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  1. hhi!
    it would be nice if i could be informed of your workshops and blogs.
    thanks and regards,

  2. Which mudra can help me settle long-term at a location of my choice? Thanks

  3. what is the location you want? wanting to go where? when do you go to the location of your choice? Are you unable to go there?what is the present problem? you stay in any place for a few months?

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am interested to know where exactly your workshops are held.
    I am in India.


    Thank you.

  5. Sir
    Please guide me about hare rama hare krishna mantra of ISKCON, Can i start doing it / I need mental peace, i also chant om shanthi shanthi shanthi

  6. yes you can do

  7. Is there any manthra or chant or animal guide for property matters settlement in a profitable way

  8. replied your querry in another blog

  9. Hi Naran,

    I had spoken with you three days back regarding my loan getting sanctioned. You had asked me to chant gorse water violet rock water and i am still chanting it. Hope it will help me. It has shown some positive results but it is taking time. Kindluy help me in getting the process done faster. I will be in trouble if this delays..

    • Dear deepa,
      please add as follows:
      “gorse water violet rock water find why i get the loan from bank now done”



  11. thank you

  12. sir,
    my mother has diabetes,arthritis and high BP.pls suggest some bach flower remedy

  13. I have polycystic ovaries problem.Which mantra can I chant. I am taking homeopathy medicine here but I want to know if I can speed up the recovery through some mantra

    • sathiaplan sahhitharun

      I have following problem to be solved

      drooping of right eye,
      unable to open right eyelid,
      unable to move both eyeball upwards
      unable to move right eyeball down
      unable to read small print in less light
      recurrent right side tonsillitis
      RELATIONSHIP problems with relatives
      disappeared apartment seller/builder 4 lacks
      unable to fulfil the expectations of family



    • Srividya,
      chant blue sapphire

    meet me in person

  15. sathiaplan sahhitharun

    dear naran
    i am living in srilanka,
    how can you help me to solve my untold sufferings


  16. sathiaplan sahhitharun
    chant the following 500 times

    • Sathiapalan Sahhitharun



  17. I failed in Road test.I need to pass road test to get driving license.please help me.

    Thank you. continue chanting.

  19. thank you

  20. how can i buy your healing cd
    please send payapal link to pay and get

  21. Sathveegam,

    Please check out this link on how to buy Naran Products:

    Currently we don’t have a paypal account

  22. Dear naran,
    even my husbund working hard ,He is not getting appreciation.He don’t have job satisfaction.Because of office politics he is suffering a lot.His collegues and manager trying to spoil his name.Can u please help me for that ?Sorry for disturbing you again.I am Chanting Gentian Larch daily.Next week I have My Road test

  23. ambika
    write the names of flowers HOLLY WILLOW BEECH WILLOW WALNUT in a piece of paper and keep it in his pocket.
    Keep HORSE picture also in his pocket.

  24. Thank You Very much

  25. Dear Sir,
    This time also i failed in road test.Next rd test i have on march 28th.I am getting little panic While seeing the examiner.

  26. ambikavenkat
    on the date of examination, take rescue remedy larch gentian

  27. dear sir,
    I am in USA.Can I chant RR Larch Gentian.

  28. Hi naran Sir
    I am working for an IT firm fr past 3 years. The work here is not too great and there is a lot of politics. I want to go out of this company and change my job.I am not able to clear any interviews. What should I do. I have an interview with my dream company anytime this weekend. I want to make sure I do well in that. Please help me..

  29. before going to any interview, thank the existing company. your colleagues, your bosses people who do politics. Think what you learnt from tghe company. For that only you are sent there. Thank god for what you have learnt from that environment, for what you have received as salary etc. Dont harbour any hatred for anybody of the existing company.
    Then chant AMBIKA ANADINIDANA, ASHWAROODA, APARAAJITHA and attend the interview.

  30. DEAR SIR




  31. I am in financial crisis due to lost job and not getting a new job. I am trying to business but that is not working out .As a result I am not able to bring money to the house adding to the family problems .I want to bring money to the family my business to pick up and improve get a kickstart and also be able to bring steady money to the family.
    Also I am trying hard to get a new job .

    Please suggest me remedy to come out of this crisis.

  32. Sir,
    I came across your Blog by chance or was it destined. I love everything about your blog. Like one mad person I went through all your articles. I find it very interesting and easy to use. I have use them also. You are doing a great job putting everything on net for everyone’s use when others try to make maoney out of it. God bless you.
    I have a problem I want to advance in my spiritual development and I don’t know who is my Guru. I am devotee of Shiridi Sai Baba. But I want someone who is alive and guide me. Everytime I read about a Mahan I think he is my Guru. How to find out my Guru. Also what is my destination and purpose of my life.

  33. Malathi
    take the bach flower remedy Cerato daily three pills once a day. and stop searching. The right teacher will appear.

  34. I found a small lizard yesterday evening when i opened my front door. however i shooed it out. i was surprised to see another small one at the same place again today morning when i was leaving for job. i felt like i am being given a message regarding something. Can u help what would they indicate

  35. Dear Naran Sir,
    What will be the mantra or any other remedies which can be chanted or written down during pregnancy period?Just started with 1st month of pregnancy..

    daily 100 times.

  37. you can buy B56 drops frm homeopathy shop and put 10 drops in 200 ml water and drink it. Do three times a day.
    OM VAACHASPATAYE’ NAMAHA chant this mantra daily 200 times.

  38. hi naran,

    I am going through tough marital time. My husband is not understanding me, he lies a lot to me(main reason for our fights) he never wanted to go outside with me and we are having a lot of financial problems and debt.
    today by chance i found your blog and already read it completely i believe u can help me .

  39. naran sir,

    please reply soon

    thanks in advance

  40. naran sir

    Still waiting for your reply

  41. Dear Naran Sir,

    six month back ,due to some reasons i pushed to resign my job from one big concern,
    continuously i am try to get the job but i am not able to get it. now i am called interview from one big company kindly suggest me to get this job



    • Dear sir,
      Iam not able to understand
      kindly do needful

      • Chant the words, OAK TOGETHER FIND CENTRE JOB COUNT NOW for 200 times daily over a glass of water and drink that water in the morning.
        Whenever you have time, chant these words.
        write this in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping.

  43. Dear Naran Sir,

    I have too many problems.

    Doctor diagonsed my mother with hernia and suggested operation but we don’t want any operation on her as she is suffering from high Blood pressure. Please suggest a remedy.

    My sister is preparing for competetive exams.suggest something for her to be sucessful.she feela that whatever she reads she forget that within a week.

    I am feeling that some blackmagic is done on me and my husband as even small matters becomes very big in us. he don’t even listen very logical things or suggestions from me. please tell me something to cut it.


  44. devi
    chant TOGETHER DIVINE for yourself.
    write 398 in a piece of paper and hang it in front of her table. let her carry it to the exam. let her sleep on another paper written 398.
    You cant postposne hernia operation. but try this vam lam lam vam 1000 times daily. chant this with hands on the herneated portion

  45. Dear Naran,
    Can you help my son , 6 years old who is suffering from spastic cerebral palsy
    He is a premature child and he walks on toes and could not get up independently without support from floor to standing position.
    His left leg muscles are very tight though we continue to do therapies for almost five years.
    What should we do so that he becomes normal and does things as his peers.
    Kindly help us .
    Thank you,

    • Dear Sir,

      I am a spiritual person daily worshiping, me suffering from various health prob, just like acidity, acid reflex, gastric, sinus, high blood pressure, always cold infections, chest and neck problems, always heavy head, support me pl.

  46. Akila,
    give him flower remedies STAR OF BETHLEHEM, WALNUT HORNBEAM 3pills of each three times a day.
    Chant …………(name of your son) CHANGE DIVINE ORDER. write this in a piece of paper and keep it under his pillow when he sleeps.

  47. Thank you Naran. Could you please let me know where I can get these pills.?

  48. Akila

  49. Dear Naran Sir
    Can you give me a remedy for fiberoadenoma ? Allopathy doctors say surgery but I do not want to do. Its a small cyst of 3 cm which is unchanged for 4 years now

  50. Respected Naran Sir,
    I am having trouble selling my house. Its been on the market for seven months. I want to sell this house and buy another one in different city where my husband works. He has to commute 2hrs everyday and his health is getting deteorating.
    And I also want to start my business. Please advice me any chant or mudra that can help me. I live in Washington, USA.
    Thank you so much for your help.

  51. 1. sia,
    chant BLUE SAPPHIRE.

  52. Dear Sir,
    We are married for 6 yrs & from past 3 yrs, we are trying for family , during my last visit (August 2011 ) consulted Infertility specialist in Bangalore and diagnosed as I have polycystic ovaries problem hence I am not getting conceived. Then doctor had advised us for IVF where as we were not prepared & then prescribed medications for me & husband for 3-4 months.

    Our medication will be get over by December, but we are not too sure to go ahead with IVF as we believe in divine order & I will get conceive naturally,
    but at the same time we are unable to ignore the doctor’s advice as its matter of our age.
    Please advise me any SWITCH WORDS / MANTRA’S / CD’s for our highest good

    Thanks, Love &Divine

  53. NS

    Chant Lalitham Lambodaram Lalitham Bhaskaram Change Divine Order

  54. Dear Sir,

    Thanks a lot


  55. NS
    CHANT ANY NUMBER OF TIMES. minimum 300 times

  56. Hi Naran,
    we are looking bride for my brother for which we are not getting proper response and matching profile. Kindly share any mantras to chant or any Batch flower remedy.



  58. Thxs sir ,
    can I chant on behalf of my brother .


  59. geetha,
    yes. you can

  60. Hi Sir,
    I have a hormonce imbalance problem due to this have more hair growth in the face and not able to get pregnant as well. Kindly suggest some mantra or Batch flower remedy .


  61. Rekha
    for hormonal problem there is no bach flower remedy. give your mental state.
    you can chant all bija mantras, in addition to consulting a doctor. You can meditate on the picture of Blue sapphire daily for 15 minutes.

  62. Thanks for your suggestion sir. Can u let me know how many times i have to repeat bija mantras


  63. as many times as possible

  64. Dear Naran Sir,
    Could you please help me to get rid of Pcod problem. I was given 6months treatment in allopathy during which time, my periods were normal. but again after the course got completed, my problem started again. Kindly help.


  65. Archana,
    “problem started again” please write what problem started again.

  66. Respected Naran Sir,

    My Daughter has endometriosis and conceived two times but miscarried in 1 st month,
    what mantra or remedy can i my daughter do to get pregnancy and a healthy child

  67. NaraN Sir,
    I was loOking for soMe positive mantras and switchwords in the goOgle and accidently found out your blog,which turned out to be lucky for me. I am a 22 year old guy and believer of spiritual things and miracles by the divine from an early period.
    But as of nOw,my life toOk a different turn. I always wanted to become a musician as becAuse i coNsider this to be mOre than anythng in my life.BUT as years are passing dreams of becoMing a musician are fading away…I Can see…my studies and my sister(my family) oN One side and my dreams oN the other side.i am trying hard but i doNot see myself standing as a musician. Neither i cAn sing well(nOmatter how much i try) nor play the guitar like a goOd musician(playing it from last 4 years)
    Sir, it may nOt be a big pRoblem in comparing with the other pRoblems that i have read in this blog…but for me fulfilling my dreams is like finding out the secret to eternal happiness…
    Sir,i want soMe mantras/switchwords regardinG my problem 😥
    kindly help me

  68. Rishav,
    chant OAK write oak in a notebook also daily 50 times

    • sir… i did the way you told me…. but still i am captured by all kinds of frustations and horrible situations…..which is not letting me get out and stand strong…..!!!!!!! also my speaking power is very weak for which i am not able to present my musicial ideas…the way i should express…and i am loosing great oppurtunities……..

  69. thank you very much sir……thanks a lot…..
    i will start doing it from today itself….

  70. Please put me in your mailing list ( all blogs), and Thank you!


    I am a stock trader (sharre, commodity, forex). is there any switchword for doing profit in trading.


  73. Hello SIr
    I have given a job interview and have not yet heard back from them. Can you give me some switchword or mantra to hear a positive response from them. My current job does not have any projects for me in my city. I am on bench and they can remove me anytime stating recession as reason. Getting that new job id very important for me right now. I was selected in first round and gave the second round on Tuesday.It was very tough bt I did my best and think i have done decently well.Suggest me some mantra to hear from them a positive news.

  74. Srividya
    CHANT gorse scleranthus impatiens clematis

  75. Dear sir,
    I am a stock trader. I also doing air tickets booking. I am in big financial problem. I have many debts. I owed money from some persons. But now I am unable to pay them. even I have no money almost to spend for my own purpose. They call me everyday to pay their amount. I can not understand what I will do. I can not receive their call. Because it is very painful. Please suggest me something.

    • bj
      chant sweetchestnut Rockwater chestnutbud find count divine. write 520 in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping.

  76. Dear sir what switchwords and other remedies are for overian cysts.

  77. Sir please suggest switchwods remedies for overian cysts, fibroids. Thanks. SNM

  78. Give him the flower remedies CENTAURY OAK CHESTNUTBUD daily three pills of each four times a day.

  79. sir

    my husband is trying for a foreign job?how can we get the foreign oppurtunity?

    PLZ reply

  80. bknair

  81. sir

    how many times i chant? can u explain it?
    waiting for ur reply

  82. sir

    plz reply to my qstn.

    we have lot of problems including financial problems ,arguments with me and my husbands,we need a foreign job for financial stablility

  83. bknair
    come with only one problem which is to be solved first.

  84. sir

    plz help me ,i started chanting om gam ganapathaye for getting a job abroad

    nothing works for me and my husband what should i do?

  85. I want to buy a house or plot but my husband is not agree with me, How can I convince him. Please suggest some mantra for it?

  86. dear naran sir,

    Please tell me something for weight loss. I have a big ugly stomach ,wANT TO REDUCE it badly and to be in good shape.

    to avoid any unwanted circumstances in my married life.

    Plz tell me something for my parents health also . As they r getting older they are facing one or other health problem. I want them to be perfectly healthy and fine.

  87. pooja
    YOU HAVE TO MEET ME in person.

    • Dear naran sir,

      I am not staying in India.

      Can any solution possible over the phone?


  88. Contact: Shobana (98843 01634). She will put you on to Naran. Will help you.

    Website Admin

  89. naran sir,

    As per the discussion i have mailed you all the details.

    Please tell me some switch words or mantras for my parent’s overall health also.


    • naran sir

      I have not recieved any reply yet regarding any of my problems, neither for my weight loss and nor for my parents health.


  90. Naran Sir, I have job interview tomorrow.what should I chant to suceed?

    • Naran Sir, Thank you for the switchword . I kept ON chanting with full faith. . I am happy to inform that now have a good job. Is there anything which I should chant to get noticed and my work gets appreciated and promotion?

  91. i had given large sum of money to a person in good faith and though he has promised , he has not returned in last 3 years. what should I do?

    • ravi,
      write in a piece of paper WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE and keep it with you. chant the above names till you reach the office.
      best of luck

      • Sir I had interview last week and have done well . I am waiting for the response. what should I chant for results to be in my favour?

    • ravi,
      chant AGRIMONY CHESTNUTBUD ROCKWATER daily 100 times and ask him.

  92. dear sir, my USA visa is pending for a long time(7 years). what can i chant to speed the process.? thankyou

  93. what i should chant get the acceptance for my wedding with my loved one from both the parents?

  94. Hello Sir,

    Please help for the above ….

    Thanks in advance.

  95. I want to start my business in foreign, please suggest me a mantra to fulfill my desire.

  96. naran sir,

    still waiting for your reply. i have already mailed all the details on your email id.

  97. Naran Sir,
    Do you have anything to help speed up weight loss? I am trying everything possible like exercising regularly and diet control .

  98. sir

    sorry for asking qstns again and situation is like that. i am very depressed
    not to getting any job ihave one interview on march 25th i am bit nervous .
    i need a job very urgently. this interview is for a computer teacher in a school

    what mantra should i recite to get ajob

    plz answer

  99. bknair
    chant STAR OF BETHLEHEM it will make you settled.
    on the date of interview chant WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE

  100. sir.,
    thank you very much for your blogs,i am going for ivf next month , please suggest a switch word, mantra, or e bach flower remedy .

  101. Hi Naran,

    I have looking at the mantra for the eye problem, to restore failing vision. I am wondering how I can get a CD and other details on this mantra. I am from New Zealand. If you could send me the details please.



  102. Hi Naran,

    I needed the email address as contact for Shobna, so that I can contact her for purchase of CD.


  103. sir
    please help us with your valuble advice,i have started chanting lalitham mantras which you have adviced others

  104. sir,

    is there any mantra or remedies for getting a lottery? i failed in everything and lost hope in getting a job in india or in foreign countries.without a job i can’t continue my married life.there are some problems in our relation due to the same reason
    Plz reply

  105. Please let me know your next workshop schedule in Chennai. I put up in Adyar anything near about will workout. Thanks and best regards.

  106. Dear Sir,

    Please suggest some remedies to overcome monthly period pain. Since I am getting more pain I am taking leave to office that day. Please help.

    Vanaja rani

  107. Dear Sir,

    I am from a lower middle class family. In my family Iam the only person working in an office and earning a moderate salary. Hence I am trying for Government Job. Please suggest some remedies for the same.

    Can I chant


  108. Hi,

    I am currently living and working in a foreign country and due to some situations, i need to come back to India by this year end. I would like to get a permanent job here in the same country where i am residing now .
    Also i got a failed marriage life. I would like to find a very good partner here who can love, care for me.

  109. Sir, plz help me with some remedies


    • Take flower remedies sweetchestnut walnut Holly clematis

      • Sir,

        Do I need to chant the ‘sweetchestnut walnut Holly clematis’..
        how can i take the mentioned flower remedies..

        Plz advice me sir..

        Thanks a lot,

  110. Sir,

    I have gone thru’ your website. I understand your conducting workshops and classes in Chennai. Do you coduct any workshops at Coimbatore. If so, please intimate the complete details.

    I am looking forward your reply.

  111. R SEKAR
    somebody has to take the initiative and arrange for my workshop.

  112. Respected Sir , My in-laws properties are in litigation for over 40 years now . The concerned parties meet each other to resolve but there is lot of distrust amongst each other and lot of pulling down and behind scenes activities happen. What would be the best way to come out of this situation?

  113. I want to get a big breakthough success in my career. I have been unsuccessful in all my efforts in various jobs for several years. I desperately need to achieve success in the projects I am working on by May 7.

  114. sri
    BUY THE PILLS and take 2 pills one by one for two times.

  115. Ravi |

  116. DearNaran, thanks for your reply.I looked up the meaning of the words you gave me and I’m not sure if they correctly describe my problem. I am in the field which I like and want to succeed in it.I want positive result and very quickly in what I’m working on and to be the best performer. Below is what I found about the words you suggested:

    Wildoat- Their difficulty is to determine what occupation to follow; as although their ambitions are strong, they have no calling which appeals to them above all others. This may cause delay and dissatisfaction.

    Gorse-This demonstrates that the main problem with Gorse people is a loss of certainty: if they can be persuaded to see things in a different light their faith in their lives would be renewed and they could go forward with a surer step.

    Larch- For those who do not consider themselves as good or capable as those around them, who expect failure, who feel that they will never be a success, and so do not venture or make a strong enough attempt to succeed

    • amu
      If you go to other site and look for meaning, you will be in confusion. Either follow, do as stated with faith. Faith only leads our life.
      A confused mind will never move forward. There are so many meanings for a single word. Add CERATO also to the existing combination and chant.

  117. sir, please suggest some mantra for transfer of my husband to Delhi. He is working in a private firm.

  118. currently he is working in Kanpur.

  119. preeti.

  120. Sir,
    I am almost 40 years female and still unmarried. Please also tell me how to find the life partner of my choice within a month and get married as soon as possible. Please reply soon.

  121. write sweetchestnut find divine life partner now done. daily 51 times.

    Place your one palm at the fore head and other palm at the back of head and say Om seven times Then say the following statement 3 times
    cut the neural path to the cell memory images of being single.
    Find neural path to the cell memory images of love,light and marriage.Then chant OM 7 times.
    Repeat the same by keeping your hands on the throat – one palm at the front and other palm at the back of the throat.

  122. dear naran sir,

    My sister bought a plot from our relative who is a property dealer also with the promise of good return within 6 months to 1 year.
    Now she wanted to buy a flat for which she need to sell that plot but now our relative is denying and saying to wait for another 3-4 years which she can’t. As per us he is delibrately doing this.

    Please tell us a remedy or switch word to sell this plot as soon as possible at a good price.

    and please tell switch words for getting good and reliable tenants for my parents.
    I will chant those switch words for them and to keep the house safe from thieves and robbery.

    Thanks in advance

  123. KASHVI,

  124. thank u naran sir
    I will update you with the result and what switch words we use for safety of our home from theives.

  125. I am not in job for last 1.5 yrs. I am struggling to get a interview call ..even i get a call from interviewer i couldn’t get a positive result. In the first impression itself they are deciding not to select me. I am decently performing the interview. but i am not getting. now i have attended one interview and they told that if you are selected, HR will call you. Pls help me to get this job even the interviewer impression is not to select me…

  126. nithya,
    chant SWEETCHESTNUT CHESTNUTBUD WILDROSE ROCKROSE daily continuously for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening.

  127. thank you sir

  128. Hello Naransir,

    I am really worried for my brother’s marriage. My parents are looking for suitable match as he is already 30 now. But because of his job problem he is denying too see any girls. He has to travel a lot at far places.
    May you please guide me if I can do anything so that he will get a proper job and a suitable girl. I am more worried for my parents.

    Thank you


  129. nikki,
    chant ……..(Insert your brother’s name) RELEASE RESISTANCE TOGETHER FIND DIVINE LIFE PARTNER.

  130. Naren sir, what should I chant after saying my brother’s name?

    thank u


    • Let us say your brother’s name is Sam, you need to chant,
      If he is ready to chant then he can skip the name and chant, “RELEASE RESISTANCE TOGETHER FIND DIVINE LIFE PARTNER”

  131. Naran, I live in Colorado. I am doing Find Count Now Divine Order for debt and financial problems for my husband and I. What else can I do? My husband can’t find work and I also don’t make enough money to pay all of my bills and stay out of debt. We are both trying very hard and want to have our finances work so we may be able to do our serious spiritual programs. Thank you your work is very inspiring to me and it is wonderful how you are helping so many in need. Rose

  132. Rose,
    WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM CHERRYPLUM FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW 100 times over a glass of water and share this water with your husband. chant this as many times as possible.

