buy a house you have to chant, “LALITHAM SADASHIVAM LALITHAM CHANDRASEKARAM”.
      hope this helps…
      Thank you.

  262. as
    May be you can take scleranthus,whitechesnut and honeysuckle.It’s bach flower remedy and you can buy from any homeopath shop.

  263. Hi Naran Ji,
    Because of your help my hubby has got a great job that he will be starting in 3 weeks. In this role he will be a bussiness manager and will need to win tenders and deals to grow the business. Can you please suggest a mantra that he can chant daily so he becomes very successful at work and wins tenders and new business. We both are very grateful to you for your help. You are doing such a wonderful thing for everyone. Thank you..God Bless you

  264. Respected Naran ji

    If you are not replying to question in this blog , than this blog will loose its usefulness and in a way great help to society at large which used to get benefit from your solutions , as no one can have that much knowledge and experience that you have and as we say ‘ little knowledge is a dangerous thing” . So pl continue giving advise to the needed public
    AK Dhir

    • AK Dhir,

      it is naran sirs wish hence some of us have posted suggestion links to help you and maybe you may not like this too but ‘naran ji ‘s instructions are “sar ankhon par” and it is only as per instructions to help each other. You have already many problems, why add worry about blog losing its usefulness and danger to needed public. get healed first. If you do not wish to listen to CD for bp, chant mantras. If you do not subscribe to mantras, do the forgiveness exercise. you will find on the blog. many solutions are there. prioritise your problem. have faith and surrender. the blog is like an ocean filled with pearls of wisdom frm naran sir who is a guru and guide to his students and followers. Dive deep for pearls or sit on the shore, the grace is everywhere. All the best.

  265. family dischord caused by unadjusting daugthers pl help i know yu are superb need yu blessings god blees yu

  266. My name is Nithyashree I am looking for a job change and was facing severe problems in my job recently and also have huge debts. Need your blessing and urgent advice ? My date of birth is 22/01/1971 time:16:45 hrs at Madurai. I need a mantra which I can chant to get the job of my dreams with a good income and need to pay off all my debts. Also guide me on the procedure and no of times to chant this mantra. Your blog is very interesting and helpful to mankind. May God always be with good people

  267. I recently got married and we both husband and wife have no issues or fight. But my in-laws are now trying to separate us without any reason. They seems to be under some pressure but are not willing to talk.My wife is currently with her parents and we are not communicating. The matter is already in court. I already dropped you a email on 18th may with details..

    I tired Agrimony, Beech, Chestnut Bud but didnt see any positive effect.

    Can you please suggest a remedy. I want the marriage to continue.

    • chant TOGETHER, DIVINE: It is the basic mantra to fix disharmony in any kind of relationships.If you are angry ,you can do forgiveness exercise.
      Thank you

  268. Dear Guruji,

    Past from 7 months nothing is going well with my parents and with my brother, he lost his job, he has taken lots of loan now no income to pay the lone and no money to pay the house rent also two months i have paid. No in our family or relatives giving helping hand for them to comeup in life, they are fully collapsed and lost hope in every thing . I am praying for them to get some support.

    bottom of my heart I am seeking your help for them to show light in their life… please pray for them and what Mantra I have to chant for them.

    I heard that Reki will remove negative effect. I have no idea about that and can I practice that by ?? if yes how can I do that please advice me.

    thanks and regard,

  269. You need to learn Reiki to do that.

    If you don’t know Reiki, try the technique mentioned in this blog:

    Do the writing exercise as mentioned in point 5. It is advisable to do it for at least 21 days.

    Pour your frustrations to Wolf every day night as mentioned in this blog:

    Do safe and secure mudra. Refer the blogs in Mudra.

    Good luck

  270. good morning sir,
    your contents and your replies are so much interesting and amazing. I want a help from u. my main hobby is gardening. I m growing 10 or more plants in my garden. problem is that, monkeys are disturbing my plants from growing. I don’t want to hurt them. but at the same time, my plants are affected. is there any remedy for that. what i have to chant to get rid of that. please help me.

  271. May be you can thank them mentally for not disturbing your plants from growing .
    And do forgiving exercise for them.
    If you thank them in advance,it will bring desire result,When we do the forgiving exercise, we break off from our problem situation.

    hope this helps
    Thank you

  272. I am posting this comment for those,who also may think like me.

    I contacted Naran sir and mailed him bout my concern as follows:
    As per your instructions (Help each other”) many of us are sharing links and starts answering.,but I can see resistance in accepting those answers/links by those who asked them. This sometimes create fear in mind, whether to answer or not.,
    Pls help what we have to do.

    He replied me as follows:
    Think that you are not answering.
    Behind every answer provided by you,divine is there.
    If anyone does not accept what is given, it is his or her botheration.
    Pray to the divine to be in your heart and give the answer.your responsibility is over with that.

    After reading Naran’s sir reply all my fear is gone in replying answer.There is so much peace.

    Thank you Naran sir

  273. Hello Sir, my husband and I are running a small business for the past two years. We had borrowed some money for starting the business and we are yet to repay those debts. Please can you suggest a remedy for business growth and development? Thank you.

  274. What can we chant so that meeting with client will be good,and we can able to close deal.

    • Chant Walnut

      In one meeting with a client in one of my earlier companies, my boss then asked me to do some magic. I consulted Naran. He asked me to throw some pills of Walnut under the feet of my boss. The meeting did went well and the client became very friendly — even though he is a high-ranker.

      Walnut develops rapport.

      Gentian and Wild Rose for happy results.


  276. Dear Sir,

    I am looking for a job change and have attended few interviews also. But nothing is working out. Please suggest me the remedies.

  277. Dear Sir,

    I am married 4 years, My husband comments other women and looks at them in other ways which i dont like , he comments badly in front of me. if i tell him u should respect women should not comment, he says i am doing it infront of you . but sir how will i like his this attitude. i want him to stop his this habit . all there friends share all the secrets and give suggestions to each other , its so bad sir , how will we be normal in front of his friends when we know they know everything . I caught my husband caring condoms in his pants pockets. when i asked him he said its for his friends, they have an habit.

    sir , I am so honest to him and he is like this? What do i chant him to make a human instead of ???????(I dont know which word to use) .after reading the animal spirits i dont feel like comparing anyone with animals as i realized they are no noble and helping.

  278. Dear Sir,
    As i have started doing forgiving exercise one by one with names i think to whom i have hurt or i have any problem with (minor or major) I have queries as follows:
    1. If i am affirming, “I _______ (my name) forgive you _______(name of the person to be forgiven). You please forgive me and release me”. and say if it is my father then i have to say Papa or his name instead? Caused I have never ever called his name in my life….
    2. After affirming above 200 times for each person it is once only or I have to do it on daily basis.
    3. How I’ll come to know that I am forgiven by them while they are far away from me?
    4. Sorry for this … After chanting 200 times is only enough to get forgiveness and to forgive others happened? How that is happen?
    Awaiting for your reply.
    Anita Parab

    • Welcome to the world of forgiveness — a world of wonderland, the other name of heaven.

      You can say name or Papa, as you know whom you are referring.

      Once I had a bad feeling about a family I was close with, but not seeing them anymore. To get the bad feeling out of my system, I just said ‘I forgive you Rajam house folks…’ (mentioning the house name — of course, I changed it).

      It worked. Your subconscious mind knows what you are having in my mind.

      Good luck Anita

      Thanks M

  279. 1)I There are two ways
    First is “I _______ (my name) forgive you _______(name of the person to be forgiven). You please forgive me and release me”(That you mentioned)
    Second is “I m sorry pls forgive me love thanks divine.
    Actually I m not sure if it’s not require to take father’s name.
    Use that you are comfortable with.
    2)Do on daily basis
    3 and 4)When You will just accept the other person as he is. You will be normal in your behavior when you meet him or think about him.As website admin Told Neha “You will loose your anger and in turn he will loose your anger about you. That’s the beauty of the forgiving exercise.”
    Thank You

  280. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering with fibroid which has affected my bladder and digestive system. Would you please suggest me a mantra to recite and to overcome this problem.

  281. My husband has to do lot of stuffs(work -all of different type).In office he get overwhelmed as there many kinds of work,he is not sure whether he will complete all the work in a day,and which work to select first,then develops fear if he can able to all in time.He is hard working, but he says he needs some flexibility.Can you pls suggest some remedy for him .

    • A client consulted Shobana as he was about to undertake a project that he was totally unaware off and was expected to complete the project in a short period of time.

      She told him to chant “Elm Oak Hornbeam”. He successfully completed the project.

      Thus, it is a good remedy for project managers.

      Elm: when your work is overwhelming,

      Oak: be smart in getting your things done

      Hornbeam: any mental tension, completion fears, starting trouble.

      You can take the remedies too, as it would be difficult to do the job and chant at the same time. Or put the pills in a bottle of water and sip it continuously.

      • thank you web husband said to me yesterday that he is quite relaxed while working now…also he can wait patiently .

  282. a girl in need :'(

    I am writing my story coz i am deeply worried with how my life is going.. I got married on 08-2010. exactly 10 days from my marriage problems cropped between us. they kept increasing & increasing. its an arranged marriage. things have become so horrible that now my parents & my in-laws don’t even talk with each other. even my husband hates my parents and dsnt talk to them.he dsnt trust me either. he keeps going through all my personal stuff like phone, mails, handbag, cupboard, everything. everyone who knows my situation is asking me to quit this marriage. many a time during fights with my husband he also says he would divorce me..when i am low even i at times feel that might be better. infact i am not even able to decide what is good for me? marriage or divorce? my husband is jobless & idle from 3yrs. they don’t give me any money for my basic needs also. my parents are not able to financially support me all the time. my husband & my in-laws don’t support me in any way..i.e., emotionally, financially, psychologically, in every way i am feeling lonely and tired of fighting with people, situations and even myself. i don’t want to lose my husband. i love him a lot. i want him to trust me, love me back & take good care of me. and i also want to keep him happy. i want a happy family (includes parents & in-laws also).i want all the relations to get better. i also want my husband to start working also allow me to earn. so can u please suggest me something to make everything work well? please please please please……
    i cant tell anyone about seeking this help from u & so i have to do everything alone. so kindly help me. in short i want a happy & successful marriage and also a successful husband shares everything with his parents. even the most private things. please please please please please…..some people also told me my mother-in-law did some thing to keep my husband and my father-in-law in her control. she broke up with her in-laws. my father-in-law seeks her permission even today to meet his parents. at times i feel its her guilt or maybe insecurity that she is behaving so badly with me. and she keeps feeding all negative thoughts into my husbands mind. except for physical abuse i am going through all sorts of troubles in this marriage. but still i am trying to make things work. kindly help..please

    • a girl in need :'(

      can i also get a sgstn please? please please please please please ? i posted on july 9th..

      • Here is the link…
        Download download the symbol 47 and do as instructed in the blog posting.

        If you are angry with in-laws and husband, you can do forgiving exercise …

        you can also chant “Guru Gugan Kodi Kodi Lavanyam”

        • thank you M. I have taken a print out of the symbol 47. i keep it in my hand bag always. my husband doesnot know abt it and shudnt knw abt it also. so i keep it wth me as instructed..and i am seeing the difference. though things are not 100% at its best…i am still relieved that it brought in some positive change. also i kept a print out of a jelly fish(read in one of the blogs at random). its not a color print out. i wasnt able to do the forgiving excercise yet. but i will do that also. thank u M for the advice.

        • but my husband still hides things from me..doesnt share anythng wth me. i am treated like an outsider by my in-laws and my husband. i want them to share things with me and also treat me like an equal family member. also my husband is not earning. he sits at home all day. i also want to be an earning woman. but i am not being allowed to. its his mom who is stopping him from going to work. she also doesnt allow us to spend any time together. i want him to take up a job. i also want to settle with him seperatly so i can get to spend time wth my husband and tht way our relationship might grow stronger. so kindly sgst somethng for this to happen. i am silently taking everythng for 3yrs….not able to tke it anymore…..please help… thank u in advance.

