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Elated to the limits of sky

A useful mantra

Self-protection is essential


Protection eye:

My husband has changed his behavior:

Om Howm Vum Joom Saha:

Reach up:

Love lost and found – an unbelievable story

Mudra for Surrender

Your spouse is possessive


Release your spouse qualities:

Do you know how to surrender:

To receive is to give:

Connect with Great Saints:


Workshop on Abundance by Naran, Feb 8th, Chennai:

Became good friends with mother-in-law

Curing digestion related issues

Another milestone from Naran

Travel Pack


You can change your spouse:

Honour your stomach:

Managing post-chemotherapy effects:

Travel Safety:

Only thing permanent in life

Is change…!!!

We had to make one more change in our healing operations – a move to a new office location.

Naran’ S Bach Flower Study Centre,
New No.6, Vaidya Raman Street,
T. Nagar, Chennai 600 017

See you all in the new place.

May all your hearts be filled with love and grace of the Divine Mother!!!

Landmark: Last but left turn from Hindi Prachara Sabha

Contact: Shobana– 9884301634 or email: for directions

Change Supreme Divine Order!!!

Naran S Balakumar, Shobana (Event Manager), R Mohan (Editor, Website Admin) and Kanchana (Admin help)

Friday the 13th is a Healing Angels Day

Another feather in the cap

Why? On 13th September, Naran’s WordPress Blogs have crossed the Two Million Mark, thanks to you and the healing angels. Precisely within the last 10 months it has achieved one million hits. The first million was reached on Nov 17th, 2012:

No words to explain your continued support and interest. Two million Thanks!

New blogs

In this period, we have started 16 new blogs – namely, Power Life Symbols, Change Your Karma, Job 101, Life is Easy, Divine Shakthi, Find Divine Home, Together Relationship, Study for Success, Marriage Mantri, Praise Life, Help for Health, In Abundance, Naran’s Events, Naran’s Methods, Reach Child Care, and Flower Angels, to reach two million hearts!!

You have welcomed them with both of your hands as well as your open hearts. Two more million Thanks!!!

Unseen Hand and Known Hands

In one comment, Naran mentioned that divinity is working through these blogs, guiding the readers on their healing path. Nobody would disagree with that. Yet there is a need to acknowledge the human hands involved in this (healing) operation.

They are:

Naran (24/7 content provider)

Shobana, Haripriya, Dr. Pavan, and Mrs. Kamlu (Communication, Support and Workshop admin)

Prasanna Lakshmi, Ravi and Uma (Newsletter, Manuals and Transcription)

Reegan Raj (Web Designer), Suresh Paul (Editing Supervision), Chris (Online Sales)

ISR Selvakumar (Initial set-up), Poornima Krishnan (Systems Support)

R Mohan (Web Admin)

Of course, WordPress for providing space and tools to manage the blogs

Thanks a 2-Million

Do you know?

Fear and a feeling of insecurity will affect the heart and increases blood pressure, which in turn affects the breathing.

Due to inability to let go this fear, one gets angry at others and this affects his stomach and digestion as well.

To know

  • How and each state of mind leads to the other and finally how one physical problem can lead to the other in chain
  • And what AFFIRMATIONS and COLORS and SWITCH WORDS can help and support the healing process …

Please attend Naran’s workshop on 7th Sept 2013

Date: 07-9-2013, 2 – 5 pm


Honey Naturopathy Hospitals India Private Limited,

1st Floor, New no 3, Melony Road, T- Nagar, Chennai – 600 017

Landmark: Next to Aachi shooting building, Near Hindi Prachara Sabha

Contact: Shobana – 9884301634 or email: to confirm your participation

Absent Healing

Healing is my goal

Curing Postponing Tendency

Tough to cope with dry skin

Outside Disturbance = Inside Disturbance

Marriage Affairs

Find Divine Order 2013

Same Place, Same Type of Death

FEEL Better!!

Move Forward in Life

Master of Death and Truth

How writing and keeping under the pillow works?

Find Divine Order 2013

Relationship with Inner Saint

Study well mantra

Chronic Health and Financial Issues

Found My Lord Ganesh

Be Clean! Be the Best!!

Turn Your Curses into Blessings

Naran’s Events

Workshop on “Switch Words Powered by Power Symbols”, 25th May 2103:

To communicate with Naran S. Balakumar please send your emails and to have an appointment with him, call Shobana: 9884301634

Find Divine Order 2013

The Flower for Prosperity

Concern can spoil the show

Salute to the Divine Mother

Nothing is positive or negative

Take measured steps

Naran’s Events

Workshop on “Switch Words Powered by Power Symbols”, 25th May 2103:

To communicate with Naran S. Balakumar please send your emails and to have an appointment with him, call Shobana: 9884301634

Find Divine Order 2013

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