  133. Naren sir how do I contact u and talk to u ,I desperately need ur help. Many thanks lakshmi

  134. I’m having great difficulty getting a job and getting friends plz plz help me with mantras sir

    • Sir plz can you suggest some remedies for me i shal be ever so grateful for that

      • lakshmi,
        you have already talked to me

      • Dear sir

        I have been chanting walnut oak hornbeam together find divine job count now like mad for a week now and not a single interview 😉 sir plz pray for me–shall I continue the same or do you want to add some more? Also please can you give me a mantra for getting a couple of like minded friends? i feel very lonely sir. many thanks.god bless you.

  135. Hi, I would be really grateful if you could suggest flower essence and switch words for me.My health related problems are as follows: 1) I am able to retain the food that i eat for only a few hours 6-8 at the most (sometimes only 2 hrs), passing out semi digested stool. I have been having this problem for the last 10 years and i am 28 now 2) I have severe hair fall problem and some greying of hair 3) I have acne/skin eruptions( which reduced considerably after i started to write crab apple clear at least 21 times a day, I have also started to take crab apple and walnut essence). I also feel there are premature lines under my eyes and for some reason i cant seem to see anything but them when i look at myself.

    Also the relationship between my parents has always been acrimonious. They are constantly fighting and completely incompatible, and being a sensitive person it has a huge impact on me. Can you suggest switch words for them also.

  136. Sir, i am 30 years, want to get married.My parents are fedup searching girl for me.I have less hair on head , getting bald, so my parents are worried.Please suggest me any mantra or batch flower remedy for marriage,please help me as they should to me themselves to get married.please help me to get married as early as possible.


    • siva,
      chant CHICORY CRAB APPLE SWEETCHESTNUT 50 times over a glass of water and drink that water.
      chant NAMASHIVAYAM daily 200 times

  137. Dear Sir

    i am 28yr old women ,married for 7yrs…..but not conceived yet
    trying all natural methods like ayurveda, and homoepathy….and have lots of faith in prayers.this problem is bothering me….i was cured of tubal block and also have PCOS. Sir, i look forward to any best remedy that you suggest for me ,may god bless

    • swapna,
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT CHERRYPLUM ROCKROSE CERATO over a glass of water 100 times and drink that water.
      hang a pciture of Rabbit in your bedroom.
      write TOGETHER FORGIVE LOVE THANK BE DIVINE in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  138. sir my father has daibetics and cataract aand gluecoma please suggest mantra

  139. Dear Naran, I have another query for you, request your help. A friend of mine is desperately trying to set up his business, however it is stuck due to unavailability of a certain document. He said tried very hard to get it but has been unsuccessful. Kindly suggest remedy/switchwords so that the business starts and flourishes. Thanks in advance.

  140. Dear Naran, I am like 2nd mom to 12 yr old boy because his mom chose to be on spiritual path. I love this boy as my own. My husband and I live with the dad and help him care for the boy. The dad and I do not get along. There is a long period of dad criticizing me, resenting me and hence I resent him. We are trying hard to forgive and forget for the child’s sake. We want to come together in our hearts more to raise him without conflict. It is very hard due to history of so many hard feelings and harsh words. Can you suggest anything that will help us come together for the boys sake? Thank you. Rose

  141. rOSE,
    CHANT beech willow walnut cherryplum chicory 50 times over a glass of water and drink that water. do this two times a day.

  142. sir, i am waiting for your reply


    Sir ,
    i want to get married to guy i love but yet not disclosed to my parents as am not settled with my jobs and stuffs…need bit time to tell them, but they want me to get married to guy of their choice, and they have seen some guys and now want me to meet them. within this week…i really dont want to meet them and at this time i even cant tell my parents about my boyfriend ….can you please suggest me some mantra so that these things get postponed itself for some times and i get time for disclosing my relationship…plz suggest something…please ..

  144. Naran, I wrote to you about financial difficulty with my husband and I and I am doing the chant you suggested. My husband one week later has a very good potential job offer and I have been getting lots of work! Thank you for your help. I am also chanting to help my relationship with my “son’s” father. I am so willing for this to change I have positive expectations for this relationship. I am concerned for my relationship with Noah my “son”. I am still doing the chant you suggested for my relationship with his father which I know will help the son, but can you suggest anything to help me with the relationship with the 12 yr old son. He is very angry, frustrated, he has low self esteem because he is not with his birth mother. I am very devoted to him but want to help him through his hard times and want to be able to do the right thing to parent him through his anger and rebellion so he can positively go through this and not end up in trouble. The father is not too involved, I am trying to help him be with his son more. Meanwhile can you suggest anything for me to help my “son”. Thank you so much. Rose

    • Rose,
      and CHERRYPLUM (To pacify his anger) HOLLY (for vexation) 100 times over a glass of water and give him daily two times.

  145. 208–Naren sir please can you have a look at my post and suggest mantras and bach remedies please. many thanks.

  146. Lakshmi
    stop that.

    do you have a postponing tendency? How is decision-making quality?
    will make quick decisions or vascillate between options?

    • Naran Sir Many thanks for this I shall chant this now–I do get confused quite a lot these days unable to make up my mind to choose whether to go into IT jobs or accounting and finance jobs–I do apply for both but no joy with either of them. should I chant these 100 times every day too sir? many thanks

  147. Sir i want to buy a flat in bangalore i dont have that much salary… i want to earn money from Share Trading please suggest some mantra or switch word for both of my problems….
    Thanks in advance

  148. akhil,
    dont do that now

  149. sir, most of my relative, friends and my husband family love to underestimate or hurt me, what can i do to overcome this problem.

    i can’t predict about people who is true to me or not or just use me or acting, what can i do for this problem, because i trust everyone who is good to me then finally know about know about them.

    sir, i’m not from india, so can i chant switchword and angel number and animal spirit without the product. please help me sir

  150. hello sir,
    i and my have alot of financial problem until we can’t fulfill our desires and sometimes our needs also. So, since in this few days i have chant the mantra “find divine order count now done” and “mustard find count now on” but there is no good result. is there any mistakes

  151. Dear Sir


    I have a lot of problems with my parents and brother and a couple of friends–i do not spek to my only brother and am desperate for him to come back to me as of now he is under his wife’s control and does not bother about me ;-)–is there any chant that will make them realise that I am good and come back to me–i would love my friends to realise i was good and come back to me–i have been doing forgiving exercises and asking crocodile,chimpanzee and blue whale to help me but so far no joy–please help me sir.
    together divine naran sir see this and help me.
    thankyou divine
    desperate girl

    • desperate girl

      Sir help please i am really looking forward to your reply.thanks

    • desperate help needed,
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT HEATHER 100 times over a glass of water and drink it

      • desperate girl

        thanku so much sir–ur help is much appreciated will keep u posted on the results–long live naran 🙂

  152. Namasthe Sir

    Is there any switch words to loose weight? I am desperate to loose 10kgs in a month–have tried a lot but no joy please please let me know if there are any mantras–i eat sensibly but still do not loose wight–i chant rockwater oak crabapple at the minute–is that right or do I have to chant anything else? shall be grateful for your advice sir.

    • dear sir

      please help me with a mantra–iam desperate to loose this weight and you are my only source of belief–have tried loads and nothing works. many thanks for your help sir–deep gratitude.

    • overweight girl,
      chant rockwater oak crabapple release resistance change divine order over a glass of water 100 times and drink that water. do it three times a day

      • thanks a million sir i shall do that. how long does it take roughly to see a change sir when we chant these words. one again deep gratitude and thanks a lot god bless u abundantly.

  153. sir, when i want go out or at home also can i write down 2 or 3 angel number, animal spirit and switch word which i need in a piece of paper and keep in pocket and place the pillow daily.

  154. sir, i mailed u my details and told you about my problem but u didnt reply. i would really be grateful to you for your advice. i really need help! please do reply

  155. Dear Naran,
    Can you please advise me which Switchwords to chant to change my situation, mother of 3 children, moved abroad and ever since husband can’t get a job, i only have part-time job, life is very difficult, I now want to move back to my hometown in Scotland, but have no finances to do this, i urgently need some respite from all this struggle and isolation and hope for better days where i have my dream job, living back home,. many many thanks

    little ted

  156. Tracy,
    chant Gorse clematis walnut over a glass of water and drink it. do this two times

  157. Sir I have a doubt please clear this for me:

    can i chant for two conditions at the same time? say for e.g i chant for relationship problems and getting a job–is that ok? chanting for a couple of conditions at the same time will not cross out the effect is it?thanks a million sir for all the help you do to all of us desperate people. please clarify sir.thankyou

    • Sir

      Please let me know– i am chanting for job and relationships to be ok.hope it is not clashing and delaying my getting a job–please help sir–sorry for disturbing u sir.deep gratitude.

    • despearate girl,
      desperation will never help. only quiet mind open heart and relaxed state will help.
      yes you can chant for both

      • many thanks sir. I am chanting ambika slokam,getting a job,relationship and the chant for overweight you have suggested for someone,doing the acceptance jupiter and movement mudras too–no change so far but hoping and praying that i will get a job sooooon–please include me in your prayers sir-ever so grateful for your kindness.god bless u 🙂

  158. Hello Naren,

    I have lost thousands of my earning in a hands of some person who promised me to send it to my parents place but disappeared in the middle with all money. My parents are in desperate need of money due to financial crisis at home. May you please suggest me some healing process thereby that person will send money to its destination.
    Many thanks and bow to lotus feet of sadguru.

    Kind regards

    • nikki,
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT GORSE CHICORY ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD daily as many times as possible.

  159. Naran. I have been chanting Walnut, Oak, Hornbeam Cherry plum find count Divine Now for my husband and my finances. It is helping us. But now I need to come up with 2500.00 in 25 days because a nasty creditor is going to sue me unless I come up with this money to pay off my bill. Can you recommend something that will work really fast to gain a lump sum? Thank you so much Naran. I will wait for your answer.

    • Rose,
      if somebody says you nasty will you agree? can you say to him directly that he is nasty. he is demanding his money. thank the crditor daily. Chant FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER FIND RS.2500 COUNT NOW. as many times as possibe. Our own mental state spoils the healing

  160. sir, so long i plan to buy house and car but i don’t have money what switch word can i chant sir.

  161. Dear Naranji,

    My daughter 20 months old is mostly having restless leg syndrome as she keeps moving her legs. Itz worse at night as she keeps banging on bed. Neither her nor us are able to sleep properly. Kindly suggest some mantra or switch words for this. I did circle technique wiriting her name and number 32 and aspen. Please suggest. Thanking you.

    Together Divine.

    • prjna,
      give the flower remedies WALNUT SCLERANTHUS IMPATIENS WHITECHESTNUT . put three pills of each and give her small sips, every two hours.

      • Thanks a lot Naranji. Getting pills might be difficult here in RAK,UAE. I’m chanting and giving her water. Has Shobanaji come to take classes in Dubai or just visit. As i stay here i was interested in workshop.
        Together Divine

  162. Sir,
    I have placed order for Pine and Crab apple pills.Yet I have not received any reply from Shobana mam regarding the cost of pills and courier charges,Would you please let me know how to get these pills from your workshop?

    • She is travelling.
      if you come to the centre you can buy them. Or check up with your local homeopathy shop. They will have them.

      Website Admin

    • yasoshree,
      shobana is in Dubai now. she will be back on 18th. she will reply you once she comes back. if you attend the workshop, you can pick on the date of the workshop.

      • yasoshree,
        she will be back on 18th . talk to her and if needed, have consultation with her. Her phone:971555660416

  163. Dear Sir,
    my neighbours are very inconsiderate. we live in apartments. The one on next to me filled the corridor with their own stuffs and smelly shoes, make alot of noise shouting at one end of corridor to the other, openly criticises us and do damage to our plant tearing the leaves(we only put one pot of plant and door mat at my door and nothing else not even shoes). We only keep quiet, to maintain peace.

    The neighbour above us, throw litter into our house and make alot of noises (such as jumping in wee hours of the night after 12 am, and also hang wet laundry above our laundry. On one case, we even saw a packet of urine caught on our window.

    We really don’t know what to do. Hope you can advise us some remedy.
    Thank you very much.

    • LLM
      chant BEECH HOLLY WILLOW IMPATIENS over a glass of water and drink it.
      download a picture of PISCES and paste it on your flat door.
      do the forgiving exercise for them.
      In the morning thank them mentally for not disturbing you. Pray to the Mother for keeping these elementals away from you.

  164. Sir, my husband is suffering from Diabetes and is not having any job for the past 10 years, he has suffered lot of losses please help

    • rama,
      chant FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER BE DIVINE as many as times as possible. you can also chant over a glass of water and give this water to your husband

  165. Respected Naranji

    Heard about this site through a family friend.If a person has not done any course at your center can he follow the instruction, ( like chanting the switch words)which are given to other people.Was going through peoples feed back.

    Basically I am 43 years and looking for a job and a life partner.

    Please guide

  166. Dear Sir,
    thank you for your reply.

    may i ask how many times do i need to chant the flower remedy each time ? do i have to chant everyday or just once?

    do i do the forgiving exercise n thank them everyday also?

    the picture of Pisces can be just the symbols or need to have images of fish?

    at the last sentence, you mentioned praying to the mother. ‘The Mother’ refers to ?

    Thank you for your time and patience 🙂

    • LLM,
      when the problem comes just chant. chanting what is given is just alignment with the divine. Forget your identity. Just merge with the grace Words which are nothing but divine. Enjoy chanting. do any number of times. these words do not bring about any result. they want you to surrender. Sureender to the divine and start chanting. While chanting do not thin about anything.
      Download zodiac picture of Pisces, and paste it on the door facing outside.
      The mother means arabindo mother. that divine mother only knows how to drive out the unwanted elementals. Just say once to Her daily

  167. Dear Sir,

    one more question, the image of Pisces, to stick on the side of the door facing outside or facing inside the house?

    Thank you very much 🙂

  168. Dear Sir

    can you give me some switch words for my situation–I have read madly through ur blogs and they look very promising–I have started chanting some myself as per the instructions you have given:i live abroad and my brother and his family came here for 2 years promising to go back–now he will not go back and look after my old parents who are alone in india. they refuse to live with me and want to live with their son but he does not seem to care. is there any mantra to make him go back or for my parents to come here and live with him? my parents are very old and it is worrying me a lot!
    together divine naran sir see this and reply.
    many thanks sir.

    • JYOTI
      CALL WOLF and say this daily once.
      chant …..(your brother’s name)…….(your mother’sname) Be Together divine

      • Thank you sooooo much sir for your kind reply immediately. I shall beg the lovely wolf every day and keep my fingers crossed that he helps me soon.have a good day and week. take care.

  169. Sir,

    I feel blessed to see your website. Sir, I am staying out of station from my hometown. Now me n my husband are going to our native, my MIL house. How to make the situation in my favour? Like she will insult me n my parents in someway n my younger BIL will dominate me n will not even respect me.Is there any switch word to avoid all this.Moreover my mothers house is also there. I wanted to go there without any problem. Plz suggest some switch word for this.How many times i’ve to chant?

  170. Sir,

    Usually my MIL n my younger MIL will create mental problems for me to stay in my mothers house. because of this itself i dont feel like going to my native. Somehow i wanted to go to see my parents. plz suggest some switch words so that i can go to my mothers house without any problem.

    Sir this is the contiuation of my previous mail.

    Thanks in adv.

  171. Sai,
    chant BEECH WILLOW WALNUT CHERRYPLUM and go. always let this mantra be in your mind.

  172. Dear Naran Sir

    I gave an interview last thursday and want me to get that job without any problems. they will tell the result today or tomorrow–what should I chant to make them pick me and do well in that job and impress people. I would be gutted if i did not get it.please pray for me sir.
    many thanks sir for your kindness.
    together divine.
    worried girl.

  173. Dear Naran Sir

    I gave an interview last thursday and want me to get that job without any problems. they will tell the result today or tomorrow–what should I chant to make them pick me and do well in that job and impress people. I would be gutted if i did not get it.please pray for me sir.
    many thanks sir for your kindness.
    together divine.
    worried girl.

    • dear sir

      I did not hear from them yesterday and it is midday today and have not heard still. I am chanting find divine order,impatiens,gentian and wildrose. I will be gutted if i did not get this as I have not got anything else lined up. please help me sir–i would be so grateful to divine if i get this job.
      together divine be.please pray for me. many thanks for your kindness.

      • jayanthi, jyothi,
        Not only two requests. the same request is appearing twice in two different names. Are you jyothi or jayanthi? or both?
        you have asked Q290 in the name of jyothi, and 294 in the name of jyanthi.

        Or Jayanthi copied the question of Jyothi?

      • hello sir

        does the name really matter? why make a big deal of it? it is the solution that is more important isn’t it?
        just for records im jo’s friend and i had given an interview as well and as Jo keeps going on about Naran all the time and how awesome he is I thought i will post my request too!! and what did you guys do–instead of helping me u start interrogations!!!!
        anyhow god bless u.

  174. Sir, I used to be a very cheerful person and took life in a positive way but as problems increased a lot now i am depressed and have gained a lot of weight which also reduces my self esteem. Sir please suggest some remedy which can bring positive energy in me, reduce my weight and get all my financial problems solved and help me own a house of my own. please help me.

    • rama
      be cheerful always. then everything will come. If you say that i can be cheerful if only, every desire of mine is fulfilled nothing will happen.
      chant GENTIAN HORNBEAM CRAB APPLE 100 times over a glass of water and drink it. do this two times daily. happiness will come

  175. Sir,
    Thanks a lot for your quick response. Definetly i’ll do this n let you know the response.Sir can i chant the same BEECH WILLOW WALNUT CHERRYPLUM , during travel. coz we’ve planned to go to Rameshwaram temple.I wanted to go n come without any problem.Moreover im in my Shani period also.

    Thank you Sir once again.


  176. Dear Sir,

    thank you very much for reply.

    Will do as instructed. 🙂

  177. Namasthe Sir

    hope you are well. I am really sorry to bother you but I am so down as I am not getting anywhere with my job sir. you have asked me to write release resistance find divine order count now for 51 times daily i do that, i chant gorse scleranthus star of bethleham find divine job count now done, i chant ambika slokam like mad, chant together divine and divine order like mad, beg wolf everyday still no job interviews, i ask loads of people no one helps me–what more should I do sir? i need a job as soon as possible and am helpless–i beg divine so much and what more can i do?please help me sir. i shall be ever so grateful to you for that.
    together divine.please help.

    • lakshmi,
      Don’t beg from the divine. Take it from the Divine.
      daily in the morning say three times, ” I thank divine for giving me a job of my choice”. then forget about it.

      • can we use the same as I thank divine for giving me —————-of my choice” for long pending issues.


  178. sir,
    I have given a huge sum of money to one of my co worker to get a particular work done,he did not do it and also got me into more trouble,sir please help me get the ,money back as soon as possible

  179. vanitha,
    chant ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD CHICORY GORSE 100 times over a glass of water and drink it daily. Do this daily two times.

  180. sir
    Thankyou sir,i will do,i have lot of faith in your remedies

  181. Dear Naran Sir

    Many thanks for the reply–really appreciate your kindness.Do I still continue chanting gorse scleranthus … and write release resistance…or just chant what you have said 3 times?
    Why is this happening to me sir? do you get any insight? the only thing I ever ask god for myself is job–i help loads of people, never think ill of others and genuinely pray for people-why am I being punished sir? i honestly do not understand 😉 i sincerely apologise to god for all the mistakes i did that day knowingly and unknowingly beofre i go to bed.If there is anything else I could do or any bach remedy that I could take please let me know and I will definitely do that.
    plz plz include me in your prayers and bless me that i should get a job at the earliest.
    thanks a million and kind regards.

    • Lakshhmi,
      you will definitely get a job. Instead of having a victim feeling have the attitude of gratitude. Instead of “why me” question, understand God is doing everything perfect. He will do everything at the right time. What is the right time? Think and thank the divine that you have had already right time.
      Everyday, morning, say,three times, “I open up all parts of my mind and align them to resonate to the Divine grace of money”. I thank the Divine for providing me the job of my choice now. I release this intention to the All providing divine field.” Forget about this and concentrate on something else.
      Daily in the night think back and thank god for everything that happened in your life. Each and every incident leads to the other. Nothing is unwanted or not needed.
      Whatever happened – bad or good – thank the divine for that. Shed tears of gratitude towards your parents your friends relatives your house your environment,the air you breathe, the dress you wear, the food you take, the water you drink.
      Do you know how many,how many persons are behind your one day food? Thank all those persons.
      Right from vegetable grower, seller, his storage place, vendor, his cart -so many. when you think about the link to your one day food – thank everyone. Why not this internet which connects you and me? Build up the energy of love in your heart and start living with contentment. You will get the job. If your victim feeling can help you to get the job, be in that state. otherwise be in a state of gratitude.
      You are not helping anybody. you are privileged – you are selected by god – to help those people. You are indebted to them. Help them with full heart. But don’t expect anything from them.
      If you do the help without expecting any appreciation, you will advance the Time.
      FORGIVE LOVE THANK is the mantra for your life.

      To come out of victim feeling, take bach flower remedies willow and pine each two pills two times a day for one month.
      best of luck

  182. Dear sir

    I did not hear anything for my job inspite of begging wolf 😉 iam going on holiday after 3 years with some friends for 3 weeks. please can you suggest a SW that will keep it smooth,avoid confrontations,keep us safe during travel and have a wonderful holiday. do not want any unhappiness during the holidays.want us all to keep good health and be in peace and have safe travel. please suggest sir.
    as always ever grateful for the wonderful service.
    together divine be.
    thanks and regards

    • JYOTHI,
      write in a piece of paper MIMULUS SWEETCHESTNUT ROCKWATER ROCKROSE STAR OF BTHLEHEM and keep it with you.
      chant FIND DIVINE ORDER throughout.