          • a girl in need,
            Start forgiving exercise for your husband and MIL
            and also chant “GURU GUGAN KODI KODI LAVANAYAM”

            • thank u M. I will chant this mantra. may i know if this help us secure a job or is this for keeping my mil away from our affairs? thank u in advance.

          • a girl in need
            for job chant this
            you can write this switchwords and keep it under pillow at night

            and take gentian larch willow holly pine


            • thank u for the response. can i save it in my phone and keep it under my pillow while sleeping? coz my hubby dsnt knw abt this. and where can i get these “gentian larch willow holly pine” ? how to tke thm? are they very costly? coz i dnt get even a single penny frm my hubby or in-laws nor do thy allow my parents to help me…thank u in advance.

            • a girl in need,
              write “RIDICULOUS SCHEME BRING JOB ACT GIVE COUNT NOW” this on a piece of paper and keep it under pillow.and chant it also.

              hold a glass of water and chant 100 times “gentian larch willow holly pine” and drink that to need to buy right now…
              well these remedies are not costly..

              • I will do that. thank u for the assistance. will this help my hubby also? can i give it to him also? thank u in advance.

  283. Hello , A girl in need , I read everything , dont worry when you enter this site definitely you will get help , please wait till naran sir is free, he will suggest you , I am extending reiki to you so that divine help reaches you soon very soon . together divine and thanks divine.

    • a girl in need :'(

      thank you so much dear….i cnt tell u how much i appreciate ur extended help..thank u so much..stay blessed

  284. sharmini nair

    pls reply my quest….pls help me.i want save my marriage life.Tdy also my husband fight with me.just wt crazy..!i jst quite.he shout like crazy.i feel wt to died….

    • May be you can chant “TOGETHER DIVINE” as much as possible.
      You can also refer this blog —-

      For harmony between husband and wife, JELLY FISH is an excellent resource. For total harmony in the family, hang a picture of jelly fish in the house.

      you can also pray..“Blue whale, be here in the house with me and my husband and establish harmony here.” say this once daily or whenever the conflict arises. You can say this again and again also.

      hope this helps
      thank you

  285. sharmini nair

    hi m.Thanks fr ur info.Wht colour of jelly fish i cn use?Nw my husband walked out frm office.I dnt knw where he go.i feel so sad….!my husband nt love me anymore.

  286. sharmini nair

    hi m.U husband suddenly cme my office and ask sorry.He also buy me food n book.I really shock.I folllow as u say.i ask help frm bluewhale.I aslo put jellyfish pic inside my purse.And print out some pic animal spirt to put at home.I chant TOGETHER DIVINE as many i can.Relly work out.I happy fr tht.I will practices this to make my husband changes and love me more.

  287. Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from Migraine with acidity for last 4-5 years and doctors told me that there is no such remedy as such for migraine you have to take care for your food, going out etc. for avoiding migraine & acidity attacks. And I notice that whenever I go to my mom’s place it suddenly starts (very chronic attacks that I can’t even sleep or sit)like it is there in my head and when I came back to my husband’s place it just disappeared.
    Why this is so…?
    Why any of medicine doesn’t work on my migraine and acidity. Or there is any message my body is giving me.
    P.s. Same thing/feeling I get whenever I entered in my office in the morning (headache, shoulder pain without any reason).

    Awaiting for your reply.


  288. a girl in need

    hello sir, I am also trying to prepare for bank exams. but i am not able to concentrate because of my marital issues. i am not taking any coaching. i am preparing myself. i have an exam in this month. kindly suggest me something so i can concentrate while reading, remember it and write well. though i know the answers i tend to make mistakes during exam. so kindly suggest me something so i can succeed. i badly need to get through this exam. my husband is jobless. so at least i need a job. thank u in advance sir. please suggest so i can succeed this exam.

  289. For silly mistakes in exams -impatiens
    chant slow care-to improve memory and to improve concentration


    Hope this helps

  290. a girl in need

    thank you so much M. i just wish to pass this exam. it is very important for me. esp with so many thngs gng on in my married life atleast this is some hope & relief…..thnk u M

  291. Hello guruji
    I was very much impressed to see u r blog.I am facing lot of issue
    My husband has his L1 visa interview kindly guide dome
    Chant for him to get the visa.

    • Rekha

      chant WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILD ROSE. and write this in a piece of paper and keep it in his pocket on the date of interview.

      • Naran Sir,
        Can I give flower remedies of the above to my daughter? Written tests and interviews are to be taken place in her college for placements in first week of next month. Is there remedy for written tests also? Shall I add pills of the above in her drinking water bottle? She is very tensed.
        As only 10 days are left, l’ll be very thankful if I get reply at the earliest.

        • She can chant “WATER VIOLET, LARCH, GENTIAN, WILD ROSE”

          398: write it in a paper and keep it under the pillow

          • Thanks M

            She can take the pills, if she doesn’t have the mind to chant, especially when she is worried and tensed.

            In addition, can take Rescue Remedy just before the tests and the interview to remove the fear and panic.

            • On 20th she took the pills but yesterday (21st) she didn’t. Today
              morning she told me that
              y’day her fear had increased than before..pls advise me what to do next..

  292. Hello naranji
    My brother is 29yrs old he’s suffering from bad
    Sinus problem he’s suffering he took ayurvedic
    Medicine nothing is helping him.please suggest
    Some permanent solution.

  293. Hello Naranji
    I am impressed to read ur blogs and simultaneously very happy to see ur help for others in this materialistic world where artificial lemon flavor is used in a Welcome Drink and original is used in the finger bowl. Sir I sincerely thank u for the effort u r giving for helping people like us.
    Sir I am facing some serious problems… 1) Currently I suffered loss in business and drowned in debts more than crore . 2) If I am trying to find a solution and opt for that by the time I reach to the solution I face the humiliation and hassles . 3) Every year I try to build my empire but after 6 months my castle breaks down like house of cards and this has been happening with me since last twenty years, That is total unstability.
    Please find me a permanent solution.

  294. 1 an 2 )for loss in business -impatiens
    chant “Latham Sridharam Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Sudarshnam”.

    “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram” eases the situation and one will be saved from availing loan. There won’t be any financial hiccups, as you would always have money. This is just a one aspect of the mantra.

    3)For stability you can buy “stability symbol” from centre.

    also go through this blog posting

  295. Dear Naran Sir
    My name is Sayantani , My husband had started a business from October 2010 and after struggling a lot he was able to establish the company but after march 2012 people started cheating on him and his business went for a toss now we have almost lost everything our house, jewelries car and surviving by taking loans from friends, relatives and professional money lenders .Now my husband is under huge debts, Since there is no income to sustain or clear the debts he is desperately seeking for a bank loan so that he can reinstate his business . which if doesn’t get he will commit suicide We are praying to god to help us in this situation but since my husband is undergoing the phase of SADE SATI OF SHANI in PEAK status every effort is getting dejected and delayed.. May I request you to kindly accept our family in your kind world and take out from this HELL with your magical blessings. I have two small daughters who are unknowingly suffering along with us.
    PLEASE HELP !!!!!

    • We are born to live and not to die. Be courageous, you will soon find a solution. Chant “MUSTARD CHERRY PLUM” for as many times as possible. It will make the problem bearable and you will see light in your life.

      When the problem is dearest, solution is nearest – Naran

      Chant Lalitham Sreedharam Lalitham Bhaskaram Lalitham Sudarsanam will remove your debts and financial related problems.

      Be in Safe and Secure Mudra always.

      Take care

  296. dear naran ji, i became a big fan of urs after reading ur blogs. i hv some bad eating habits, cravings for unhealthy food and weight issues. can u plz give me any swithword , MANTRA, or number to reduce excessive weight and to gain increase in height sister gave me thiz reduce weight 68,476,739,287 and to gain inc in height 40 hz it okay?kindly suggest me and plz plz plz explain hw 2 use dese no’s, swithwords, nd mantras..i believe more in mantras so it wud be better 2 gt any mantra from u naran sir.plz help, thanku so much.and i want to share 1 thing dat while practicing meditation now 2 control my thoughts and 2 have gap in my thoughts i use word “release” which i’ve read on ur blog..and its awsum..thanku 4 dat 2..god bless u

  297. sir, I want to do well in my studies and then get a good job, but I have lost enthusiasm in studies, I plan to study a lot but then when it comes to sitting and studying I always get involved in something else, and after 1-2 days I realize that I have not studied as I had planned, then I feel very guilty, thus spoiling my day again, please suggest some switch word or mantra so that I am always enthusiastic about studies and never waste my time unnecessarily. Just to add, most of the time I stay alone at home, so I feel lonely and thus I keep myself busy with something else like movie, to forget my loneliness but this way I have wasted a lots of valuable time, please suggest sir…….thanks a lot…

      write “slow care” on paper keep it under pillow
      take scleranthus,wildrose,chestnutbud,honeysuckle

  298. Hello Sir!
    Please Suggest me Switchword.
    I have written my cwa exams this june. results are to be declared next month. this is my last attempt and i want to clear the exams this time. what i have to chant to get a positive result? tell me is it enough to chant ” AMBIKA ANAADI NIDANAA ASWAROODA APARAJITHA 300 TIMES A DAY”?

  299. sharmini nair

    Hi naren ji sir,
    I have problem tht whn i came to office(morning),i feel so lazy and cannot finish my work on time.Always late and alot pending work.I rush at lst minute to do report.Whn at home,i feel energy.I start this problem few months back.Even i planning , tmrw must finish this work.But the day,i cannot finish.Now i feel depressed.Pls help me..!Any mantra for make me energy?

  300. Hi Naran,

    I have an elder brother he is 31 years now, he is still not married any proposal that we see for him gets rejected either of the way, there is no peace at home we have many issues, as of now this marriage could bring some happiness to home, pls suggest me wnat can i chant s that his marriage happens asap

    thanks Naran

  301. Hi Naran,

    My mom as a problem with her health what ever doctor says there is no much issues. She cannot sleep in night she says some bad evil comes to her and troubles her a lot. we have did man pooja, many other things as well but nothing is a permanent solution, when we do the pooja it would not come to her, but mostly when it is amavasa and pornami it troubles her a lot.

    my relatives are very jealous about of our fa,il they do lot of black magic for us.

    pls suggest a solution for this

  302. Dear Sir
    From where to download symbol 47 from which blog

  303. Dear Naran Sir

    My name is Sayantani from Kolkata , My husband had started a business from October 2010 and after struggling a lot he was able to establish the company but after march 2012 people started cheating on him and his business went for a toss now we have almost lost everything our house, jewelries car and surviving by taking loans from friends, relatives and professional money lenders .

    Now my husband is under huge debts, Since there is no income to sustain or clear the debts he is desperately seeking for a bank loan so that he can reinstate his business . which if doesn’t get he will commit suicide We are praying to god to help us in this situation but since my husband is undergoing the phase of SADE SATI OF SHANI in PEAK status every effort is getting dejected and delayed.May I request you to kindly accept our family in your kind world and take out from this HELL with your magical blessings. I have two small daughters who are unknowingly suffering along us.

  304. I do not know if this is the right place to post but wanted to share a success story with everyone.
    A friend was in hospital diagnosed with dengue, bleeding in the lungs and very critical. I had come across Naran’s sir’s blogs and had been mailing him with queries so I suggested the friend’s family chant “Kunjitham Paadham Saranam” and in the meantime asked Sir for specific remedy for Dengue and lungs .. he suggested — “Write his name within a circle. around the first circle draw one more circle and in the gap you write
    Denguinum 200, Eupatorium 200.” .. We did so and the paper was placed under the guy’s pillow in the ICU… 2 days back he was discharged , relieved of all the suffering . His family is so thankful to Sir and I am so glad I came across this site and lucky to have Naran Sir’s guidance.

