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Your Blogs Hits the One Hundred Thousand Mark in 2010

As a year ends and a new year is born, let us:

Find Love everywhere;

Affirm, “Let Noble Thoughts come to me from Every Corner”;

Affirm, “Releasing all the Past, I move into the Future, into the New World of Love and Healing”;

Take a Resolution, “Let me Explore Healing. Let me Heal My Mind, Body and Soul”;

Understand, “Healing is a Journey and there is no end to it”;

Let your Fears, Anger and Worries VANISH!!!

One has to surrender to Divine Order. It is Trust in Divinity that takes care of Our Lives.

We may not get what we desire. We may also get what we don’t want or what we resist.

But let us have trust in Divine and carry on the Healing.

One day we will understand that we are not the doer and He – the divine, is the doer. On that day, all our fears worries, hatred, anger and pain will be nowhere.

Let us look forward to that day, continuing our healing.

Thanks to You…

As per WordPress report, during the year 2010, Naran’s Blogs had 108,600 hits. Thank you all who hit (y)our blogs.

Please spread the information about the blogs to everybody who needs healing as the need of the hour is that more people are to be healed and served.

Wishing You…

Let God give all the Moral Strength and Will Power to carry on with your Healing and lead a Life of Meaning, Peace and Happiness!

Wishing you all, a happy healing new year…!!!

Naran S. Balakumar

New Posts May 8th, 2009

1. Healing Through Stories and Tapping

This topic was discussed in April 2009 Monthly Meet. It shows us how   to heal ourselves and our lives. It’s a simple technique. Listen to the narration in the CD or read the story on the web and do tapping on yourself.

The technique is explained in this article.

The story of Gajendra Moksham (enlightenment of an elephant by   name Gajendra). Read the full story here:

Just to explain how stories can help you solve day-to-day problems,             one case history has been provided here. This post also explains the benefits of listening to the Story of Gajendra Moksham.

2. Rule Your Mind Rule Your Life

Balakumar explains in this write up on RULE a technique he has developed. This was discussed during the April 2009 Monthly Meet.

This post gives a summarized version on RULE. In the coming weeks a couple of articles will be published to provide practical tips and techniques to implement RULE and explanations as well.

A series of articles on RULE will be published with case histories and explanations on how to implement RULE to manage your daily affairs. Please read the first case history on the RULE: THINK DIFFERENTLY. Its simple but a powerful technique to manage your      life.

3. Chakra Balancing

This is a two-part series.

The first post explains how Christie from Germany got benefitted by practicing Chakra Balancing.

She didn’t know Reiki. She wanted to find a cure for her depression and angry moods. She learnt Chakra Balancing and got immense relief. Read the post on her touching experience.

4. Reverse the Decision to Marry

This is an interesting case history about somebody who was advised to stop his marriage. Read the story here:

5. Practicing Bhagavat Gita

How to Live the Way Bhagavat Gita has proposed and   understand our nature.


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Love Thanks Divine!

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