  183. Pranams Sir still at the age of 55 I am unsettled, I tried to do business three times after leaving job way back in 90s but all the time I suffered losses even don’t own a house, have to live in a rented accommodation. I have two children aged between 11 to 17, due to worries I have diabetes and blood pressure. In my whole life, I never got blessings from the elders for which I craved nor I recd guidance. Now the situation is no one likes me or wants to talk to me and people get easily annoyed from me even when there is no fault of mine. Sir pl suggest some remedies.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  184. anil,
    chant HEATHR TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible

  185. vidhyaDurgaBalaji

    From the Feb. of 2011we married our marriage is love com arrange, my husband’s behaviour towards me changed suddenly without any cause. I am suffering from so many problems created by my in-laws. My sister-in-law and father-in-law is main culprit for all these. They want me to cut all my ties with my mother and my mother must give all her belongings to my husband. They are very good actor, they do all these things with me in absence of my husband, and when I inform my husband about all this, they behave like innocent and my husband don’t believe me also. I am staying with my mother for last three months. My mother brought me after having a tough fight with my in-laws. When I contacted with my husband to come and take me back or become separate with his parents and begin our own family, then he is saying me to return to home alone and when I turn down his conditions, he stop talking with me.
    Now, I came to know that his parents and sister are abusing me and my family in society, and also want to break my marriage. I am also afraid of returning home and staying with his parents and sister can harm me any way, either physically or socially. His sister is married and has a 5 years old daughter and her husband is under her control. They are very dangerous people and the most important thing is that they do all the things in absence of my husband.
    Pleases help me with some mantra, which I can recite at home easily as I have one kids 8 months old and please help me to bring my husband back in my life and lead a happily married life with my husband but without my in-laws. I suspect that they have done some jadoo – tona over my husband as his behaviour towards me suddenly changed. I have got the information that they met with tantric so that my husband never go against them.
    please i want my husband back to me . love him more and more

  186. dear sir,

    sir,i had previously asked adivse from you in Q.214
    and i had been following your advice since, i feel some positive changes in my life,espclly married life
    you said me to write TOGETHER FORGIVE LOVE THANK BE DIVINE and keep under pillow, which i do everyday
    but i couldnt yet get the photo of rabbit to keep in bedroom
    sir,but still i always remain in doubt that whether i will ever be blessed with a child in my life….i always love babies and i also see them in my dreams most of times.

    sir,can i be blessed with motherhood…..i dnt like to go for long treatments, as it causes depression in me….but i dnt know whether without big treatment ,can i ever get pregnent.
    waiting for a reply from you
    thank you sir


  187. Hello Naran Sir
    I have been benefitted by your remedies many time in the past. I have soem problem again. I have been falling sick cotinuosuly for past 3 weeks. First I had breathing trouble due to gas and acidity, then I had some boils. For boils I took antibiotics and now I again have breathing problem and throat infection. Can you tell me some remedy for being hale and healthy. Some mantra that I can chant daily? Also is there anything I can do for this breathing trouble? My stomach gets bloated if I eat and I have troucled breathing and if I do not eat I again have breathing problem. What do I do 😦

  188. Hi Naran,
    I have diagnosed with bilateral poly cystic ovary syndrome.Cyst size is in larger volume if it is not reduced in medicine otherwise Laparoscopy surgery need to go
    But i need to heal in medicine and with gem therapy or Flower therapy.since am planning to conceive. In fact am chanting blue-sapphire in the morning and evening.Apart from this Can u suggest some mantras or Flower therapy to heal the cyst and conceive at the earliest.


  189. Sir , I love a guy since last htree years but had a very on off relationship.coz thr is somte issues in his life that need to beresolved before we could move ahead…… But some time s i feel that he take me for gratnted…………..i hv given my 100 percent effort s but need your help please suggest me some mantra or switch word so that he starts understand ing me and cares me and o ur problem gets resolved…….plz plz sir

  190. happiness19

  191. Dear Naren,
    My brother is desperately looking for a job in any well established company. He has completed engg. Even after looking for the past 1 year he is not getting any proper settled job. As a result of which he is now denying to get marry also. My parents are really worried. Please tell me some solution so that atleast before end of this year he will get settle in both personal and professional life.

    thank you very much


  192. dear sir,
    could you suggest me some remedies for removal of facial hair, since i plan to marry soon.


  193. Thanks naran.I will contact shobana for that.

  194. dear sir,
    could you please suggest some effective remedies to get married as soon as possible. also so that can get some good proposals, which should go ahead quickly.


    • shubi,
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM daily 100 times.
      Together i thank the divine for getting me a life partner now done. write this in a notebook daily 21 times.

  195. hello sir, may i know what is the difference between chanting switch word, chant switch word over a glass of water and write the switch word.

    can the switch word that we have to chant over a glass of water 100 times but we chant the switch word for 300 times can get the same result.

  196. priya,
    There is a lot of difference. while chanting, our mind may not be fixed. When there is any problem, one is always anxious to get it solved. This anxiety will affect the result.
    water will absorb retain and transmit whatever is chanted.
    Moreover, our mind is not a single one. it has various conflicting, opposing parts operating side by side. One part of the mind is attached with the physical body. That is why we are not able to think or understand that we are different from the body. Through water, chanting reaches all the cells and through brain cells communication reaches the mind to do what is necessary.

  197. Dear Naran Sir,

    my husband and often encounter unappreciative people and people who take advantage of our kindness.

    For example when we do project with people (with no money involved but result will benefit all), 2 of us will do 70-80% of the job and on top of that do extra by providing transport, drink and food. We sincerely want to take good care of these people who work with us because they are younger than us and we should look after them like sister and brother.

    In the end, we did not get thanks or compliment but fault finding from them.

    Was it because we ‘given’ too much?

    Please show us how to get appreciation from people.

    Thank you 🙂

    Find Divine Answer

    • LLM
      it may be also because you do less in their views. Don’t do anything expecting appreciation. You may be doing 70-80% of the work, but why don’t you think about the remaining 20% contribution from them and thank them. When you provide anything, think that you are serving Divine.
      Everyday morning say three times, I thank the divine for attracting kind and loving people.”
      write chicory heather in a paper and keep it with you. you can chant also these names

  198. hello sir, I (31+ male) want to get married as soon as possible. My most valuable time (5 to 6 years) passed away in the race of money earning. But Till Now I am not in good financial condition. and for that reason the marriage event was avoided by my financial situation more than one time. This is the main bar (financial situation). After knowing my financial situation some proposals (which were almost done) were rejected by the bride party. I lost lot of money in the share and commodity market.In this way my valuable time passed away. Day by day this pain (my valuable time was passed away) is increasing. My all friends are settled. All these tensed me very much. But I cant wait any more for any reason.I want to get married as soon as possible. Please do some powerful and magical thing for me. Please help me.

    I read your most of the blogs. I found many things that you suggested for different persons. 1.”concede clear centre find divine partner hole”, 2. “SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM”.3.”SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT HORNBEAM”. 4.”CHANT TOGETHER FORGIVE LOVE THANK DIVINE 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.”

    I found some mantras aslo.

    What should I do sir?

    I am trying at my end to do friendship with someone, The friendship is possible but when I tried for marriage proposal, the girl no objection but the main bar is my finance position. We are not financialy strong and in our community (marwari) they need financialy strong condidate. I can do that but i have no enough time to wait for that. Actually I cant wait a day more. Because day by day my age is increasing and this will be the 2nd bar. I cant wait any more. Sir I cant understand what I should do. My friends and relatives knock me every day for marriage. now I am very much tensed, every moment. I want to get settled in a magical way if possible.

    • bj,
      since you are regretting the past and feeling you are rejected by others,take the flower remedies Gorse honeysuckle larch pine 2 pills of each, one after the other for two times in a day.
      chant OPEN AND ALIGN FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW as many times as possible

  199. Refer my last correspondence between May 22 and 25 2012. I have completed the following procedure as per your instructions for 42 days (although with breaks in between):

    ” sweetchestnut find divine life partner now done. daily 51 times.

    Place your one palm at the fore head and other palm at the back of head and say Om seven times Then say the following statement 3 times
    cut the neural path to the cell memory images of being single.
    Find neural path to the cell memory images of love,light and marriage.Then chant OM 7 times.
    Repeat the same by keeping your hands on the throat – one palm at the front and other palm at the back of the throat.”

    Please tell me by when I can expect results.

  200. any mantra for white discharge and urinary track infection?
    Together Divine

  201. PRAJNA,
    You have to take flower remedies.

  202. Thank You Sir

  203. Sir,any remedy for small children who have fear of darkness and staying alone issues….????is it an insecurity issue??pls guide as my child refuses to sleep separately and is very scared of the dark n being alone..many thanks.

  204. Dear Naran

    I have been chanting rockwater oak crabapple release resistance change divine order for reducing my weight–unfortunately i have not lost any weight at all 😉 what am i doing wrong? i also bought crabapple bach flower essence and mixed a couple of drops with 500ml water and drinking it still no joy. i am desperate to loose weight–what can i do? is there any other words that i need to say? any helps would be appreciated a lot.
    many thanks
    take care

  205. Dear Naran,
    I have a tendency to protect myself out of insecurity and fear of being unworthy. I have a feeling of being an angry victim wanting to shut people out from fear of being hurt or abandoned. This is especially strong with my husband who I fear will leave me for someone better even though we have a good relationship. I want to change out of this situation and feel more open, loving and trusting in myself and God. I also am addicted to caffeine using this as a crutch. Any help you could give me is appreciated to help me let go of this negative tendency.

    • vishali,
      take the flower remedies CHICORY HOLLY PINE WALNUT CHERRYPLUM two pills of each, to be taken one after the other for three times a day.

  206. Dear Sir Naran,

    thank you for pyrevious replies. i can see improvement on the issues with my neighbour next door, no more torn leaves and cleaner corridor.

    my neighbour upstairs recently have been knocking on their floor again, which disturb my sleep cos usually 1am…

    should i continue with the previous suggestions or …….

    Another issue i’m facing now is : i think my wisdom tooth needs extraction with minor operation as its decaying n i’ve been
    delaying a trip to the dentist. I ‘m terrified of dental visits and cannot hold my mouth open for long period of time without feeling nausea.

    please suggest some remedy for me

    hope to hear from you soon.
    Find divine answer 🙂

  207. Dear Sir,
    I should inform you that was missing in my previous query — before contacting you (03-08-12), I had been chanting a lot –“concede clear centre find count divine” and “concede clear centre find divine partner:” in different time.

    Now I am chanting “OPEN AND ALIGN FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW” as per your suggestion.

  208. Dear Sir,
    please suggest some remedies/mantras to erase bad karmas of the present and previous births also to get rid of the curse of poverty and get blessings of Lakshmi & Narayana.

  209. anil,

  210. Hi Sir, i was terminated from the company for a small reason and management is not ready to listen for that. iam feeling hurt for tht situation.Now iam jobless. Kindly let me any mantra to forget tht situation and need to get a wonderful job .

    Regards Rekha

    • Rekha,
      write WHITECHESTNUT WALNUT CRAB APPLE in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow. chant these names for 51 times over a glass of water and drink it. do this in the morning and before going to bed.

  211. hi sir,

    is there an easy way to open the third eye.I have seen so many meditations which ask to concentrate between two eyebrows bt they hardly work.I want to open my third eye to be more intuitive

  212. aadi
    dont do all those things. nothing will work. just pray once, SUN GOD, please send me solar healing rays to open and align my third eye to the grace and rays of my guru.
    Thank him once and be relaxed. Don’t be misled by any. When meditating concentrate on heart chakra.

  213. hai naran sir,
    i have been dreaming to go to usa from past 4 years but i was not able to do it.even i tried it at my level best..most of my seniors who casually tried to go usa made their dream and they settled in usa quite easily…but its really hurting me alot that nothing is favouring me at this time,its not only dream to usa but somehow am very depressed,lost courage,hope dat i will succeed in my carrer….please please please i beg u to help me sir by suggesting manthra..

  214. please reply sir q :369 eagerly waiting for ur reply

  215. worried mother

    Namashkar Sri Naran ji

    My son is 20 year old who has an affair with an older woman . My husband and I have confronted him and made him promise that he will breakup and never talk to that girl again He broke up in front of us and promised How ever I have lost trust in him Can u kindly tell me a mantra so that I can chant for him so that he can get over his infatuation and be free of all the influence of this girl

    He got into this relationship when he was very down emotionally and this girl befriended him

    Please sir kindly help us we are so desperate to save our son from this infatuation
    as he is in final year of graduation and it is affecting his studies

    A worried mother

    • worried mother
      chant CORAL 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to him. Do this daily. Draw a square. Inside the square write his name.
      you chant HOLLY MIMULUS as many times as possible.

      • Worried mother

        Thank you so much Sri Naran ji. I will write his name In a square and chant the mantra. He lives on college campus away from home so how can I give him the water .please kindly suggest what else I can I do

        Worried mother

  216. Sir,regarding question no 351,can one take the liquid form of aspen and mimulus because pills are not available….if so what shud be the dosage of liquid be…???thank you sir….

  217. Rushrush
    yes you can take. dosage is answered in another question of yours

  218. Hi Sir , Sure i will do accordingly.

  219. Naranji,
    I am going through very hard time.i m having hital hernia is giving me lots of pain in my chest.i am going to doctors ,they are saying I should daily walk.they are not understanding in how much pain I am.please give remedy for that I can be cured.i m living abroad so I won’t be able to come to your place.please help me.

    • aBC,
      Chant WILLOW CHERRYPLUM as many times as possible.

      • Naranji,
        Thank you very much.naranji my chest stretches a lot as if their is lot of wind.i am suffering a lot .i have tried eejo but it doesnot help.even my gas doesnot say I don’t have any problem .but I am suffering a lot.what to do please help.i will chant willow cherry plum.

        • Naranji regarding 380 question,
          I chanted willow cherry plum and feeling comfortable better in stomach.sir I am feeling very much anxiety.not having concentration in anything.i am stuck in mind that there is something in my stomach.i want to divert my mind sir.i am very much depressed mind always want to think of something or the other.i want to get out of it.pls tell me .its very urgent..

  220. naranji regarding 369 question,
    am waiting for my toefl result also ,please suggest manthra to get good marks

  221. hi naranji,
    its nice to see you solving many problems of people.may always god shower his blessings upon you and whole world
    i am 30 year old female.i am in love with a guy.but he is 1 year younger to me.we want to marry but i am scared that his parents may have problem with my age.i am so worried.please suggest me any remedy so that my parents and his parents happily agree for our marriage.and one more thing we always used to have small misunderstandings.but since week he is not talking with me.please suggest any remedy so that love and harmony to grow in our love life.please i am missing him alot i want him to get back to me as soon as possible.waiting for your response.

  222. Reply-374-: Thank you so much Sri Naran ji. I will write his name In a square and chant the mantra. He lives on college campus away from home so how can I give him the water .please kindly suggest what else can I do

    Worried mother

  223. sir,
    please give some mudra to give me mental peace,from past several months am feeling moody and fear of what will happen in future

  224. Sir,
    I have been reading your blogs. The results after using bach flower remedies is amazing. I have understood this from the positive feedback given by the users.

    I am looking forward for your help in my situation also. I need to buy a new flat for which, by selling my land. The land should be sold at the earliest by a week or so. I want the land to be sold at good price, so that I can make down payment for the new flat.

    Please help me in this regard.

    Thank you

  225. Naran Sir, You are doing a wonderful service to peopel. I can vouch for the matras and switch words you given. They work amazingly well. I lost animportant object today and I franctically searched everywhere.THen I remembered about REACH. Immediately the thought of cleaning my handbag flashed and I got that packet from inside. You are great.

    Can you please write a post on Polycystic Ovaries. There are thousands of ladies suffering from it. Some get no periods at all..And for some when it comes it does not stop at all. I have so many frens with this problem. Can you write a post and gives us insights to overcome this with Mantra, bach flower remedies and Switch words etc..

  226. Naran ji,
    I am having lots of gas problem in chest.i have tried eejo.but it’s not helping.pls suggest me what to do .i am really in very much pain.i am having very small hital hernia also.plse give me remedy .

  227. Thank you so much for replying to my prev queries.
    My husband is due for his oncite travel. He is doing good at his office. Talks are that his visa process will start in September. Can you please tell me some remdy to chant so that everything goes well and he gets his visa soon and he travels without any glitch.

    • Sia
      walnut oak hornbeam

      • Thank you Sir, I will post you the feedback soon.Can I chant for him?

        • Hello Sir, I chanted Walnut Oak Hornbeam for my husband visa process initiation. Finally he has submitted the application and it is now pending with US attorneys.
          The next step is to get a go ahead from the attorneys and his visa should be successfully processed and he should get the right opportunity/project immediately so thathe can travel as soon as possible.
          What should I chat for this?

          • sia,

            • Hello Sir,
              I have been chanting WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE MIMULUS for him but initially the process took pace and now its again become very slow. It has come upto a certain point and has taken a break. What do I do to expedite the process. Right now its going tooo slow.

  228. Sir, awaiting your reply with regard to my sale of land. thank you

  229. Worried mother

    Reply-374-: Thank you so much Sri Naran ji. I will write his name In a square and chant the mantra Holly Mimulus. He lives on college campus away from home so how can I give him the water .please kindly suggest what else can I do
    Eagerly awaiting your reply kind reply

    Warm regards,
    Worried Mother

  230. Hi Naran,

    I have rented the current place for 2yrs and have got used to living here. I like the location and neighbourhood here. I have maintianed the house very clean,, tidy and zen,good environment for me to do my yoga,mediation.But Recently my landlord is thinking of increasing the rent to 30% and started letting others to view my unit. He told me I could only stay till end oct, that is making me veyr upset and depress now.I would like to request for a mantra whereby I could chant daily so that my landlord will renew my contract and continue to let me stay here. Thanks very much ! Looking forward to your prompt reply and help:)


    • Naomi,
      chant RUBY MIMULUS 100 times over a glass of water drink half of that water daily. Keep the glass with the remaining water in North east corner of the house.

  231. Naran ji
    Husband Looking for used car.advice me what can I chant to get a nice car within budget and should be safe for us in future.

  232. Jaya,

  233. my son is in class five,….a very intelligent child,….but somehow unable to score much in his exams……what should i do…please guide me…

  234. naran sir,i ve lost 2yrs in engg.. now i ve compeleted… few papers are remaining but in coll they tell to sit for classes for that particular subject which i dont want to.. simply i will waste a year coz of this.. plz help me to allow me to write direct exam for papers without sitting for classes n i want to get a job soon.. i am depressed..

  235. John,
    Sir I am having Iritable bowel syndrome problem.going through very rough time .can you please give me remedy for it .i would be greatful to you.

  236. Naran Sir,
    Am Hema,recently got married.I have misunderstandings with my husband like he always believes in his mother words but not mine eventhough mine is correct.His mother creating quarrels between us and he strongly believes in his mother sayings.Whatever I do is wrong for them.

    Please help me to have better understanding between me and my husband.
    Hopefully you will respond to this email positively.

    Thanks in Advance


    • hema,
      do the forgiving exercise for your mother in law. A person believes his mother because he is her blood. If you want love and understanding from your husband develop good relationship with your mother in law. Try to please her by all means. dont think she is creating problems. Probably she is insecure. Give her a feeling of security and win over her.
      everyday thank her for all her previous day activities. chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE I LOVE YOU I THANK YOU DIVINE…(name of mother in law) over a glass of water 100 times and drink that water daily.
      Develop the energy of love. give love. you will get the love of both

      • Naran Sir,

        Thanks for responding to mail as early as possible.I will chant whatever you mentioned here.

        Onemore problem is My parents have been trying to buy property for a long time but it is not clicking for us.They are worrying a lot and also my brother is worrying about onsite opportunity for a long time. These both probs are bothering me much.

        I would be thankful to you if you give me the solutions to both problems to do on behalf of them.


        • Hema,
          Ask them to chant NAMASHIVAYAM.
          ask your brother to chant ruby. or you can chant for both of them

        • Naran Sir,

          First of all …Loads of thanks to you sir
          We bought property and we are happy.we recited namashivayam as many times like you said.

          Thank you again


          • Naran Sir,

            Sorry for asking the same question again.I hav been chanting everyday which you given as Answer for #421 ” I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE I LOVE YOU I THANK YOU DIVINE…(name of mother in law) over a glass of water 100 times and drink that water daily.” but still not finding positive change at home. Problems are raising day by day.

            My husband has been sharing our quarrels to his mother.His mother making it as big issue and this results gap between us.Please give me solution to change my husbands mind as to share and discuss all the problems with me alone so that we get better understanding each other.


            • hema
              continue that.
              addionally you take Harmony pack -flower remedies – from the centre and put around 5 to 6 pills in common drinking water.
              contact and get the remedies.
              Every family needs it

              • Naran Sir,

                I have been chanting the above mantra as you said earlier.

                One problem which is worrying me much is my husband applied for greencard long back.Its still in pending state.

                Could you please suggest me mantra to chant to get Green card in smooth way.

                Thanks in Advance Sir


  237. Sir,
    I am diagnosed with pain in the greater trochanteric region on the left leg. The pain is starting from just below the hip on the side of the left leg. It is spreading downwards. I am feeling the pain on the side of the left knee and even below that, till the feet.
    Doctor has also mentioned that there is tenderness in the origin of left TFL.
    He says that the medicine can be injected to the muscle to remove the pain. But at the same time, he says that it is a little risky and there are chances of pain getting worse. So, as of now, he has asked me to take pain killer tablets for a couple of days and observe.
    I am 43 years old and I have back pain for the past 14 years. I stopped working because of that. Now, the back pain occurs only if I strain myself for long hours. Otherwise, daily activities do not cause the pain in the back.
    About 8 years back, I was diagnosed with spondylitis when I had pain in the neck as well as on the outer side of the left elbow. On Doctor’s advice, I started doing neck exercises. I can still feel the pain in the elbow when I carry some weight.
    I would request you to suggest me some switch words or mantras so that I don’t need to take the risk of taking the injection.
    Thanking you,
    Krishna Sree

  238. naran sir,i ve lost 2yrs in engg.. now i ve compeleted… few papers are remaining but in coll they tell to sit for classes for that particular subject which i dont want to.. simply i will waste a year coz of this.. plz help me to allow me to write direct exam for papers without sitting for classes n i want to get a job soon.. i am depressed.. waiting for your reply.. i want to score good marks..