    Thanks Sir

  305. Hi Naran,

    I am really depressed about my job.
    I was working in a good IT company, but it was for contract basis of 6 months,they initially said they would take me to on roll after 6 months seeing my performance,i really worked hard,but after 6 months they did not take me on role, they said have extended contract for next 6 months.I was bit depressed,but felt bit ok at least i have a job.
    After a month suddenly they informed i need to leave the job as i took one week of leave for health issue.But i had compensated and worked that one week as well..
    Now I am job less.

    Where ever I go for interview i get rejected.
    Pls suggest me what can i do

  306. From last 18-20 days I m not well.First I got viral infection.After that allergy,that is because of cold.Mostly In the morning and night,I have cold,teary eyes,cough,and irritation on the roof the mouth,and frequent sneezing.Now I m fed up,bored and weak.I What Can I do,I dont like to sit idle..but I m not able to all my routine,works that I love to do.
    .thank you.

    • Walnut, Cherry Plum, Oak, Hornbeam

      Bored: Walnut
      Irritated and a feeling to get away from the situation: Cherry Plum
      Compulsive worker: Oak
      Tired: Hornbeam

  307. I want to know all about 18 position in Reiki with photograph , as I did reiki many years back for basic I & II and I was taught three symbols . But for self healing I want to know which symbol is to use first than second and third . I got online attenution and I was given the 4th symbol , which I started using while doing healing to me . Pl tell which first symbol I should use .

    And as 7 chakras symbols also come in these 18 points when after giving reiki to the chakra points , we should think of the colour in that chakra and how to draw clockwise or anti clockwise symbol and how to draw it when you are lying on bed

    AK Dhir

    • There is a book written by Naran: The Spirit of Reiki.
      Check out with the centre

      • Sir,
        Please help me. I have already contacted you through the forum to pass in an exam to obtain a government job. And you asked me to chant SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE, i’m doing that now. But still i feel very much problems in my life.
        I have completed my degree 1 year ago,but still i have 2 backlogs for that. Out of that, one i have attended 2 months before and waiting for its result. I need to attend the remaining 1 paper the next month. Sir please help me I need to clear my backlog papers as soon as possible.
        And now my parents are looking for my marriage. I’m in love with a guy and its known in his family. they don’t have any problem in our relationship. The guy’s family is ready to come with a proposal to my home. We need to get married with the permission of both of our families. Please help me sir. Please provide me with some solution to some how convince my parents with the guy’s proposal.
        Sir, please suggest me a solution to overcome all these problems.Please help me Sir… I’m very much desperate with all these problems.

  308. Last night a particle got in my left eyes.I started chanting clear point divine.As I was little bit scared and panicked,so cant able to focus on chanting.So I took mimulus ,rescue remedy ,sweet chestnut.Then I felt little bit calmer.I prayed divine to be in my heart and to guide me.
    Then Again I started chanting ,but this time.. sweet chestnut clear point divine.I slept peacefully.And in the morning ,there was no particle in my eyes.
    Thank you Naran Sir.

  309. Dear Naran Sir,
    In one of your blogs I have read that if someone has dark side of me then we invite people who reflect that part/self. If somebody cheats me that means I have the pattern of cheating others, in some other way.. So you have suggested before marriage one need to chant this mantra, “Lalitham Sadashivam Lailatham Chandasekaram”, a lot so that one attracts good life partner.
    Now my question is that; if I am a very angry person and got married before 6 months and as you stated I got married with the person with same nature then can this mantra helpful for me in any way.
    I am taking willow, Impatiens, beech, walnut& cherry plum as per your suggestion.
    Kindly reply.

  310. Sir,
    Please help me. I have already contacted you through the forum to pass in an exam to obtain a government job. And you asked me to chant SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE, i’m doing that now. But still i feel very much problems in my life.
    I have completed my degree 1 year ago,but still i have 2 backlogs for that. Out of that, one i have attended 2 months before and waiting for its result. I need to attend the remaining 1 paper the next month. Sir please help me I need to clear my backlog papers as soon as possible.
    And now my parents are looking for my marriage. I’m in love with a guy and its known in his family. they don’t have any problem in our relationship. The guy’s family is ready to come with a proposal to my home. We need to get married with the permission of both of our families. Please help me sir. Please provide me with some solution to some how convince my parents with the guy’s proposal.
    Sir, please suggest me a solution to overcome all these problems.Please help me Sir… I’m very much desperate with all these problems. I’m awaiting your reply..pls sir..

  311. hello Sir, Please help me with a very fragile issue. I like a guy whom I saw on a social networking site, he is not in my friend list, I have tried to make him friend by sending friend request, but he did not respond, also I know by looking at his qualification that he is a perfect match for me, he is from my place only, but I dont know him, I want him to at least know me and then decide whether I am suitable partner for him or not, but the problem is I do not have any way to make him know mw, he is not in India, staying in a foreign country and will be there for almost 1 and half year, sir, is it possible that somehow my parents talk to his parents about our match or any other way so that he comes to know about me, and if after knowing me also, he is not ready to marry me, then I swear I’ll never disturb him again, please sir, let me know if it is possible or should i just forget him and find someone else? I know only his name and I have seen his photo. Thanks..:)

  312. Dear Naran Sir,
    My daughter is having problems with one of her classmates at the hostel. She reported after she saw this girl stealing her friends things and now that girl is harassing her. She is in tears and wants to move out of the hostel. But my husband and I would prefer her to stay on campus. Please help. What can I chant to help her. Thank you

  313. Dear Naran Sir,
    I am suffering from severe lower back pain(right side) for the past 10 days.What does that indicate??Any message? Kindly guide me what to do?

    Thank you,

  314. Hi Naran Ji

    We need your advice please, my husband and I have both been having dreams about animals attacking us, in my dream I was about to get attacked by a back bull so I sprayed soo,etching in his eyes and he died, my hubby dreamy he was getting attacked by a black spider so my husband ended up killing the slider. Also my husband dreamt about green frogs, mouse and saw a dead black and white cat on the road(this happened or real). Do the animal dreams suggest anything I am a bt worried cause I killed a black bull in my dream, bing a Hindi cow s scared to us. Please advice? Thank you

  315. Hello Naran sir,

    My dad is hospitalised from past one week, He is a heart patient and diabetic. He is been admitted for Lung infection. doctors say he has Pnemonia, Now they are telling his kidney is also affected, He is having constipation from past 10-15 days. We are worried as he already has lot of problems. Please suggest some mantra to improve his health. we cannot see him suffering.


    • Hi,

      I tried calling wolf and it has really worked. now my dad is feeling better.

      Thanks Naran sir

  316. Hello sir!
    If some items/ articles (which is mine) which i have not collected from the opposite parties for a long time, how can i get back the same item/article from them now, is any switch word be of help to me. please suggest. thanks in advance. godspeed..

  317. Hello sir!
    My elder sister does not get any suitable / good job in her field upto now (2008 pass out), what SW she has to chant to get a job she desires? thanks in advance.

  318. hello Sir,
    please help me, i have applied for a job and i want to get an interview as it it a very important place of work and they are very selective in choosing candidates.
    what do i have to do to get an interview? please advice?

  319. Dear Naran Sir,
    Please help me with some switch words to increase my sales and to sale all my old stock as I am not able to move the same for last 2-3 months. I am working sales coordinator.
    Awaiting for your reply.

  320. Sir Namesthe,
    My brother Bakakrishna’s job is not yet permanent though requited in government office since 2 years and also not yet married. He is now 37, my father expired and my mother, grandmother stay along with him. His income is low and have loans to clear. I am very much worried about him and cannot attend to their problems being a married sister. Please suggest some remedy. thanking you. Gayathri

  321. Dear sir
    My daddy is working as a general manager in a company for 8 years, his colleague is also in the same post but now his colleague is given a higher post who is got lesser experience than my dad, my dad is the one who has lifted up the company when the company was in bad state, I want my dad and his colleague to be in the equal post, please help with a switch word for my dad , please sir, I don want my dad to be sad,

  322. Hi Naran,

    I want to share one of the happiest incident happened. I had lost my job 10days back, and where every i go for interview i get rejected. I had posted my requested and i was advised to read the article about jobs.

    I called wolf for assistance on each round, people who came for interview from morning was been rejected in some or the other round, i was scared too much,later i was the only person got selected for the day in TCS.

    Thanks wolf, thanks Naran.

  323. Dear Naranji
    My sister is having problems with her mother in law. She is looking after my ailing mother and now her husband is putting pressure on her by bringing his mother who does not get along with her at all. She is staying with her daughter and there is no reason for her to go to my sister. My brother in law is very inconsiderate to her and always torturing her in some way or the other. He goes on tours and has his fun, but she has to stay at home all the time. Please help that I could chant some mantra for her mother in law to stay away from my sister. Thanks and best regards

  324. Hi Naran Ji

    Can you please suggest a mantra for selling our current apartment and getting a new one. There’s a really nice one that we would like to purchase but it means we need to sell our current one soon as possible. We really do not want to miss out on the new apartment. Can someone please please suggest a mantra…Thank you

    • To sell house—

  325. Pranams Sir,
    We had met you on 15th April, 2013 in Chennai . Recently my husband, Anil Bawa attended the workshop on 6th July, 2013 on power symbols held in Delhi.. He wants to know that after programming the crystal how long it can transmit the program? please guide.
    Thanks sir.
    Rama Bawa

  326. Hi Naran,

    I had posted a problem about my mother few days back

    My mom as a problem with her health what ever doctor says there is no much issues. She cannot sleep in night she says some bad evil comes to her and troubles her a lot. we have did man pooja, many other things as well but nothing is a permanent solution, when we do the pooja it would not come to her, but mostly when it is amavasa and pornami it troubles her a lot.

    my relatives are very jealous about of our fa,il they do lot of black magic for us.

    pls suggest a solution for this

    You had advised to chant

    Chant Om Howm Vum Joom Saha

    But still she is facing the problem

    pls advise me what do to

  327. may be you can continue chanting.
    and you can listen” Durga Durgama ” cd also
    keep glass/bottle of water near speaker(play the cd in stereo) and spray and all of you can drink that water.

  328. Dear Naran,

    I am citing the earlier reference of the supplementary agreement with the builder I had mentioned on the top. Regarding the commercial place attached to the development project both the parties have signed the supplementary agreement, that is my father has signed the supplementary agreement with the builder after going through a lot of trouble.
    Finally the document is with the sub registrar. However the registrar is citing a lot of reasons so as to NOT register it.

    We do not know who is creating the problem, the builder or the registrar or the third party. The document is not coming out. Kindly let us know what mantras to chant so that the document is released with the existing content. The registrar wants to change or omit certain contents in the document. We want the original content not to be changed.

    Please suggest us a mantra so that this problem is relieved and we can get the document with the original content. Please let us know a mantra so that this would come to a peaceful end.

    • Chant Water voilet,Rockwater when you are dealing with Government officials.

      If there is problem every day, chant LALITHAM LAMBODARAM

  329. Hi Naran,
    Recently my brother got married. But after marriage we come to know . She is troubling my brother so much not sleeping properly in the night, She is blaming our parents and my brother as well.she is acting very clever in front of others. She is fighting with my brother for sliy things and hurting him a lot. She has lot of Ego,too much of Possesive, She act as a psycho.our parents are too much worry about him. . my brother is aslo not happy in his marriage life. pls suggest some mantra i can chant on behalf of them to lead a peace and harmony in the marriage life.

    Thanks naran

  330. My sister had work piling up with deadlines hovering over her head despite 20 hour days. They had a deadline of July 31st . Naran Sir gave the following suggestion

    ask wolf to complete the work

    She did so and I used the circle technique and wrote her name and the above chant and asked wolf to help her . She immediately called to say the deadline got extended by 5 days and work progressed really fast. Wolf never fails to help.

