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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran, please help. Unable to reach out to a friend. Have mailed her but, there has been no reply. Desperately want to hear from her. Please please help.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I need to attend my grandfather’s 90th Celebrations at Bangalore.

    But Im facing a block at Office.
    They’re telling me that I have taken 9 days from January(not at a stretch); they’re refusing me any leaves.
    Even though I’v e given them real explanations they are refusing to cooperate with me.
    Kindly suggest me a way where I can get at least a single day,
    I am in the good books of my superiors at office when it comes to attendance.

    Many thanks;



  4. Hey sir ji
    I went through your site and decided to contact you.i am 27years and living in USA. In past I always end up with a wrong guy. If the guy is right the relationship doesn’t go anywhere either he’s busy or I m busy or there is some thing else. There is always a obstacle when it comes to relationship or marriage. Recently I m been in contact with this guy who seems to be right, I knew him just as a friend for so long but never talked to him but know after like 3 years I had badly crush on him out of nowhere we r just being a friends and just getting to know each other. But he’s very busy and he runs modeling company and famous around. I m in madly in love with him, but really scared and I have doubts that if I am getting evolve with right guy.
    Soo please help me if there is anything you truely suggest any switch words, mantra or something. I really like him and have very strong feelings about him.
    I want to built a good loving relationship with him and marry the same guy.
    One thing more due to his business he travels a lot basically its not that he always stay in USA.
    But what ever it is, Plz help if you can, so things work out between us and he truely see my loving heart for him and settle down with me without any obstacles.
    Thank you

  5. D.bains
    chant TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible.

  6. Hy sir ji
    As your per advise I chanting TOGETHER-DIVINE. as much as I can. But when I started chanting it I have really bad headache, is this normal or I am going in insane.i have no idea.
    He’s in eroy

    • Hy sir ji
      ( Sorry by mistake I posted a half unwritten message in this post .i apologies for that)
      Okk as your advise I started chanting TOGETHER-DIVINE as much as I can. But everytime I chant I have bad headache. Is this normal or I am going insane or my body is telling me something. I have clean heart for this guy, but he’s in Europe know and and no contact from a week. I know it’s the hardest thing to be in contact with when he’s supper busy and live out of country.
      After going through all the wrong relationships, I don’t know how this is going to work.
      Plus he don’t even know how I feel about him or i dont know even he remember me when hes our there. But I am going to keep chant what you have suggested and is it ok if I use (his name) ( my name) together divine with love.
      Please Help because I feel hopeless about my whole situation.
      Thank you

      • D.bains
        chant GORSE TOGETHER DIVINE LOVE CENTRE. you need not add names. if you get head ache, at that time, chant release resistance.

  7. i understand bach flowers and switch words.But what exactly do you mean when you say tapping

  8. Thank you sir ji
    For your time and reply, I am chanting what you have suggested me. And sure will get back to you with any progress and after this I have good feeling.
    God bless you

  9. sir give me some mantras for get government job sir pls sir i must settle in job i need a job cz of my family problems not yet married still depending on parents i have take care of my parents sir

  10. Naran sir, my husband is no more now. my husband’s office management has not given any compensation for his death. i m waiting for this for 2 yrs. is there any mantra avlble to get compensation from them? pls help me. VL.

  11. VL
    chant centaury rockwater chicory pine

  12. Dear Sir,

    Me and my husband both are looking for job in abroad in same country and city. is there any mantra we could chant for fullfilling our desire?

  13. Dear Sir,
    my husband is jobless since 7 months now. we will b very happy if he is getting a good job in kolkata, if not possible, then in India atleast. Kindly let us know if we can chant some mantra to fulfill our wish. Thank you.

  14. Hello Sir, can you please guide me with a powerful switch word to fullfil my desire and to have a problem free relationship with my partner?

    I was trying for a job in US from 2 yrs but never got a chance and I started facing problem with my partner due to distance and also facing financial problems are increasing. Please help.

  15. Biswasri Datta

    Hi Sir, I am working as an ldc of school. My Principal has taken decision to change my present section but I do not want to change my section. Because I am so comfortable at my present section. Pl suggest me how can I stop my section change.

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