  239. HI Naran,

    I am need a help, i like a guy we both have good understanding,we decided to marry.we worked in same company,but i quit my job 4 months back.The guy house agreed for marriage,but i still did not inform in my home.As my mom is not well and always worried about my marriage,I need blessings of my parents and they should agree from full heart for marriage.the main problem is caste ,my guy belong to SC and i belong to mudhaliar…pls request you to suggest me what should i chant so that my family agrees for the marriage…

  240. sir,
    waiting for your reply..

  241. Naran Sir pls reply me I am in critical position pls reply me

  242. Dear Sir,
    I am now happily married and have one son 4 years old and pregnant now. Several years back I had a very painful divorce after being physically hit by the family in a bedroom. I lost my father after a failed bypass surgery during the time of separation. My ex motherinlaw used to do poojas at home and i found nail and hair in my bed. I was in deathbed after a couple of years after the divorce and it all started with a fever. Finally my son was in ICU 6 days after he was born and it was through reiki miracles were performed and he came back.I sensed some evil spirit jump on the baby in the cradle and the next day he was in emergency. I myself am a reiki channel. I have tried forgiveness…forgive my buts…. the pain of every moment, my father being abused although he was a man of great repute and the shame we suffered haunt me.
    In this marriage , I live in USA . My mother in law is selfish and cunning clever person. But by no means like anything I have described about my ex. My husband and I are happy and understanding with each other. However when they came tensions between me and my husband and me and them and between hubby and parents were so great that each day was an ordeal. I wish there is nobody interefering in our lives and my freedom. I never want to live in a joint family. Could you please help me.

    • will you go on eliminating one by one, if everyone gives a problem. For any problem, both are responsible. What changes you you have to bring in within. Start with yourself. You cannot correct anybody. Everything is happening as per the divine will. If my thinking observation is antagonistic to that of the Divine will, i have to align with the divine will. Instead of brooding, resenting or blaming, develop love (bakthi)towards God. Pray to him and ask him to align you with his
      Just forgive all who did bad to you. This forgiveness will not only give you peace of mind but also change the outlook of the other.
      FORGIVE LOVE THANKS is the mantra for you. Do not go on the old path and get yourself hurt again and again.

      • Dear Naran Sir,
        Thank you very much for the guidance. I have started forgiveness of my ex- mother in law already. I shall chant the mantra given by you.

  243. sir,
    previously to my post 369 , u told me to chant ‘gorse clematis willow’ am chanting it from the day u told,i got my toefl result today ,but i got low score and with such a score i dnt hav any chance nw to go usa and study,i had great respect to u and ur blog, jus wanted to inform my situtation………..nw i wanted to settle in india with a software job ,please suggest me some remedy to get job and excel in my career……..eagerly waiting for ur reply…

    • shiva,
      chant GENTAIN WILDROSE to accept the situation well. and to get the job.
      daily say, I thank the divine for providing me the right job at the right time.

  244. dear sir iam facing problems since 12 years both financial and family please suggest some remedies.

  245. HI Naran,
    I am need a help, i like a guy we both have good understanding,we decided to marry.we worked in same company,but i quit my job 4 months back.The guy house agreed for marriage,but i still did not inform in my home.As my mom is not well and always worried about my marriage,I need blessings of my parents and they should agree from full heart for marriage.the main problem is caste ,my guy belong to SC and i belong to mudhaliar…pls request you to suggest me what should i chant so that my family agrees for the marriage ..Sir pls reply me

  246. sir… waiting for ur reply

  247. Dear Naran
    Reg questions 314 &315–I did as u said but had a lot of problems with friends and looks like I cannot even talk to her anymore!! Y naran–i kept the papaer with me and wrote whatever u said and chanted find divine order throughout too. I don’t know sometimes I wonder if I am doing something wrong or if these words work at all!!
    I am also chanting ambika slokam, find divine job count now done for a job and getting nowhere with anything.
    Is there any switch words for getting a job and getting friends? I chant waterviolet too whenever I can. Please can you guide me? Am I doing something wrong? I also chant forgive love thankyou.
    I read a lot of the posts and chant a few things that relate to my situation.
    when will the words work and produce results naran? any helps would be greatly appreciated.
    many thanks.

    • jyothi,
      There is nothing wrong in your doing. The only problem we all face is when we want something we hang on to the result so intently that we dont allow the divine to work and fulfill our desires. Chanting is the tool. The mind should be on chanting and not on the end result. One should understand that human beings cannot achieve anything with his own limited knowing. One should just wish and release it to the divine field for completion. Your constant worry or anxiety prevents your wish to enter the divine filed.
      Release all your anxiety and just chant.
      When you stop worrying you are detached from the result. This detachment is necessary to understand the work of the divine. That means one detaches to surrender (SAMARPANAM) and prays for the fulfilment.
      What is prayer?
      o divine, i aspire, detach and surrender. fulfill if it is thy order.
      jyothi, relax There is time for everything.

  248. Sir,
    My intestines are not working properly.i chanted vam which I read in your blog.but it didn’t work .please give me some switch word or mantra so that I can gain my health.I would be greatful to you.


  249. Anxious applicant

    Namaste Naran Sir ,

    On you blogs I saw the mantra AMBIKA ANADINIDANA, ASHWAROODA, APARAAJITHA and chanted it while applying for an internal job posting. I got an interview scheduled for next week. Today I found out that my colleague who is almost my sons age also has an interview for the same job.
    I say …..may the best man win but within my heart I want this job so badly .Can you please give me a mantra sir which will increases my chances of getting this job.

    Om Sai Ram ,

  250. Anxious applicant

  251. naran sir,i ve lost 2yrs in engg.. now i ve compeleted… few papers are remaining but in coll they tell to sit for classes for that particular subject which i dont want to.. simply i will waste a year coz of this.. plz help me to allow me to write direct exam for papers without sitting for classes n i want to get a job soon.. i am depressed.. waiting for your reply.. i want to score good marks..sir. plz reply

  252. thanks alot naranji for your reply..and i will chant and let u know the results soon..thanks again.may always baba bless you with good health peace and love..:)

  253. Dear Sir,

    Need your kind help, My husband is working abroad for last 6 years,this year for no valid reasons company management has demoted him, reduced his salary to half…. he doesn’t want to work there in such conditions,however in India, he isn’t getting good job … we want that company should compensate us for this harassment, we want to approach court (abroad) , please advice remedy , how can we have maximum compensation (which we deserve).

    thanks and regards,

  254. Dear Sir,
    I had posted the query earlier. But i re-read my write up and found that there was a typo and my question is not very clear.

    I have read and learnt a lot from your blogs. Thankyou very much. I have incorporated the Lalitham Lambodaram. Lalitham Subramanyam mantras into my daily prayers. These mantras bring me a lot of peace. Last thursday while i was doing Shirdi Sai Vrath, this mantra just popped into my mind… LALITHAM SADGURUM,LALITHAM SACHIDANANDAM, LALITHAM BRAHASPATHIM. It is OK to chant these mantras. I can get the Sadgurum and Sachidanandam part. I request you to through some light on the Brahaspatim part. Thankyou.

    The question should be “Is it ok to chant these mantras?. If so please through some light on the Brahaspatim part” Thankyou, and sorry for the mix up.

  255. Dear Sir,

    I’m still waiting for your kind response, however I have already started chanting ‘Find, Count, Divine’.

    Thanks and regards,

  256. naranji,
    naranji u suggested me mantra for getting job am chanting it,one more thing nw a days am not having mental peace,always i am fearing of something ,i dnt the reason but somehow lost hope for future dat i will succeed and feeling like failure…please suggest mantra to give me mental peace and courage and happiness…

  257. Sir,

    I am suffering from left shoulder joint pain for the past 1 week. I am getting very much irritated bcoz of this. Plz suggest me some remedy. Waiting for your reply.


    • SAI,
      TAKE THE FLOWER REMEDIES centaury willow pine three pills of each three times a day.
      take MAG.PHOS6X CALC.PHOS6X KALI PHOS 6X bio salt tablets three tabs each three times a day

  258. Naran Sir
    I have read your blog.please guide me how can we use money flow pack pictures in our life?I need your full guidance as I am unsettled in life.there should me a very good source of regular income in my life.please help what should I chant?


  259. Naresh,
    chant RUBY CITRINE

  260. Dear Naran

    Hope you are well. Can you please let me know if it is possible to learn reiki through you online? I do not live in india and hence cannot come to classes locally.

    also please let me know the SW to get a good job- am chanting together divine find divine job count now done and not seeing any signs of a job–i also write 520 and count on my hand all the time. ask the lovely wolf too. anything else i can do?
    any switch words to keep me busy?i know there is a divine timing for everything but as im getting older i would love a job at the earliest–im trying to get a job in IT in the local hospital–what can I chant to get that materialised and be happy there?

    on a separate note–my husband misplaced my daughters earrings and was panicking (considering the gold prices these days!!) and all i did was chanted reach and find and asked him to go to the place he thought he was the previous evening and lo and behold it was lying there on the was such a relief–long live switchwords and you 🙂

    as always deep gratitude and ur helps are very much appreciated from the bottom of my heart.
    thanks a lot.

    • jyothi
      add RELEASE RESISTANCE to existing sw for the job

      • Thanks a lot Naran–I also wrote release resistance find divine job count now done 51 times for a long time–still no joy–im well and truly stuck ;-(
        i was chanting gorse scleranthus star of bethleham find divine job count now done.i try different combinations and no joy till day. hence im starting to worry.

  261. Hi Naran Ji

    I have a question for you and was wondering if you can give me a SW. I have read a lot of ur blogs and am very impressed with them 🙂
    we went to america for a holiday and loved it sooooo much and would love to go and settle there in husband is old and cannot be bothered to do exams and start from scratch and get a job–is there a possibility that he gets recognised due to his work and people call him there and give him a job and accomodation there so that we can move there.i would love that to happen and us move there.I know that there are more serious issues for people than this but I am just hoping n praying that u can help me. I am ever so grateful to god for what he has given me-no complaints there but this one little wish is there in me though.
    basically a SW for a move to a different country and settling there with no problems.
    Thanks a million to the Divine and you.
    Find Divine Answer.

    • dreaming wonderer,
      write PUNARVASHU in a square. pray to sun-god ” sun god, settle us in america.and then chant OM AADHITHYAYA NAMAHA

  262. respected naran sir
    i am in a love with a guy but we both are form different caste my parents are agreed for the marriage but i have a fear that boy’s parents will not agree for this marriage though my boyfriend not yet approached his parents regarding this please sir suggest me any remedy or switch word so that his parents should agree for our marriae without any issue and any remedy so that my boyfriend should approach his parents regarding our marriage because he is making delay and i cant live without him daily i am crying for this please naran sir kindly help me regarding this.please sir waiting for your reply

  263. abc
    mail and write where you are stationed

  264. Can you please give me a SW that will help me move to America and be reunited with my beloved. I currently have no finances or any means of getting there.

    blessings , thank you

  265. naran sir,
    i have started a business of ladies boutique(tailoring) and ladies beauty parlour.. i have less customers and business is too low.. plz give me some remedy or switch words so that i have more customers for boutique and parlour and good income in shop with good publicity..
    thank you

  266. naran sir,
    my daughter is having problem with a girls group in college.they pass comments and in a recent college overnight trip one girl continuously passed comments and even tried to keep her away from the girls group by inviting everybody and not her.though my daughter tried to sort the issue with the girl she could not handle others in the daughter is a little reserved and she has been very upset.

  267. Dear Naran

    Is it possible to learn reiki from you online? I would like to do the tapping and see if that calms my mind.
    I am very worried about not being able to get a job and not having any friends?
    any SW to get like minded good couple of people for friends?
    like I have said in 463 I try a lot of SW for job that I could find on your website.
    Please help me and send us a blessing.

  268. Dear naran ji,
    Please give me switch word or mantra for spasmodic colon.please help me and give blessing.

  269. Dear Naranji,
    I have a sinus problem when i get up in the morning starts sneezing runny nose, water run from the nose continuosly, feel feverish,tired, can not concentrate or focus,forget full,very less memory, body aches and pains,had heart attack in 2000,three stint in the arteries,chleastrol always quite high,stomach pain slightly over the naval, bowls irregular, lower back stiff,had a big accident in 1999,,had quite a few surgeries,
    financially very low,failed in my buisness in past, i am 59 years old and trying to establish again in my life,trying very hard but my health condition not letting me get up on my feet .presently not taking any medication,only regular diet or some vitamins .
    please can you suggest me any medication or mantras to get healthy and successful in my new career

  270. hello sir,
    going through a major crisis sir, i am planning to go on rental basis, by giving my current flat on rental, had finalised a party also for my flat which i am living presently for a decent amount, but the party backed at the last moment, now the problem is i was going to invest the same amount in my new flat and i have already given the token amount there where i am going to shift, i am a retired person, and hreby request you sir within two three days itself i should get a good party for my flat to rent out… kindly if u could suggest some remedy soon sir…


  271. Dear Naran,

    I have difficult relationship with someone from Africa. We are living in a small country in Europe, where we faced racism and discrimination here like a white-black couple. In the day my husband submit our documents in immigration office my boss cut my salary and on the next month I left without job until now. These all problems activated my anger and I’m so angry on the country, on my husband and police, which arrested my husband last year and we had been in the court. I tried many technique to reduce my anger but i still keep it. I expressed all these my feelings to my husband four days ago and as a result I have blocked jaw, sore teeth, swollen salivary glands, purulent tonsils, which does not allow me even to eat. Accept only liquids. I want to move to the U.S. and start a new life with a new partner. Can you please give me advice for successful end and move to US and for my healthy problem too.
    Many thanks

    • FAITH,M

      • Thank you sir,

        thank you very much for the SW. I will do my best to fix my life.

        I believe you will have soon positive feedback from me


        • Dear Naran,
          I did the SW during the day 10 times x 100 rep= 1000 times over glass of water and drunk it after that. And first time contact me a person with serious intention in the date site where I’m for one month. Before my profile have attracted only thiefs which begged money from me but yesterday it changed. Thank you!
          But what to do for my pain into the left side -ear, teeth, salivary glands, purulent tonsil, blocked jaw even the pain reaches the nerve to the eye. It didn’t change at all and the worst first night I couldn’t sleep all night. I chanted KONJITA PADAM SARANAM and put it written under the pillow but didn’t work. Five hours later I started to chant and “520 FIND DIVINE CURE NOW DONE” I’m doing VARUN MUDRA, CHIN MUDRA AND SHUNYA MUDRA(bend middle finger) and I’m taking ANTIBIOTIC AND NUROFEN for five days with no any result. The pain is worst. My mouth is blocked. It seem I can’t control this process at all and it is controlled from somewhere else. I added to the SW that you gave me yesterday RELEASE RESISTANCE.
          Please, sir suggest me any medication or mantras or SW to get rid from this situation and to get healthy?

          many thanks, blessings

          • sir, today i asked the wolf spirit for help and I have the right diagnosis – inflammation of the trigeminal nerve and the homeopathy medicine for this is Aconit 200C. I will give a try because the pain is unbearable. What else i can do?

            • sir, since I had the problem is the first day I slept well with no pain and everything is OK. Thank you for your help. You are great! You healed not only my body but my mind and my soul and opened the path in my life. Thank you!


          • faith,
            chant only this OM AM NAMAHA OM AAM NAMAHA OM UM NAMAHA OM OOM NAMAHA over a glass of water before sleep and drink in small sips.

  272. Dear Naran,

    I am currently in an impossible situation where i need to leave my home urgently. My marriage has broken down irretrievably and i desperately need a new fresh start. I wish to relocate to America with my son which SW will attract this help from the universe please to enable me to settle there, find somewhere to live, get a job and for my son to settle into school, where we are free from negativity and always looking over our shoulder. Many thanks … desperately seeking help….

  273. Naran sir,

    I am a computer operator working on internet through out the day by surfing the net, playing games etc. Now a days I am experiencing stress & anger some times. My memory was very good especially numeric.
    I am now forgetting things frequently. I am unable to recollect the things I used to remember. I don’t think it is a memory loss problem because I still have a good numeric memory. In some situations I am feeling ashamed for forgetting things before my friends & colleagues.

    Pl. show me the way to resolve my memory problem sir.

    Thanks & regards,

    • Hari,
      Daily go for walk. listen to the circular breathing and inhal and exhale as per the rhythm of the voice. The availability of oxygen to all the cells will help you.
      Take Chestnutbud – bach flower remedy – for improving your memory. When one forgets, it is mostly because, one does not pay attention

  274. sir
    please help my mother she is suffering from hallucinations and anxiety
    she is on treatment with no much help
    she is 72yrs
    thanking you

  275. Hi Naran,

    I need a help, my mom always falls sick, this ia happening from past 10 to 15 years.But from Last 5 years she is unable to bear the pain.All the medical reports are positive.We consulted astrologer who advised our relatives have done black magic we did many pooja but stil mom is suffering a lot of pains.She says somone comes near to here and she gets scared.Please suggest me what needs to be done to reslove this issue.

    Pls reply,

  276. Dear Naran, now my problem is that I want to start to do seminars, to write books, to help people as a Life coach but when i start to think about that i start to feel fears, too much fears, as if I’m not good enough; i can not express my self; they will don’t understand me; will become a laughing stock and so on. I have fears to attract attention over me, to be on the stage. Even these fears grow in real panic only thinking about what I want to do. My clients had organized a seminar and I had invited there as a lector and I refused. I wrote a book and I’m scared to give it to a publisher, even I’m afraid to give it to somebody to read it. Everybody speaks that I’m very good in my job but I can not overcome my fears.
    Please, sir suggest SW to get over these fears, low self-confidence and everything else within me.

    many thanks, blessings

    • faith,
      please take the bach flower remedies larch pine hornbeam Rescue Remedy – EACH 3 pills for four times a day.

  277. Dear Naran, my another big problem is one man. I met him in a dating site a month ago. He caught my attention at first sight. He had sent an email to me but I was not able to respond immediately. I replied to his email four days later. Incidentally, he was already deleted his account. I’m still thinking about him. I see my future with him and want to find him. He’s in San Francisco, California.
    I asked wolf spirit for help. is this enough to have positive result? Please, sir suggest SW to find him

    many thanks & blessings

  278. dear narayan,
    i have a dream of going america and live for some btech grad looking for job…….. suggest me some mantra to get a job in company which give me onsite oppertunities for america or cannada…..

  279. sir,i am studying engineering.. i forget some which i study during exam time,,cant grasp completely during exam ,in real life happens for me to forget some things to get to home.. can u tell any switch words or remedy plz sir.. so that i can have good memory power…

  280. dear narayan,
    sir please give mantra to bless me with good friends who care and give value to me,support me at good and bad times….and also suggest me mantra for getting ‘good image’ in society……

  281. sir
    I HAVE TAKEN HER TO A PSYCHATRIST,he has diagonsed memory loss associated with hallucinations and has put her on treatment,we have been giving her the tablets regularly,still she keeps telling that someone is calling her to go to her house,even though she is at home sir,at night
    she doesnt sleep ,she keeps geting up and sits for long time
    please help sir

    thanking you

    • vAN 1800,give her flower remedies ASPEN WHITECHESTNUT CLEMATIS WALNUT. Put 5 pills of each in a glass of water and ask her to have small sips every two hours.

  282. Hi Naran,

    I am having a problem in my marriage,I like a guy who belongs to different caste.The guy house agreed for the marriage,but in my house they are not agreeing.My brother supports me but my mom is against it.Still my dad doesn’t know about this.We have a person in a temple who puts bangle and predicts about future.He knows our family well but he is not saying anything about this ,my mom would ask his suggestion for marriage.I have really become sick thinking about this cannot imagine marriage apart from my guy,we need our parents to accept for the marriage and bless us.Please let me know what should i do so that my family supports for the marriage

  283. Dear Naran,
    I came by your blog while searching for some answer to my husbands diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer.The doctors have no tumor , I’m worried sick what is going on.He looks and feels great.Pls help us with some mantra remedy for this time.

  284. naranji namaskar,
    sir from years i have been very upset with people around me,even i always be friendly and humble with all people around me, they treat me as a coward guy,i doesn’t have a image in society wat am looking especially in friend’s circle and relatives…even there are times i heard many comments made on me by my juniors inspite of being friendly with them ,not only these many events has hurting me from years..please i beg u to suggest manthra which enables me to go into good position which gives ‘good reputation and fame’ in around my friends,relatives and my colony mates which eventually makes me happy and gives confidence to me…please sir u are my only hope for me to solve my problem…..

  285. sir,
    Thank you sir i will follow your advice

  286. Naran Sir
    Few days ago someone known to me told about this site.i also want a my nine year of married life I had very bad memories regarding my husband relation with my parental parents are very helpful to him but he never gives regard or respect which they deserve.he thinks like a typical son in law that he has every right to dominate his in laws. Moreover he steps back when they need him.
    Being a daughter I always remain under tension .
    Tell me some solution that my husband treat them with respect and dignity and he can have caring and smooth relations with my sisters and brother and I can stand with them whenever they need me.if I want to meet you personally how can it be possible ?
    Thanks in advance

  287. Namasthe Naran sir

    hope you are well. as always it is a joy to read your blogs and learn from them 🙂
    I need a massive favour sir: I have got some voluntary work in a hospital –I want to learn well and get a permanant job there. what SW do I need to chant for that? I want all the team to like me and help me learn and get a job there. It is a totally new speciality and so people should help me. It involves going and presenting the data to people so I need SW to be brave in meetings and face all kinds of people and for the people to react calmly with me and not yell at me.Please can I be offered a paid job with good salary 🙂 as soon as possible. I should excel at the job and progress up very soon as I am getting old ;-( need a good position at the earliest.
    I am chanting vallabam gajananam ekadantham and release resistance find divine job count now done at the minute. what else can I do to make everyone like me and get a job at the earliest?
    Thank you so much for your kind help. looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest.
    Find Divine answer done now ,forgive thank love together divine.
    Kindest Regards

  288. overweight girs,
    chant MIMULUS LARCH HEATHER while meeting the people

  289. Dear Naran sir,
    Pls give me some advice regarding my daughters.They are 11 and 8 yrs.Is there something i can do for them to concentrate better in their studies and excel even more.
    My second question pertains to me.We are a part of a group of friends who assume me to be proud and arrogant .I have always helped people without a second thought and all that has been forgotten and it makes me very angry.can this change .Why is it people with money r respected without a reason but not otherwise.It drives me into depression.pls advise.