    Thank you Sir for the help

  331. hello sir, I am unemployed, left previous job as I got very frustrated there, now looking for a new job, i am doing movement mudra and safe mudra along with switchword, move on and find count divine job, since last 1 week, and I have seen a huge change in my attitude, the determination has increased, and attitude has become positive, confidence on universal rules has increased, thank you for that, what do i do to get a good job as soon as possible…please suggest if I need to modify the switchwords or mudra because I want a good job at the earliest…thanks

  332. Naranji,

    I came to know about your blog through my facing problem in married life.My husband always listen to his parents and doesnt consider my words.He hasnt share with me anything and he doesnt support me.I shouldnt share anything negatively about their family members eventhough they did wrong.
    In addition to this, he doesnt call up my parents and brother till now.My family members call him and he speaks for 2 mins that to for name sake and now a days he doesnt speak with my brother even he calls.So my brother is not calling him now a days.There is nothing quarrel between us.My husband says like my brother is not calling him.Am worrying much about relationship that is deteriorating between my family members and my husband.My inlaws and sister in law who is staying near my in laws are wholly reason for this.

    Currently my parents are searching alliance for my brother and it will be settled fearing about whether my husband come and attend marriage or not.If he doesnt come it would be great insult for my parents and me infront of our relatives.This is running in my mind everyday.

    Please tell me some switch word to create bonding between my husband and my family members.


  333. I am facing ego problem with my sister-in-law, I have to stay with her for some more time, my bro had a love marriage, so my sister-in-law is from some other place and other culture, she is a very good person, but she keeps talking about her native place and her relatives, her language, on the other side I am the quieter one and do not brag about my families that much, she keeps telling me stories about her native and keeps talking to her relatives in her language over the phone, I don’t understand her native language, sometimes I feel that she is not like us, her way of doing things is different, her accent is different, so it is difficult for me to understand her intention and understand her mood, also she is a bit dominating as she is very talkative, but otherwise she a very good person, I want my bro, sister-in-law and my parents to lead a very happy life, but now-a-days, I am getting frustrated by her nature, and often start thinking bad things about her, like she should be taught a lesson, what it is like to do a love marriage, she should suffer because my parents were not agreeing for this marriage, later they agreed but with a heavy heart, she should compromise more and more for our culture, she should not doubt our culture.
    I know all this is really stupid to think, but I am having a strong feeling of hatred for her most of the times, how can I make the relationship better, so that I can enjoy this relationship rather than blaming her for small mistakes…sometimes I feel why I should compromise for her, as I am not the one who opted for a love marriage, I am not interested to know about her native either, so she should only compromise for me/our culture, so sometimes I also comment on her knowingly or unknowingly, then she also gets hurt easily, I want to either get rid of her company or make the relationship better, but I want her, my bro and parents to live happily, please suggest someway…

    • Ramai,
      do the forgiving exercise: I, Ramai forgive you (your sis in law name), you also forgive me and release me.
      Also chant ” together Divine”

  334. Hello SIr,

    I firstly need to thank you that your previous reply helped me a lot.. it was like a miracle for me.
    I need your help once again please. My Husband and I have finalized a plot in March and are running behind loan for purchasing the same. Since April, the person who was processing our loan gave us lot of confirmation that we would definitely get it. But only last month we realized that the bank rejected the loan approval. Since then we tried in lot of banks but nothing is happening. My husband is very upset with it and he has lost all hopes. The seller might take back his offering also since it’s been delayed so long.
    Sir, please help us so that we get a loan sanctioned somewhere and quickly too so that we get this site registered. This would make my husband confident and happier. Its been a hard time going through this for the last 4 months especially when am pregnant. Please help me by providing me a chant…. Please
    Eagerly expecting your earliest response……

    • Please suggest me any remedy for gum infection …suffering for the past 1month..
      Before going to dentist , is there any mantra / remedy for pain reduction…

      • In an empty stomach in the morning, before brushing teeth, take 3/4th litre of water. It will wash away all germs in the gums, making it stronger.

        This is a good preventive practice too.

      • Just for your information. I got this tip from Naran when I had such problems few years back.

        Right from then I had solved this problem whenever it appeared. And for last one year I didn’t have this problem.

        I need to thank the dentists in Manipal Hospital Bangalore, who suggested me brush my teeth three times a day and just before going to bed.

      • Two more tips from Naran I want to share here.

        Chant Blue Sapphire.

        Avoid eating sweets.

  335. Dear Sir,
    I have applied for my masters in UK. I have applied for my visa today with the necessary documents.What do I chant to get the visa soon?

  336. Naran Sir,

    I have problem in naming our baby.My husband wants to christen baby as per his wish.He is not considering my opinion.We have quarrels going on between us.Actually I told several times explaining patiently to him to name baby with both of our choice but he is not listening.He wants to name baby of his opinion.This is our first baby so I want my baby to name based on my choice also.

    Please tell some switch word to make him to agree with my opinion also to name our baby.


    • When you think, others are not listening to you and that you are misunderstood, call upon the Animal Spirit Guide Cuckoo. Then the opposite person will listen to you thanks to Cuckoo. When you are praying to Cuckoo, either visualize the person or keep his photograph and then pray.
      You can also do this
      Pray to Blue Whale, “This is what I told. Please make them understand” or alternatively “Blue Whale be active in the energy field of Tom and clear the misunderstanding between us”.

  337. Naran Sir,

    I am married since last 5 years & I know my husband from last 12 years but still there is communication gap between us. We are almost opposite of each other. I am not able to share my problems & my feelings with him coz his so aggressive & selfish. He never tries to understand my situation, my feelings from my side. He always takes me granted & though my in-laws too. I don’t get any kind of respect from him. He is always trying to rule me. There is some kind of loneliness & depression in me from last 5 year, I always wish to die. Now I don’t even cry for my inner pain. He has bad habit of like drinking etc. For this people I am like earning source nothing more than that. Sometime I don’t understand that his love true or fake. When he gets aggressive, he abused me like anything which is the most irritating & unbearable thing for me. Due to his bad habits we are suffering through financial problems also. I always need to think lot before spending money on myself from own earning. He never even asked me about my needs. I am not happy with my life but I can’t quit also coz of my Son. I am not wish to make him my handpacked but wish to live life with mutual consent where both decision should matter. Please suggest how I can get out of this loneliness & depression.

  338. Hi Naran sir,

    I am having a lot of work these days at office. Too much of pressure is being put on me. Is there a mantra to reduce the amount of work load assigned to me, or to manage the work load which is assigned to me. Kindly do let me know.

  339. Dear sir

    I am a final year student,I got exam results recently to my shock I had two arrears, I had been a topper in my class,I have applied for revaluation ,please suggest me a switch word so that I get a good result please sir

  340. respected guruji… sai ram….
    recently i lost my costly mobile. plz plz plz help me to get back

    • Chant the names of the flowers Cerato,Rock Water and Chestnud bud.
      (from the book Naran’s Bach Flower Remedies)

  341. Dear Naran Sir,
    What is the meaning if I dream honeybee hive and very next day one bee is after me very calmly when there are so many people’s around me.
    At my mom’s place every year in Shravan month there is big honeybee hive to hall window and we use to remove honey form that it was for 4-5 times we did the same, after that all of sudden they stop coming. And since then many times I dream about them. Is there any message for me in this?
    Awaiting for your reply.

  342. Naran Sir,

    i am 29 years old. i am happily married since last 7 years. My husband & daughter both are loving people. My husband in hotel business. suddenly last year due Municipality’s misunderstanding our hotel demolish by them, since that we are suffering from big loss. Day by day so many problems are incurring. my husband is total collapse he is under depression. I am working but my income is not enough to fulfill our needs & recover this loss. Please suggest how to get out of this financial loss. Our case against Municipality is also going in court but still not getting any result. Please suggest how to get out of this.

    AWaiting for your reply Sir. Please Help

  343. Naran Sir,

    My husband & In-law’s have lend money to two people and they are not giving back the money(Approx Rs.170000/- to Mr. Manoj Singh & Rs.25000/- to Mr.sunil Mule)
    Please suggest something to get back that money.

    Awaiting for your reply


  344. Dear Sir,

    Whenever i do fire mudra for weight loss, i have severe hair fall. Please help me what to do


  345. Sir, I m trying for a job since one year but not getting it. I am in the merit also and there is vacancy also. But somehow I am unable to get that job.
    Plz suggest some solution for getting the job quickly. Thanks…..

  346. Dear Naran Sir,
    Kindly let me know how to deal with difficult mother in law? Because in her eyes I am the only person to be blame for everything. And my husband thinks his mother is coping with me and adjusting with me and actually it is vise a versa. For her nothing works whatever I do she easily drags my husband in her negativity and negative attitude which is actually hampering our relationship. I am chanting TOGETHER DIVINE and my husband is becoming very supportive now a day but every now and then she is interfering in between us. How to keep her out of our ways. She interferes in our life at such a level that when I put our bed at night she comes and inspects the same and gives me instructions to rectify which is EVERYDAY activity and it’s really annoys me. She even ask me to keep my bed sheets away from my husband’s bed sheets, my pillow away form his etc. which is very disturbing for me. Though it is very day drama I don’t say a word to her and keep mum but she don’t understand that. And my husband doesn’t say a word to her for all this bullshit.. I really wonder if it was possible she could have separated both of us long back and it’s actually 8 months of our marriage. Most amazing thing is that she knows what she is doing and she sees my reactions on her drama and smiles seeing me suffering, sometime when my husband shouts on me she comes and calms him again to take credit for… don’t understand why she is behaving like that..I just wanted to keep her out of me and my husband life.

    Previously it was only rearing my household work now a days she starts doubting on me where I go what I do etc. and putting this in my husband’s mind also which is really disturbing for me.
    Even I do lots of forgiveness exercise for her and my husband both; but feel like doesn’t work on her.
    Please suggest something I have ordered forgiveness, release resistance and welcome change CD form Shobana madam also.
    Just wanted to lead happy, peaceful and stable life.. nothing else.
    Awaiting for your reply.

    • Anita
      Naran sir has replied to someone.
      FORGIVE FORGIVE till you get FORGIVENESS. If you find nothing happening, the meaning is you have not changed and you have to continue the forgiving and any other healing given.

  347. hello,
    i try to inculcate values, morals and culture to my children, but seeing the ways of the changing society where the children nowdays have no respect for parents, no respect for marriage, living together, having children without being married, i feel that whether this can Influence my children to live a life without morals and values later.

    Can you please explain how we can live in this society and still make our children live a life of morals, values and culture they have learnt from us and bring forward good culture for coming generation. how to make culture and morality survive inspite of all the bad pressure/influence outside the home?
    thanking you for your enlightenment on this issue

    • eth,
      if you want to inculcate more values to children, do it. But dont harbour fear about what will happen in future. The concern about the society being bad was there in 1900s also.Each generation, is concerned about the future generation. Come out of this fear and do what is needed. Leave the rest to Divine.

      • thank you sir for your explanation.
        thank you for making me realize the different perspective of seeing situations. and as it has been said in Bhagwat Gita, do your action and do not worry about the result. thank you for reminding me.

  348. Hello Sir,
    Am having a very serious issue. Just relying on you for this.
    I am actually 23 weeks pregnent and travelled over the weekend for almost about 500km. Am not feeling baby movement since yesterday. I am scared and worried if something is gone wrong. I am planning to visit my doctor tomorow evening. Kindly help me in providing something to chant so that my baby is safe and I deliver it safely in the right time. Please sir ear geeky waiting for ur quickest reply

    • Until Naran replies please chant, “Mimulus Red chestnut Together Divine”

      Or Contact Center

      • Thanks a lot, it really helped me. I Was able to hear my baby’s heartbeat during the check-up and relieved.. thanks a ton…..

