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Workshop on Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies – Basic Course

By Naran S. Balakumar

Venue:             Bach Flower Study Centre,

                         New No.28, Sivaji Street, T. Nagar, Chennai – 17

                         Near T. Nagar Bus Terminus (no parking place)

Date:               Saturday 20-11-2010, 1.00 PM to 5.00 PM

Fee:                 Rs. 600/-

Contact:           Shobana – 9884301634


Please confirm your attendance on or before 17th November, 2010 by contacting Shobana or Naran.


Please don’t forget to buy the Bach Flower Meditation CD that will be available during the workshop. In addition, Bach Flower Remedies in the form of pills is available at the centre.

How to get fulfilled and satisfied in life

This article is based on the discussion that happened during the Group Chanting of Mantras session held on August 14, 2010.

1. Balance Your Chakras First

Chant the Bija Mantras, “Om Lum Namaha, Om Vum Namaha, Om Rum Namaha, Om Yum Namaha, Om Hum Namaha” for three to five minutes, louder.

Why we need to do this?

Sometimes after chanting various mantras or trying healing techniques, we couldn’t solve a problem. If that’s the case, then chant the Bija Mantras, which cleanses, clears, and harmonizes the chakras – Basic, Hara, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat chakras. These mantras go to the source of the problem and rectify the problem you are facing.

2. Get Access to Universal Energy and Guidance

Hari Narayana means universal energy. It has to be with us all the time, in plenty.

We need proper guidance too. To be guided properly, we need to chant the mantras, “Gopalam” and “Govindam”.

Chant the mantra, “Hari Narayana Gopalam Hari Narayana Govindam Gopalam Govindam”.

3. Avoid Having Starting Trouble and Setbacks

Lum and Dham inside these mantras, means there would be no regression. In general, all of us have a starting problem. However, after we start, the mantra, “Lum Dham” will help us to move forward.

With the help of the universal energy Hari Narayana, I can walk on without regression. The mantra, “Hari Narayana Gopalam Hari Narayana Govindam” will help you move forward, without getting stuck up in life.

Let us say, if your past holds you, then you can’t go forward in life. Fear would hold you too, from progressing in life. Gopalam Govindam releases your past and the fear you have inside, too, so that you do move forward in life.

During early morning, when you feel your legs are heavy and not able to walk, then chant this mantra.

Now, chant the mantra, “Hari Narayana Gopalam Hari Narayana Govindam (2), Gopalam Govindam (2) – Ho”.

The mantra activates the Solar Plexus chakra, which is required for movement in life.

“HO” is a switch word. It gives us happiness.

4. Wipe Your (Karmic) Debts

Chant the mantra, “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram” now.

If you are in debts, then by chanting the mantra, “Latham Sridharam Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Sudarshnam”, you can wipe them out. However, if you are in a tight financial situation, this mantra, “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram” eases the situation and one will be saved from availing loan. There won’t be any financial hiccups, as you would always have money. This is just a one aspect of the mantra.

“Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram” re-programmes our mind and thus life, though! Our Life is decided (formed) by our karma, our thoughts, emotions and reactions to incidents in life. Only when we remove them from within, we will have a different perception of life (and work differently towards your goals). Otherwise our life will be a routine, doing the same thing day and day out. NLP says, “If what you do today is same as last week, then you will achieve the same result as last week”.

Why? This is due to cellular memories, which are memories of the past, stored inside us. These memories and unwanted thoughts, which determine our present, are removed by Sadashivam. Thus, we de-program ourselves.

Lalitham Chandrasekaram, if chanted alone, works like the Bach Flower remedy, Rescue Remedy, during emergency situations. We don’t want somebody to be like a vegetable in the ICU room. We want them to come out alive and do well. Then, chant “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram”

5. Heal Your Shadow Self

I have a shadow self (a dark side of me). Therefore, I invite people, who reflect that part/self. If somebody cheats me, then it means that I have the pattern of cheating others, in some other way.

Don’t ask why it is happening to me? Because, you have that shadow self, which attracts the unwanted situation. To remove the shadow self is the mantra, “Lalitham Sadashivam”.

Before marriage, one needs to chant this mantra, “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram” a lot, so that one attracts only good life partner.

Interestingly we choose somebody as our partner. Then after some time, we don’t want them. After that, when we meet somebody else, it’s like the old person coming as a new person. However, at least in the next Janma (lifetime), we have to attract some good person J

6. Balance Your Personality

Chandrasekaram helps us to handle emergencies, as we become panicky then. Chandra (moon) in Sekaram (cool) activates the female energy and our panic feeling comes down.

Sadashivam represents Arthanariswarar, who is half-Sakthi and half-Shiva, representing the perfect male and female energy. Sada also means always and Sivam means happiness.

By chanting, “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram”, we get balanced, are cool and always be happy.

Chant the mantra, “Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram” now.

7. Finally, Release Your Expectations about Your Goals

Let us finish with Namashivayam.

The other mantras help us to achieve our goal. In the end, we need to release the desires and come out. We should remove our deep-rooted desires, to move forward to go to next step.