    • uMA,
      When you think that people with money only are given respect, how will you be respected. Go within, introspect, whether there is any truth in what they think about. Correct the attitude. Why are you helping people? Is that because you want to be appreciated? before helping anybody ask a question to yourself, Why am i helping this person? what is the motive behind this? If there is a desire to be loved or appreciated, you help will never be taken in the right spirit.
      chant HOLLY WILLOW PINE as many times as possible

  290. Dear Naran Sir,
    i had previously wrote to you about my conception (infertility) problem.
    and from then i am regulary using your remedy, i have bought an idol of rabbit and kept in bedroom,i also want to tell you that though i have yet not conceived but i feel small positive change like not being much depressed about this situation.
    i also face recurring urinary track infection, i request you to give some remedy for this too, which would be of great help for me,though am under homoepathic treatment.
    Sir, i would also like to mention, we would be probably be shifting to a new flat(rented).i would be grateful if you could suggest me some great remedies which could bring in harmony and also boost my chances of getting pregnent in our new residence.
    thank you sir, i will be eagerly waiting for your suggessions.
    thanks in advance.

  291. hi naran,
    i finished btech 1 year ago from then i tried for job and also higher studies in usa but i failed to donone of it…….please suggest me mantra to get job in good company and build good career that i must never look back……

  292. KOHLI,
    CHANT walnut clematis

  293. Dear Narinsir, This is uday who has done the flower therpy class from u (subashs friend) sir i have joined with a friend in business and the money which he is giving me as salary is just enough to run the family..

    As the business has still not picked up iam unable to make any great money i want to make real good money for my self please advice.

    Sir one more issue we have given our ground floor for rent to a tennant but are unable to receive rent for eight months they have not occupied as they have done some renovation but now are not even picking our calls, we want them to either pay our dues or leave the place, we have filed a notice too.


    • uday,
      chant REACH TENANT NOW to talk to the tenant. Have they given any advance?
      for business: sweetchestnut find count more and more divine

      • i will chant this for orders. what about to get my money from market.

        now reg the rent they gave us 4 months advance but nothing when we asked them they are saying they are expecting some funds for the past four months. we have filed a notice throufg a lawyer but no response.


  294. Sir,

    My 12 Year old son is suffering from migraine for the past 2 years though iam giving him homeopathy medicines he still gets a headache once a week. He is also a bit constipated. I have been giving him walnut and agrimony in his water bottle for 2 weeks but he is not responding to that, do I need to give him another combination. Also sir can I also give him the study pack of scrienthus wild rose and chestnut bud as he doesn’t like to study and when he does he does not concentrate. Please advise.
    Thank you so much.

    • rASHMI,
      scleranthus wild rose and chestnut bud – is the combination to make one study. continue.
      for migraine and constipation, bring him or you meet me in person

  295. Sir,

    I am in some financial problem and I need to come up with a sum of money by the end of next month that I don´t have. Is there any SW that could help? I have seen some post here and one was MUSTARD FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW ON. Is this personal for the person you wrote it to or could i use it aswell. Or can you please help me with a new one?

    Looking forward to heare from you!

  296. kavitha panicker

    Dear sir,
    We will have our semi-appraisal at job in a few days, i want to perform my best as I want to get a good increment at the end of the year. My overall record is very good. Please help

  297. lavitha,

  298. Hi Naran,

    I am in search of job from past 6 months but i am unable to get job anywhere.I have two years of experenice still i am unable to get.I get rejected for my energy level or confidene or some or the other reason.Pls suggest me a switch word so that i get a job

  299. jANANI,

  300. Hello Naran ji,
    what switch words to chant for my brother so tht he can get settled in life soon.he is 30+ now.At present is in a job,but he wants a better job.??

  301. Hello Naren Sir, this is Jugal Jetley from Hyderabad i have attended your seminar which was held in hyderabad dated as on 22 n 23rd sep.. i have also spoken to u personally regarding my Delay in Job and Visa …u have given me a flower remedy of CLEMATIS, GORSE, WALNUT…and switch word is ‘Change Divine Order.. which im chanting ..but still its getting delayed for sum should i continue the same Remedy ?? pls suggest

    Thank you
    Jugal Jetley

    • jugal jeley,
      add the switch word ADJUST.
      Ask wolf to expedite the visa and job.
      Take cerato also, along with the existing remedies


  303. MC

    • Naranji as u hv said i am chanting chicory cherryplum adjust……i am adjusting its true but i need more money to balance my bank account as from it my monthly expances comes.any other sw or angel no or i continue this.and i even want to increase my income too so that i cn save some amount.

      • Sir i am eagerly waiting for ur reply.i need to save money after managing expences.want to cm out of financial crisis.

        • be in pran mudra chant TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE

          • Sir.i am chanting ‘together find count divine’in pran need extra money immediately to both expance and save.can i call king fisher for this or need any elso or continue d same?

  304. He has attended many interviews nd mostly looks like he will get a good salary,but at the last minute everything goes depressed he is sometimes.thts why i asked fir switch words so tht he gets a good job witgood salary .


  305. Sir,

    Please help me to get a transfer in the same company to Mumbai. My Husband & kids live in mumbai and I work in Hyderabad. Please let me know what should I chant to get transfer. Even if I get a job in a different company it is fine. But I want to be with my family. Please let me know.



    • uma,
      chant star of bethlehem walnut

      • Thankyou Sir. Yesterday, I heard through another colleague of mine that My boss is planning to release me from current project around December.But nothing about my Transfer.
        But since I have asked for a transfer, my boss is trying to find fault with my work. Please le tme know what should I chant to get good project in Bombay with good name from my current Boss.

        Also – Sir, My Mother goes into depression some times. What should I chant for her to become Normal. Thanks.

        • uMA G.

          • Naran Sir. Thankyou very much. Today I have received an interview call from a company for Mumbai. What should I chant so that I can get through the interview with good offer.
            Best Regards,

            • uma g

              • Respected Sir,

                I am trying for transfer in an IT company.I have not got so far.
                Help me with words to either get projects from the same company in the desired location(Mumbai) or get a better job in mumbai.

                the interview goes well but final result is not successful. (for both internal company projects & external interviews). Please help me sir as I am away from my children for the past 11 months. they live in mumbai with my husband. I live in hyderabad becoz of job.

  306. Hi Naran,

    Firstly I would say thanks for helping other to resolve all kind of problems with Chanting Mantras.

    I am facing 3 issues in my life Kindly provide me the remedy for these I would really thankful in advance.

    1. We are trying for Housing loan from past 1yr we approached 2 banks and got rejected due to some document missing, again we are approaching another bank at least this time with god grace and your remedy it resolve. Kindly provide me which mantra I have to chant to overcome this issue.

    2. I am trying to change my job and location I am interested to stay with my parents for this which mantra I have to read.

    3. My marriage issue I am little worrying/fearing about marriage because due to this IT Field jobs are not consistent. for stabilizing my life/career in this field what mantra should I chant?

    Kindly Provide your Valuable inputs. I am eagerly waiting for your inputs.

    Thanks & Regards.


  307. Kumar,

    • Hi Naran Sir,

      As per your suggestions I am chanting mantras LALITHAM LAMBODARAM, LALITHAM BASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM whenever I get free time. I am not seeing any progress on my 3 issues. Can you please provide any other switchwords/Mantra/Remedies to resolve my issues ASAP. I really thankful to you.


      • kumar,

        • Hi Naransir,

          I am chanting above switch word(MUSTARD YELLOW SAPPHIRE) and mantras(LALITHAM LAMBODARAM, LALITHAM BASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM ) 3 months but i didnot see any improvement in my problems, all 3 of them are in same position. Kindly provide me any remedy.

          Thanks in advance.


          • kumar,
            in addition to chanting, take the flower remedies GENTIAN WILLOW HORNBEAM – each three pills three times a day.
            Dont say that i dont bach flower remedies. visit this site and get to know the flower remedies. Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

  308. Naran ji,

    I have started chanting switch words which u have menitoned.My brother too has also started.good news is tht he has an interview on this friday the 19th.wht words should we chant so tht he gets through the interview.


  309. previous Q.342

    Sir, what to do now. can I continue to do the previous chanting or to do something else. please suggest me something to get married soon.

  310. Abc,
    Sir I have lots of spasms in intestine.i have tried bum,rum but it is not affecting.please give remedy immediately.

  311. ABc,
    if you are constipated, see that you pass motion freely. correct your diet

  312. sir i want to improve my relationship with the people around me(my mother father sister brother and my boyfriend and his family)please suggest any mantra because i am facing alot of problems in relationships there is no harmony and suggest me any mantra to get married to my boyfriend without any difficulties please kindly help me sir i am so much worried..thanks in advance

    • anu,
      that is why you have piles problem. chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE to improve relationship.

  313. sir is there any mantra to heal piles problems please sugeest me sir

  314. my father in-law wants to sell property which belongs to all the three sons. I am the eldest daughter in-law. I don’t want him to sell because all have to lead a separate life. I want all the brother should stay under one roof. Pls tell some mantra to stop the sales of this property.

  315. My brother has attended the interview nd now awaiting the results.wht switch words should we chant now so tht he gets a positive reply frm the company???

  316. desperate,
    chant gentian wildrose honeysuckle reach divine order count now done

    • Dear Naran Ji,

      Myself nd my brother have been chanting the above words.The new company have approached nd asked him to submit the documents.wht switch words should we chant now so that my brother gets the job without any delay nd also a good salary.


      • DESPERATE,

        • Dear Naran ji,

          Thanks for the switch words.My brother has got the job.It is a sub-contratct job for three months.He will be made permanent in three months.pls.tell me wht switch words we have to say in order to continue the job permanetly.he will starting the new job by this month end.


  317. Greetings Sir,

    I came across your website today and found it very helpful for people seeking solutions to their problems.

    Problem:- Sir I have a visa interview on 25th Oct 2012.I have applide for a schengen visa Kindly let me know if there is any sloka that i can recite/ number to be written on a paper to help me succesfully pass the visa interview.

    Sir I would really appreciate your response at the earliest as there are only couple of days left.

    Thanks & Regards,

  318. hello sir,
    Iam puneet age26,
    what should do now for my good future
    like career,family & health.

    • puneet bawa,
      Always be thankful for what is happening. Forgive anybody with whom you have any resentment. Don’t fail to keep up promises. Give 100% when you do anything. don’t think about the result while doing the work. Accept even when you don’t get what you desired.

  319. Naran Sir,
    I had a few friends in my college who I was very close to. But for some misunderstandings I drifted away from the group. Now 8 years after when I see them all together in touch and happy, I feel sad. I want to be a part of their group. I want them to accept me the way they did in college. I keep asking forgiveness and I try to initiate conversations from my side. But I do not get any response from them.I feel really sad. Is there anything I can do to regain my friends love and my friendship ?

  320. dear naran sir,
    My brother after yrs of job hopping and a bad divorce has finally begun to be responsible towards our mother at age 44.He ‘s into real estate for the last 4 yrs.but any deal he works very hard towards will somehow get blocked just before it falls thru.even though very frustrated he still holds on.Pl help sir.
    Thanks sir.

  321. tilotama
    give him flower remedies gentian cerato wildrose

  322. naran sir thanks for the switch word for my problem… if we doesnt have good relationships it effects our health(i mean when i saked that i want to improve relationship with the people who are arround me then you replied that you are not having good relationships so you are having piles problem)please clarify this sir..

  323. Naran…I would like to ask you iv been chanting a mantra “om namah shivaya” and I hit possibly another mantra with it and well Its om ni shreem, I do not know what the “ni” means though.?

    • ZACH,
      WHERE DID YOU FIND. If you find anywehre else dont ask here.

      • Naran… It was in my dream after reciting the mantra om namah shivaya 108. It said “ni shreem”? It said in large words Ni Shreem, that is all I know.

  324. Dear Naran, I am trying to send an e-mail to the address: but without a success. Can I write to you on this blog or is there another way I could contact you? I need to share with you my “life dilemma” and ask if you could help me with some swich words. At the moment I am chanting FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER BE DIVINE
    Thank you,

  325. slavka gough,
    continue that

  326. Sir,please reply my quiry….as i need money for both neccesary expenditure and saving.and any mantra to increase my income.

  327. Naran,
    i have endeared since september 2009 from lack of money,i need a change of instant events for want of money, its taking its toll on my faith.

  328. hi sir pls help in get government job ra pls jupiter is star for my job pls advice me sir

  329. sir im in love with my frd his family acpted me but my parents are not accepting sir pls give me switch words pls

  330. sir i want to get married with my frd pls give me switch words so that my family accept my marriage with my frd sir pls

  331. Me and my boyfriend used to be in good norms till some time back.we were having the problem from our parents he also suggesting me to stay out of his life because of big arguments we had over the he is not talking to me anymore.

    please help me naran sir.

    I wanted him to back to me and great love bonding happen to us again with trust and confidence each other.

    please help me to save my love by telling what to do and how to do for better results as early as possible because i am feeling like i dont have much time to save my love.

  332. Shekar Moily Padebettu

    my wife is suffering from chronic kidney failure/diabetic/B.P and undergoing dialysis for the past four years?.Any remedy or solution to cure the same?

  333. Dear Naran,

    i have tried to be positive about my money woes and still cannot seem to overcome ,jobless for 3 years now,losing my faith grip.pls help to change money is coming to scarcity.

  334. Reposting –

    Thankyou Sir. Yesterday, I heard through another colleague of mine that My boss is planning to release me from current project around December.But nothing about my Transfer.
    But since I have asked for a transfer, my boss is trying to find fault with my work. Please le tme know what should I chant to get good project in Bombay with good name from my current Boss.

    Also – Sir, My Mother goes into depression some times. What should I chant for her to become Normal. Thanks.


    • Please don’t ask the same question (the first part of your question) either in multiple places or multiple times.

      Soon Naran will answer your question.

      Website Admin

      • Sure. Sorry – was not very sure where to post the Qs. Will wait eagerly for the reply. Thankyou very much and Sorry once again.

  335. Dear Naran Sir,

    Greetings of the day!!!

    I desperately need your help, i am going through very tough phase of my life.

    I am in love with a girl, we were in relationship for 3 and half years, we are about to get married both side parents were ready for the marriage, however she broke up with me, she was going around with someone else behind my back, i told her to let go off everything and start a fresh ( note : her father is against the second guy as he is out of religion).Its one and half year we are not on talking terms,she has moved to different city no contact at all. Still she is not married, i really love her from core of my heart i want to give a last chance, my parents are searching for bride and there are proposals who liked me i dont want to get married with other girl. I haven’t told anything to my parents about she cheating on me.I want to get reunited with her. I need your help if their is some mantra i can chant and turn things around and get married to her. Please let me know asap. Many thanks in advance.

    Note: this is 2nd time happening in life, twice i was in relationship and i was 100% honest and loyal still both the times i got cheated, i really wanna marry this girl please help me.

  336. Hi Naran,

    I am in relation with a guy , we decided to marry ,but we need our parent support and blessing to proceed further..The guy house agreed for the marriage ,but in my house they are not agreeing,they are advising me to forget as he is of different caste .My mom is not agreeing, and my dad will sure be against it,pls suggest me what should i chant so that i get a support from my family…The guy house is a middle class family but they are good at heart.

  337. Naran,
    thank u for WILLOW CHERRYPLUM CHANGE DIVINE ORDER .I could write volumes as to my past troubles which hinders my present.Money is never evil, its us who turn into monsters with it.

    necktie collar, but alas pocket no dollar. having faith the above switchwords changes all anguish and trials into past tense.

    Hoping we shall pass each other in this life.THANK U FOR REACHING OUT TO MANKIND.

  338. dear sir,
    Iam satish bawa (DOB 26-2-1952) How will I get grace of our kuldevta which have been gone from our family & how will I get this grace back. Also tell me about my family good future.

    • satish bawa,
      pray to sun god. “sun god open up all my chakras to the divine grace of ——(mention your kuladeivam). Mentally visit the temple and do the pooja and offer whatever you want to offer.

  339. Dear Sir,

    I want to reduce(20 Kgs) my weight, for that I am doing exercise and following diet as well. I lost 5 kgs in 6 months. I would like to know whether any switch word for that? Kindly help me in this regard.

  340. Dear Sir,

    I would like to improve my son’s confidence level, can tell me the switch word for that also.

  341. naran sir,
    A 20 yr old student loves going to temples especially during exams, afew months back when no one was around a pandit tried to act fresh and followed her,she was so upset that she stopped going to the temple,now again she has begun going to another temple as her exams are going on, a middleaged women came and asked her if she was following them especially her husband,now the girl is so upset and afraid . Why is this happening sir,how to protect
    Thanks sir

  342. sir,i am looking for job in an IT company i need a jobb soon with good salary in this month……my marks are not good.. any remedy or sw ??

  343. Hi Naran,

    I am going through rough patch in my relationship,things were going very well until few months back however there are lots of fights happening due to trivial issues where each of us feel its other person’s fault.and i am beginning to feel he has starting to care less. could please guide or suggest switch word for it.

    • neha,
      try to understand and care for the other person instead of thinking “i am not understood; i am not cared.” When somebody is not showing affection understand that you are not showing affection. Correct what is lacking in you.
      chant BEECH WALNUT WILLOW CHERRYPLUM over a glass of water and drink that water.

  344. hello naran sir,
    my mother is not keeping mother got operated Last year in january for uterus removal. after 5-6 months she is diagnosed with hernia. from last 3-4 days she is having bleeding. we consulted the doctor and all the reports like urine culture and blood are normal but bleeding not yet stopped plz give a remedy for this?
    Can i call animal spirit wolf for this?
    My mother is having severe asthma also plz suggest something for that also.

  345. my request was forwarded to naran ji, but i havent received any response.

    Thank you

    • its num 642

    • Siya,
      why do you want him back/ what separated you?

      • misconceptions and fights and ego clashes. no third person is involved.
        i want him back because i still love him. our brk up is not that recent, so this is request fr a chant is not out of the desperation and pain that immediately comes after a brk up. I have had time to think and cool down and i know that i want him back.
        Please help.
        Thank you.

        • siya,
          chant Honeysucle CHANGE DIVINE NOW . Have picture of Dove and keep it under the pillow. do the forgiving exercise

  346. naran ji,i am appearing for some government service exams this year.. i have studied well.. i want to get selected in this exam.. please help me

    • arun,
      write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
      carry a picture of gangaroo while writing the exam

  347. dear sir.
    tell me about my wife asha bawa,for her mentally relax & phisically relief (DOB-12-08-1954)what should she do

  348. Dear sir,
    I am housewife,as all housewife wants to save money. I invested in chit fund near my house. But at the end that lady didn’t give money. After keep on following she gave me half of the amount. For rest of the amount i am still asking her. pls tell some mantra so that i can chant to get my money without any problem.

  349. Sir, Iam Purti Bawa (DOB 25 Jan1985) my family wants me settle down kindly give some chant to find suitable partner who loves me as well as my family.

  350. putri bawa

  351. Hi Naran Sir,

    My Brother-in-law waiting for his USA visa from past 9 months, Can you please suggest us which Switch words/Mantra have to chant him to resolve this problem.


  352. Hi Naran sir,This is Preethi. Already i have contacted through blog. I am desperately looking forward to go abroad with my guy. Tried many possibility, but i couldnt make. Please provide me a switch word and mantra to go to abroad, that is canada.Also my marriage is getting delayed. My parents are not accepting for hindu muslim marriage. How to convince my parents with the help of switchwords? Please help me sir….

    • Preethi,
      chant MUSTARD WALNUT HORNBEAM daily around 1000 times. Write this in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

  353. Also, i have long standing education loan? They are charging more interest. Please provide me a switch word for this problem, we want them to finalize a amt and we are ready to settle those. Please help me sir….

    • Preethi.g.
      chant MUSTARD CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW, 100 times over a glass of water and drink it. When you talk to them chant MUSTARD.
      Write Mustard whitechestnut in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  354. dear naran sir,
    Please answer problem 664 .

    My mother is having asthma problem which aggravated a lot from the recent storm nilam(due to some particles in air).

    Plz suggest some remedy.


    • kinni,
      buy the remedies from the centre. chant sahn sahn jo lew bha yow wu.
      in the night chant om ham namaha over a glass of water and give her.

  355. Hi Naransir,

    Good morning, My father gave one person with their personal use 4lacs rupees last 5yrs. As per the norms they said every month will pay interest and after few days original amount will be refund. 1st year they paid interest regularly, From past 4 yrs they are not refunding our amount even not paying single installment of interest whenever we call or meet personally they are saying we will give but we don’t know when the amount will be refunded to us, I am kindly urging to give any switch word/ Mantra which can resolve this issue ASAP, because we have a couple of debts once we get this amount at least we can close some debts by this refunded amount.


  356. Dear sir, my younger sister ruchi bawa(DOB12-10-1988)her attitude is agressive & her health is also not good pls suggest how she will change this.

  357. hi sir,
    i am very depressed with my career prospective,bcoz i am unable to find a job after my graduation..even i worked for furthet education in abroad but no result…
    please suggest mantra to give me break in my career …..and one more thing we are group of friends but all are avoiding me, i hav done help to them many times and humble but they are avoiding me,am feeling lonely ,,everybody using me for there selfish and avoiding me after there work…..please beg u to give me solution

    • naga,
      chant centaury willow pine over a glass of water and drink it. do this daily.
      chant om lam namaha om ham namaha as many times as possible

  358. Dear Sir,

    Do switchwords always work or karma also plays a role?

    • Hi Naran Sir,
      I am trying for job from quite sometime. whenever opportunity comes for interview I always feel ” am I ready for interview? ” and push it for next available day. I want a job which will give me abroad opportunities soon.
      I hv one interview next week which I accepted to move on from these inhibitions.

      personal and financial issues are piled up. But still I have faith in myself that I will be successful.

      Need some more motivation from your blessings.