        • Gr8 job R mohan. Thanks to Naran for all the wonders
          best of luck P as i was really worried about u

        • p
          continue the chanting. Buy prayer to bach flower cd and listen to it daily in the night before going to sleep.
          if you are a Reiki channel, send reiki to the child daily. Or do the full body Reiki.
          Reiki can connect you and your child well.

          • Thanks for the reply Naran Sir. I will get the cd you have told.
            I am actually a second degree Reiki channel but got initiated almost a decade back but do not practice. I will still be able to pass the energy right or should I have to do some clean up process? Kindly guide me.


  349. Dear Naranji,

    My sister has been married for 30 years and now they are both leading a retired life after working abroad. Both of them are forever fighting for the silliest of reasons and it has gotten worse to the point of divorce. Please help me urgently with a switch word that will make them forgive eachother and be together. Thanks

  350. Dear Sir,

    I am in a pitiful situation.My job is a problem for me.Everything in my life i got after lots of suffering.even my first marriage stopped and then had to marry another girl. Like that even in jobs i always am being used.By the way i have been grown by my family, i dont know to be diplomatic.I am very sincere and very true.I work even after my office time.I keep saving my colleagues from all the problem.But they are very selfish and easily betray me.

    Now my office situation is bad.There is some politics going on and most of team member are against me.So i have to search for job,which even after so much effort i am not able to get. Even in my previous job,i had to quit because of internal politics.Now its the same situation.

    Sir, please help me to find a good job with pleasant situation,and good colleagues.Also i dont get anything easy in my life.For everything i have to try and wait for long,or lose something to get something..Please suggest me what can i do to make my life pleasant.

  351. Hi Naran,

    I am in a confused state now, I read almost all the blogs, i feel energized when i read ,later mind goes blocked.

    I got recently placed in a top company, but i am not able to go as its too far and its 10hrs of working, i am sure i will become more week if travel such a long distance.But i still have another problem which is not allowing my mind to go to work

    I like a guy we decided to marry but my family is not agreeing due to caste and still many other problems,but that guy is very possessive on me, I still did not say his family that my family did not agree,I am scared if this guy takes any wrong steps,he drinks and smokes too much now a days.My mom said she would speak to him as our horoscope did not match and try convincing him.She would speak to him this week pls i want him to be as a good friend to me and marry some other girl and be happy in his life.

    I cant be without him cant imagine any one else in his place,but i cant waste his life as well anymore because i like my family also on the other side…..

    Pls naran suggest me what i should do……..

    • Sai,
      nothing is true love here in your case.
      Write scleranthus chicory cherryplum daily 21 times.

      • so good to hv you back posting after a gap sir. the blog w/o you is like a classroom w.o a teacher.

      • Hi naran,

        Sorry if i am wrong, but how do you say that its not a true love and can i know meaning of above remedy you suggested me.

        Thanks a lot…

  352. Sir, I have exam on October end 2013. It s like a eligibility exam. If I get through this only I can go further in my career. The problem is my mind deviating from study always. I couldn’t,t able to show any interest on studies though am trying. Please help me to concentrate and develop knowledge and to get the best score in my exams.
    Thank you



    Many thanks once again for helping my son to improve his vision. I am daily playing the audio for vision improvement of yours when he is in bed. I am now confident that he would get his eyes will be with natural power.

    On my plot sale, I am still waiting for my buyer to pay me back the balance cash. ( I had earlier posted above dated June 11th from V.Ramakrishnan). I am currently chanting “Gorse wolf crystal reach help count now”. Shall i continue the same.? Also I am planning to perform house warming for my new flat. What should I chant for peace, harmony, luck and happiness.

    With Warm Regards

  354. Hello,

    My husband & In-law’s have lend money to two people and they are not giving back the money Please suggest something to get back that money. we are suffering through financial crisis. since last week i am writing this but not getting any revert. Please help me,

    Awaiting for your reply

    • Kalpa,
      You can chant the names of the Bach Flower Remedies – Sweet Chestnut, Rock Water, Chestnut Bud, Willow and Pine two hundred times, for three times a day.

      Take a small piece of paper. Write your name and his name. Draw a circle around the name. Draw five concentric circles around the first circle. Write the name of the flower remedies in the gap between two circles, one name per gap. Keep it somewhere in your house. Daily see this paper and just read out the names once.

      Also, download a squirrel picture and keep it under pillow. Let us see what happens.
      BY Getting Back Your Dues bolg of Naran Sir.

  355. I am doing Violet Flame prayer for a country as suggested by Naran Sir in


    Visualise a spring of violet flame engulfing the country, chant this as many times as possible.
    Thank the violet flame before and after chanting.

    Can I also Paste violet flame on the map of country and continue the prayer?

  356. dear sir,
    i have huge financial crisis and i have borrowed nearly one crore from different people, which i can repay only through the sale of my father in laws property…my father in law too wants to sell his property and thus to help me but some how he is not able to sell the property since last 4 years…he keeps on trying to sell but it delays….so i m borrowing more and more money from people to pay the interest monthly and thus my my financial position is getting wirse and worse…i very disappointed and tired of life…i want huge money immediatly and i m not able to live anymore with this kind of problem..pse suggest me anything…

  357. I want to get greeen card in US, for that I have applied to one of the important proces and waiting for the results , please suggest some remedies /mantras to speed up the process and get positive results. Thanks much in advance!

  358. v.krishna kumar

    i am pursuing my CA cource and i have encountered with failure thrice.But i am determined to crack it down.
    but i have a real problem in memorising things .please suggest me some ideas to memorise things .
    sir i shall be highly obliged if u consider my request.

    with regards
    krishna kumar

  359. Namaste Naran Sir,

    I’ve been following your site for a few months and I need your help with suitable switch words for my need. My husband is working in the Middle East and our children are in the US working and studying there and hence would like to move to the US to eventually settle there to be close to my children. My husband is not in favor of it as he prefers the Middle East and I need your help to make my husband agree and take the initiative to move to the US as I very much want us to move with his approval. Thank you and blessings for all that you do for mankind. It’s is a great site and I’ve told many of my friends who are already receiving many benefits from your help.

  360. There is small function in my home,What can I chant for it so that guest should be happy and smooth function.
    THank you.

    • Put walnut 10 pills in a bucket and splash it all over the place.

      You will find the guests enjoying themselves, arriving even if they are late and everything happening in order (you may add Sweet Chestnut if you want)

      • Thank you R Mohan,will do the same.One more thing I would like ask, many little kids are also coming in the function,so which remedy I can add for them.
        Thank you

        • Don’t tell me you don’t know? I am sure you know. It is Rescue Remedy.

          Chant “I release the part that plays ignorant. I activate the part that knows the solution”.

          • Yes ,I know that it’s rescue remedy ,but I dont know why I asked this question.I m so sorry for this.Thanks for reminding me that a part of me is playing ignorant but why?

            I learned so many things from Naran sir and from this blog indirectly and still learning.
            If anybody ask question ,I searched blog for hours to find out solution.And I really love this act.

          • No need to feel sorry.

            Don’t ask why? It is there and it has to be handled.

            That’s one part of our mind, which we don’t have much control. And there are other parts too, which we don’t have control. Our job is to release them as and when they operate.

            In fact, I used to play this part (playing ignorant) several years before. Now, I know solution. Previously I didn’t know how to handle it.

            I am finding this technique very useful. It’s like waging a Kurukshetra war everyday.

            I remember you answering a similar question to somebody. In fact, I am surprised at your skill in finding solutions for others.

            Good luck…

            • Thank you R Mohan for appreciating me .I was amazed, how do you know how I m feeling ,how do you know that I know answer.
              Naran sir,you and this blog helping me to grow and heal myself.This blog is one of my “best friend”..Just like a best friend ,it’s always there for me in all conditions.

              May be one day I can reveal my real name,real me ,I don’t have courage right now.I hide myself,I dont want that others know me,not even my family members…they will say …..oh she is answering …
              Even If this act “helping others is good,still I hide.
              According to Naran sir,” dont think you are answering ” .There is divine behind all answers.
              Thanks and love to all of you from bottom of my heart.

      • Thank you R Mohan.
        I did it all that you advised.In addition to this I called wolf also and requested for happy and smooth function.
        Function was wonderful.Kids enjoyed a lot.

      • Thank you R Mohan.
        I did everything that you advised(walnut,sweetchestnut,rescue remedy in a bucket and splashed all over place),in addition to this I also requested wolf for
        happy and smooth function.
        Function was wonderful and kids enjoyed a lot.

  361. Respected Sir!

    Please give ur guidance.

    My mom is suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis for past 10 years. please suggest switch word for her to chant and also what angel number she can have it under her pillow while sleeping and also which energy circle (COLOR) is suitable for her?

    please kindly provide ur valuable response.

    thanks in advance.


    • Lavanya,
      Let your mother try this till Naran sir replies you..
      From the book “Naran’s Find your life answer through mantras”
      For arthritis
      Chant The bija mantra ” OM LUM NAMAH OM VUM NAMAH OM RUM NAMAH OM YUM NAMAH OM HUM NAMAH “1000 times daily .
      Pronounce Lum as in bun and likewise for other bija mantras.
      If it is knee pain
      chanting this hare krishna mantra both the kness will become highly flexible.
      Thank you

  362. Sir, as I have said some days back, I have appeared for ugc NET exam. I was expecting results in August but now I have come to know there is still some time for the results to come, may be in the last of September or October. Sir, I am chanting “Slow Care Together Divine” and have also started chanting from two days “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa” after going through your blogs.
    Sir, since there is still some time, so I want to know if I need to do anything else so that I can for sure, definitely clear this exam this time. Please help me, Sir.

  363. One of my relatives is facing this problem due to office politics. Please help.
    The person works very hard and has won appreciation from higher officials as well as other coworkers. Now she is facing lot of problems at work environment. The work which has to be given to her is not given to her but they give some menial work.
    Later she found out that he is being slowly sidelined for the sake of a relative of a higher official.
    Office Politics are ruining her career.
    At this moment she cannot search for another job because she is still under contract to work for specific time.
    Please suggest switch words, bach remedies which can be chanted so that things get better at her work place and she will be able to continue to perform her job well.

  364. Sir i have left many messages even email but no reply from you..
    i have had an accident last september, i suffered a broken left tibia and fibula + right hand broken.The assurance of the person who knocked me down is taking so much time to compensate me.I don’t have any idea how much they will pay me. i have bought that abundance cd and listen to it many times a day. Can u please suggest me a mantra to chant so that the insurance pay me a large sum of money.. we are planning to buy a house.
    Plz reply to me, ignore me not.

  365. Dear naren sir, I got a job in amazon with the switch word you have given to me,Iam really thankful to u sir, mine is a testing job, I will have to keep finding defects in the new software which is been designed, But for some reason I am not able to perform better, I feel my managers and team lead dont consider me, is there any switch word to perform better and I wanted to attend your work shop let me know what is the procedure.. Thank naren sir

  366. Good Morning Naranji,
    I am getting same dream many time..I dont know whether it has any meaning or not. Same and my bf.. but the situation is different. Like first when i got the dream it was like me and my bf were husband and wife, its was like 200-300 years back age..i knew it was me and my bf..but our faces were different. In that we were going to some temple.. there some steps were there but could climb due to devil. Second time also I got dream about same place and our faces were different in that we were college students going to trip.. in that me and my bf climbed the steps but after climbing we could see the devil. then 3rd time we could climb and go inside the temple.. this time in dream the face were like us how we are now.. and this time there was no devil..but one old lady…there were many houses. but, first time it when i got that dream it was a big forest.. second time. it was still a forest but many trees were cut down,..

