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Your Blogs Hits the One Hundred Thousand Mark in 2010

As a year ends and a new year is born, let us:

Find Love everywhere;

Affirm, “Let Noble Thoughts come to me from Every Corner”;

Affirm, “Releasing all the Past, I move into the Future, into the New World of Love and Healing”;

Take a Resolution, “Let me Explore Healing. Let me Heal My Mind, Body and Soul”;

Understand, “Healing is a Journey and there is no end to it”;

Let your Fears, Anger and Worries VANISH!!!

One has to surrender to Divine Order. It is Trust in Divinity that takes care of Our Lives.

We may not get what we desire. We may also get what we don’t want or what we resist.

But let us have trust in Divine and carry on the Healing.

One day we will understand that we are not the doer and He – the divine, is the doer. On that day, all our fears worries, hatred, anger and pain will be nowhere.

Let us look forward to that day, continuing our healing.

Thanks to You…

As per WordPress report, during the year 2010, Naran’s Blogs had 108,600 hits. Thank you all who hit (y)our blogs.

Please spread the information about the blogs to everybody who needs healing as the need of the hour is that more people are to be healed and served.

Wishing You…

Let God give all the Moral Strength and Will Power to carry on with your Healing and lead a Life of Meaning, Peace and Happiness!

Wishing you all, a happy healing new year…!!!

Naran S. Balakumar

Feedback on Raj Bhavan Workshop

Group Chanting of Mantras was excellent. They are still reverberating in my ears. It was a unique workshop, which I enjoyed till the last word of yours.

– Mrs. Amrit Sandhu, Daughter of H.E. The Governor of Tamil Nadu

“Kodi (crores in Tamil) Kodi thanks for the workshop”, reminding the mantra chanting, “Guru Guhan Kodi Kodi Lavanyam” that was done in the workshop.

– Usha Dudani, President, Social Responsibility, Exnora  

Unforgettable, Unbelievable experience

– Times of India Reporter

I was amazed at the pin-drop silence while you were on the stage, conducting the workshop. The moment you started and we heard your voice I noticed that something happened and the whole of the Raj Bhavan hall was filled with divine energy. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop as all of us did.

– Mr. Narayanan. Southern Railways

 When everybody followed the chanting (of mantras), the whole of Raj Bhavan hall was reverberating with the energy of Mantras. The sound, the ambience and everything about the workshop is still going on in my mind. I am so excited

– Anuradha Krishnamoorthy

 The explanation you gave for each and every mantra is unbelievable. Everybody was carried away by the vibration of the Mantras. Please come out with more mantras. The simple explanations are awesome

– Prema Dyaneshwaran

I am so thankful to the cosmic intelligence that it enabled me to attend and benefit from your workshop on Healing at Raj Bhavan. 

It is not uncommon to see Holistic medicine specialists doing self propaganda. It was unusual and grateful to see that your focus was on the system of healing than the individual promotion. The simplicity of narration and genuineness was effacing.

You had simplified the healing methods and in that genuine simplification you excelled.

I am so thankful for coming across your healing and teaching methods. I earnestly look forward for learning more and more on holistic healing from you.

– Dr. Sunandini Lakshminath, Asst. Prof & Warden, SRM Medical College Hospital

I have known Mr. Balakumar for the last 3 years. I like to attend his workshops because I learn a lot and get a lot of insights for my work.

When I give him information about my work also, he listens and reads them with an open heart and appreciates. This is a very rare quality I find nowadays. He assures me by his actions that we are not here to compete but to compliment each other’s work. Though he calls people like me his colleague, I would like to be his student.

From the depth of my heart, I feel that he deserves this honour to conduct his workshop in Raj Bhavan, since he deals with his work as Karma Yoga. There is no need to say that I enjoyed the Raj Bhavan workshop with all the comfort and refreshments and 14 people, who came with me also, enjoyed it thoroughly. The energy level was beautiful and we all went back refreshed totally.

I thank Mr. Naran S. Balakumar, Shobana, Mohan, Ravi and those who organised it and the people who attended it with open heart and made it a complete success. 

– Mrs. Uma Seetharaman, Acupressure, Reiki & Magnet Therapist & Teacher, Adyar, Chennai

I thank you, Shobana, Usha Dudani and honourable (Chennai) Governor’s family for giving me this great and rare opportunity to participate in this workshop. 

The moment I entered the Durbar hall, I can see only positive energy there.  I felt as if I was sitting in heaven.  I could sense pleasantness there. 

I realised that only visitors who are keen in healing were able to attend this workshop.  The workshop went on well and very simple. Snacks served there was very tasty and good.

After attending the workshop I felt immense energy in my body, which made me to walk from Raj Bhavan to Guindy Railway Station (little more than a kilometre) without feeling tiredness.  I was very energetic.

 Thank you once again. I thank Reiki and Bach flower remedies.

– Malini Satish

We entered the hall an hour before the lecture. My father – who is a senior citizen and new to Naran, was keep on bugging me for one reason or other. The moment Naran started the lecture, he become very silent and didn’t even move his finger through out the lecture. I was surprised, that he was spell-bound. I wish there are more lectures like this on a regular basis, just to  keep him quiet 🙂

– Raji

What I like about the way Naran conducted the lecture was that he was very confident in everything he talked about. He gives me an impression that he has tried out everything he talked about. This I found very refreshing. I am going to try his techniques by myself and check it out – especially the help of (animal spirit guide) Wolf in getting Railway Tickets.

– Veerabadran

(After the lecture Ravi asked Siva) Why you didn’t introduce to Naran’s stuff before? I realize that I haven’t achieved what I wanted to achieve because of my mental state. I am glad that it’s possible to change them through flowers and Mudras.

– Ravi, a cinematographer

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