In fact, if your desires are not fulfilled, it’s because of our expectation, which has to removed, by Namashivayam. Please refer this blog, “The Happiness Mantra”, to know why:

Let us chant, “Namashivayam” now.

Group Chanting of Mantras on Aug 21st

By Naran S. Balakumar

On August 21st, from 3.30 PM to 4.15 PM

  • New mantra(s) would be introduced, and explained
  • Case histories on Mantra Usage will be shared
  • Group chanting of Mantra(s)

Please note the participation is free. Bring a friend or two to introduce them to the healing world of mantras.

Venue:    Bach Flower Centre, New No.28, Sivaji Street, T. Nagar, Chennai – 17

Contact:  Shobana – 9884301634

Group Chanting of Mantras

Starting from August 14th, on every Saturday, from 4.30 to 5.00 PM, at the Bach Flower Centre, there will be a Group Chanting of Mantras.

During every session:

  • A new mantra would be introduced, and explained by Naran S. Balakumar
  • Case histories on Mantra Usage will be shared
  • Followed by group chanting of Mantra(s)

Please note the participation is free. Bring a friend or two to introduce them to the healing world of mantras.

Upcoming Events in August, 2010

Reiki Workshop for Beginners

By Naran S. Balakumar

Reiki Level I and II, including symbols from Karuna Reiki

Date:                           14th August 2010, 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM

Venue:                         Bach Flower Centre,

New No.28, Sivaji Street, T. Nagar, Chennai – 17

Participation Fee:        Rs. 1,500/-

Contact:                       Shobana – 9884301634

Monthly Meeting

The meeting is scheduled on 28th August 2010. The details of the program would be provided soon.

Love Thanks Divine!!!

New articles posted, July 30, 2010

To have your communications with Naran S. Balakumar, please send all your emails only to his email account:


Success is ON

Switch Words don’t work for me!!!

Establishing ORDER in Our Lives

Gem Remedies Discussed at Raj Bhavan Meet

Let us have a ‘Happy Ending’

The Happiness Mantra

Together Love Thanks Divine!

A New Concept in Bach Flower Therapy

Totally Different and Need Based

During the Workshop on Bach Flower Therapy

–        Find out What you need

–        What Positive Quality you need to Handle a Person or a Situation

And then,

–        Select the required Bach Flower Remedies

We always select the Bach Flower Remedy based on our state of mind. Instead, now ask a simple and a different question, “What Positive Quality I need here?” Then Select the Bach Flower Remedy based on your need.

A Different Question! A Different Approach!

The positive qualities of all the Bach Flower Remedies will be discussed in the Workshop.

Learn the different approach. Then you will stop to heal the other person and Do what is required in a Given Situation.

Workshop Details

Date:  24th July           Time:  2 to 5 PM


Bach Flower Study Centre, New no: 28, Sivaji Street, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600 017

Fees:    Rs. 300/-         

Contact: Shobana – 9884301634

New articles posted on July 19th, 2010

To have your communications with Naran S. Balakumar, please send all your emails only to his email account:

 As a Healer don’t be Sympathetic! Be Empathetic!

 Significance of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol

 A Case study on Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol

 Reiki Colour Therapy for Common Ailments

 Reiki Colour Therapy for Other Ailments and Life Situations

 Together Love Thanks Divine!

Colour Therapy With Reiki on July 17th 2010

In the last Reiki Colour Therapy class multiple ideas were discussed. For those who attended the session, you will get your copy of the transcript in two weeks.

For those who didn’t attend do not worry. One more class is scheduled on 17th. FYI the following were discussed in the last class:

1.      How to create Reiki Colour Energy and transfer it to water, oils, crystal and pills for current and future use.

2.      How to program Reiki Colour Energy so that it will be sustained in the energy field of the patient.

3.      How to apply Reiki Colour Energy to yourself and others – both in person, using photographs and distance.

4.      How Reiki Colour Therapy can be used for: to be youthful, reduce weight, improve eyesight, hair growth and texture, be happy, energetic, managing guests, develop communication, and abundance.

5.      How Reiki Colour Therapy can be used for diseases like: infection, fever, allergic reactions, ENT problems, Asthma, Acidic, Constipation, Kidney failures, Bone related problems, Cancer, Blood clot, Parkinson, Paralysis, Fibroid, Pain management, Epilepsy, Thyroid issues, Irregular Menses, Hormonal problems, Menopause, memory loss, Diabetes, Vertigo, Uterus relapse, water retention in the body, Psoriasis, Mentally retarded, ADH, and arthritis.

6.      How to use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol for self-healing – especially chronic diseases, and transmute contamination while healing others.

7.      Reiki symbols – both traditional and Karuna Reiki symbols, explanation about them, and their Chakra/Organ affinities.

Workshop Details

Date:              17th July

Time:              2 to 5 PM

Venue:            Bach Flower Study Centre,

New no: 28, Sivaji street,

T. Nagar, Chennai – 600 017

Fees:               Rs. 300/-

Contact:            Shobana – 9884301634

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