  367. Dear Naran Sir,
    I am a research scholar, I need to submit my thesis before 30th Sep 2013. But my supervisor mam is not correcting my thesis. She wants to drag it for another 3 months by taking extension from university. For that I will have to pay a fine of Rs. 1000 to University. I am feeling that this is unfare. Kindly help me to submit my thesis as early as possible.

  368. My husband has quit his job. he wants to start something on his own. CAn you suggest any switch word or mantra or chant for his endeavor to be successful. Thanks

  369. Hi
    nowdays i am ALWAYS feeling tired and drained of energy. which acu-reiki to do.
    please advice?

  370. Sir,
    my husband is stressing alot. He’s 31years old, measure 1m70 and weight 55 kg only. When we meet people they thought that he’s 19 or 20 years old. My husband feel very bad, for him 19 or 20 years old is not a compliment . Even doctor’s says that he will never gain weight.. Can u plz suggest me a mantra or a pillow technic so that he gain some weight

  371. and any mantra to chant along with….?
    thanks for you reply

  372. Good morning sir, how are u?
    Im emma from France, im started studying again after a long break.. There’s certain subjects that i need to learn by heart like history, economie… i read a lot but i forgot everything the following day. Any mantra to memorise my lessons without forgetting them??
    thanks and good day

  373. Hello Mr Naran and Mr Mohan,
    only one question to ask : what does 662hz stand for?

  374. Dear Naran Sir,

    i am very slow in my official. i feel very lazy while doing work and not even getting work statisfaction. i keep doing mistakes in my work and my boss in not happy with my performance , thats why i am not even getting good increments. Please suggest me something to get work satisfaction, good increments

    • Chant, “Wild Oat, Oak, Slow Care”

      Wild Oat: for job satisfaction
      Oak: to work smart enough to get increments
      Slow Care: not to be lazy and make mistakes

  375. thanks R. Mohan, how many times i need to chant this

  376. Namaste Mr Mohan and Mr Naran
    my brother is staying at my place, can u plz suggest me mantra so that he met someone,they felt in love with each other and get married so that he can settle here in france.. The problem is that he is very shy to talk with gals.

    • Chant “Walnut, Water Violet, Heather, Mimulus”

      Walnut: when you are in a new place
      Water Violet: to mingle with the crowd you are not familiar with
      Heather: to attract
      Mimulus: shy

      The above will improve any form of relationships in a unfamiliar situation

      For marriage, chant the Vallabham mantra

  377. Sir i have a brother who is drug addict, everyday he’s killing himself more n more. He stay along with my dad. my parents have been separated for 8 years now. Me, mom and lil brother are in France. Dad and elder brother in mtius.Dad also drink alot, he’s not working, the house is empty,no valuable things, they live in a very bad condition,there’s no even food.Their condition make me feel so bad. I can’t help them, im student here,i don’t have any income. I love them and don’t know how to help them. It’s as if a curse has fallen upon them.
    Sir what u advise me to do.. Help me plz,ignore me not

  378. Sir,
    pls help me to complete my Ph.D as early as possible. My supervisor is not doing corrections.She is ignoring me. Pls give me some suggestions.

  379. I didnt get any increment in my office for the past two years. I have been performing well in office but becuase of politics in the office i have been deprived of promotion or hike
    i dont feel like continuing in my present company any more and would like to get into a good company. but my limitation is i cant travel very far as i have to take care of my kids at home. What can i chat to get a change in job and follow the path that god wants me to do

  380. Mohan Sir,
    One of my relatives is facing problem due to office politics. Please help.
    The person works very hard and has won appreciation from higher officials as well as other coworkers. Now she is facing lot of problems at work environment. The work which has to be given to her is not given to her but they give some menial work.
    Later she found out that she is being sidelined for the sake of a relative of a higher official.
    Office Politics are ruining her career.

    If a person is sidelined due to office politics what switch words, bach remedies can be chanted so that things get better at work place.
    Which animal spirit should we pray ?

    • Prepare a list of those people. Pick one person and say the forgiving statement three times, “I so and so forgive you. You please forgive me and release me”. Do it for all the people in the list. Every single day.

      And throughout the day “I am sorry Please forgive me. Love thanks Together divine”.

      Trust me in this regard we bring those incidents. After several years in IT, I can vouch for that fact. These days I work independently. I send Reiki to all my colleagues – past and present, It works wonders. By doing the above – forgiving statements, you are doing the same.

  381. sir, my husband had experienced a very difficult childhood . He’s stressing almost all the time. Due to his childhood problems,he don’t pray at all,he don’t believe in anything. He was been forced to read the bible many times by the people in the sect .They also treat him badly,like forced him to eat or else closed in dark room. He don’t sleep well at night, he always makes nightmar, agitated and lack of respiration.. At work,they all make fun of him because he is underweight. They gave him excess work to do… Sir can u suggest how we can help him?? a mantra to stop him from stressing,that make he sleeps well at night, remove all his problems,obstacles,no problem at work,live happily..

  382. Dear Sir,
    Everyday after office hours I feel very much tired and feeling sleepy and in the morning after wake up also I feel sleepy. Previously i was not like this and I dont know why this happens ? Is there any switch words/mantras/power symbols to get-rid off this ?

  383. Sir, I am going to apply for a post of my subject in a govt/ govt undertaking organisation. Tomorrow I am going to submit all the application form. After that there will be call for interview which is not yet mentioned now. Should I chant any specific switch words before submitting the form so that looking at my details impress them which helps me in getting the job ? If yes, what ?

  384. thank you so much R Mohan Sir.
    thank you Naran Sir for your remedies.

  385. Hello,
    i love your blog.. I see that u suggest a mantra for people who studies,” AMBIKA ANADHINIDHANA ASHWAROODA APARAAJITHA” the good spelling is it anadhi nidhana or nithana?? and what’s the meaning of this mantra?

  386. Dear naran sir
    I cannot concentrate at any work, presently preparing for banking exams. I am also chanting your mantra vallabham gajananam ekadantam and also listening your cd’s vallabham and abudance cd regularly. suggest me something so i can of e more focused. And also let me know the correct procedure of listening the cd’s and how many times a day. It’s been 20 days i am listening your cd’s…but i am not feeling any changes in my life..I am jobless..passing through a bad financial condition also and a zero state of income. Kindly guide me how many times to listen abudance cd and back pain cd and the procedure and also how to concentrate.

    Thanks & regards

    • To concentrate on work and achieve success: RELEASE RESISTANCE SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE

      Once a day will do.

      Abundance CD can be played over speakers and you can do any work.
      Vallabham you need to relax and hear it with headphones.
      It is good to be in Safe and Secure Mudra while listening to the CDs.

  387. Mr Naran, I am a housewife, i have to look after the household chores , my husband and also my brother who are staying with us. I have started stydying after a long break. U suggest many students to write their name ,name of the remedies and 398 and put under the pillow.. I am doing the same thing, i have written my name in a cicle and in the gap 398, and in a second circle again my name with clematis chestnut bud, in a 3rd cicle again my name with 662Hz, i have written also scleranthus 398. 398 larch honey suckle gentian, 398 pink tourmaline,398 oak and put all of it under my pillow. I have a long list under my pillow:) Is that all that good??

    • Write each combination in separate circles. Keep one inside the pillow, one in a purse, one in the book you book you read regularly and so on. So that you look at them at different times of the day,

      To make the circle technique effective, it is good to see the paper now and then, and chant the remedies/switch words looking at the paper.

      Good luck


  388. Sir, I have a query. I have been surfing the net for some important educational work that I have been entrusted to do.. Yesterday I came across a very good website at around 5.30 p.m. But due to some emergency I had to shut the computer immediately. But after sometime when I tried looking for the same website putting the same kind of words in the search engine, I couldn’t find it. My history is not saved.From around 6 pm to 4 am in the morning I was reframing my words to get the site but couldn’t get it. At around 12, I started chanting ‘Reach’ desperately to find the lost website. I chanted and searched at the same time till 4 a.m but couldn’t find it at all. Sir, I wanted to know if we can’t chant ‘reach’ when we are searching for anything.

  389. Sir im having difficulties to concentrate on my studies, a mantra to focus is it RELEASE RESISTANCE SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE?? Can u give explanation to these words plzz?

    • After doing so many thing when nothing works RELEASE RESISTANCE.

      SLOW CARE TOGETHER is for the exams, to focus, concentrate, remember and do well. Naran lists this one of the top three switch word combination.

  390. Respected Naran ji
    I am so grateful to God for introducing you into my life .i have used so many advices from your blog that its nothing short of miracle in all instances .
    Currently I am pursing a job change in my current company .i have already been through 4 interviews I have come to know through my manager that they have decided to go with me
    My humble request to you is that can u please suggest a mantra that they gives me a salary of what I am expecting as I am jumping a rank .My current pay is very low compared to my counterparts .
    I have done my research and I know a number in my mind which is the target pay .i want to be paid what I deserve nothing more nothing less

    Can I chant
    Together divine water violet larch Genetian wildrose Mimulus (salary amount) count now done

    Kindly advise

  391. Sir,
    My father is 70 yrs old and has prostate cancer, stage I with Gleason score 7. He got the reports today and he is going for MRI scan this week. My mother is 60 yrs and is a blood clot patient since 13 yrs. They visited me during this summer and we had really a great time. One week before their departure, we had the blood test taken at our place and the results came today saying that he has prostate cancer. Could you please advice some steps to follow at this stage? My parents, my sister, and I do Reiki regularly. Please help Sir!

    • your father can chant sri ram jaya ram jaya jaya ram as many time as possible.
      For cancer, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE CANCEL OLD Undead Cells FIND New Cells”. This has to be chanted daily many number times. By this you are giving the command to your own body.

  392. Naran Sir:
    SS 1970 here again. I did not finish the comment properly. My parents & sister’s family live in Chennai; I live in US. Please advice some healing steps so that we can do them for my father.
    Sincerely SS1970

  393. Sir, generally I have always dreamt of my own dogs. But today I saw two dogs in my dream in the afternoon. One was my own dog, a Dalmatian and another was a fictitious dog, a pure black one. Both were sleeping in my parent’s room. When I went there , the black dog ran away to another room. I also saw them playing with one another as if the black dog was my doggy’s friend. I was surprised to see another dog in our house.
    I really got scared. Can you tell me please what does it mean. I just hope the black dog doesn’t indicate anything bad because we are already with so much of stress.

  394. Sir,
    my parents are separated, im abroad and my father in mtius. My father is 55 years old and not working,He’s in a very bad shape. He call me several times, i know he need money. I am student here and i don’t have money, i don’t know how to help my father. His brother(dad’s brother) works with the prime minister,he is very rich , he never do anything for my father. He don’t even care for my father. Can you please give a mantra so that his brother talk to him,help him finding a job,care for him,etc.. My father is completely alone.

  395. Sir,


    My husband has started a gift and duty paid shop just two days back. Please let me know sw
    to attract business and make profit as I have put in all my investment and expecting a good return as early as possible. Provide me the sw which he can keep chanting as he is waiting for customers. we need to get an everyday business of rs 1000 at least.

    thanks for always helping us


  396. Mr Naran how are you?? my message dated september 6 is still pending without any response..Can u please reply to me?

  397. Mr Mohan, i have a brother who is drug addict, everyday he’s killing himself more n more. He stay along with my dad. my parents have been separated for 8 years now. Me, mom and lil brother are in France. Dad and elder brother in mtius.Dad also drink alot, he’s not working, the house is empty,no valuable things, they live in a very bad condition,there’s no even food.Their condition make me feel so bad. I can’t help them, im student here,i don’t have any income. I love them and don’t know how to help them. It’s as if a curse has fallen upon them.
    Hope to have a quick reply from u

    • Unfortunately by chanting you cannot help anybody to come out of their addiction. That’s why Naran insists that concerned person should meet him.

      I suggest you to chant “I am sorry Please Forgive me. Love Thanks Together Divine”. Do it like a mad person throughout the day. it will show you some ways which will help you to find solutions for your problems.

