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Practice Living Bhagavat Gita’s Way

Gita promotes detachment. “Do your duty without attaching yourself to the mind.”

What’s living with Awareness in this context?

Do your duty as per the requirement of the place you are in.  Do that duty without any expectation. When you do not think about the result while doing the duty, your contribution is 100% on what you are doing.

Do not allow the mind to vacillate between past and future.  Here past means emotions and thoughts generated just before the action, and future means the feelings that you will get after the completion of action.

Living with Awareness teaches how to take action without attaching to the result. It is a practical workshop.  

How Do We React in Real Life

A man was riding a scooter. He crossed the signal inadvertently while it was red. He was stopped by a (Chennai) cop. How does he behave?

  1. If he says that he would accept any penalty since he has committed wrong- he is activating his Brahminical part.
  2. If he responds by saying, “Do you know who I am? I am related to the minister of social welfare. I am going to call him now!” and phones up – he’s activating the Kshatriya part.
  3. If the same person tries to bribe and escape, he is activating the Vysya part.
  4. The same person escapes without stopping his vehicle at all. If he runs away like this, then he is activating the Sudra part of his mind.
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