      Guide me through switch words please.
      Thank You

    • neha,
      everything has a role

  359. hello naran sir,

    Can you please explain meaning of om ham namaha ,how many times should i chant and how will it work?
    Is it good for my mother’s asthma problem?
    how to pronounce sahn sahn jo lew bha yow wu.
    which remedies should i have to buy from centre?

  360. Naran Sir,

    Am Hemu from bangalore,got married few months back.I came across you and your website few days back while browsing.

    my problem is my husband doesnt talk to my parents and my brother whenever they call.He doesnt lift my parents call and he asks me to lift the call which is worrying me but he is expecting me to mingle with their family.

    I usually mingle with all of their famlly members and call them oftenly.

    To be honest, My parents and brother are very decent,gentle and broadminded persons.

    I would be grateful to you if you Suggest me powerful switch words/mantra to make my husband to understand my parents and brothers goodness and mingle with our family also.


    • chant MUSTARD GENTIAN 100 times over a glass of water and take that water daily.
      om ham namaha as many times as possible

  361. Sir, this is siya again
    A few comments before you suggested me the forgiving exercise along with a chant and a pic to keep under my pillow
    I want to know what is the forgiving exercise?
    Thank you

  362. Naran Sir,

    My husband is looking for change of job since 1 years , he is doing his interviews good,but no positive response. and also he is trying to start small businees. Can you please suggest some mantras/switch words ….

  363. geetha,
    chant walnut clematis 100 times over a glass of water and give him that water daily.
    om lam namaha

  364. Sir,

    I chanted scleranthus and wild rose for motivation.
    I got interview calls and they told they will confirm. But none of them turned up.

    1) Its been 2 yrs since I left my last job, but as per today’s living I need at least 50% + hike to cope up with my financial issues. Most offer 30% hike only. I am 30+ yrs and hv 5+ yrs of exp in IT field.
    So I need job with very very good salary [ sme cmpny gives joing bonus also ]
    2) Its my dream to work abroad and had missed opportunites bcoz of politics in my previous compny for ladies. this time hoping to get chance immediately after joining for the job.

    hoping to REACH goal NOW.

    Please reply,.


  365. Respected sir,
    one of my friend is hospitazied and he is having pain the left hip bone/side of the body. His mother has asked me to kindly ask you which bachflower remedies/switchwords/mantra to be chanted for his speedy recovery.


  366. sir,

  367. bj,

  368. Sir,
    I need your guidance for my two sons. My elder aged 16+ during his exams faces either health problems like wheezing or fever etc. and also get nervous mostly in maths exam. please suggest some switch words or mantra to help him to come out of this problem. My younger son aged 10+ is of very carefree nature his world is watching cartoons on TV or playing games on mobile. He neither goes to play nor he sits for study, due to which he has gained weight . I have to coax him a lot & if he sits then he will devote his full. Sir please suggest some mantras/switchword so that he less his habit of watching TV and devotes his time to study and reduces his weight. pl. reply

  369. I want to get settle in my career and also financially i want to get settle .And also i feel that i am affected from black magic and i have many enenmies bcox of which my health is always bad can you please give me some switchword or mantra so that i can settle in my career/financially/health wise and also get rid of black magic effect.You do benediction to every one please shower your grace one me also by showing me right direction


  371. Hi Naran Sir,

    Is food the real reason for putting on weight ,i had read some where its insecurity..

    I am putting on weight since last few yrs and my diet is normal.I have tried going to gym but it gets diffcult for me to continue and be regular.

    Please suggest


    • neha,
      Not able to let go is the main reason. Either sadness, or anger or worry or regret.
      Unable to forgive is another reason.

  372. Sir
    My both sons also are addicted to computer though they are very good in studies but at study times also two to three separate windows are open like face book and some Hindi serial or movie.when asked what is the fun of watching movie or listening music while solving math problem they say they enjoy study this way.

    And in any case just to try if I put password on computer they become angry and convince to remove password.if I don’t remove password they become furious and their facial expression like face becomes red and even one of my son slams the door and locks from inside.

    I want them to use technology in such way that they should not be addicted and also spend some time with nature and of my sons eye sight is poor and he wears specs.
    Please guide.

  373. jasmeen
    They should be given flower remedies. contact the center
    till you get the remedies chant HOLD NOW 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to both

  374. Naran Sir
    regarding Q No 731
    It is Jasmeen again.i live in Canada and I do have full set of Bach remedies and from your blog itself I came to know importance of these essence in life.
    If you can tell which Bach essence I can give them and for how long,it will be highly appreciated.

    • JASMEEN,
      in the night give them crab apple walnut

  375. Anantharaman SeshanAna

    Dear Naran
    All my life hav had tough going as regards getting appreciated by my boss. I do sincere work for the company but It o not prefer or do politicking in company nor do I like being a puppet in my boss’s hands. I do what is good for company, my team and whomsoever ask for help. But they never appreciate the help they get. So many still talk ill of me behind my back. I try to empower them but they turn a deaf ear to me. They prefer control and expect me to bring fear in their minds. I always help out my boss whenever he seeks my help, but he never gives me credit. He even redicules me before others. Due to same i never get the due respect, due earnings and due growth in my career. What do I need to do get people to give to me what is really due to me. How do i become accepted and successful in earnings and position?
    Name….Anantharaman Seshan,
    Place of birth….Madurai
    Time of birth….0-15-00 hrs
    Day of birth…..wednesday

    • Anantharaman Seshan


      • Anantharaman Seshan
        CHANT waterviolet holly hornbeam mimulus AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE. Write this in a paper and keep it with you

  376. Sir,
    Pranams . pl reply to question no.726.

  377. namasthe naran sir
    hope you are well.
    i am working in a place on a voluntary basis–how do i make people like me and get myself employed there–is there anything i can chant that will make me look really good and make them think–oh wecannot do without her–we need to employ her?
    i chant divine on as soon as i go in, chant waterviolet on my way to work. what else can i do sir? i want to get a paid job before 2013 and be very well known n respected there? please can u help? i chant pearl too!
    as always tons of gratitude and thanks.
    ps: i hv stopped praying god and made u my god 🙂 i keep asking u like i ask god and chant a lot of ur sayings that i find in the blogs 🙂 many thanks for showing us the wolf and the amazing bach flower remedies. bless u, the flowers and animals.
    together divine naran see this and answer now done thanks

  378. sir pls tell me some mantra for peace of mind and happens

  379. dear sir..what can i do to make someone stop consuming alcohol. he gets really violent and starts to break things, uses abusive language and beats people around. i have been calling wolf to help during the situation…is there any other way that i can stop this habit immediately.its not possible for me to chant on a glass of water..bcz we stay far away…please help

    • SINOBIA,
      GIVE BACH FLOWER REMEDIES. he has to take them orally.
      walnut agrimony rescue remedy holly vine. put everfything in water and give him as many times as possible

  380. Dear Naran,

    How can I gain control of my persistent lateness?
    Is it schleranthus?

  381. Dear Sir,
    My brother had a heart attack in his Chennai office. His office friends bought him to hospital. Where they placed him in ICU & said he has to undergo angio to know how much blocks are there? I became very nervous because my mother passed away recently due to heart attack. Therefore I contacted Madam Shobana the very next day and asked her for switch words. She said till he comes out you chant–” FIND DIVINE ORDER, CHANGE DIVINE ORDER”. Like blindly I & my kids started chanting. As soon the doctor came out he said he has no major blocks, no need bypass or any blast. We will give some medicine he will be all right. I couldn’t control my tears. I immediately thanked madam & my kids who didn’t know the meaning where also chanting.It was really miracle.

  382. Dear Naran Ji,
    My husband is Yoga Teacher and we would like to settle ourself in Pheonix (US) with a yoga job. We tried in many organizations there but no response from that end and our visa got rejected this time here in chennai. Tell me some remedy for this to happen in our life sooon.

  383. Good morning Mr. Naran,

    I bumped into your blog this morning. I have read your book forgiveness it was given to me by my Reiki Teacher Ms. Reena Gangadharan from Chennai. She has spoken a lot about you. Thanks a lot. I have left Chennai at the moment due to marital disharmony. Need help to get me back on track and am currently a lecture in a college at Mumbai. Student come to me asking remedies for exam fear and ability to remember. Kindly suggest which of he remedies do I give them as exams starts from Dec 4. I would also like to take up the workshop do you conduct any in Mumbai?

      To remmeber and write Diamond scleranthus hornbeam pills can help.
      Ask the student to write 398 in a paper and keep under the pillow. It will give easy questions.

  384. Dear Mr. Naran,

    i want my children to be honest and truthful and sincere in their work and studies. They are intelligent but too much behind their friends and cannot balance and prioritise , also resort to not speaking the truth. Please help me


    • sudha,
      Give them the flower remedies AGRIMONY (to be open) CHESTNUTBUD(not to escape) WALNUT(not to be over-influenced by friends) SCLERANTHUS(not to waste time)

  385. Sir, Pranams. I am still waiting for your reply reg. question no.727 wherein I have sought guidance for my two sons. Your advice will help them in building up their future.

  386. Sir, My husband is suffering from Leg pain(Gout), Leg joints , horrible burning pain, it keeps coming very frequently , he tried Ayurveda, Homeopathy, nothing is helping him.. Please can you suggest any mantra or SW , right now his feet is swollen and not able to walk at all, and in office they wont give leave or permission to work from home becuase every month 2-3 weeks he will be in pain. SO please give me some SW ,mantra to come out from this pain.

  387. Thanks Mr. Naran. Got your message on time to give it to my students. As I had asked are you doing any workshops in Bombay?.
    1. Also suggest what will I have to do to get in touch my inner self to guide me better.
    2. What will I have to do to improve my clairsentience. And healing abilities?

  388. Sir,
    I live in London and I lost all my investment about 6 years ago and I am heavily debted and I also owe money to so many people. I have hurt so many people and I would like some remedies to attract money in my life and be able to pay everyone off. Please help me. Thanks.

  389. Thanks Mr. Naran!

    My students came back saying the exam was not like the exam. It was easy and have started to chant as suggested.

  390. Naran ji,

    Due to financial strains…i want to sell my house & Business….I dont have much time, only until the 15th of this month….I hope to get a satisfactory offer for both as it will ease my debts burden and also help me start afresh. Please guide me.

    thank you


  391. dear sir…my father in law is desperately wanting a job..i want to make him an energy circle…what should i write inside it…also suggest something that is effective to keep a job as he has a tendency to lose job frequently.. thank you

  392. Namasthe Naran Sir

    Hope you are well.
    My daughter has her 10th exams next year and she says she is very stressed out for these exams. she works very hard and is an intelligent girl but she worries and loses a couple of marks due to this.
    I have asked her to chant mimulus larch rescue remedy scleranthus hornbeam diamond and write 398 on her hand–i read this from ur previous answer to someone. I also pray wolf n kangaroo, write reach 100% in a paper and send with her.
    Is this right? what can she do to de-stress and come top of the year with highest mark she wants and to get a career she wants? i want her to be comfortable,confident n get 100% in her exams. she has to do 15 exams at the end of next year. so help plz sir.
    As always deep gratitude n tons of love.
    Many thanks.

  393. Dear Mr. Naran,

    Could u please respond to my comment 775. Need help:P

  394. If I am not mistaken and also kindly excuse me if I am wrong, it appears that my post on December 5, 2012 at 2:01 pm post number 768 , has missed your attention. May I request you to give some remedy.

    Also recently my partner has resigned from the company, and he is taking away majority of my assignment. Though I struggled to build up the company in last 30 years, without bringing any goodwill, he played some dirty politics and hijacking big business from me and I am dragged back to my earlier situation. Can you please suggest some remedy , for my professional upliftment too. This insurance business and also the professional upliftment is very much need of the hour as many assistant are dependent on me and the financial inflow is detering factor for future survival of the company

  395. hi i get negative thoughts and bad dreams about my children and i get very that something will happen to my children.please reply soon

    • please reply me soon because i am very scared about my children.even i chant any switch word then even i think that something bad will happen with them and even i imagine bad things every time for please remove me from this condition and help me fast thanks

  396. Sir,
    Pranams, I need your guidance for my two sons. My elder aged 16+ during his exams faces either health problems like wheezing or fever etc. and also get nervous mostly in maths exam. please suggest some switch words or mantra to help him to come out of this problem. My younger son aged 10+ is of very carefree nature his world is watching cartoons on TV or playing games on mobile. He neither goes to play nor he sits for study, due to which he has gained weight . I have to coax him a lot & if he sits then he will devote his full. Sir please suggest some mantras/switch word so that he less his habit of watching TV and devotes his time to study and reduces his weight. pl. reply

    • rama, for the elder son: chant MIMULUS LARCH CHESTNUTBUD over a glas of water and give him.
      for younger sone SCELRANTHUS WILDROSE WALNUT CAT’S EYE – remedies to be given orally

  397. I had agreed to sell my flat for a sum . A day after that I heard that a builder has agreed to take the building and give flats to the owners at double the price. To buy this current flat I sold off another one. A month later my friend sold the same type of flat for 3 times the amount I got. Why is it that I am always the loser?
    What I want to know is what should I do? I have to register the sale deed by the end of this month. I am not a person to go back on my word but my son-in-law says all is fair. Hope I get help soon.

  398. naranji
    can i pray for somebody who dont have kids they really want but they are not getting it may be it is 16 ys of marriage..the man as well as the lady has problem now she has some tumor problem also will she be able to get a child ..i would like to pray for them as they wont believe these things..can they get one..
    pls .

  399. SREE, i am sorry for your concern.
    if they dont believe, let them be as they are .

  400. Dear Naran,
    After marriage my daugther started developing a lot of facial hair. She uses chemical and shaving but the growth is fast aand thick. She has no children too.
    Kindly suggest some switchwords for this ailment.

  401. sir,i am looking for software job..please help me.. i want to get job soon with good salary and terms in my location…. i dont get any calls from company

  402. Dear Sir,

    I missed my Ganesha pendant. It must be in the same floor. I’m chanting Cerato Rockwater Chestnutbud. If someone found it i want them to return. Is there any other switch words which i should chant? Thank you.
    Love n Light,


  403. Sri Naranji

    The question is as under

    770.dhan | December 5, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Namaskar Sri Naran

    I am trying for a big break through in Insurance business for Birlasunlife . I would like to see that there is no hurdles in it and want 100% success . Can you Suggest some remedies so that I get a good response and get the business at the earliest. Recently My partner left and has taken away big chunk of business though he did not contribute for bringing those business, It was with my goodwill that though business came. Kindly give me solution for getting a breakthrough in Insurance business as well as the Professional build up of my CA profession, which I developed in last 30 years as the same has to be built from scratch


    771.dhan | December 6, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    Sri Naranji

    Can you please reply to my message.

    I would like to have a big breakthrough in the Insurance business


    772.dhan | December 9, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Sri Naranji

    What is the approximate date when I can expect your reply? Can you please let me know the latest date when you can look into my query.

    773.dhan | December 15, 2012 at 4:07 am

    Sri Naranji

    Can I have a reply

  404. prajna,
    add REACH NOW

  405. sir
    my husband has reflux esophagitis as suggested by a allopathic doctor,he is unable to eat normal food;takes only curd rice,due to which he is losing weight,since 15days,he is taking tablets but not very useful
    so please help sir,

    thanking you

    • vanita,
      there is a combination of flowers at the centre. he can take that be releived.
      chant BEECH(unable to accept people around him or fault-finding) CHERRYPLUM for the burning sensation, over a glass of water and ask him to drink it.

  406. Dear Naran sir

    hope you are well. 792 and 810.
    am just requesting switchwords for chanting while driving a car to be safe and avoid crashes for life.also if you can give me some animal pictures to have in the car i shall be grateful. i am also looking for a car so what should i chant to get a safe nice one within a small budget?
    switchwords to pick things quickly in the office and everyone to be helpful and be successful in jobs please.
    sorry to bother you.
    many thanks for your kind help.
    I live due to your switchwords and believe a lot in them.Keep up your good work.
    together divine–forgive love thankyou.
    let naran see this now and reply now be done thanks divine.

    • for the safety in car travel:
      write MUSTARD MIMULUS WATERVIOLET IMPATIENS and keep it in the car.
      To learn anything quickly MUSTARD OAK SLOW CARE TAKE

      • thanks a million sir.
        is there any animal pictures that i can keep too?
        wish you a very happy and prosperous 2013 and long may u live and help us all out.
        take care and once again thanks a ton. If the animals and plants were not there I would have certainly died in my car crash I am sure they saved me even thogh the car was a write off.

  407. Naran ji,

    Please suggest a remedy for getting a job in preferred location.

    • Respected Naranji, My son is appearing for his class XII with commerce he has the following problem when he prepares for the exam he feels he knows everything but when he sits for exam sometimes he cannot recollect, make silly mistakes and also at times does not understand the question. Please advise.


    • neha,
      chant om lam namaha by being in the following mudra. thumb touching all the first three fingers, lveaving the little one away.

  408. Namaste Naranji,
    I have been reading your blogs. I recently lost my job due to office politics. i am seeking a job and request you to instruct me on what should i do ti get the job of my liking, and the salary i have in my mind. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  409. Hi Naran,

    What is cause of allergy? My friend has problem breathing and Dr. tell him its some allergy?

  410. neha,
    what is he/she doing? her age?

  411. Sir,
    Please suggest the switch word for success in Marketing bussines.

  412. Dear Naran Sir

    Many thanks for your kind reply to my earlier post–much appreciated sir.
    I have a strange problem sir–I start talking to people and become very good friends,it lasts for a few months and something terrible happens and we stop talking totally ;-( this has happened with so many people. at the moment I have no friend at all–not one person–iam getting worried due to that. I am writing larch waterviolet daily as i read in one of your posts that waterviolet gets genuine friends.
    is it ok to be without friends? nowadays i am scared to talk just in case something goes wrong. i had loads of friends at one point and today have no one. iam very sensitive too and expect them to be genuine as i always am. but i have learnt that people are not and changing myself too to be more tolerant.
    i have my daughter and husband and they have no friends too ;-( iam very straightforward and do not mess about. i love helping people and do my best to help everybody yet people tend to dislike me. is there anything i could do to get a couple of good lifelong friends? i ask the lovely wolf too. i am asking for many but even a couple or handful of good lifelong friends would be lovely.
    would appreciate if you can throw some light on this sir.
    Many thanks and deep gratitude for your kind help.

  413. overweight
    take the flower remedy holly pine regularly

    • many thanks Naran sir. can I chant and write the names of holly and pine?
      can you also plz explain if v need to have friends in life? is it ok to just live without them? i worry a lot due to lack of friends? is that right? i have one younger brother whom i was very close to and since his marriage i do not talk to him as his wife and me do not get along. can you help me sir? i am a very simple person yet seem too complicated to others i think?!! plz can you explain on this subject of friends? should v go looking or does divine send us friends? as i have said numerous times your blogs and articles r the reason i live today and follow whatever you say to a T. i always chant the name of some flower or keep talking to wolf.i have stopped expecting as u say everything has a divine timing. so plz plz can you tell me if it is ok to be without friends? with new year coming and everyone organising parties and get togethers i feel sad that no one bothers to invite me or i have no where to go–will sit safe in my house with family n chant i guess.i love people and talking to them.
      any advice greatly appreciated sir.
      thanks a million.
      Happy New Year.

      • ovderweight,

        do you wait for others to call. you make a call. without expecting anything, just wish anybody, say thanks say i love you. If a word of love and thanks can touch the heart of somebody, do it. don’t expect anything in return. Give love Say thanks. let not the ego divide you and the other.

        • Namasthe Sir

          Many thx for thr reply–appreciate ur time for me.
          ego illeenga sir its fear–fear of being ridiculed and criticised. I do chant mimulus all the time. i worry a lot abt what others think if i say this or that? i go out of my way to help people but end up in trouble or get ridiculed and made fun of. nowadays i chant pine and holly as instructed by you.
          I am chanting for a lot of things so hoping and praying that the flowers don get confused and start hating me hehehehhe
          one thing I wanted to know sir–I write these flower names on a piece of paper and carry it with me all the time–is it ok to fold the paper on which I write and put it in the pocket? the effects wont reduce becoz of that na? I do the same for my daughter too- I write 398 and stuff like that for her exam, fold it and put it in her pocket. Also is it ok to write these on my hand?
          Hope you had a good new year and keep up the good work as always 🙂
          thanks a ton and take good care of yourself.

  414. Dear Naranji, can i please have a reply to my question (No 798) as follows:

    I have been reading your blogs and hope you will be able to offer some advice. I wish to sell my and move closer to my parents to take care of them in their old age. My home has been on the market for 6 months but no sale as it is situated next to a busy road. Can you please help me? Thank you.

  415. Dear Naran Sir,

    Thanks for your help.

    Wish you a happy and prosperous new year ahead…!!

  416. Krishna Prakash

    Dear Sri Naran
    A friend of ours aged 23 has been identified with right ovary problem. She has been taking Siddha and Ayurveda medicines since 2 weeks. Because of this problem her entire right leg i.e hips, buttocks, thighs, calf muscles and ankles are under pain. Tried giving her rescue remedy for one full day. Then provided her cherry plum alone for two days. Now have mixed cherry plum and white chestnut from yesterday. Learnt these at your Bangalore workshop. Am not sure whether i have administered the right flower remedies. Today onward she is also chanting – “Change Divine Order. Release Resistance.” Kindly guide her to permanent cure as am not able to see the pain this child is undergoing.

  417. respected Naranji,
    i am fed up with lot of selfish people,we are group of friends,my friends uses me for there works and never give value to me, ,i have this problem since i was a child even i am very very humble,and never ever hurt or critize anybody ,but i never had peace in company of my friends ,please i beg u to suggest mantra which give me friends who are humble to me..and am unemployee also suggest me mantra settle in career which me and family members must be happy……

    • Respected Naranji Wish You a Very Happy New Year.
      My Parents have Knee problems and doctor has advised knee replacement & we do not want to go ahead on this. Plaese advise remedies to take care of this.

      • Rajiv,
        any person with knee pain can come out of it with the following treatment.

        Take two or three potatoes. cut them into small pieces with the skin and make a paste of it with the help of a mixie. Apply it on the knee and tie the paste with a cloth or plaster in the night before sleep. in the morning, take the paste out. This will facilitate easy movement and frees one from the knee pain.
        do it regularly daily for one week and then do thrice a week.