      When everything is closed and the whole world looks bleak, this mantra opens up doors unseen.

      Take care

      Good luck

  398. sir , i would be giving my CA exams in nov.
    i’m really doing hardwork
    i really want to pass
    please help

  399. 1. Chant “Mustard Oak Gorse Honeysuckle” as many times as possible.
    2. To succeed in tough competitive exams, Ambika Mantra is powerful which is “Ambika Anaadhi Nithaana Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa” (Say this once a day)
    3. Also affirm,” I pray to Ambika, the one whose origin you cannot trace, and the one who is ever-present since and before the beginning of this world. She only can help me overcome my mind, because I know that one who overpowers and channelizes the mind can win anything and become invincible” (read this once a day)

  400. Hi Naranji,

    You have never answered my any question. I am begging for your help. I have a fear of public speaking, I have a fear of facing people. Can you please suggest me mantra to solve this issue.

  401. Hi Naran sir,

    We have a flat in a property in the center of the city. And we have some flats up for lease. We have signed a lease agreement with the Bank’s Premises and Estate Department. From the bank’s side a family has come forward to take the flat for rent for 3 years.

    From the beginning this couple is creating a lot of trouble and they are continously demanding a lot of things. We are the owners of the property and being renter’s they are behaving very high headed and demanding. I am already sensing a lot of negative vibrations from them and as though they are up for trouble. Could you please suggest a mantra which will change their behavior.

    I would like them to move out or transferred, because as owners we as a family would not like to give to trouble makers and high headed people. Please suggest a mantra for their behavior change or transfer from this location.

  402. Sir, although I am chanting the switch words but for better and immediate effect I want to listen to the CD/s too as I have read about some people being highly benefited by both chanting and also by listening to the CDs. I have tried searching for the CD/s in the list for my purpose/s but couldn’t make out at all which one to go for. Sir, let me know which CD/s should I buy for the purpose/s and the procedure to listen to it/them ? Sir, I am writing my issues again…
    1.immediate and urgent marriage with a desired life partner
    2.i. to get into a job of my choice immediately as I didn’t join any for the last one and half
    year. clear the Net exam so that I can get the desired placement. Also for all other exams/interviews that i will be appearing for job purposes or career advancement and for further studies.
    iii. for proper concentration and give the best performances in the miscellaneous academic works that I am being called for or given to do (both oral and written) which is very important for my career.
    Sir, can my parents listen to the same CD for this purpose as they are tensed and stressed too and having bad health because of my issues ?
    Sir, if there is any other suggestion for my purposes, I am willing to do it.

    Thanking you seeking your help and blessings

  403. Mohan Sir, I am a trainer too in the education field. That’s why inspite of lot of distraction and stress due to various reasons, I need to concentrate a lot in my study/work and give my best and for my future engagements in the same field. Sir, i am really thankful to you for your guidance and prompt replies. I guess the All purpose cd and Vallabam mantra will also help me in rejuvenating my health and other tensions. Bless me, Sir.

    Naran Sir, thank you so very much for all your healing methods. Bless me, Sir.

  404. Mr Naran /Mr Mohan, emma here… can u please reply to my question dated september 10 ( about my father)?

  405. sir, my husband had experienced a very difficult childhood . He’s stressing almost all the time. Due to his childhood problems,he don’t pray at all,he don’t believe in anything. He was been forced to read the bible many times by the people in the sect .They also treat him badly,like forced him to eat or else closed in dark room. He don’t sleep well at night, he always makes nightmar, agitated and lack of respiration.. At work,they all make fun of him because he is underweight. They gave him excess work to do… Sir can u suggest how we can help him?? a mantra to stop him from stressing,that make he sleeps well at night, remove all his problems,obstacles,no problem at work,live happily..

  406. Mr Mohan, i have a white rabbit at my place. We stay in a flat and my rabbit plays in the house itself, he ges on the sofa, bed,…he is like a children. The problem is that he lost his heir almost every year, and he lost lots of it.. Any mantra to stop this??

  407. Namaste Mohan-ji, my mother stay in the village and there’s not much job. Sometime people that she know give her some brodery to do and gave her a little money, sometime some other people call her to clean their houses and pay her.. Can u plz suggest a mantra so that she got a job permanently not far from her house. Here in France it’s really hard to find a job.. Since 3 years now that mom is here..
    thx for your reply.

    • The best combination that works, thinking about her, write 101 times a day, until she finds a job, “TOGETHER FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE”.

  408. Hi

    My neice , 8 year old , is very obese. She doesnt do much playing or any physiocal activity. She is also extremely moody and cries a lot and angry and blames her mom for everything. is there any bach remedy combination that we can give her?


  409. Mr Mahan, i have a poor brother in the country, he is very unfortunate..He is 30 years old but acting like a lad of 15 years old. He had not been much at school because he didn’t like school and always fail his exam. He started working at the age of 16 years old. I want him to come here in france , my mom and lil bro are here itself and we could take care of him. Can u plz suggest a mantra so that things go on smoothly, he succeed in coming here in france and start a new life.

  410. sir what u mean when u say to discipline a person? If i talk to my brother i know he’d accept to come but i want when he comes,god already planned about his life partener..he got married within these 3 months(visa expired). Life is difficult here without paper.. Suggest a mantra that he met someone quicky,get married and settle in france…

  411. Dear Sir,

    i am living such aimless life. No Dreams No hopes nothing is right with me. surrounded by family but always feels alone. sometimes i feel dont know why i am alive? somekind of lazzyness and fear inside me. Not happy about what i am. Getting tense about small small things. My spouse & my inlaws every person around me wants to rules me & taking me granted. everyone underestimate me. My spouse is not my soulmate due to his aggressive attitude i am unable to express my feelings,my thoughts to him. Everytime i am under so some kind of depression. please suggest me something to solve all issues.I want to make my life meaningfull , wonderfull with lots of dreams and aim. Please suggest me something which will make my life beautiful.

  412. Sir, my mother is not well from evening. She is having high fever -102-103 degree and she vomited two three times along with stomach aching. She is otherwise very active inspite of having diabetes. Sir, can i do anything for her now so that she gets completely well as soon as possible.

    • Chant Rescue Remedy, White Chestnut, Scleranthus, Pine

      Rescue Remedy: for high fever and stomach pain

      Any Pain: Pine

      Vomiting: Scleranthus

      Stomach ache: not able to accept/digest what’s happening around her.

      • Thank you Mohan Sir. I chanted the words last night ‘n’ number of times. My mother is better now. She could even go to her school.
        Thank you Naran Sir. These kind of solutions and remedies also help us to gain mental strength that someone is there to help us with our situations.

  413. there is someone i know who drinks alot. His daughter and wife are really tensed as a lot of fights are taking place in the family . is there anything his daughter or wife can do about his drinking problem?

  414. my height is 5 feet and 2 inches or 159cm and i know that it is normal height but i look shorter.It appears that my height is lesser than 5 feet.Most of the people known to me makes fun of my height.Even when i tell my height to my friends they laugh at me and said i am lying. Even my friends whose height is also 159 cm looks taller than me.Sir please suggest some remedy for me.

    • Chant Larch, Crab Apple

      • sir,
        you are giving me bachflower remedies for inferiority complex and to get out of the thought related to my height.but sir please suggest remedy so that my appearance would become according to my height or i would appear 5 feet and 2 inches which is my actual height.

  415. R mohan
    My husband is very upset because of over expenditure.He said he will run away from home as he cant bear all expenses alone as my father in law is not doing any work at all & my husband’s job is on stake due to non achievable targets. so my husband & me are bearing all expenditures. He is upset how will he pay all bill, emi’s etc.Im already chanting many mantras for his job change,& current job stability.He also tried to start some business but nothing worked out due to lack of finance & guidance also.He does not have patience & he easily gets depressed. Nothing is working fine in our life so pls suggest how to make him successful either in job or business.What should i chant for him either for his job change in desired city or start new business…im confused & fearful as i cant see him like that

  416. U r very right i also want like this resolving one problem at a time. First of all i want my husband’s good & secured job with desired package outside chandigarh. This only will solve my multiple problems. And for this im chanting switch words already discussed with u like adjust change divine order,writing Together find divine order count now done & also chanting Crystal climb together change.In addition doing reiki.Pls confirm if im doing right. Really need guidance to acheive my goal

  417. Ok R mohan I’ll do all the things-chanting,release exercise & reiki for these for a month & will give u feedback

    • R Mohan

      I just hate my inlaws I can never forgive them. They keep on insulting me & my parents day & nite,dont allow me to go to my parents,making fights between me & my husband. Keep on interfering in everything i do,cant even eat a biscuit without asking them,even though im earning i’ve to give full details of my expenses & this is only with me. They cant see me & my husband together happy. I just want them to go away from us
      i dont want anybody’s bad but i want my happiness too.Its been 4 years that im suffering this mental torture from them.
      so i’ve just one option husband’s job change & i will do my best for this as i want my independent home

  418. Hello Sir,

    I have posted earlier but did not get a response, a gentle reminder again. I am trying to sell my flat to clear my debts and partially invest in another property. I am unable to sell that property for a year now, and it is very urgent for me at my current situation. Please advise a sw for me to improve my financial situation and sell the flat. Thanks in advance.

  419. sir,
    you are giving me bachflower remedies for inferiority complex and to get out of the thought related to my height.but sir please suggest remedy so that my appearance would become according to my height or i would appear 5 feet and 2 inches which is my actual height.

  420. Dear sir,
    I am struggling to find a job. I have sent in numerous of applications and have called but I never seem to get a call back. I need a job to help my father with his bills along with my own. Help?

  421. Dear Sir,
    1) Every morning,noon evening & night 2 or 3 stray dogs are crying and frequently they also sleep in my garage. I tried my best to chase them out, but again and again they are coming back. I just want to know is there any message the dogs want to convey. Because their crying and howling sound is disturbing me a lot even I cannot sleep properly in night.

    2) Once I have read in your blog if we hear the sound of pigeons ” It’s our ancestor calling us, we need to feed someone “. You have mentioned but you never mentioned how and when to do the same mentioned above. Although pigeons are sitting in my neighbour house which is closed to my kitchen but frequently I hear the coo sounds of pigeon very clearly.

    3) Lastly how to make our ancestor be happy and peace so to bestow their blessings on us. As this period is called pitra paksha. What we can do in this regard ?

    Kindly reply, a hearty thanks to you in advance.


  422. Revered Naran sir,
    Sir im working in a pvt company and my job is asst manager sales,sir pls giv me some remedies(Animal,writing,switch word,chant or any remedy) to do exceptionally well and achieve targets. I want to be best in my team and i work hard for it.


