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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Francesca Josephine

    Hello Naran, I just come across your website and I find it very interesting 🙂 what Bach flower would you suggest for someone that cannot relax till he finishes all his chores/task, even if he really needs rest? Many thanks Francesca

  2. Respected Naran Sir,
    My son is 15yrs old and he is now in class 10th. this year he has to appear for maharashtra board exams in March 2014.he is very intelligent but lazy to learn his lessons.. he will just do his home work and keeps postponing his lessons.. he gets tired very soon.. he plays games on his cell or i pod and keeps chatting with forends or sees tv. please guide me what i can do for him. if he puts efforts he can score very high marks till class 5th he always got 80 to 85% marks and with every year passing by his performance came down in class 9th he got only 56% marks with minimum studies.. please do help me with ur guidance. thanks in advance.

    • may be he can take sclreanthus, wild rose ,hornbeam.
      SLOW CARE is the switch word combination for children.
      You can make a big poster of SLOW CARE and paste it in the children’s room.
      Take a bottle of water and chant the mantra for at least for 20-30 minutes.
      Give the water to the child.
      Then he will study well.
      By this both concentration and memory will improve.
      CARE – will improve memory
      SLOW – will improve concentration

  3. website admin,

    to help each other, I wish I could as a student ask what is mental state to recommend bach flower remedies and recommend like only naran sir does as he goes to the heart of the matter. my experiences and links to valuable posts on the blog.I shall post. Thanks love divine.

    • Several years back myself and Govind used to attend most of the Bach Flower Remedies in class Chennai — same class for beginners. Every time we used to wonder, how come Naran has given totally a different dimension this time to Bach flowers once again.

      I don’t think we can catch up with him.We can only share our experiences to others.

      As Naran told me one day, we are of course sharing his ideas and the person who comes to us is a mirror to us, it will not be a problem to suggest.

      Every time somebody comes to me voluntarily it has worked. If I approach them then it doesn’t work.

  4. Guruji, plez help or teach me wat mantra for my Benign Vitreous Floaters? Can I write the EYE TONE REMEDY in paper and put in my pillow?why is it carbuncle seen is it Im allergi to eye tone remedy. or shud I chant Clear Point Divine Now?I see air floating from left to right its a colorless it has so many dots of bubbles athin air how to loose this illness.and be back to normal mind, bcoz im thinking so much the problem den my mind is like a horse its hard to prevent,calmness.,hard to relax.

  5. Hi Guruji,
    My brother in-law applied for Visa .He is facing lot of obstrucles to get stamping its more than 6 moths .can you please suggest mantra which can help him to get stamping sucessfully and travel abroad .


  6. namaste Guruji,

    My husband has a drinking and smoking habit.He is trying to quit all.But he is able to quit only for short term period.can you please suggest some mantra which can help him to quit those habit.I am so much depressed due to his habit and ready to do whatever needed to be done.i want to enchant mantra on behalf of him.Please help us.

  7. Namaste Guruji,

    My Sister is 30+ years , she is very pretty and decent girl, currently working with good company. We are trying to find groom for her from last few years but every time when we think that it’s almost final something or another happen. Even once we have finalized the marriage date but suddenly boy’s family called off. We are from good family and she is youngest among all. We are really trying heard to find groom for her but nothing is moving. This whole process is continue from last few years and now she became very sensitive and negative about everything. I know she wants companionship in her life but am unable to do anything about it. These days she is so frustrated that she don’t want to do any thing she refuse to go to temples and not doing any pooja… nothing. Now 2 weeks before we again got one good proposal even boy called her once and he was sounding very excited and happy while talking to her , and after that boy’s mother told our family that they will soon decide the date to meet and he will call her again but nothing happen. Please help us.

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