    • kumar,

  418. Respected Naranji,
    With your blessing and the Mantra “Vallabhan Gajananam Ekdantam” my nephew got married. Just before marriage he discovered he has kidney stone. He gets severe pain, allopathy doctors has advised him to go for operation. But he is still trying alternate medicines. Like Homeopathy and Ayurveda. Can you suggest him some Mantra to pass the stones thru urine and avoid operation.Thanks and regards

  419. Dear Sir, I wanted to ask you why a person develops acne. I have persistent acne in my chin region, and when it gets aggravated it spreads to nose and forehead. I am a female. I have tried all forms of medication, aurveda, homeopathy, allopathy etc. It remains ok for at the most 2-3 months but comes back more powerful than ever after that.
    I believe this is due to a certain thought pattern and hence the questions.
    I use to chant crab apple clear earlier…but i have noticed most things stop working on me after some time..Pl guide..

    • AmmaR
      you colon has to be cleansed of old debris.
      let go all the past.

      • Thanks Sir, is it always the reason for acne?
        I have another question for u.
        We say our lives are governed by our karmas,and we need to balance out bad karmas, till then we will keep paying for our bad deeds of past births.
        What role can power of attraction play in our life if our life is governed by karma?

  420. Dear Naran Sir

    My daughter is going for a piano exam and works very hard. she and I are worried that she ight go there and do something wrong. she does everything perfectly in the house and when she goes to her teachers house she forgets or panicks and gets it wrong. what can I do to make her get easiest questions and for her to execute everything very well like she wants and get a distinction? she has been working so hard for 18 months and it is a very tough exam too.
    at the minute i write 398 on a piece of paper and write kangaroo and wolf and give it to her. i also chant mimulus for her. also write reach 100% now and she chants ambika manthra daily.
    also plz can u give some words for her exams too. she works ever so hard and makes silly mistakes or has problems interpreting the question. also she worries a lot if she will be able to do it. she is more than capable of doing it. I also worry a lot for her and get stressed for her too.
    Plz can u give switch words for her piano exam and academic exams sir please.
    thankyou love together divine.
    any switch words that will help her pick up things quickly,not get stressed or tensed,do well with confidence and get 100%.
    plz can you reply when u get time.looking forward to ur reply. ever so grateful for ur help.

    • mummy,
      to avoid silly mistakes chant chestnutbud gentian impatiens over a glass of water and give that water to her on the date of examination.
      Release all your imaginary fears when she is writing the examination. chant Aspen redchestnut

  421. I have been cheated by my brothers in laws with all my property. They also have all my cash they say always tomorrow and don’t pay anything. I am going into depression and losing on all fronts.

    My brother for whom I did so much has turned against me and is talking all negative against me and has turned my dad too against me along with my close friends, and my own two girls.

    I have always had a hard time with my husband, he never listens to me he always hurts me. When with his family he totally ignores me he tries to make his family happy and also giving money secretly to them.

    Please help me with all remedies you have.

    • Where is your posting? What is your problem? I am also searching the divine question, as you are for the divine answer.


      While in the bed, call Wolf and say everything that happened on that day and every emotion and thought of yours to the wolf.

  422. I have problems getting income from my business. Business is slow. Without income I have a hard time running my life. Please prescribe something which can change my life.

  423. I was chanting find divine job count now done and got volunteering and now a 6 month job. They have asked me to do a mountainous task. I do not have a clue of it. Only if I do well quickly then I will have an extension or else I will lose it.

    I need to grasp things very quickly which seems too daunting at the minute and I am worried sick. Need some kind of miracle for me to pick up this stuff and be able to convince people and present reports without hiccups.

  424. Sir,
    Since 1 month i have too much pressure on my eyes while reading and working on my computer. Severe head ace also. I think it is my vision problem, is there any remedy for eye sight problem.

  425. Sir, what can I chant to obtain highest rating in my office appraisal?

  426. I am married a my late 30’s. Ha been suffering from acne for many years now. I have been to the best of doctors who even cater to well known personalities. Have spent a lot and lot of money on various treatments. While it gets cured, after few months resurfaces. Now I have ugly scars too. And unable to spend any more money on these treatments. Please help me with switchwords I could chant to stop acne and get rid of acne scars.

    • Smita,
      be in hara mudra Right hand thumb touching the tips little and ring fingers and left hand thumb touching the tips of midle finger and ring finger. and chant I LOVE MYSELF TOTALLY.I RELEASE MY DESIRE FOR APPROVAL.
      Be in this mudra for 30 minutes and chant this.

  427. i hv my one xam on 13th jan..which angel number should i carry wid me so that i succeed for sure..plz reply…

  428. sir ,i am in great trouble .please give solution.previously my stomach was very bad my mind used to think about my stomach is ok but mind still thinks 24 hours about stomach and never comes out.whatever work i do my mind always thinks about stomach that gas is comiong out of it.sir could u pls give remedy for it.recently i went to physhcatrist also.

  429. Dear Sir,
    I need your help on one urgent matter.12 years before my father out of trust agreed to become one of the guarantor for a loan on his friend for his new company.Later on that friend’s company was shut down due to losses and he ran away.Now years later its become a police case and the bank officials are hounding my father for that.
    We had never thought that trust and help will cost us so much ,Please sir give me some switchword so that my father get out of this mess without paying that big loan amount.

    • Ami,
      chant MUSTARD TOGETHER CHANGE NOW DIVINE as many times as possible. Write this in a paper and keep it under the pillow of your father

  430. Thanks a bunch Naran sir.
    Can I write the names of these on a piece of paper and fold the paper and keep it with me all the time?
    Will folding the paper have any effect? I do not like handbags so I want to keep these flower names always with me? can i keep the names on a paper and fold the paper and keep with me all the time? I am feeling very scared without flowers.I have a hard week coming up-hoping and praying that the flowers are going to be with me and help me throughout in producing these reports.
    thanks. have a good weekend.
    take care

  431. mummy,
    do in any manner that is comfortable to you

  432. Dear Naran
    I am wondering why you havent replied to my problems.I have been anxiously waiting and checking for your help.

  433. Naran sir,
    My daughter wants to do her masters in states ,any chanting sir to get admission in college of choice and funding.
    Thanking you

  434. Happy Pongal! If any courses in UAE please let me know. I want to do Past life therapy. If not then i will do it when i come to India next time.

  435. Sai ram naran sir. I have a request for my friend she lives in UK and got married in sept 2011 but her husband is from hawai he is having problems to get visa forUK Could you pls suggest something so that her husband can come to UK as she is trying from last one year .pls help sir

  436. Hello Sir,
    My name is Mansi, i have some problems which i have mentioned in comment no.876 & 880, but still i have not got reply from you sir….
    Please sir help me to solve my problems..

  437. Dear naran
    You give me a answer on 876, I have to chant Gentian larch, but naran I have to find source can fix my problem as soon as possible, i spend. So much money so many pooja,mantra nothing is helping,
    I haven’t income for last 8 month,my financial situation is very bed,
    My daughter getting. Merrid. In few months,
    I need money so fast,ither by winning lottery or any where.
    Please give me a solution can fix my problem ASAP.
    Thanks .naran

  438. Dear Sir,
    It is my good fortune that I came across your site, two years ago, since then I am an ardent fan, and use the techniques you so kindly teach all of us. Right from selling property to negotiations for new one, to moving into my new home, I have been using Bach flower remedies, mantras, mudras with great success.. I have introduced my family and friends to your techniques, and they in turn, to their friends, all have seen good results and are happy.. My favourite is listening to Solar Energy CD, when I feel exhausted, and it refreshes me.. Pain management CD is excellent when any kind of pain is experienced.. I can go on n on, Sir.. Thank you so very much for the service you doing to all of us..

  439. And for the mantras, my favourite, which i use most often, are – OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA, and OM JOOM SAHA SAHA JOOM OM for the golden armour protection…. Thank you so much, Sir

    • Thanks for the feedback. Can you please share some more of your experiences for others benefits.
      Website Admin

      • My first major experience,we wanted to sell a commercial property we owned, it was difficult to get buyers for it. And when we did finally get one, he was very difficult, not paying on time, threatening to go back on the deal for minor issues. I used Naran Sirs suggestion, which I came across in one of the blogs.. Combination of Bach Remedies- CHICORY, VINE, ROCKWATER, CHESTNUT BUD and SWEET CHESTNUT.. I sent the energies of the flowers with deep gratitude and utmost faith, to the buyers, to the property , to all who were responsible to make the deal happen.. Thanked all of them, too. And finally, went to the property, wrote the names of the flowers on the walls, sprayed them all over, and left it all to Divinity… Though,it took some time, the deal finally happened, much to wonder of the brokers involved, who kept commenting,
        “Dont know how this deal happened.” I knew.. It was with gratitude to the Divine flowers and Naran Sir, who so selflessly guides everyone.. Faith moves mountains, we must follow with deep faith.. Thanks Divine

      • My beautician, who is a single lady, had 2 girls as guests for 3-4 days, and they stayed on for months, putting pressure on her resources, freedom and peace of mind. She came crying one day to me. I remembered reading something on Sirs site, so I gave her a bottle of Bach remedy- Walnut, to sprinkle all over her place. Two days later she came smiling, they had left very gracefully.. Another experience with her was, she was been harassed by her neighbours. I gave her a combination of Bach, ( from Sirs website), to sprinkle outside her house, the harassment stopped immediately… She too followed, with deepest faith.

  440. sir for how many days should i take that flower remedy genitan larch honey suckle..and what should i do fr my brother.

  441. can u help

  442. Naran S. Balakumar

    What is the issue? Please mention it for Naran to respond.

    Website Admin

  443. ex love ko paane ka

  444. govt . Job ko paane ka

  445. plz jaldi rply de do

  446. Respected naran sir pls I asked about my friend in UK her husband is not getting the visa ffrom uk pls suggest something as she is trying from last 1 year .pls help. Regards Anu

  447. hello sir,

    I have an interview on Saturday. I want to get selected in the interview process. I should speak bravely,clearly,without hesitation ,without fear in the interview.Could you please provide the mantras or switch words which will be useful for me to get succeed in my career. Kindly help me sir.


  448. Dear Naran sir,
    Greetings for the day!!
    Kindly suggest me switch words or bach flower remedy for my daughter. he is not doing home work, she wakes up at 8.40 am. does not sleep before 12 mid night.
    when we go out she does not behave well which is actually worrying us. kindly suggest me some remedy to make me support her to be the best. please sir , iam a worried and helpless mother.

    I am worried alot about her studies, she is 5 yrs now. i am a working woman , for this reason i want to shift my job to a nearer place and with good salary so that our expenses may meet.

  449. sREE,
    GIVE HER WALNUT VERVAIN SCLERANTHUS CAT’S EYE each two pills one after the other for three times a day

  450. Dear Naran Sir
    I n my husband applied for USA visa .My husband was rejected though I made him chant the mantras in your blog.I still believe second time application will go through.How many times should I make him chant?
    Also Sir.we applied for USa green card lottery?Please advise us your chants and swtich words to help us get the green card because this is the last chance we can apply.We have already applied.
    Appreciate your response and your blog instills so much faith in humanity and life .You are amazing Naran sir.I wish I could meet you personally sometimes.

  451. Dear Sir,
    My son is studying in +2(Bio) .His exams starts from 1st march.He is an intelligent boy but past 6 months he is not able to do well in his exam. I want him to get into MBBS. But thinks goes like this its difficult. My son says I am studying every thing but when i see question paper i feel it is tough & i forget everything. Even i wrote 398 and kept under his pillow.Sir pls suggest some remedy for my son so that more one month is their for him to cope up.

    • hey website admin

      why did u delete my comment to aruna? im sure Naran wouldn’t mind us sharing his knowledge?!! I just wrote what i learnt from Naran’s website!!

      • Everything happens as per his instructions. You can share your experience but not your suggestions to others.
        I don’t have a choice, even though i personally find your suggestion interesting as it shows your commitment to healing.

        • cheers for the reply and am glad u can understand y i posted the reply !! am sorry I misunderstood u!
          I thought Naran was a very humble man but looks like he is a hypocrite after all!! typical Indian mentality!!
          have a good day!

          • mummy,
            fortunately i read your suggestions after my reply to Aruna rani. find the answer in 949.
            you can suggest anything outside this blog. people do so to so many. you may suggest one thing another may suggest another thing. I may suggest something Why should we put the questioner in confusion? If there is one and only one suggestion,it is better.
            Add to your list the reply. Do you know i suggested the below combination?
            mimulusand Rescue Remedy: for overcoming fear
            read carefully what is said “when i see question paper i feel it is tough & i forget everything.”
            The moment he sees the question paper he feels it is tough – Gentian hornbeam will help. Since he thinks he so he develops fear and becomes panicky.

            • Hi Naran

              My suggestion was never meant to be a SUBSTITUTE for yours at all and will NEVER be.–i have miniscule knowledge compared to u–iam learning and love these flowers 🙂 – my intention was not that too–since i have a very similar issue and i collect a lot from ur website i shared it thats all–sometimes u answer questions straight away and sometimes becoz u r busy u take some time–as u r doing this service totally free v cannot blame u at all.
              some people ask questions that r very similar to questions asked before many times n hence i tried to help-thats all-no offence intended at all.

              if this annoyed u im ever so sorry.
              take care

    • Aruna Rani,
      Give him the flower remedies Mimulus gentian Hornbeam Rescue remedy

  452. sir could you please let me know what to chant for my husband’s overseas project has been kept on hold, though he has got his work-permit and all the formalities completed!

  453. Hello Sir,
    I m mansi, my query nos. are 876 & 880.
    I posted you long back but did not got any reply from you.
    I m waiting for your reply very eagerly..
    Please reply me Sir…

    Thank You.

  454. Sir,

    I live in US and not working. I feel terribly depressed during winter. I keep fearing about various diseases here. It is extrermely cold and I have Vata Prakruti and suffer due to cold and winds. Tell me some mantra to chant to keep me physically active and energetic and mentally peaceful. There is tremandous amount of household work here and we can not cleaning services. It is important for me to keep myself mentally and physically healthy or my family can fall apart. I keep house dirty, cook sometimes only so we eat outside sometimes and then I get digestive problems. Sir, please help me. I will difinitely meet you in person during my next visit to India.

    • sandhya,
      chant Aspen when you get fear about diseases.
      to manage cold weather be in linga mudra for 15 minutes. In the morning time, be in chin mudra and chant MOVE ON till you feel energetic.
      chant coral 100 times over a glass of water and drink it.
      you can also download a picture of coral and meditate on it

      • Thank you so much Sir. I was looking for your reply but did not know where to find it. Today luckily I found this. Thank you Sir once again.

  455. naran sir,
    We have been fighting a land case with our cousin who unsurped our land ,for the last 20 yrs.we have won in lower court,high court and supreme court.The supreme court has given him 1 yr to vacate,the period is over but he is still there,sending local goons to mediate,his wife too is filing false cases.he is not even listening to the police.Now again we hv filed for eviction.Please guide sir.Our family is compltely harassed.

    • Tilotama,
      chant MUSTARD ROCKWATER CHICORY VINE GORSE as many times as possible. write this in a paper and keep it with you always

  456. Dear Naran

    Please help me.
    As i said before I have taken a temporary job and am struggling.
    Every time I take up a job I go in with lots of enthusiasm and within a week I think ahh this is not my job and I should be doing something else.
    Every time I go for a job I get stuck and unknown things get thrown at me and I struggle and put myself down.
    What can I do to get a job that I love and go high up the ladder soon?
    I am chanting scleranthus, waterviolet. have a pic of horse in my pocket and ask wolf and squirrel all the time to make my life easy.
    I feel so useless if I sit at home and when I go to work feel bored and do not know how to make myself interested and keep myself busy.
    Please help me sir–I am fed up. I want to get up in the morning and want to go to work with interest, I also chant aspen as soon as I get up. I chant mimulus,larch heather when I go to meetings.I would love to get stuck in the current job and go up. what can I do to make situations conducive?Please help sir.
    Many thanks.

  457. Dear sir
    My property going on auction ( the evil registered my property n put collateral n took 1crore)
    Please tell me wat to do so I can force those vil to return mine back to me
    Please help me

  458. Naran Sir,
    I send a PM to your email. Please relpy at your earliest convenience sir!

  459. dear sir,
    can you guide me with your power words to
    1.I have tried to learn driving but can never gain the confidence to do so.Very afraid to be on the road.I want to drive with confidence on the main streets without fear.
    2.I am very afraid to talk in front of people.Even if i have to introduce myself or attend any functions I try to skip talking.Please guide me to be able to speak with confidence host and talk on the stage without fear
    Thanks very much in advance.
    Your blog is amazing.God bless you!

    • omsai,
      take the flower remedies Mimulus Larch and Rescue Remedy. this combination can give you confidence help you overcome your shyness and any panic that you may develop.
      for speaking on the dias take Elm larch hornbeam before going to the dais. You will enchant the audience

  460. Dear sir
    My daughter aged 18 has a lesion in the calf of her right leg. She limps while walking did MRI couple times
    Usually it drains within 13-15 yrs n mixes with blood but in her case it became a lesion there is a lump
    Please suggest remedies for her treatment
    Thnks. Ton .

  461. Naran sir, when ever I sit I keep on noticing ,my problem of knee and I feel very anxiety increases a lot.i am really in trouble.i always thinks life is will I spend my whole life.sir please tell me what to do.

  462. Dear Naran Sir,
    Thank you for a wonderful day . I enjoyed listening to you and every moment was FULL of JOY!

  463. Dear Naran

    What SW can I chant to find out what job is suitable for me? I am unable to make up my mind as to what job will suit me. I get very fed up where ever I go?
    Once I find what I want to do what SW do I chant to get that?
    I studied engineering and it is a complete waste as I am unable to get a job in that so I don’t know what else to do.
    Please help and I look forward to ur reply soon.
    Together divine Naran see this and reply soon now done. thanks and love.

  464. Naran I am very disappointed you answer everybody’s else except me is there any problems.


    • vijay,
      using your name, i tell all bloggers not to message me. i will not reply.
      vijay, continue what is given to you through sms.

  465. sir,which switch words or mantra can be used to increase sales…of particular product…

  466. Respected Sir:
    I want to talk to you over the phone regarding my personal message dated Jan 24th. Please let me know if I can call you Sir!

  467. Sir, last night around 12:30 some theif came and banged our door in USA. We called pollice they are trying to find out who was it, but now i am so scared to stay in house not able eat my food and do other activities. Please help me to get out of this scared and to be brave in any circumstances.

  468. dear sir, for increasing sales which swift word can be use…

  469. Dear naran
    My help boy at home drives me crazy.he steals everything from kitchen and lies about it not being there at all.
    Never stays at home .i am sick prefer not having him bu my husband doesn’t let him go
    Please suggest remedies so these guys don’t steal anything from my house
    Thanks sir in advance

    • Omsai,
      give him Agrimony chestnut bud rock water three pills each three times a day.

      • Sir
        It wont be possible to make him take anything like that he wont do it.Any mantras instead that i can chant to prevent them from stealing anything from my house.
        You are such a blessing to our problems Sir.

  470. Sir,

    I am blessed to found out this website. I am so greatful to you. Sir I’ve attended your first class in Hyd. I could not attend the second class. Sir is there any CD available about the second class in Hyd. If so plz inform Sir, I’ll buy it.

    Sir I would like to share my experiences here. Sir I thank you for introducing WOLF.
    WOLF is a Hero. My day starts and ends with WOLF. If we need any help any time no matter what the circumstances are, WOLF is the remedy. For any immediate and instance help WOLF is there.

    Sir, I used to think a lot about my problems and i dont get any proper sleep.I sleep very late and get up late and everthing becomes late and irritating. One day out of frustration I saw the WOLF picture in my mobile and i started telling what all i did on that day.I really dont know what happened before i could complete it, i fell asleep.It was such a deep and sound sleep i ever had with the problems around me. I got a too long sleep such that i got up late too but this time with a sense of some fullness. Next day also i did the same and i told WOLF to wake me up at 6am in the morning and I also thanked the WOLF for waking me up at 6am. Amazing,i had a good sleep and got up,most important out of the bed at 5.50 am sharp. I was so happay that i was able to get up early.For years i was struggling to get up early. My husband was also suffering from this same problem. I told him to believe first and not to laugh at my technique. I told him to tell WOLF please make me sleep well. I want to have a sound sleep.He did the same and slept very well.The next day he got up so fresh.Usually he gets up irritatingly as he will not get sleep at all.And he told thanks to WOLF for this.

    Sleep might turn out to be a small problem.But if we did not get sleep for months, for years then it becomes a problem.With all the other problems, this too joins and we get irritated throught the day.I hope WOLF will clear out other issues also and i will again post about it.

    I suggest everyone to make use of WOLF for anything and everything.

    Once again Thank you Sir.


  471. Dear Naran Sir,

    My name is Amarja and I am from Pune. I read most of your blogs and they are really good!

    I need your guidance regarding a job change for my husband. My husband is trying to change his job since a very long time, but he is unsuccessful in doing so. He is working with a BPO for more than 8 years and he has not got any promotions nor he is getting a good salary. Due to which my husband is going through mental stress and financial worries.

    Naran Sir, please help me to get my husband’s job changed with a good package.

    Your help is really very appreciated!


  472. amarja,
    write rescue remedy in a paper and keep it under his pillow.
    chant waterviolet larch gentian wildrose find count divine job

  473. Respected Sir,
    I read an article on gem therapy in your blog, i want to know can a person use this gem therapy without consulting the horoscope. Pl. reply, regards,

    • rama,
      is it mentioned that one has to consult the horoscope?

      • Sir, it is not mentioned in your blog that one has to consult the horoscope. Actually my husband Anil wanted to know that can one use the gem essences to get the grace of the planets? Actually in northern india after seeing the horoscope one is suggested to wear gems, therefore he had this doubt. sir i need one more help. I have applied for a 2 BHK flat, the draw will be held on 18th of this month, what should i chant so that my name comes in the draw for allotment. I dont own a house yet, I am staying on rent.Pl. give some switchword or mantra. Thanks. Rama

        • rama
          chant gorse clematis

          • thanks sir .