  423. Respected Mohan Sir,
    With due respect I would like to ask you, what to chant or do, to stop
    thinking about the bad effects for any food, before eating.I cannot
    eat any food because all the time I keep thinking,whatever I eat that
    will increase my blood pressure.Also I have a tendency to check my
    blood pressure every day even though I feel O.K.I would love to hear
    something from you, as I BADLY do want to change my habit which
    is deeply got stuck into my brain.Please Sir,help me to overcome
    this issue and help me to have a happy,normal life.
    Thanking you in advance,

  424. To get new work/job/assignment
    Chant “Move On” in Movement Mudra (index and middle fingers touching thumb tip
    Chant “Find Count Divine Job”, in Safe Secure Mudra (ring and little fingers touching the tip of the thumb
    When you can’t be in a Mudra, chant, “Move On Find Count Divine Job”

  425. Respected Mohan Sir,
    Thank you so very much for your prompt reply.I will do what
    you have suggested to me with great respect & trust.God bless
    Naran Sir,You & ALL HIS TEAM MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you, Mother Flower for all your help for the mankind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  426. Sir, I have an urgent problem to solve. I was working in my laptop, all of a sudden the hard disk crashed due to power cut. i got it checked but the hard disk was not showing. I was told that the hard disk is totally damaged and cannot retrieve the data. If somehow the hard disk could be traced in the screen, there were chances of retrieving the data. I have so many important data in the laptop and cannot afford to lose it. Moreover, i was working on some very very urgent work which is to be submitted as soon as possible. It was half done now. It’s very difficult to do start all over again. i was chanting 520 while the man was checking the hard disk but it didn’t work.It is still fitted in the laptop. And i am not losing hope. Is it possible to expect some miracle to happen? Can i do something for something? I need it immediately.
    Thanking you

    • genuineperson,

      • Naran Sir, thank you so much for your remedy. Sir, I tried a lot to get it done by contacting lot of sources and by going to several places. But nobody could do it till last monday. So,I had to get a new hard disk to continue with my work as I already wasted three four days because of this unexpected inconvenience. I have the crashed disk with me now. Since I cannot fit it in the same laptop, I am going to chant this and will get it checked again after my work is done, so that I get all other data which even includes so many important solutions of yours. But for now, I have to do this present work again which is taking a whole lot of time. Somehow, it’s not happening. Day and night I am brainstorming, coming with different ideas, for some headings, I am not finding proper content, writing a lot but it’s not taking a proper shape.I am not being able to fit it in the given word limit. It’s like, I have to teach one year course within a month. So, here i am facing problems like which area to include, which is more important because it seems lot of things are important; again if you touch upon this , you cannot talk about the other which is important to support your first point. Again I need to be creative in my ideas, has to be effective too. And most importantly I need to give something which they don’t know. This time this is really a challenging job for me and specially the people I am doing for, I really need to give my best and impress them. Specifically it challenges you to give some creative and effective work within a particular word limit.
        Sir, if you could help me here, I will be grateful. I do listen to my recorded voice-‘hornbeam’ on an off when I do this work.
        Thanking You,

  427. Dear Sir,
    1) Every morning,noon evening & night 2 or 3 stray dogs are crying and frequently they also sleep in my garage. I tried my best to chase them out, but again and again they are coming back. I just want to know is there any message the dogs want to convey. Because their crying and howling sound is disturbing me a lot even I cannot sleep properly in night.

    2) Once I have read in your blog if we hear the sound of pigeons ” It’s our ancestor calling us, we need to feed someone “. You have mentioned but you never mentioned how and when to do the same mentioned above. Although pigeons are sitting in my neighbour house which is closed to my kitchen but frequently I hear the coo sounds of pigeon very clearly.

    3) Lastly how to make our ancestor be happy and peace so to bestow their blessings on us. As this period is called pitra paksha. What we can do in this regard ?

    Kindly reply, a hearty thanks to you in advance.


  428. Hi Naran sir,

    You have been kind in answering our questions regarding property problems. Earlier I had written that our property registration was creating problem. Even now the builder is creating problems in formally registering the property. He has hopes that we will sell our portion of the agreement. The builder has to formally register the property by paying stamp duty and he is refusing to pay it.

    AS part of the agreement between us(owners) and the builder he has to build a war demarcating our portion and his. He is even refusing to do this. He had agreed to build a wall as per the agreement he has signed formally. But is creating a problem now by refusing to do so.

    Kindly suggest us a mantra to resolve this problem so that he formally registers the property and builds the wall. I am sorry if I am bothering with the same problem, but we would like a permanent solution to this problem, and someone in this forum if they have gone through a similar problem with builder and registration, kindly suggest a mantra to resolve this matter.

    Thank you.

  429. Hi naran ji

    I.have certification exam its.objective type I am.not very sure whether I will pass the exam its needed tell switch words to pass and get good score.


  430. Respected Sir,
    I was appointed as an office assistant to a tutorial center for weekend.
    My son goes to the same center for extra help.My concern is what to
    chant or do so that my Boss does pay me for my hard work.My Boss
    is money minded & IS TRYING to make me work there for no money!!!!!!!!!
    He is trying to take advantage as my son is going there & he knows me
    for a long time.I do like my work & would like to stay there. BUT what is
    the best way to get paid for my sincere hard work????????Looking forward
    to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanking you in advance,

  431. Dear Sir,

    I got hike in my salary but i am not happy with this. coz i just received 15% hike. what can i do to change decision of by superiors to get hike at least by 20 to 25% .Pleas suggest me something.

  432. Hi

    My father is very short tempered, arrogant, mean and fights with my mom all the time. He tries to control her in everything and is very egoistic ans uses foul words and doubts her even now(he is close to 70 and mom around 61). Is there any bach remedies that we can use or any switch words that my mom or me can chant.

    Please reply.


  433. HI,

    Can Mr. Mohan or Mr. Naran please reply to this

    My neice , 8 year old , is very obese. She doesnt do much playing or any physiocal activity. She is also extremely moody and cries a lot and angry and blames her mom for everything. is there any bach remedy combination that we can give her?


  434. Dear Sir,

    My nees having her 12th board exam on 28th Sept. She had given 3 attempts before this but she is not able to clear Physics subject. She is still struggling to clear one subject. Please suggest someting to clear this exam.

  435. Read this blog:

    Chant the Ambika mantra. 398 to know the right answers, SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE from now till you get the exam results.

    In addition, do this also, if you want to:
    Contact the centre and buy the Power Life symbols.
    Symbol 2 is good for recollecting the answers,
    Symbol 13 to recover from the result and approach the exam positively,
    Symbol 22: to read the subject comfortably as it would be boring to study

  436. sir,
    my father has joined new job after his retirement .but he is not happy with the job as his colleagues are not cooperating with him and his seniors tries to exploit him .kindly help and suggest something for him.

  437. Sir can you explain about the Power Life symbols? How to buy this? any pictures in this blog to see how it looks like?

  438. could someone please reply to the problem I stated above.

  439. sir i’m having problem in concentrating on my studies …please help

  440. Thank u..
    Sir, I want remedy / sw for selling our ancestral property. I’m one of the owners ( 3rd generation) and only one person (grandma) is alive in 1st generation. We are trying to sell the same since 6-7 years. It is getting delayed for some reasons. Can u pls tell me sw to seek good buyer @ reasonable price.

  441. Hi sir,
    Is there a mantra or switch word for selling a car. We have a car that we would like to sell and purchase a new car. Which mantra can we say to sell the car fast and for a good price?

    Thank you.

  442. Dear Naran Sir
    My name is Sayantani , My husband had started a business from October 2010 and after struggling a lot he is unable to establish the company and his business went for a toss now we have almost lost everything our house, jewelries car and surviving by taking loans from friends, relatives and professional money lenders .Now my husband is under huge debts and people are after his life, Since there is no income to sustain or clear the debts he is desperately seeking for a bank loan so that he can reinstate his business but all the mediators have cheated now he remains cut off from everybody and I am afraid that he might be planning to end his life. We are praying to god to help us in this situation but every effort is getting dejected and delayed.. May I request you to kindly accept our family in your kind world and take out from this HELL with your magical blessings and create some miracle. I have two small daughters who are unknowingly suffering along with us.

  443. sir i would like to know how to use these switchwords…i mean do we just chant them or is there a technique!?

    by going through the blogs on silver triangle techniques, i see that boys inherit from fathers or grandfather and daughter from mother and grandmother.
    But i, as a daughter i see that i have inherited a lot from my father including his characteristics and ways. my father is no more now. i am stuck in the same job as my father had almost all his life and i want to move on to another better job.
    Can i, as a daughter do the silver triangle method to heal all this to get a better job? or a son has to do for father and daughter for mother?
    Please reply?

    • Yes, do it.

      To share my experience, from my diary:
      For no reasons, I was feeling frustrated and boiling inside. I tried releasing techniques and then did EFT with releasing. I felt better for some time. But, within a minute or two, I went back to the grumpy state again.

      This was happening for more than one hour, when I realized that my maternal grandmother used to be grumpy like this. So, I released my grumpy state of her too (who says you can’t do this in EFT and who is stopping me from doing this anyway).
      In no time, I felt relieved.

  445. Sir,
    for my hard drive problem, I got it checked. I was told there is chance of data recovery.Then I got these switch words ‘Crystal Oak Gorse Reach Help Now’. I chanted it. And yesterday I managed to get some data recovery agent who can do it easily in their lab. But looking at my hard dish the man said, it has been opened, there is rare chance now. I even gave a corrupted pen drive. So today I was chanting and writing the switch words before calling him up. Some time back I called him, he said it’s showing damaged and not being able to recover data yet from both disk and pen drive. Immediately as I was reading about adding ‘ Release Resistance ‘ before string of SWs if it’s not working, so I chanted the whole 108 times over a glass of water and drank it. Also I wrote the SWs 21 times. The man will let me know the status. Sir, Do I go n doing it now or anything else I need to add?

  446. Hello Naran sir,

    From the time I started following your blog and website, Iam an ardent follower of you. Everyday i keep chanting the mantras suggested by you and have been achieving great results. today iam back again for an other favour. i work for an MNC and i need to interact very frequently with my US partners. My currenty role requires their feedback and scores. Please help/suggest me a mantra by which my partners can score me high and give a very good
    feedback about me to my superiors. I have always had good rapport with them


  447. Hi naran/mohan

    Plz help me I an undergoing mental stress feel like killing.myself.plz reply me asap I am in love with one office he was also liking.but from past one week he’s avoiding me and not talking and he’s telling me to forget him.I am chanting together divine and power symbol 47 not seeing any change.he’s not or no.message.please tell.something which makes.him me n like me.please help

  448. Respected Naranji
    I have used so many mantras and switchwords from your site and have been successful 100% of the times…. sold a land ,got a wonderful job etc
    Now I come you to you for my son.He is 22 and doing his engineering final year and lives on campus.He has failed in almost all semesters .He says that he is working hard .But he studies with resentment , all the time he says he HATES engineering .This is his last semester and all costs he has to pass or else he will taken out from the college

    I told him many times to have the attitude for gratitude but it is falling on deaf ears .I asked him to chant the Ambika Mantra and chant the switchwords whatever I could find on the site but he is just plain adamant
    As a mother can you please suggest some mantra or switchwords which I can chant for him. It’s just a matter of 3 more months .Please Naran sir I come to you with an aching heart as any parent would not want their child to fail. I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life.

    Eagerly waiting for your reply sir,
    Anxious Mother

  449. Dear Sir
    I have already read some post of yours .You are helping others.Please sir tell me how Can I solve my problem within this year.Please sir.really need your help.Now I am chanting 520 and Also “Clouds together Devine Now”

    I love a person last 7years. Both of us love each other.He was not interested in his first marriage which is forcefully done by his parents. So they are living separetly. when the girl came to know that he need divorcee and he wants to restarts his life aging with me.she put him under mental torture and legal also so that he cant marry me.Plz help me.So that the girl should go from his life and both of us can live happily.


    • Sir I have yet not get any response from Naran Sir or Mohan.Plz help

      • ryan,

        in the past i hv seen naran sir advise others elsewhere on the blog, on similar issues that if he wants let him contact with issues that need solutions for his life problems. don’t interfere in his life. in the meantime you could start to do the forgiving exercise also given here on the blog.

  450. dear sir I am love with aguy and we both broke up and few mistakes are on myside and few on his but I want to make him realise that due to fight we cant breakup I want him for my entire life but the only thing is he possessive he loves me a lot but he over possessive I want to change myself completely the way he likes but sir he is jobless as well as financial weak so there is a huge difference between my family and his family so I am making him understand I want him to earn but all my struggling is waste now he bokre up with me sir .sir I want him in mylife and I want him to be a sportive person for everything he gets angry please help me

  451. Dear Naran Sir/Mohan Sir,

    Please help me to boost up my confidence. due to lack of confidence i am not able to move on in my professinal life. i have kind of fear in me which stops me to face interviews. i am really searching for good job which will improve my financial status.