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Getting carried away

Create a non-violent culture

A definite career change

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2nd Caesarean Delivery

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Travel Safely


Relieved from lower back pain

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Rest and Relaxation

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Positive Results

Create a Good Opinion

Shed the ego

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Life is so purposeless


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Friday the 13th is a Healing Angels Day

Another feather in the cap

Why? On 13th September, Naran’s WordPress Blogs have crossed the Two Million Mark, thanks to you and the healing angels. Precisely within the last 10 months it has achieved one million hits. The first million was reached on Nov 17th, 2012:

No words to explain your continued support and interest. Two million Thanks!

New blogs

In this period, we have started 16 new blogs – namely, Power Life Symbols, Change Your Karma, Job 101, Life is Easy, Divine Shakthi, Find Divine Home, Together Relationship, Study for Success, Marriage Mantri, Praise Life, Help for Health, In Abundance, Naran’s Events, Naran’s Methods, Reach Child Care, and Flower Angels, to reach two million hearts!!

You have welcomed them with both of your hands as well as your open hearts. Two more million Thanks!!!

Unseen Hand and Known Hands

In one comment, Naran mentioned that divinity is working through these blogs, guiding the readers on their healing path. Nobody would disagree with that. Yet there is a need to acknowledge the human hands involved in this (healing) operation.

They are:

Naran (24/7 content provider)

Shobana, Haripriya, Dr. Pavan, and Mrs. Kamlu (Communication, Support and Workshop admin)

Prasanna Lakshmi, Ravi and Uma (Newsletter, Manuals and Transcription)

Reegan Raj (Web Designer), Suresh Paul (Editing Supervision), Chris (Online Sales)

ISR Selvakumar (Initial set-up), Poornima Krishnan (Systems Support)

R Mohan (Web Admin)

Of course, WordPress for providing space and tools to manage the blogs

Thanks a 2-Million

Make them pay my money

Ultimate Anti-Debt Mantra

Harassed for not paying the loan

Debts! Many thanks to you!!

Angel to handle your debts

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