            • Pranams Sir, I wanted to share a moment of joy which came in my life because of your blessings. As told I chanted Gorse Clematis sincerely and my name has come in the draw. Thanks a lot sir. I cant explain how elated I am feeling, I have cherished this dream for the past 18 years and only with your blessing my dream has come true. My whole family chants the SW you have suggested from time to time whenever, I have sought your guidance and are getting good results. Thanks for coming in our life.

  474. Hello I am reading all ur Blogs so pick one call wolf for help to increase my sales of business.and chanting Now find divine customers daily sales is doing very. Slow.
    Let me know am I doing right or need new switchword or different animal spirit.


    • faruk,
      take the flower remedies willow impatiens two pills each three times a day

      • Thanks for reply.but I don’t understand how will it be going to help me with flowers remedies pills?can u suggest me sw instead. Of pills.or animal spirits. Place in am living very hard to get flowers remedy.

  475. Dear Naran Sir,
    I applied for a job in a Finance company(investments etc) .This will be my first interview after a break of 11 yrs.Please give me advice on how I can make a good impression and handle this interview well.I’m a little nervous.
    Thank you

  476. hello sir,
    flower remedies means do i have to do a course am sorry but i have no idea if you cud explain me..also if you time kindly reply to mail as well.. if any time you have a seminar in pune please updt me..sir i ll be waiting for your reply .. your help and advise is really helpfull,.. i really thank god i gt in touch with i wish to attend your course..

    sir please help if there is anything you feel can help me ..

  477. There is a book written by Naran. Check up with Naran Products Blog on how to buy the book.

    Also, check the blog on Bach Flower Remedies.

  478. Dear Sir,

    I need help for my daughter. She is 19 years old and she is looking for a job, any job. But she has not got any and now she is in a depression. She can´t sleep and she is crying one minute and is very angry the next.. Is there a good switchword for me to say for her that could help with a job and to get her out of the depression. Please help!

  479. Sir, I am 40 years old, I am working in the pvt concern, my financial position is not so good. So I want to proceed export business, and iam going apply for the export licence. I request you to kindly guide me to suceess in my business carrier and iam not so sound in my financial back ground. kindly help me sir. please

  480. Hello sir, I have had irregular and not easy bowel movement as far as I remember.
    I tried chanting OM HRAUM NAMAHA. It worked for the first day I did the chant, and then, no reaction at all.
    Please help.
    Thank you so much for your time and help.

  481. tALA,

  482. Thank you for your quick reply sir,
    Other then my diet; I am healthy eater though, and I have been following an Ayurveda diet for some 7 year now. Yes I admit I have cheated just a little on my diet lately 😦
    Any switch words that would help more?
    Thank you, thank you , thank you

  483. Guruji
    Kindly advice, as I want to goto the US.
    My husband’s brother is in the US for more than 15yrs, well settled and therefore my in laws treat him, his wife nd kids with respect.
    As my husband doesn’t earn much and tries hard to meet the ends, he is always looked down upon. They take him for granted and say he’s incompetent. I feel very hurt and when I tell my husband why he doesn’t tell them not to say anything, he simply replies ‘they are my parents’. Very fair.
    I also underwent a lot of trauma because of them. Not anymore. By God’s grace I’m blessed with a baby boy and he is 3months old. Now my priorities have changed. I want to give my child a better life and tomorrow he shouldnt compare his life with his cousin brothers. Guruji please guide me. I have my entire hope and faith in you.

  484. apurva

  485. Sir,
    Can you please tell some remedy for Kidney stone. My nephew Anand is having kidney stone. Please tell some mantra so that it dessolves naturally and feel better.

  486. hello sir,
    first of all thnk you for replying me sir i would want to know few more things is there any chant for severe hair fall and scalp pain, and for nightmares as well.
    also does pitradosh is the reason for nightmare and failure in life. how can we overcome this
    please help me with the above issue

    Thanks R A

  487. Dear Naran Sir,
    I can’t stand my dad. Whenever he speaks there is a lot of irritation inside me & feel whatever he says or does is incorrect & I have not been talking to him since birth.I also find it difficult to talk to any of my family members & its been since the last 14 years now. Want a harmonious & cordial relationship with them. Please suggest some switch word or anything else.

  488. Sir, i love a guy and he also loves me very much. But forcefully he got engaged by his mother and he could not denied her and said yes . Now he is upset and want to break the engagement as he says if he wont give love to another girl then also her life woulf get spoiled so it is better to break it now only but he does not have the courage to speak. Kindly suggest some switch words to break his engagement which i can chant on his behalf. His marriage date is going to be fixed and before that we want to get rid of that engagement.

  489. priya
    no remedies in bach flower therapy for physical problems

  490. Sir, we both have very less time. Kindly tell the switch words to break his unwanted engagement. Waiting for your reply.

  491. He is interested in marrying me. The only thing is that he cant fight with his mother. i will tell him to contact you directly. But for the time being tell me to chant something so that their marriage date should not get fixed

  492. jyoti,

    • Thank you Sir. May i ask you one more question that these switch words are for what purpose? To break his engagement or to make him strong for saying so to his mother and fiance? these switch words have to be chanted by me?

      • jyoti,
        i think you have not started. When i say something you have to do it. otherwise dont come here. had you chanted these words, you would have known it.

  493. Hello naran,
    I have questions to ask you. Somebody contact me from other countries on my email. Her husband died in 2011 but he left some money in wife is diagnosed with cancer so she want that money to be used good cause.she choose Me for that.
    I been chanting flowers remedy you gave me.only things I am worried somebody is not playing game with me.i don’t want somebody cheating with me.
    It is miracle because I need money .She paying me to do her husband dream finished project.three week a go I ask your help because I have income and money problems.
    I need your advise what should I do.Please.

    Thanks naran.
    Friend vijay

    • vijay,
      dont be trapped by the mail. It has come to others also.

      • Friends naran,
        Thanks for reply…what you are saying that true but she gave me her bank manager phone No which I contacted bank manager told me we got call from that lady you are foreign trustee and money can be transfer in my account.they just want to know my international id. Bank account no,age,

        Friends vijay

  494. Dear Naran

    Hope you are well.
    Sorry to bother u.
    I feel very low n depressed today.
    I am unhappy with my job. I did not start work early in life and in my middle age im trying to find jobs and as i do not know anything well am struggling to find a field that will suit me and i will be good at.
    the job im currently in – im struggling to understand stuff n not anyone to talk to
    im chanting willow wildoat together find divine job count now done and wildoat walnut hornbeam. I also chant together divine and om lum namaha. i also ask humming bird to keep me happy.
    I keep reading ur blogs and try various things to keep me going.

    what can i chant to become popular at work , change departments and be happy and have people to talk to? i want to get up and love to go to work? is that possible? what am I doing wrong Naran?
    I need the money and am fed up of slaving at low paid jobs? I need to be happy and not miserable. I am very hard worker and learn things fast but i think people fail to see that and i never get an opportunity to show that.
    i did my engioneering but don’t mind doing admin or reception jobs as long as im happy- please help Naran?
    together divine thanks love
    thans a lot.

    • overweight girl,
      am fed up of slaving at low paid jobs? This thought is working against the following one, “I need to be happy and not miserable”
      “I am very hard worker” does not mean that you are working with full heart.
      you are entitled to do the work only. Love the work on hand. Contribute fully. If the management does not pay, you are also working with the feeling of anger resentment, disappointment. With these feelings, how can one contribut fully?
      Give 100% whether you receive appreaciation in terms of money or word.
      Everyday thank the morning.Start the day with attitude of gratitude. I thank the divine for providing this job to me. Thank your management; thank your colleagues. Thank every event that is happening in your life. When you get the salary, instead of feeling dejected, profusely thank the divine for giving the amount, you need and not the money you desire. Divine wants you to thank. Waiting for your gratitude to offer more. Dont judge the event or person as good or bad, as wanted or unwanted. Thank your parenrts, thank your family thank your enviornment. fill up whatever you see, with thanks. Turn into a woman of thanks. then see the life. Thanks will make you love your life again. Thanks will fill up your life with lignt and life.
      You are here to work for the Divine; It is Divine which is giving your salary. Thank thank

      • ok thankyou thank you
        iam very happy with what god has given me and never fail to be in gratitude and thank–still im unhappy Naran don’t know what to do.

        • overweight girl,
          then why are you unhappy? If any one is in gratitude, he can never be unhappy. Do not deceive yourself by saying that you are very happy with what god has given you. Ego is a great deceiver.
          By refusing to learn or by justifying what one does, one never progresses. Do what i said.

          • Naran–I will definitely do what you said. i keep chanting something or the other from ur website.
            i do not know if i have ego!! but this is what i said and meant when i said im happy with what god had given me:
            i get three meals a day and im happy for that.
            i have clothes to cover me and im happy for that.
            i have a great husband and child and im happy for that.
            i have no disability and im happy and grateful for that.
            i have a roof under my head and im happy for that.
            im always thankful to god for the above and grateful and will be a slave to god for providing me all that.
            what i lack is
            i dont have a job or career
            i dont have friends
            i dont have a good relationship with my brother n his family
            i feel very lonely and fed up of speaking to myself all the time.
            my parents live alone and i worry a lot about them as they do not want to live with me and my brother does not seem to care about them.
            I suppose one cannot have everything in life but still keep asking God as to y me!!
            if this is what you call ego then plz tell me how to get rid of it.
            many thanks and have a good weekend.

            • overweight girl,
              your ego is still resisting to do what i said. You asked about the job situation. My reply is for that only. with resentment and unhappiness how can one give 100%?
              Read my reply and do what is to be done. Now you come with a different story

              • நரன் சார் நீங்கள் எனக்கு கடவுள் மாதிரி தயவு செய்து என்னை புரிந்து கொள்ளுங்கள் –இது கதை அல்ல-நிஜம்.
                plz tell me what to chant to get rid of ego and get the results soon.
                plz pardon my ignorance and teach me.
                i chant release resistance together divine all the time.

  495. sir.. my husband always fighting with me.. gets angry for unnecessary things. dominating in all the way.. he always treating me as slaver. he never bought anything for me. if i say even one word.. he ask me to stop.. showing his face to me… i want to lead a normal happy life without any misundersatnding in between us.
    please suggest some mantra to control him.. to have love and affection with me

    • dev,
      to control yourslef or him?

      • sir… thanks for your reply…. i want to control him…. means he always using abusing words.. behaving arrogantly at me . and he always insisting me that get divorce and move out from his life… but i want to lead a happy life with him.. please suggest some mantras.

        • dev,
          first find out in what ways you have to change yourself for the sake of happy life?
          What should you not do or what should you do to be happy with your husband

  496. Sir,
    I tried looking for the book on your website but couldn’t buy it, I have also left a not on your site as to how to purchase your book but didn’t get any reply.Kindly suggest me how I can get a copy of your book.
    Thank you for everything.

  497. Sir, I was too depressed today as nothing changed for the past 4 years for me. I feel incapable of myself to do anything. As soon as I completed my household work,I checked your website for help.
    By Gods grace, I landed in It was great. Sir as you said, the same thought and situations are prevailing in and around me. Same feelings, same situations nothing changes.My mind is also unable to change. I read your article about releasing the thoughts as and when they arise. Sir I made a list of thoughts that I wanted to release. How to do this sir.
    I feel incapable.
    Should I have to chant ‘I feel incapable. I release this feeling’. Or
    ‘Eventhough I feel incapable, I accept myself totally’.
    Sir, I wanted to release these feelings and move forward in life. For all most 4 years I am stagnating in the same pool.
    Plz guide me sir. Should acceptances be there or releasing it should be there.

  498. sai,
    ‘Eventhough I feel incapable, I accept myself totally’. With the statement tap on yourself. Take the flower remedies Gentian larch chestnutbud 3 pills each four times a day. Take this for a month

  499. Hi Naran Sir,
    I want to get a job in “ABC Corporation”, what can I chant?

  500. Hi Naran Sir,
    I want to get a job in “ABC Corporation”, what can I chant?

  501. Dear Naran Sir,

    This is regarding misunderstanding between both my brothers. They used to love and support each other. But since past few years their relation is suffering because of some personal issues. Can I chant any switchword so that the love between them is awakened and everything falls in harmony? My parents are also feeling the same with their children. I am not staying with them. If I can chant something for my whole family, so that everywhere there is love and harmony in family. Please help.

    Lots of Love and Light,

  502. Do tell me how to break the engagement because he is not talking to that girl and she is calling again and again to him . he doesnt have any interest in her. So no need of continuing that relationship. He really want too break his engagement. Please tell sir

  503. Dear Sir,
    Im very much depressed with my current Job. Its very pressure full and im working overtime. due to this i got health issues like back pain, knee pain, toe pain etc. before two weeks ,bought vallabham CD from your centre. My back pain have a relief now.but still im suffering from toe pain and knee pain.
    And also i need to switch this current Job. The present career is Non IT where I could not grow financially as well as professionally. Hence I need to switch to IT. But wherever I go for interview, it is not successful. Before 1 week i had given interview with a leading company by chanting” WATER VIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE” 100 times daily.I got this chant from your blog. I cleared four rounds successfully. But finally they told that my Profile is not suitable. Im very much worried about getting into my dream IT job.
    Pls suggest needful


  504. All pages other than the few pages mentioned. Please post your comments in new blogs..

  505. Dear Naran Sir
    My two daughters are very rude and d oesnt study or listen.They backanswer talk rudely and focus only on roaming around movies bad friends c ompany.
    please suggest some remedies.I am going mad thinking about how to change them.No matter what i try I fail.
    I want them to stay away from bad company sfocus on studies and be studios,tolerant calm and obedient.
    thanks much.

  506. Hi Naran,

    I like a guy, we both planned to marry once our parents agree, by lot of diffcult his family agreed, but my family is not agreeing.I am not in a position to marry him. I dont want his life to be spolied.

    he is very stubn that he wont marry anyone else .Can I have any SW word that i can chant for him to get married with some one else and be happy.

  507. Sir my daughter is preparing for Iit 2014 entrance exam to get top rank she is working hard from your blessings what all more she can do and as family members we can help her. Please suggest

  508. Dear naran sir,
    I am here to share my experience today with wolf, about 1 year back I have paid some monthly installments scheme for only 3 months, and discontinued, I recently have to give up even my thali chain to pay interests for my debts. Today when I called jewellery shop and told about my scheme amount paid and discontinued, and requested them that I would take gold for the amount I paid . Then in the morning I chanted wolf and asked for help that the jeweller should accept my request,
    To my dismay wolf helped me so much that I could by my thali chain with the amount I paid them long back. This is so wonderful. Thanks a lot to wolf , to god, most of all to naran sir for giving a great remedy by wolf.

    I would be more greatful if all my other problems like family issues,debts, my husband excuse towards me, my husband job.

    Naran sir, thank you so much for being help in most troublesome time with your switch words and remedies.

  509. Hi Naran sir,

    We have a flat in a property in the center of the city. And we have some flats up for lease. We have signed a lease agreement with the Bank’s Premises and Estate Department. From the bank’s side a family has come forward to take the flat for rent for 3 years.

    From the beginning this couple is creating a lot of trouble and they are continously demanding a lot of things. We are the owners of the property and being renter’s they are behaving very high headed and demanding. I am already sensing a lot of negative vibrations from them and as though they are up for trouble. Could you please suggest a mantra which will change their behavior.

    I would like them to move out or transferred, because as owners we as a family would not like to give to trouble makers and high headed people. Please suggest a mantra for their behavior change or transfer from this location.

  510. dear sir

    i hv purchased 1 lottery book…..plz tell me sm switchwords… tht i may either win a car o bike..plzzzzzz

  511. hi sir
    i want to do love marrage as arrange marrage so that both of our family members and relatives should accept it so please help me by the mantra to chant

  512. Mudra Healing

    Be in the following Mudra for 30 minutes:
    •Thumb touching the index finger (both hands)
    •The rest of the fingers at the base of the thumb.
    •The index finger induces thoughts. It will be from a higher perspective, which was created by placing the other three fingers at the base of thumb.
    •When the other fingers are placed at the base of the thumb, the opinion of thoughts will be devoid of emotions and ego.

    The Mother’s Flowers

    GUAVA flower will help you to take a decision and stick on to it.

    Mantra Healing

    SHIVOHUM improves your decision-making based on divine guidance.

    Bach Flower Remedies

    When you do not know what to do – a feeling similar to the one when you are at the crossroads, not knowing which direction to take – WILD OAT is the remedy.

    “This is not the job I want”, saying this if any one goes on quits his job then he needs Wild Oat. It is also for a person who is dissatisfied with every job or work on hand.

    E.g., let us say, you are visiting the supermarket for dress materials, and you don’t know where to go – first floor, second floor this way or that way and so on? What clothes to choose – churidar, saris etc.? You need WILD OAT. It will take you to the section you need to go.

    After going to the section, you like a particular sari. Instead of confirming the purchase, you ask the opinion of your friends about your choice, who are there with you. Each one will give a different view and your confusion will increase. Take CERATO and you inner intuition will guide you properly.

    On the other hand, if you are confused about two different choices you have made, instead of asking others you’re tossing within your mind not able to select the sari, you need another Bach flower remedy SCLERANTHUS. This is for one who vacillates between two choices.

    Before going to any shop take GENTIAN and HONEY SUCKLE – to avoid any disappointment and regret.

  513. Hi I have a daughter an I need her to leave her boy friend bcos he is goin out wud her for 4 yrs now but has not made any form of proposal or engagement . I dnt want her to waste her time wud him as she cud find someone better in her life . Pls can u help me . Thanx

  514. hello sir!!
    I am sasikala . I have already send u email last month i am yet to receive a reply..
    Sir i i am preparing for TNPSC exams. I am trying really hard for it.. really hard.. but at the day of exam i make lot of mistakes even the questions i know.. after a long hard work preparations i feel bad..wat switch words should i chant or write?? wat flower medicine should i take before and on the exam ??

  515. Hello sir,
    I am Hema ,i have two major problems one is financial.Our’s is a lower middle class family,i want to improve my family’s financial situation tat makes me give my children a good education and ofcourse even i want to make my family lead a luxurious,healthy and happy life.

    The second problem is my brother is away from his wife tat is my sister-in-law even she too is working,My brother is unable to get a suitable job in our hometown and also the financial situtaion is not supporting to shift the whole family to his work place.Please suggest me what switch words i have to use and how many times to chant to solve both the problems and i have been reading your blogs for some days and i am very much impressed sir.
    expecting ur earliest rply
    Thank U

  516. Dear Sir does chanting of Gems magnesitegreen aventurine dissolves any type of Overian Cysts ?

  517. Dear sir ,
    I am Aswathy , studying in 10 std .
    I am the school topper but now a days , I am not getting the results as per my hardwork . I even getting 6 out of 10.
    I really losing my confidence due to this. I am also making a lot of careless mistakes in my exams.

    Sir PLS help me so that I can score 100% in my exams . PLS help me to score full marks in all subjects. Also help me to avoid careless mistakes in exams..

  518. sir,
    my brother’s name is Kuldeep J Goswami. His DOB is 18th January 1981. currently working as a small time builder. how to increase his business sir? which business he should start? he is just married in 30th december 2012.

  519. sir, myself Mrs Runu G. My younger son is falling under some bad company. he drinks alcohol. i want him to get rid of this bad habit and do well in studies . what i should do sir?please help me.

  520. Sir,
    PLS tell a switch word for thick,black and long hair . I am housewife , after my marriage , I started losing my hair . Now I want my hair back. Please help me sir

  521. Thx sir , but sir I am not able to buy those since my parents won’t believe in batch flower remedies .
    Therefore, could you tell some switch words to score full marks ? I started writing the switch word you have given me 🙂

  522. Thx a lot sir

  523. Sir,i have certain skin problems like acne and redness and oily skin.I have had it for more than a decade..Much improved now but not cured..Are there any remedies to tackle and completely cure the issue so that i can achieve beauty..i have taken bach flower remedy gentian crabtree but for not much effect..Please suggest other remedy.

  524. swapnil chaudhari

    hello sir i having aproblem of hairfall of alopecia pattern. any switchword to stop haifall and to grow new hairs full on head?

  525. hello sir, i got love marriage against my family before 5 months. my family members didnt accept that and dint contact me. i try to speak with them many ways. that the result is failure. i need my mother and my family members, please suggest any mantra to get my family immediately.

  526. hello sir,
    my name is jyothi, i got married 11 years back till now i had no kids, my age is 39 from last two years my menstrual periods also become irregular. my husband always scolds me by saying bad words some time i think of suicide . sir please suggest me any mantra to get my husbands love and get conceived and had a healthy boy.

  527. sir, this is vijay jyothi please help me, iam facing lot of troubles in my life and also from my husband

  528. hello sir,
    my name is kannan.i am studying 10th.i have a problem .i am nt able to remember the answer during my examination.can u help me plz?

  529. Sir, i took a break in my career to pursue teaching yoga. Though I love it, I am worried about my future financial situation. I am thinking about pursuing an mba and going back to work. Please help.

  530. hi naran ji please can u give a mantra to sell land at the rates i wish to sell.. i m having problem to sell from last 2 year the customer come they like the land and then they dissaper
    please can u give any mantra to sell as fast as possible we are in need of money

  531. Sir iam staying in melbourne and desperatley looking for a job, i have applied for so many jobs, but i havent heard from any of them, please sir help me with some switch words,i know u hve helped a lot of people, please sir consider me as one among them, waiting for ur reply sir.

  532. Jessica Alfred Soans

    Hi Sir
    I have been 4 years married its arrange marriage from day one my in laws mental tortured me as after marriage husband went to dubai for work I got pregnant with six months and because of daily fights I started staying withbmy parents I have birth to bsby girl later my husband and in laws came to take the baby not me they never wanted me nor my husband any how things got settled a bit n husband took me and daughter to dubai but still my in laws didnt let me stay happily now my daughter is almost 4 years old when ever I got for one month vacation she will take my daughter from me and fed her food make her sleep with her even will tell my daughter that I am not good I am scare as I am going for vacation in july I don’t know what to do please help me so that my daughter dnt go awsy from me

  533. Dear Sir,

    I hv been chanting sweet chestnut mustard cerato crystal wolf reach help marry….bt till nw m nt getting proposals of ma choice……plz help me so tht within dis yr marriage may b settled….